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By now, the remarks Fareed Zakaria made earlier this week on CNN are losing their power to shock.

Asked on New Day how Trump won, Zakaria said, “The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about things.”

That’s because the white bigots all went for Trump.

“A real sense of cultural alienation, older, white, non-college education Americans have, a sense that their country is changing because of immigrants,” Zakaria said. “Because maybe blacks are rising up to a central placed in society, because gays [are] being afforded equal rights. Because of, frankly, working women. Everybody is muscling in on the territory that the white working man had.”

If this were true, we simply should thank white working men for saving America again and move on. But it’s not. It’s what Jesse Watters of Fox News called in a segment on Zakaria’s statement, “…just another excuse, like Russia, to make sure Hillary doesn’t accept responsibility for her loss.”

First, the numbers don’t add up. White voters made up about 70 percent of the electorate. About 22 percent of Americans have college degrees. That means, at most, 30 percent of the population could be white men without college degrees. Trump got 48 percent of the popular vote, arranged in such a way as to give him a comfortable victory in the Electoral College.

A map of counties that flipped from Obama to Trump in 2016 shows that many of those counties were in the upper Midwest – in Iowa and Wisconsin, where Trump scored surprising victories, and a few in Michigan. Of the 81 BOOT counties – they went for George W. Bush in 2004, Obama for both of his terms and Trump in 2016 – most also were in those areas.

 Were they bigoted, myopic, selfish, jealous-of-the-social-climb-of-others voters in 2008 and 2012? Or did they sign up for the Klan only after the 2012 election? Do they marry women who “have cosmopolitan views about things” and somehow convert them to a life of racism and “cultural alienation?” Or were they so monolithically in Trump’s corner that they were able to overcome the votes of their womenfolk?

That wasn’t it. Hillary Clinton, vying to be the first woman president, got even less support from women than Obama despite intense Democrat efforts to try to paint Trump as anti-woman.

Also, these analyses focus almost exclusively on the upper Midwest states, but a similar pattern – almost as strong – occurred along the I-85 corridor – the road from Washington to Atlanta. This road also has its share of factories – much of the nation’s furniture is assembled along it – but it also passes through the Research Triangle of North Carolina and some other places with surprisingly high percentages of people “who have cosmopolitan views about things.”

And Hispanic voters, who were assumed by the people who “have cosmopolitan views about things” to hate Trump, gave him more support than any Republican candidate has received since 2004, when Spanish-speaking George W. Bush was running for re-election. Despite a Latino Decisions Poll that gave him just 18 percent support among Hispanic voters, Trump reeled in nearly 30 percent and may have even beaten Hillary in some states.

“That’s implausible,” said Alan Abramowitz, an Emory University professor who studies public opinion and election voting behavior. “We’re going to see some debate about this question.”

Here are a couple of items for that debate. Denise Galvez, a Cuban-American who co-founded “Latinas for Trump,” told USA TODAY she “knew and acknowledged [Trump’s] faults. But everybody took him out of context. How everybody extrapolates that he hates all Mexicans and he hates all Hispanics and he hates all immigrants is absolutely ridiculous.”

And Josefina Rocabado, who came to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic in 1979, said she felt “insulted by the Clinton campaign’s ‘brainwashing’ of Hispanics by suggesting those who didn’t support the Democrat were betraying their roots rather than being more motivated by other issues.”

Trump also did better among blacks, women and Hispanics than Romney. He turned a lot of working class voters in the upper Midwest and along the Eastern seaboard. And although he cut into Democrats’ traditional base of support in a variety of states, Hillary made headway only in a few counties in Utah, which she lost anyway, and in formerly deep red Orange County, Calif.

 But the implication of what Zakaria said is that the dumber Americans, the less-informed working class, went for Trump, and the people who “have cosmopolitan views about things” tried to save us.

 Maybe it wasn’t Americans who got dumber. Maybe it was just Democrats. Maybe, it was, as Jesse Watters said in a Fox News segment on Zakaria’s remarks, “Democrats got to talking about bathrooms and Occupy Wall Street while the rest of the country was saying, ‘Hey, we’re getting hammered over here.’

 “Trump spoke to those people. And that’s why he won.” 



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  • biilyjoe

    Fareed’s Face would make a great Halloween mask; evil like his mullahs, sidekicks and fellow devil worshipers on the left.
    A typical Alinskyite who projects his anti-Western Civ, anti-white, anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian bigotries as lies onto
    the patriotic Americans who sacrificed for 2 centuries to make America the land to which even JEALOUS LYING SCUM from the barbaric regions of the stuck-in-the- 5th century ,sharia woman-abusing , gay killing, headchopping , taqiyyah-lying demons want to come.

  • John Cunningham

    Imagine, the Middle Class, the back bone of the American economy, are bigoted devils. The people were tired of Politics as usual and the lies as usual. Let me put them all on notice, we are seeing Republican and Democrat the elitist that you all are. We are taking our Country back, get used to it.

  • R Miller

    Fareed is the face of socialism and the democrat party. The aristocrat, erudite, educated, cosmopolitan politicians who are rich and want more plus. power. They cannot allow unmentionables to run free, they cannot allow other opinions to be heard. They want to seduce you with free stuff to take away your freedom and private lives. They know best, and want to share their opinions with us by dictating their agenda about everything.
    They offer “candy” to the low lifes, free education to the ignorant, elite concepts according to their professors dictates. All you have to do is give them the power, they will take the money, the free speech, freedom to live according to the Bill or Rights, or the Constitution. Those are worthless old papers that mean nothing to the controlling elite. Only keep this in mind: You can easily go socialist–you can never get rid of socialism. Ask Venezuelans, Cubans, Russians, or any socialist state. All in total anarchy, poverty and government control. Isn’t North Korea a wonder? Or compared to South Korea, where freedom rules. both started on the same level. Fifty years or less see the difference. America can copy Venezuela, as mr. Fareed believes, or continue to be the miracle of humanity feeding desperate peoples, sending medical help, water and food-asking nothing in return. Or live like North Koreans, starving in the dark…

  • Bryan Herring

    Drain the swamp.

  • jes

    Wow! Fareed Zakaria sounds like the MOST prejudiced person I have ever heard! What a bunch of crap he spouted! Just because he didn’t like that Trump won does not mean all of his supporters are stupid and unthinking! We just want our country back, and we are sick of all the PC idiocy and New World Order trying anything possible to take away our freedoms! For your information, Mr. Zakaria, every one of us in our family voted for Trump, prayed like crazy he would win, and celebrated when he did! And, guess, what? Several of us are women and every, single one of us has at least a Masters Degree, not “poor, bigoted white men” alone supported Trump Presidency, sir!! Also, several of us speak multiple languages and have many, many friends from around the world. So, yes, we do tend to have a multicultural view on life. Sorry, but you need to stop worrying about the Dem. losses and realize that we don’t want and never have wanted another repeat of Hilary’s lies and corruption nor sexomaniac Billy’s actions repeated in the Oval Office, anymore! Traveling in Spain and having Spanish friends tease us about “the Oral Office”when Bill was in the WH was more than enough, thank you! Please, you “stupid”educated liberals, PLEASE just shut up once and for all and get over the fact that you LOST!!

  • jes

    Once last thing, the Trump election was NOT about rebellion “against people like us”. It was the hopes and dreams of retaining our Constitution, our civil liberties, our culture, decency, and not wanting a criminal that belongs in prison for life to become President of the U.S. If you all had come up with someone cleaner than a practicing witch who spouts all this “let’s be friends” slime, when all she wants is to have anyone that gets in her way murdered (!), then you may have had a shot at the election. Thank God you were too ignorant to see the forest from the trees. We are glad that Mr. Trump is President, although he is not perfect by far. At least he’s not embezelling millions from destitute Haiti, for example, like your candidates.

  • Bennie Bennett

    Who the Hell does he think he is?

  • freeper7

    His government is (was) against people like us “deplorable.”

  • samo war
  • TPS12

    Be honest she was a criminal and a liar that’s why she lost. You picked the wrong candidate to back so much for you being so smart.
    Now if you were truly unbiased and honest, wouldn’t you be looking into debbie the dnc and the Pakistani brothers? There’s a real story there for a true journalist, if your not agenda driven.

  • TED

    The rednecks, hillbillies, and cowboys always seem to vote against their own best interests when they vote Republican … and I believe that does support Zakaria’s contention that Trump was elected as a result of ‘class rebellion’. And, it’ll get worse as more and more Americans … the working poor and certain minorities … become more and more disaffected and begin joining the fray with more vengeance. Billionaire Trump is most certainly a fake populist … but he knows how to peddle a line of bu**sh** that energizes and agitates a large swath of the down-and-out and disaffected population. It’ll result in the next ‘civil war’.

  • RightVote

    Hey Freak….. You can always go back to India . Just a thought ?

  • john robel


  • aliswell

    Zakaria relies on anti-white racism for relevancy. He’s a disgraced “journalist” utterly devoid of originality and decency.

  • Thomas Blank

    those same republican voters resoundingly rejected Jeb Bush and other establishment “bush like” republicans. The anti establishment vote was partly driven by damage done in the banking collapse and how neither party accepted their responsibility in the fall (and both were complicit). The DNC unwisely ran the most establishment politician in their party and THAT cost them the election. That and the problem that Hillary and Bill Clinton are the bankers darlings. ANd now Barack Obama has recieved a 65M book deal very likely from the bankers for makeing sure none were prosecuted. The well to do media profiteers like Zakaria and other news puppets making millions never experienced the banking collapse so how would they know anything about the damage it did. Ironically, Trump is more likely to wark with democrats on anything meaningful(not fluff) than any establishement politicians from either party are to work with each other. Our polkiticians are afraid to work together lest they lose the next election by being financially undermined by their party. Hopefully we can move past the two parties as they operate like a light switch. They foolishly think their strident policies are supported when it is only that the opposition has been rejected.

  • mioahu

    you are an idiot, you understood nothing, fareed the creep understood nothing, but that’s ok cause if you don’t understand your opponent you can’t defeat him, and we will keep on winning. You guys have no arguments, logic does not apply to you, and you are useful idiots to the lefties who want to destroy america as it is, and make it into a soulless european country. You obviously don’t read the articles, and just post stupid comments proving your juvenile thinking…like all the lefties, including fareed the creep

  • Another Marine Combat Veteran

    They kicked him out. He is one of the ‘Unclean’.

  • Another Marine Combat Veteran

    YOU are one of the ‘enemies’ that are destroying America. I’d pick a really distant place to hide. Your arrogance will ultimately give you away if you stay. Xin Loi MF…

  • Alberta Ed

    Zac needs to pull his head out of his butt.

  • Abwehr

    Zakaria, is repeatedly given to plagerism ,is a known fabricator & fabulist is nothing but a dot head. That is that red dot on his forehead which he got by an outraged American pushing his thumb to his forehead and telling him to get the fuck out of our country.

  • Gz7

    So Zakaria admits to being an elitist without knowing it.

  • coldything

    Fared, all you cosmopolitans believe you are so much superior to the rest of us. So many of you have higher education, but yet lower intelligence. You all are happy to advance your cosmopolitan lifestyle at other peoples expense. Look at the debt levels of all the big metro areas. Absolutely unbelieveable. I guess you all believe it is your right to the lifestyle you think you deserve, as long as someone else pays for it!! And about those metro debt levels, you all can’t even be honest about it. Most don’t acknowledge the union contracts negotiated with govt reps they make campaign contributions to, and most don’t even report the union pension obligations, and the retiree healthcare obligations and off the books debt they are responsible for. You people are so dishonest, you negotiate behind close doors for those contracts with guarantees that no-one in the private sector gets. You know the provate sector that pays all the bills, and you all create NO GOODS OR SERVICES THAT THE TAX PAYER CHOOSES TO ACQUIRE !!

  • coldything

    And Fareed, the last 9 years resulted in the worst home ownership rate in many decades, the lowest standard of living, the highest debt levels in our history the most violence against police since the civil rights era, the worst race relations since the civil rights era, the abandonment of Iraq causing ISIS to come in and kill an extroidinary number of Muslims. And lack of a backbone allowed Kim Ding Don UN to continually threaten us !!
    This is what Trump had to walk into.
    But I understand Fareed, this may be a little to much for your little brain to comprehend. I believe that there must be a requirement for liberal media and liberal leadership to have a below 80 IQ, then it makes sense why so all say so many stupid things!!

  • Petrinoid

    You too are in bed with Putin . . . . .?

  • Reddy Martin

    Outstanding! Couldn’t have said it any better!

  • AndRebecca

    Why is the population down and out? Didn’t Obama do everything he could to increase the peace and prosperity of the American people? Didn’t he follow the Constitution to the letter and encourage the practice of Christianity in the public square, just like a cowboy?

  • Bruce

    Fahreed… You’re next after Reza Asslan,– A foreigner elitist lecturing us and berating us for our nationalism. Fuck You… and Fuck your friends (at CNN) too.

  • mioahu

    Paranoid, I think we all know who the comrade is…and it’s not jes 🙂

  • DatBus

    Honestly what is the problem with White Europeans who founded the USA realizing they are under attack? If anyone feels ‘uncomfortable” its because of racist c*nts like Zakaria.

  • DatBus

    Exactly what is the problem with White Europeans who founded the USA realizing they are under attack? If anyone feels ‘uncomfortable” its because of racist c*nts like Zakaria.

  • DatBus

    Honestly what is the problem with White Europeans who founded the USA realizing they are under attack? If anyone feels ‘uncomfortable” its because of racist c*nts like Zakaria.

  • DatBus

    Honestly, what is the problem with White Europeans who founded the USA realizing they are under attack? If anyone feels ‘uncomfortable” its because of racist c*nts like Zakaria.

  • Renrah

    no surprise coming from someone of his background. India still retains a class system and he feels he is one of the elites and doesn’t hesitate to make assertions to that effect. Fareed – get a clue – Trump won because the people of this country are sick of scumbag politicians selling them out on a daily basis to their special interest supporters.

  • Crusader

    He’s right. A rebellion against moronic stupidity and useful idiots like him.

  • NonPCconservative

    I find it incredibly presumptuous that Zakaria thinks he has “class” but, in any case, nobody is rebelling against progressives, we are simply slapping down those who have long been openly rebelling against American values.

  • Not a “class rebellion” but a people’s rebellion. Honest, hardworking Americans … rebelling against people you, Zakaria, and big government promoters everywhere.

  • Unaffiliated Voter

    Fareed Zakaria is a certified slimeball. This flaming imbecile has gotten away with so much crap on air that it’s not even funny. What kind of “reporter” uses the word “BS” (the full word) over and over again when describing our President on air and gets away with it? Does the FCC fall on deaf ears with CNN or something? In any case, if Zakaria was deported back to his homeland tomorrow, I certainly wouldn’t be upset about it.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The state and federal funded programs of Neo Nazism in our colleges are running people out of our college like Nicholas Fuentes and McKenzie Deutsch. Their suppose to be government institutions for education and they’ve been turned into Democratic and LBGT centers of hate and racism who act to isolate and politically sanction and persecute anyone who doesn’t support their LGBT representation or agree with their racist ideas. ——————————-

  • Problemit

    Just an FYI update: There was no embezzling millions from Haiti.