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When President Trump was greeted with cheers and strong applause at CIA headquarters, you knew that Obama’s CIA director John Brennan would decide to strike back. The liberal media were quick to quote Brennan as saying that he was “saddened” and “angered” by Trump’s remarks. But where did these quotes come from? Who provided them to the media?

The rest of the story sheds light on how politically partisan the CIA became under Brennan, and how rank-and-file CIA officers who want to “Make America Great Again” seem so happy that he is gone.

Nick Shapiro, the source of the Brennan quotes, is a “former CIA Deputy Chief of Staff,” which sounds impressive until you learn that Shapiro was a partisan mouthpiece not only for Brennan but for President Obama and, before that, John Kerry.

The controversial Brennan admittedly voted communist before joining the CIA and reportedly converted to Islam when he was in Saudi Arabia as CIA station chief. He was in charge of President Obama’s pro-Muslim Brotherhood policy that decimated the Middle East with endless wars that have produced millions of refugees.

“Ex-CIA chief Brennan bashes Trump over speech during CIA visit” was the headline over the predictably partisan CNN story. “Former CIA Director Brennan is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA’s Memorial Wall of Agency heroes,” Shapiro said in a statement. “Brennan says that Trump should be ashamed of himself.”

Shapiro’s quotes, attributed to Brennan, were picked up by many other media outlets as well.

In his speech, Trump talked about winning the war against radical Islamic terrorism with the help of the CIA. He discussed his battles with the “dishonest media,” comments that were also greeted enthusiastically.

In contrast to employing a winning strategy against radical Islam, Brennan said it was “regrettable” that Obama’s policy in Syria was a failure, a remark that generated little media interest even though the number of dead in Syria is now estimated as high as 500,000.

It was clear to any objective observer with a set of eyes and ears that Trump’s speech at CIA headquarters was a tremendous success. He was interrupted by applause 11 times.

Brennan, on the defensive for Obama’s policies that have left Europe in a refugee crisis that shows no sign of ending, decided to use Shapiro, a public relations operative, to bash the President.

Despite his CIA affiliation, Shapiro graduated from Tulane University in 2002 with no background in intelligence matters or foreign affairs. He had a Bachelor’s degree in communications and went to work for a public relations agency. He worked on Democrat John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign and then as Deputy Press Secretary on Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign. He went to work for President Obama, handling “national reporters on a 24/7 basis,” according to one account. It looks like he was then dispatched to the CIA to help Brennan with the national media.

Those kinds of media manipulation skills were on display when the media lapped up the anti-Trump allegations from Brennan’s CIA, packaged in the form of anonymous sources. They were designed to depict Trump as winning the presidential election unfairly with the help of the Russians.

During the current controversy, Shapiro put Brennan’s comments on his Twitter feed and then promoted a CNN story attacking Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), Trump’s nominee to run the CIA.

In other words, this is more politics from those who were running the CIA under Obama. They seem to be afraid that Trump and Pompeo will shake up the agency and get to the bottom of the damage that Brennan has inflicted on the CIA.

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, was absolutely correct on ABC News’ “This Week” when she called Brennan a “partisan political hack” for criticizing the President’s speech. She noted that Trump got a standing ovation.

On “Fox News Sunday,” White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus indicated that Brennan was “bitter” over being replaced. He also said that Brennan “has a lot of things that he should answer for in regards to these leaked documents,” a reference to the unverified sexual charges made against Trump that were leaked to CNN and BuzzFeed. Priebus added that “I find the whole thing despicable. I think that it’s unprofessional.”

Rather than quote Brennan, shouldn’t the media investigate the former CIA director? If that’s not possible because of past media collusion with Brennan’s CIA, the job will have to fall on the shoulders of Trump’s new CIA Director Pompeo, and the House and Senate intelligence committees.

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  • Ghost Forever

    “the job will have to fall on the shoulders of Trump’s new CIA Director Pompeo, and the House and Senate intelligence committees.”
    Hmmm, isn’t that where they just put “Bulldog Gowdy” LOL

  • jug

    Long past time!
    As time goes on, we are going to be flabbergasted with the depths Obama got in trying to take down this country! He has left booby traps everywhere!

    The swamp doesn’t just need “drainned”, it needs to be completely back filled and paved over!

  • Ted

    ALL 17 American security agencies should cooperate in a full and thorough investigation of Trump. His background and private and personal dealings are more suspect than anybody’s!

  • biilyjoe

    Trust no one that was appointed by Obama.

  • biilyjoe

    You mean a full investigation of Obama, holder, sharpton, clintons, podesta, creamer, washtourface-Schultz, brennan and his muslim brotherhood, and Lynch and her blm and Jihadi alliance.

  • hap46

    Obama’s plan to flood the U.S. with foreign refugees from the MidEast is working well. Hopefully, Trump and his appointments to the CIA will uncover all the “cover-ups” and wrongdoings that were ordered by Obama.

  • hap46

    And, don’t forget Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Muslim’s top adviser, all these years. Hillary also had a campaign staff loaded with communist-leaning personnel, and many of Muslim heritage. Unfortunately, the biased, liberal media did not elect to publicize this information.


    Wonder if you could name all 17 agencies or are you just spouting off talking points?

  • biilyjoe

    Yeah–and her perv husband might be almost heroic if his computer can prove the sedition of Hildabeest-Obongo.

  • Rightway

    Does anyone really think that Obama’s Syria “strategy” wasn’t just what we are seeing right now?
    After arming Syrian opposition groups who became ISIS, he lit a match to the ME powder keg. Our ineffective and inept military and drone attacks were just for show.
    Obama WANTED the Iranian-supported opposition to destabilize the ME, send millions of islamists into Europe and the US as “refugees” and kill of the Yashidis, Coptic Christians and other non-muslims as well.
    I would say that Brennan and Obama can take a bow on their successful MidEast strategy.

  • Rightway

    Really? All 17? I guess the Coast Guard security agency, the NOAA security agency, the State Department security agency, and other similar security agencies must be expert at this.
    There really are only 3 security agencies–FBI, CIA, and Defense. Four if you include the NSA. The other 13 are so specialized as to be useless or redundant.
    Now to the second part of your stupid post. Why should they investigate Trump? Did they investigate Obama’s fake birth certificate? His college applications, fake social security number?
    Listen, fool, you have to believe that the CIA which has become hyperpartisan to the Left under Obama has investigated every inch of Trump. Had they found anything, it would have been leaked to the Clinton campaign long ago. Instead, post-election, these incompetents leak some silly “Russian dossier” of opposition research by a private eye hired by Jeb. Golden showers? Indeed ridiculous.

  • eingriff

    Will Trump’s CIA Investigate Itself?

  • Cindi Heng

    Brennen was put in this position because he is affiliated wth the Muslim Brotherhood and he purged Obama’s passport records in 2008. The organization instigated the overturning of countries in the Middle East. (Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin is also MB.) Brennen provided intel and training. The supposed “Arab Spring” was just a front for the overthrow, then the rape, pillage and plunder of the countries. The Clinton Foundation was the money laundering arm.

  • Larry Pierce

    Hope Trump thinks about Brennen ,Obama and Judge Scalier, I feel that Obama had him killed and Brennen had the job done. They do have meds that can cause Heart Attacks. Wonder why the Judges Son did not want the death investigated. Was it because of money he inherited?

  • biilyjoe

    I think either the family was threatened with harm or they tried to embarrass the family with a false set up/framing of Scalia–photos, something. SOMETHING IS TOTALLY WRONG when no autopsy is called for –and they rush the body to El Paso 3 hours away from Marfa for the embalming— no medical person even examined the body– a JP guessed at cause of death from 30 minutes away . Any time a dead body is found anywhere (especially when the person was alone/isolated) an autopsy is always done. This was the body of the second most powerful man in America –and a thorn in the side of Obama. Obama and his leftloon gangster and msm friends were verbally attacking Scalia only weeks before he was found dead.
    Also, obama called scalia to a secret (msm hid news of this meeting) only about 12 hours before Scalia ‘died’. Additionally, several important cases were coming up in a few weeks at the Supreme Court–where Scalia would have been the swing vote against Obama’s agenda— one was the Univ Texas college race quota/’affirmative’ action case about which the Left was specifically confronting him about several weeks before. Also, something came up related to Global Warming–I’m not sure of those details.