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Bill Ayers shouldn’t be interviewed; he should be jailed. Megyn Kelly’s interview of Ayers, made reference to the role of Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the bombing-murder of San Francisco policeman Brian V. McDonnell. Unfortunately, Ayers lied his way through the interview, which aired over two nights on her nightly Fox News Channel show, “The Kelly File.”

But this is what happens when a professional liar like Ayers does a “shocking” TV interview. The exchange may achieve high ratings, but nothing good will come out of the interview unless Kelly now follows up with the “Justice for Victims of the Weather Underground” campaign we have been waging for five years for the “cold case” bombing murder of Sergeant McDonnell to be reopened and examined by a federal grand jury.

By the way, the Weather Underground wasn’t just “radical,” as claimed by Fox News. It was a communist organization with links to Hanoi, North Vietnam, communist Cuba and even Moscow.

Ayers tried to discredit former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl, who testified under oath about the bomb plot. Ayers was not under oath on the Kelly show. So what did you expect? That Ayers would confess? It didn’t matter how many clips from TV shows or documentaries that Kelly had—Ayers could be counted on to deny anything that would incriminate him in murder. He stuck to his story that his bombs only hurt property, not people.

The only solution is to put Ayers and Dohrn under oath before a federal grand jury and bring in other potential witnesses to testify about the bomb plot. We would learn from such a proceeding that members of the Weather Underground were taught how to make bombs by the Cuban intelligence service during trips to Cuba.

Larry Grathwohl died last year, but not before an updated version of his 1976 book, Bringing Down America, was published. If people want to understand the case and what the Weather Underground was all about, this is the book to have. Larry was an “eyewitness to communist terrorism,” after he served his country in Vietnam.

As I noted in my column, “Larry had come back from the Vietnam War only to find that he had to do battle with communists in the United States. He helped the Cincinnati police and the FBI do just that. He had evidence, presented to a grand jury and the U.S. Senate, that Ayers and Dohrn were involved in the 1970 bombing murder of San Francisco Police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell. McDonnell suffered two days in the hospital before dying from a bomb packed with heavy metal staples. One staple went through his eye. The communist terrorism that Larry saw in Vietnam had come to America. He had been accepted by the Weather Underground because they perceived him to be a disgruntled serviceman angry over the course of U.S. imperialism in Vietnam.”

Larry’s daughter, Lindsay Grathwohl, told me, “My father’s story was not accurately told, and Bill called dad a liar. He is no longer able to speak for himself, but I am here, and I can speak for him. People need to know who my dad was and what a hero he is.”

This is where Ayers’ lies on the Kelly show also did damage. He repeatedly claimed that America’s Vietnam veterans were killing 6,000 people a week in a “genocidal” war and that the bombing campaign of the Weather Underground was a reaction to that. This claim is pure communist disinformation, designed to obscure the fact that Ayers was not anti-war—he was pro-war. He wanted the communist side to win.

The communists started the war in Vietnam by invading South Vietnam. As President Reagan said, the Vietnam War was a noble cause to save the people of South Vietnam from the fate of communist tyranny. Tragically, the liberals in Congress cut off aid to South Vietnam, leading to the American military withdrawal. The communists then took over neighboring Cambodia, killing two million people in that country. Vietnam is a communist dictatorship today.

Tina Trent, who helped Larry re-publish his book, says Kelly’s failure to make the point that Ayers was in fact a “pro-war” activist was very disappointing. The slogan of the Weather Underground was to “Bring the War Home.” They wanted to “end the war” only in the sense that they wanted the communists to win, here and abroad.

Former FBI agent Max Noel, a member of the Weatherman Task Force in San Francisco, was among those who discovered the Weather Underground bomb factory in that city. It contained the fingerprints of Bill Ayers and Mark Rudd. FBI agents found dozens of copies of Marxist-Leninist books and pamphlets in the bomb factory, but did not locate any “anti-war” literature.

By the way, in addition to C-4 explosives and dynamite, photos of what was confiscated show stabbing instruments used to stab people, not property.

Ayers and Dohrn obtained lucrative jobs as university professors, associated with prominent politicians such as Barack Obama, and still give speeches and interviews around the country. This time, Ayers got on Fox News, supposedly his nemesis. He lied his way through the whole thing.

Trent, like many others, is troubled by the network giving Ayers a platform. However, we pointed out years ago that News Corporation, parent company of the Fox News Channel, published a book by Weather Underground terrorist Mark Rudd, through a subsidiary.

Meanwhile, Tina Trent and other supporters of Larry Grathwohl had to scramble to raise enough funds to re-publish Larry Grathwohl’s book.

Kelly’s reference to “Professor” Ayers brings up something else. Christopher G. Kennedy, chairman of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, had led the effort to deny Bill Ayers the title of professor emeritus because Ayers had written a book dedicated in part to the killer of his father, Robert F. Kennedy. He was unanimously denied emeritus status.

So he is really not a professor any more.

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  • Martel

    A couple of TV interviews bring a murderous traitor,and his even more evil she-devil wife, to JUSTICE? How naive are you? They have too many friends-in-high-places,not to mention the president,who is their puppet, their Mortimer Snerd.

  • Miguel Prado

    Question is…Why did Ayers agree to go be interviewed by Fox at this particular time? If Communists are coming out of the closet, is something big about to happen? With the border guards distracted, how many terrorists are infiltrating? Is anyone keeping an eye out on Ayers et al?

  • FriendofThom

    Kincaid wrote that they have been waging a campaign for five years for the “cold case” bombing murder of Sergeant McDonnell to be reopened and examined by a federal grand jury, which reveals that they are kind of slow/ stupid. Why do they think there is any chance of getting this from a Democratic administration? Why didn’t they start the campaign during the Reagan, Bush 41, or Dumbya Bush administrations?

  • RightVote

    “the president, who is their puppet……………” This entire administration are ‘Manchurian Candidates’…………Just who are their MASTERS?

  • RightVote

    And you wonder how the Communists / Maoist can infiltrate our Government…
    They DID many many years ago…..AND This Administration IS their Crowning Glory! and people are worried about an interview on Fox News!
    To paraphrase…….We Really Do have Bigger Fish to Fry!

  • stevor

    where else, other than USA (chicago, where o’bama was hatched) can a former bomber end up “teaching” at a college?

  • wyatt81

    Ayers is a lying, murderous,traitorous slimeball who obviously enjoys the attention and displays plenty of contempt for the country-a country he has refused to leave but instead takes advantage of. Just like the one he mentored-B.Hussein Obama. What a cancer.

  • Gaye Collins

    Whether Ayers will ever be brought to Justice, there is a special place in hell for people like him. He likes bombs? I wonder how he feels about fire and brimstone. I was disappointed that there wasn’t one question about Ayers as the writer of Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father. I understand that is not a crime, but Obama’s lying about his association with Ayers needs to be publicly added to all the others lies this fraud has perpetrated on the American people.

  • Micah Chastain

    I still think it is very unfortunate that Ayers and his ilk were never brought to justice for their heinous crimes against fellow Americans. It is also outrageous that these terrorists are now teaching our kids in colleges and universities. Our kids are not being taught – they are being indoctrinated. And we are being turned from within, just like Krushchev promised – without firing a single shot…

  • Circa53

    Faux provided him with round trip tickets to NYC, a limo, hotel room, free eats, and publicity….All to prove that megyn isn’t a heavy hitting interviewer, double jeopardy still exists, and this is a piss poor way to get ratings.

  • gepops58

    This same mentality is busy running this country but being as Ayers and Obama are big buddies I would expect nothing less…. What chaps my ass in all this is how many kids were “indoctrinated” into his commie nonsense and how many are hanging around just waiting to blow up a whole bunch of innocent folks simply because these idiots are unhappy because this is not a communist country or becoming one fast enough. Don’t worry Mr Barack O’commie is trying his level best to cure the commie problem I need to know if we are working hard enough to stop this surge from happening.By the way, I think this whole nasty bunch should be tried as well as anybody who was associated with them including Mr Barack O’commie being as they are such good buddies!

  • sarah godwin

    Please. President Obama didn’t hire Ayers to work for the University of Chicago. They were just co-workers there.

    And brilliant President Obama is too smart to be a “puppet!” President Obama worked hard and had the Highest GPA in his Harvard Law School Class. And he Got those stellar grades while Working Several Hours a Week as President of the highly prestigious HARVARD LAW REVIEW!

    Brilliant President Obama then went on to write amazingly profound, poignant bestselling books – becoming a Self-Made multi-millionaire CAPITALIST! Ergo, wonderful President Obama is a muuuccch better representative of this country as an Individualist Meritocracy than Bush, McCain, or Romney could Ever be!

    President Obama is his own man. What hampers this country is a recalcitrant, racist, obstructionist Congress that would shoot this country in the collective foot to Try to keep a black President from being seen as effective. And a Supreme Court packed with “conservatives” like the infamouslly evil Taney Court was – has been extremely problematic as well!

  • sarah godwin

    Oh come off it! Republican Bush was borrowing money from China like a drowning man swallows water. You people are myopic idiots. If black people had really wanted to “do away” with this country, we wouldn’t have fought in Every war it ever waged! You wackos have absolutely Nothing to fear from brilliant, caring, Self-made millionaire Capitalist , duly-elected President Obama. The nutjob racist/obstructionist Congress and “Conservative”-riddled backward thinking Supreme Court, on the other hand…

  • sarah godwin

    Gaye Collins you just lost credibility concerning Everything with your nonsense about Ayers and DREAMS FROM MY FATHER. Brilliant President Obama worked hard and earned the Highest GPA in his HARVARD Law School Class – and he Got those stellar grades while Working Several Hours A Week as President of the HARVARD LAW REVIEW – a job that mainly entailed Editing the Writing of the other brightest students at Harvard!

    What you suggest about Ayers and the book is just plain silly. Do you think Ayers put on blackface and taught Obama’s brilliantly delivered lectures on Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago as welll?! lol And Obama has brilliantly written TWO bestselling books, DREAMS and THE AUDACITY OF HOPE.

    How racist do you have to be to crazily pretend you think brilliant President Obama couldn’t write books? He’s not your dyslexic slacker, George W. Bush! No wonder Romney lost. You people are delusional!

  • sarah godwin

    George Washington was “a bomber” and has colleges named after him. Some of the British might have found that “uncomfortable” for a while…

  • sarah godwin

    Because you weren’t trying to besmirch by association a brilliant, hard-working, decent man who happens to be the BLACK President, back THEN. Sheesh, FriendofThom, try to keep up! Shaking my head.

  • sarah godwin

    Gepops58, brilliant, hard-working President Obama graduated with the highest GPA in his HARVARD Law School Class – and he Got those stellar grades while Working Several Hours a Week as President of the highly prestigious HARVARD LAW REVIEW.

    President Obama went on to write brilliant best-selling books -becoming a Self-made Multi-Millionare Capitalist, and later, the duly-elected President of this great nation and the leader of the free world. President Obama’s rise via his own hard work and brilliance make him a much better example of the USA as an Individualist Meritocracy than Bush, McCain, or Romney could Ever be!

  • since1791

    You would have been a perfect fit in the classroom with Ayers. Marxism becomes you.

  • Jerry Kenney

    Kelly’s interview went off the rails before it started.  In her introduction of Ayers, she naively conceded to Ayers’ claim that he was motivated by opposition to the war. The reality is that Ayers was and is motovated by Revolutionary Marxism. Ayers slammed the U.S. for slavery that long ago ended, but his ideology, Marxisim, has enslaved 100’s of millions to the totalitarian state. Kelly should have established Ayers’ Marxist motivations before moving on to his acts of terror. 

    Furthermore, Pee Wee Herman could have debated Ayers more effectively than D’souza did. No wonder Ayers agreed to the interview. Both Kelly and D’souza proved they are not ready for prime time when it comes to confronting a professional Communist revolutionary deceiver.  Ayers won. The truth lost. Fox got the ratings it wanted.  

  • sarah godwin

    Well, “Megyn” seemed “heavy-hitting” enough fairly recently (and in the right direction- for a change) when she punched Dick Cheney in the face with his own hypocrisy! Btw, that’s still better than getting Shot in the face, though.

  • sarah godwin

    Just curious. Do you think conservative Timothy McVeigh who (without ANY doubt) Bombed many innocent babies, children, and civilian adults in a Federal building to bits, was a “murderous traitor,” too?

  • sarah godwin

    LOL Myopic to the last, I see. Or is it ADD? For whatever reason, you “conveniently” ignored the part of my post in which I extolled the virtues of Capitalism, by stating that hard-working brilliant, “self-made” Multi-Millionaire Capitalist, President Obama is a much better example of our great nation as an Individualist Meritocracy than spoon-fed Bush, McCain, or Romney could Ever be.

    Reading comprehension really pays off. Try reading more slowly next time. I am a Capitalist. And so is our brilliant, hardworking President of the USA and leader of the free world, President Barack Obama.

  • sarah godwin

    Why does it state near my post that “one other person is typing?” Is that a new form of Trying to “hack?” Be forewarned, I do Not take THAT lightly and you may be Prosecuted. If it is just relaying that someone is merely Replying to my post, well Ok, then! LOL

  • since1791

    Just curious. Where do you get your information from? MSNBC? Timothy McVeigh was anti-government, not conservative. By the way, being a registered Republican does not mean one is conservative. Conservatives understand the necessity of a government of, by, and for the people. You mentioned innocent babies in your post. Are you aware that more than 50 million abortions have been performed since the 1973 Roe v Wade decision? Any feelings about that?

  • since1791

    Virtue and Obama are never in the same room together. Your understanding of Capitalism is deranged to say the least. What we are experiencing today is crony capitalism. It’s not in the purview of any president to pick and choose winners and losers under Capitalism.

  • since1791

    What I comprehend is when someone has been severely brainwashed by the media elite. Obama has never worked a day in his life. I guess that’s what makes him so brilliant on economic issues. It’s working so good that 92+ million people are no longer in the workforce. By the way. Do you think Ayers is a “brilliant” leader as well?

  • sarah godwin

    Hmmm didn’t the Conservative nitwit Grover Norquist run around getting stupid Elected Republicans all over to “Pledge Allegiance” to HIM and his stupid demand that they not raise taxes no matter What? Just so He can better then,and I quote, “Drown” what little government is left, ” in a bathtub!” ? Wanting to whittle away our government till he can destroy it, “in a bathtub” IS anti-government.

    And the stupid Republicans who were pledging allegiance to the US before they even knew a “Norquist” existed, insanely Pledged to HIM something that could topple the country: Lack of Revenue! So They are “anti-government,” too. Btw, they raised taxes for their god, Reagan, but he was white. Evil. But white.

    Heaven forbid insane Norquist got his way and our Federal government would not have enough in its coffers to help Citizens after a huge Natural disaster or the like!

    Even dumb Governor Perry of Texas, after stupidly warbling that he wanted Texas to “secede” from the USA after President Obama’s Election,, began screaming for Federal Aid ( from the only coffers large enough to handle it) after a devastating hurricane hit Texas. Idiots. Every last one of them. Idiots!

  • sarah godwin

    Read. Then talk. Everybody else here may have already researched those FACTS- or looked them up after I posted them.

    So you are looking unhinged with your childish refusal to face facts. No wonder Romney lost! And your silly namecalling won’t make FACTS go away, either.

    You’re clearly not used to dealing in Facts, so let’s start with an easy one you can quickly ascertain the veracity of.

    It is an incontrovertble FACT, and a well-documented one, that Republicans’ god, Reagan, raised the debt ceiling nearly 20 Times – and raised taxes too.

    Now look that up and we’ll look at some other FACTS you have apparently Tried to hide yourself from!

  • sarah godwin

    President Obama is an Angel compared to Ronald Reagan the Rapist. But like other cruel people like him, Reagan got that way for a reason. Reagan’s own father was a cruel,alcoholic shoe salesman, you see. Sad.

    As for my “understanding of Capitalism?” There you go again, with the puerile namecalling instead of dealing in Reality. In point of fact, I did quite well in College Macro and Micro Econ. Guns and Butter is not a hard concept. .

    Btw,Before he left office, it was BUSH who hard pressed President Obama to act on Solyndra. And what do you call what Romney had built his Career on, if not “picking and choosing winners and losers?” Did you vote for him? Did you think he would automatically put on the brakes as soon as he got in office – with All of the business “cronies” HE has – who’d be clammoring for their piece of the pie?

    And Bush’s relatives went all over the world gorging themselves on fat business deals by trading on their blood kinship with George W. “Cronyism?” The Bush’s wrote the Book on it!

    Romney couldn’t even be honest as he was Trying to Become President. He apparently underdeclared his net worth by 750 Million Dollars! He, with all his off-shore accounts, is a Billionaire. Which is fine if he’s honest about it on Government Documents concerning his OWN Holdings!

    Maybe someone else Might be given a pass for not knowing everything about his own wealth, but Romney prided himself on being a “businessman.” He knew and lied on official documents, anyway! What makes you think he’d say no to “cronies” once in office?

  • Dolly M.

    We know that Bill Ayers, Obama, Michael Michele Obama, Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Geo. Soros, and the rest of this administration’s thugs all have double-dealing pasts. Including the 35 czars. God Bless Us.

  • joshuasweet

    nothing will happen to few to late.

  • yogiman

    I feel sorry for your ignorance, Sarah. You need to do a little studying of your man Barry’s constitutional eligible. Why do you think he refused to show a legal birth certificate in 2007?

    Could it be because he was an Indonesian citizen who had been born in Kenya as a British Subject?

    Look into the Kenyan National Assembly.

  • sarah godwin

    Dolly, you have Got to be joking! Republican Vice President Dick Cheney Shot his friend in the Face and his friend Apologized to HIM! Now THAT’S a “THUG!” Cheney and Bush also lied about WMD in Iraq then swaggered around while our brave troops by the thousands and many more Iraqis died for nothing.

  • sarah godwin

    Yogiman, let me get this straight. You’re one of those tinfoil hat BIRTHERS, yet you have the unmitigated Gall to call someone ELSE “ignorant?!” LOLOLOLOL

    Two, count ’em Two HAWAIIAN newspapers announced Barack Obama’s birth back when he was BORN in HAWAII Decades ago. President Obama is brilliant, but even HE doesn’t have a Time Machine – yet. LOL

    And his mother wasn’t even In Kenya when he was born! That would have been an amazing scientific phenomenon, a human being birthed without a MOTHER! Who ARE you people?

  • sarah godwin

    Btw, Michelle Obama is a Lady who gave Birth to the Children of the most powerful man on Earth, her husband, USA President, Barack Obama – Leader of the Free World. This country needs all hands on deck. Not tinfoil hat-wearing nincompoops. So Throw some cold water in your face and wake up to REALITY. Then maybe you can show our brilliant First LADY and brilliant President well-deserved Respect!

  • yogiman

    There’s many ‘whys’ to your comments, Sarah. Why did his paternal grandmother say she was in the room with his mother when he was born and she said she had never been out of Kenya at that time? Why did his wife (talking to as group of women) make the remark they had to take some special ‘shots’ to go to Kenya, his [home country]? Why did he make the comment to a welcoming crowd “I’m glad to be back home”? Why did he refuse to be questioned by the Senate when they held a Special Session to question John McCain? Why did the Senate declare McCain an natural born citizen? Because both of his parents were citizens of the USA. That being the issue, why did they accept Obama as a natural born citizen with a British Subject father?

    Why did the Kenyan Assembly claim him as being born in Kenya on March 25, 2010?

  • yogiman

    I hate to tell you this Sarah, but your “man” is a Muslim from the paternal side of his family and a communist based on the maternal side of his family.

    A well known communist, Frank Marshall Davis (a friend of his grandparents), mentored him for 10 years. He learned well.

    Why did he thank John McCain for not mentioning his Muslim faith in an interview with George Stephanopolous?

  • yogiman

    How can you respect someone who makes the statement she hated the USA until her husband became president, Sarah?

  • yogiman

    Sarah, you need to audit your “friend’s” books and compare his writings to Bill Ayers. Can they be twins in writing?

  • yogiman

    Tell me Sarah, where did Barry get the money to go to Harvard? Being raised by his grandparents in their ‘common citizen’ status, where did he get they money for Harvard?

    Why does he refuse to show his school papers? Could it be because he was given a foreign aid scholarship?

    Presuming he was a natural born citizens of the USA (which we know he isn’t) how did he get that status back when he become a citizen of Indonesia?

    What nation’s passport did he use to go into Pakistan in 1981 when Pakistan would not accept Americans in their nation?

  • sarah godwin

    ?!?! Yogiman, you really ARE a troll! Surely you realize that Barack Obama was a member of a CHURCH for decades – a Church that worshipped Almighty God and recognized the divinity of Jesus Christ! That Barack Obama was Married in a Church. That Barack Obama’s Children were Baptized in a Church and that he still Worships in Churches and identifies as a Christian. Billions of other people know that. Why don’t you?

    And Barack Obama is a Millionaire Capitalist. He worked hard and Earned the highest GPA in his HARVARD Law School Class and wrote brilliant bestselling books to EARN that millionaire status. Barack Obama is a much better example of our great democracy as an Individualist Meritocracy than spoon-fed Bush, McCain, or Romney could Ever be! Period.

    How is it even possible that you could be so wrong about Everything, Yogiman? Surely your posts are jokes!

  • sarah godwin

    Yogiman, the Record shows that Obama’s mother NEVER even visited Kenya! Get your stooooopid head out of the flipping sand. And I heard his grandmother say out of her own Mouth that Obama was born in the USA – and she said that After a stooopidly transparent conservative “reporter” deliberately tried to confuse the poor old lady!

    Btw, it was even a bit of an affectionate joke among some Africans that black Americans would come to Africa, stand before Africans, and tears streaming down their faces, exclaim, “I’m home!” There would be an even greater connection for Obama who has immediate family members in Africa via his Kenyan father. The things you are basing that Birther idiocy on help prove that it IS Birther idiocy.

    Obama even caused the crowds in Ireland to roar delighted approval when he told them he’d come home to Ireland to get his name’s ” missing Apostrophe” back! Through his mother, Obama is descended from ancient Irish Royalty. O’Bama had fun in his Mom’s ancestral homeland.

    Btw, Ted Cruz, a REPUBLICAN, wants to run for President even though EVERYONE Knows he was BORN in Canada! Cruz says the Constitution allows him to be President because one of his parents was born in the USA and was/is a citizen. There’s been barely a peep about THAT from the usual culprits crazily questioning HAWAIIAN born Barack Obama! Brazen Conservative hypocrites really turn normal people’s stomachs!

    Btw, McCain was born in Panama. Did you vote for him? Foreign born is foreign born. Or are you Now going to play the shell game emphasizing “both parents” as American-born instead of birthplace being at the forefront of your “concern?” That answers your transparent question about the silly Senate and McCain. It would be almost funny that Everything Republicans Try to “accuse” Democrats of REALLY applies to REPUBLICANS if it weren’t so Certifiably Insane!

    Birthers are crackpots – and usually hypocritical ones to boot. If you don’t want Rational people to view you that way, you’ll stop the nonsense.

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Quit lying. Brilliant Michelle Obama NEVER said she “hated” this country. Furthermore, you know that as well as I, you Troll! She said she was PROUD of this country for the first time. Given that black people had been enslaved, their own children “sold” away from them like chattel, made to sit on the backs of buses, fire-hosed and beaten, given hand-me-down, outdated books and lab equipment for “separate” schools, delibrately denied good jobs, kept out of lucrative sports, etc. Who can blame her -and other African-Americans for having felt that way? There are literally Millions of black Americans Alive Today who were victims of Jim Crow oppression.

    President Obama getting elected President with both the Popular Vote AND the Electoral College Vote TWICE is definitely a step in the right direction.

    His having gotten more death threats than any President in History – is not!

    Brilliant, humorous Michelle Obama graduated Salutatorian from High School, With Honors from Princeton, and from Harvard Law School herself. She is so hardworking and energetic, that instead of just taking on one major cause like other First Ladies, First Lady Michelle Obama saw the dire need to take on Two – and did! There are Plenty of reasons to respect First Lady Michelle Obama.

  • sarah godwin

    You need to take your gullible, tinfoil hat wearing self to a shrink for help, troll. Both DREAMS FROM MY FATHER AND THE AUDACITY OF HOPE were written by none other than Brilliant Barack Obama who wrote poetry for college publications and was elected President of the HARVARD LAW REVIEW, in part, because he is a brilliant writer/editor – as his TWO bestselling books that are breathtakingly, achingly beautiful in passages prove.

  • sarah godwin

    ?!?!?!!??? One of Obama’s friends from Harvard law school said she met him in the Financial Aid line at the school! Are you stupidly suggesting that only wealthy people attend the Ivy Leagues? Did you wonder on message boards where Bill Clinton “got the money” to go to Yale? Do you have any IDEA how smarmily racist you sound?

    And why are you so “concerned” about the “papers” of a brilliant man who graduated Magna Cum Laude from HARVARD Law School? Are you sane enough to have been More concerned when John McCain stated On Camera that he graduated in the BOTTOM FIVE in HIS class at Annapolis? NOT in the bottom 5th – the BOTTOM FIVE! Did you vote for McCain? Hypocrite.

    Once again crazy racist crackpots Try to “accuse” Democrats of something that Glaringly, Obviously better Applies to REPUBLICANS. Even your Vice President, Darth Cheney, had been Kicked Out of College on Academic PROBATION for poor grades! Did you vote for HIM?

    The ONLY reason some conservatives Pretend to care about brilliant Obama’s “papers” while they’re literally SWIMMING in Dumb Republicans is because they are hypocritical racists. Period.

  • yogiman

    No, my posts aren’t jokes, sarah. I’m afraid you’ve got a lot of learning to do. If he’s a Christian, why did he thank John McCain for not mentioning his Muslim faith in that interview with George Stephanopolous?

    Why hasn’t he produced a legal birth certificate to the public? If it was official, that piece of paper he showed as his birth certificate would not have pica that didn’t exist in 1961. Why did he wait so long before he “showed” it? Why are the numbers on the birth certificates of those twin girls born the day after him lower than the numbers on his? Why did he state he was happy to be [back home] when he went to Kenya when in congress? Why did his wife mention Kenya as his [home country] in a speech to a group of women? Why are all of his records kept under lock and key.

    There’s many whys that need to be answered, sarah. You seem to be able to only make a remark: Why not give answers that offer proof to your comments? Or are you a fellow communist with him in your support?

  • yogiman

    There’s been many”peeps” from me on Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Gov. Jandel of Louisiana, sarah.

    What did Barry mean when he made the remark on

  • yogiman

    I’m 83 years old sarah, and I know what the black Americans had to live through in my childhood. And yes, it shouldn’t have ever happened in this nation, but history is history. There is still too much racism going on in this country today: On both side of the ‘street’.

    But that has nothing to do with the Obama situation. You shouldn’t admire him simply because he’s 13 percent Negro. Remember he’s 50 percent Caucasian and 37 percent Asian “race wise”.

    Check www, and

    Are they fakes?

    And by the way: I was in that “parade” Dr. Martin Luther King made in Montgomery, Alabama. I was in the middle of the crowd watching them to make sure nothing happened when he went by.

  • yogiman

    I’ll “say” again sarah, compare Obamas writings to Bill Ayers’ writings. They look awful darn similar. I wonder why.

  • sarah godwin

    Oh, btw, Barack H. Obama most Assuredly IS a natural born citizen of the United States. Hawaii is ONE of those united states. Exasperating troll.

  • yogiman

    Well no, I don’t see how “smarmily” racist I seem to be to you. But I have noticed how “smarmily” racist you ‘sound’ to me.

    Shall we consider each other as “smarmily” racists? I had many black friends in my childhood in the South. Did you have any white friends in your childhood?

  • yogiman

    Well, at least the Senate questioned John McCain on his constitutional eligibility because of a question raised by Barack Hussein Obama.

    They found him constitutionally eligible because both of his parents were citizens of the USA.

    So why didn’t the Senate question Barack Hussein Obama on his constitutional eligibility knowing his father was a British Subject of Kenya?

    They certainly didn’t note him being constitutionally eligible because only one of his parents was a citizen of the USA, did they?

    So why did Barack Hussein Obama refuse to be questioned? Could it just possibly be because he knew he wasn’t constitutionally eligible for that office and it might be brought before the public?

    Question, sarah: When did Barry Soetoro become a naturalized American citizen from Indonesia? When did he change his name [Barry Soetoro] back to Barack Obama? And when did a naturalized citizenship become a natural born citizen?

    Just wondering; got an answer?

  • sarah godwin

    Are you really that dumb? When are you going to answer My questions about whether you knew McCain’s miserable college GPA before you voted for him.

    As for proof? You’re on the flipping internet. You can easily find the video of McCain answering a question about his college grades in which he had to admit to being in the BOTTOM FIVE of his Class. Plenty of other people have seen it. Of course that means conservative nutjobs, if they had even two firing synapses, would shut their stupid yaps about Obama’s grades. Is that why you “dropped” the topic in your latest nonsensical post? LOL

    And everyone knows Obama’s a Christian. He Chose Christianity and again – he was married in a Church, had his children baptized in a church, and has worshipped in Churches for decades. Who cares about a joke with McCain/Stephanopoulos? You sound deranged. Obama also joked about it in his latest hilarious White House Correspondents Dinner. I guess you’ll be adding that to your stupid, “Why Did He…” list. LOL

    Btw,Why were white Presidents never required to provide a long form birth certificate? Obama provided what everyone else was required to – the short form. Why stupidly try to pretend there was something “sinister” in that? Face it: Birthers are boneheads.

    Everyone knows Hawaii made his long form birth certificate public after Donald ” Weasel-on-his-Head” Trump tried to pump up his doomed Presidential
    campaign by asking for it.

    Obama provided “proof” but that wasn’t enough. That wasn’t even the point. Stupid conservatives just wanted to goad him even when proof of his HAWAIIAN birth was staring you in the face! Never again.

    The American people duly elected a Brilliant man in President Obama. And it’s clear that just sticks in your craw. He doesn’t have to CONTINUE to “prove” the glaringly Obvious FACT of his HAWAIIAN birth to you or to anyone else.

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? So? And? What did you actually SAY in your many “peeps” about Ted Cruz and the other what you call “darkies?” But again, I’m also specifically interested in how you voted for McCain (the pale) even though he was born in PANAMA when actual birth in the USA means “so much” to you. So very much to you that you’ve clearly gone bananas and started pretending Hawaii’s not a state!

    And of course I’m also interested in how you voted for John “Graduated By the Skin of His Teeth” McCain when GRADES apparently mean “so much” to you. Or do they, like the birth certificate, only matter where a Black leader is concerned?

    And from your posts, there is a much better chance of your being a clueless Fascist than Obama being anything other than he is: A Millionaire Capitalist.

  • sarah godwin

    That’s all very nice. And we appreciate your having done your duty. But today, the point is, you LIED when you stated that the word “hate”ever crossed First Lady Michelle Obama’s lips where describing her feelings about this country are concerned. Why? Did you misspeak? Will you admit you were wrong in that? Until you do, I don’t think we need discuss anymore.

    Btw, who are you to suggest that racism never touched the Obama’s lives? Even as President, Barack Obama had gotten more death threats than any President in History! Barack Obama was also victimized by a racist coach in school. And those are just two instances we could mention.

    And, it is Michelle Obama who graduated Salutatorian from High School, With HONORS from Princeton, and from Harvard Law herself. Why all the weird talk from you about “respecting” Barack for his genetic make-up? What are you talking about? Are you well?

    Oh, and Barack’s biological father, after whom he is Named, is AFRICAN – not “Asian.” Barack Obama, Sr. also graduated from Harvard, making Barack Obama Jr., our President, an Ivy League Legacy.

    Does it really hurt you so much that a black man is President that you have to “make up” another background for him?

    Are you confusing him with Tiger Woods? LOL

  • sarah godwin

    Not only do I HAVE white friends, I have beloved white RELATIVES. And unless you can point out right now where you In the PAST ALSO asked how Bill Clinton “got the money” to go to Yale, rational people could consider that, among your MANY double-standards (about grades, birth certificates, etc) RACIST.

    I, on the other hand, have submitted no double-standards. You whined about Obama’s (stellar) grades while apparently not knowing (or caring) that John McCain graduated in the BOTTOM FIVE of his college graduating class, while Barack Obama did well enough at Columbia to get into Harvard (with Legacy status).

    It’s clear John McCain’s whiteness was all you needed to ” know” of his alleged intellect, while you pretend brilliant black Obama’s got to somehow PROVE his intelligence to you via transcripts! That is glaringly, obviously hypocritical. And racist.

    And it’s also clear to Everyone that even if he DID release his transcripts to the public PROVING the FACT that he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, at least a few conservative crackpots would goofily Pretend they were allegedly “unauthentic” Just like they Stoopidly and transparently did about his perfectly authentic long form birth certificate that the State of HAWAII, with a Republican Governor, released!

    Oh, and please know your little shell-game with McCain’s bithplace and parentage is duly noted. McCain was Still a Senator when it gave him a Constitutional pass. The Senate could also unanimously vote that the sky is green and it wouldn’t make it so. He was born in Panama. What with all your many posts ad nauseam with the bogus birther nonsense, I’d think you’d be consistent about wanting a President born in the USA – as President Obama was. You’re just SAD, man…

    And since you asked, President Obama’s got more important things to attend to than traipsing over to the Senate on the whim of a few racist crackpot birthers. Sheesh!

  • sarah godwin

    You can “say” it till you’re blue in the face, but it’s Still a LIE. Like the LIE you just told about how Michelle Obama felt about this country and the Lie you’ve been telling about President Obama’s birth – which was in HAWAII.

  • sarah godwin

    President Obama’s got more pressing things to do with his time than traipsing over to the Senate on the whim of racist crackpot birthers.

    And John McCain was still a Senator when the SENATE gave him a pass. The Senate could unanimously vote that the sky is green but that wouldn’t make it so.

    McCain was born in PANAMA. Period. What with your many posts ad nauseam with the bogus birther nonsense, I would think you’d be consistent about wanting a President born in the USA – as Hawaiian-born President Obama was.

  • yogiman

    I honestly feel sorry for you because of your admiration of a man whom you don’t even know, sarah.

    Why don’t you know him? Because he refuses to identify himself.

    Listen to the Kenyan National Assembly member and tell me he’s lying. Why would he lie on the issue?

    Read page 31 of that Assembly meeting; would they lie on such a matter? Why?

  • yogiman

    I suggest you study the Constitution sarah, and understand what a natural born citizen is. It isn’t someone born in Hawaii with a British Subject father.

    McCain was born in Panama because his father was in the U.S. Navy serving in Panama… and both of his parents were citizens of the USA.

    And by the way; go to Hillsdale College and check out their offer on a free course on the Constitution.

    You might also check out the followings of the First & Third Sessions of Congress to learn what they meant about [natural born citizen].

    I’ll argue you’re a natural born citizen of the nation your parents are citizens of regardless of where you’re born. That’s BOTH parents sarah, not just one.

    First Congress Sess. II. Ch. 3 (1790) pages 103-104
    Third Congress Sess.II. Ch. 21 (1795) pages 414-415

  • Don Peterson

    Sarah, McVeigh was not a conservative, and no conservatives supported him or championed his cause. No conservative politicians launched their political careers in his home. So even IF he was a conservative (which he was not) your comparison is moronic.

  • sarah godwin

    What the HECK are you babbling about? The Mormon Tabernacle Choir could SING that Barack Obama is “Kenyan” TODAY and it wouldn’t change the FACT that he was BORN AMERICAN. Or the FACT that DECADES ago when Barack Obama was BORN IN HAWAII, TWO HAWAIIAN newspapers announced his BIRTH – AND that the Doctor who Delivered Him IN HAWAII Remembered delivering him because it was so Unusual in the 1960’s for a Black AFRICAN man and a White AMERICAN wife/patient of his to be awaiting the birth of their Child! It was so unusual that the Well-Known doctor who delivered Barack Obama IN HAWAII, discussed it with his own WIFE who PUBLICLY discussed it later!

    I say again: Get your crazy head out of the sand. This country Needs Everybody LUCID so we can better face and solve problems! The ONLY reason you Pretend “other” people allegedly don’t “know” President Obama is because You have refused to face easily obtainable FACTS about Him, like his HAWAIIAN Birth and Everything Else – Including his having graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School as the biological Son of a brilliant AFRICAN man who was Also a HARVARD graduate!

    Yogiman, you’ve got to know you’re giving normal , rational people a headache reading your bizarro, wackadoo nonsense!

  • sarah godwin

    Barack Obama TAUGHT the Constitution for Years at a prestigious, well-established LAW School, you insufferable, pretentious Troll. He knows he was Constitutionally eligible to run for President as does every other SANE person because we ALL know President Obama was born IN HAWAII (to an AMERICAN mother) whether or not desperate racist crackpots PRETEND to “believe” otherwise.

    McCain was BORN in PANAMA. Either birth in the USA is “important” to you or it’s not. It’s OBVIOUS that for Y-O-U and others of your transparent, boneheaded birther ilk, it DEPENDS on whether or not the person in question is CAUCASIAN! Disgustingly. And for the record, Mr. Oblivious, I wasn’t the one who came to the site questioning anyone’s “eligibility.” YOU did. What I question is YOUR brazenly hypocritical shell game approach to USA birth depending on the Racial heritage of the candidate!

    And Everybody and his SISTER know about McCain and his PANAMANIAN birth. We also know that ONLY because his father was an Admiral, young John McCain, who graduated in the BOTTOM 5 of his class at Annapolis, was allowed to leap over much better qualified applicants with much higher GPA’s for coveted, scarce Flight Training spots!

    And BECAUSE he was lazy and unqualified, McCain crashed plane after plane after plane after plane in training – and finally on one training run, caused the deaths of many Americans on the Ground! Did you know that about him? Why was he even allowed to fly in Vietnam later? His incompetence greatly increased the chances of his own death or capture and compromised the safety of his crew. But because he was an “Admiral’s son…”

    I ask again, did you vote for John McCain without hollering to see his horrifically subpar transcripts? You are the one who “didn’t know” the candidate for whom you voted. But as usual, racist crackpot birthers are pathological “experts” at Projecting onto others what their OWN foibles are!

  • sarah godwin

    Don, actually, McVeigh WAS a conservative and so is David Duke, leader of the terrorist group the KKK, and former serious gubernatorial candidate in Louisiana. And plenty of conservatives welcomed him into their homes and have “championed the cause” of those terrorists over the years.

    Ronald Reagan himself PUBLICLY (which is how campaigns are REALLLY officially started) kicked off a Presidential run in, of All places in the Entire country, little Philadelphia, Mississippi! Why? Because Lee Atwater, his Machiavellian, Racist political “strategist” knew that little Philadelphia, Mississippi was widely known for being the place where Three Civil Rights Freedom Riders had been infamously MURDERED by demonic KKK terrorists! He was sending a signal to racist potential voters in the South – and it “worked” back then.

    “Moronic?” Physician, heal thyself. Open your EYES!

  • yogiman

    I hate to ‘tell’ you this sarah, but African is not a race as shown of Barry’s father. The pica used on that fake birth certificate did not exist in 1961.

    The news papers did not verify birth announcements, they only printed them when they were sent it. And if you would look into it a little deeper, the address shown as his parents address was his grandparents address; they didn’t live at that address.

    And can you explain why his birth certificate number is a higher number than the numbers shown on the twin girls certificates born the day after him in the hospital he claimed as his birth place?

    You need to wake up, girl… unless you want a dictator

    And you’re calling the Kenyan National Assembly liars? Gimme a break, sarah.

    Tell me sarah, assuming Obama was a natural born citizen; how did he get his natural born status back after he became an Indonesian citizen? Another question: Did he ever become a naturalized citizen from his Indonesian citizenship? If so, in politics, why did he never announce it?

  • yogiman

    Did Obama fool everyone in Congress and Supreme Court; or are they all in the ‘game’ with him?

    I’d say they’re all in the ‘game’ with him when none of them raised a question on his eligibility when he refused to show his birth certificate.

  • yogiman

    Why did Barry’s sister claim he was born in a different hospital than the one he claimed he was born in, sarah?

    Why did the Kenyan National Assembly claim he was born in Kenya, sarah? Was they lying?

    How can he be a natural born citizen of the USA with a British Subject father who was married to a woman who was a British Subject citizen of Kenya? Why has no one ever seen a copy of his father’s marriage license to his mother?

    Go study a few of the laws sarah, you might learn something beside your admiration of the usurper in office.

    I’ve asked questions but you can only make comments; you can’t give an answer.

  • sarah godwin

    Why do you think TWO different newspapers in Hawaii at the time of President Obama’s birth clearly announce his birth – in 1961!? Is that tinfoil hat on so tight you think President Obama has a time machine? LOL

    Why did the doctor who Delivered Barack Obama IN HAWAII discuss the delivery IN HAWAII to close relatives of his IN HAWAII IN 1961 because of Barack Obama’s unusual (for the time) parentage of a Black African father and a White AMERICAN mother? Do you think the doctor just “made up” the story in 1961?! And that the doctor’s wife, among others, was in on the alleged “conspiracy?” Shaking my head. You’re a crackpot, pure and Definitely simple.

    Why did Barack Obama, Sr., the father of Barack Obama Jr., our President, and his white wife, our President’s mother, not have the money to travel IN the United States when they desperately wanted to, but allegedly had enough, according to you, to BOTH allegedly fly to KENYA during that admittedly cash-strapped time?

    Why did Barack Obama’s grandmother say he was born in America?

    Why would you think his SISTER forgetting which hospital he was born in means anything ( if indeed you’re even accurate about THAT?) How old was SHE when he was born?

    Why would you bizarrely think that anything anyone jokingly or mistakenly says TODAY somehow “trumps” Documents and oral personal accounts directly about the situation of Barack Obama’s birth IN 1961 AT the TIME of his birth?!!!!!

    Why do you crazily pretend ANY of your cockamamie birther nonsense holds water?

    Go “study the laws” that brilliant Barack Obama Taught for YEARS in a well-established Law School, Yourself, Mr. Ridiculously Unjustifiably Supercilious! LOL I was already well aware of them long before you started flapping your oblivious jaws about them.

    And the only “usurper” is Bush the Younger of 2000. Brilliant President Obama won Both the Popular Vote AND the Electoral College TWICE. That’s something George W. Bush could only Dream about in 2000, since he “won” NEITHER! Just ask K.atherine Harris, K. arl Rove, and the K. angeroo, conservative-packed, not so “Supreme” Court. That’s not KKK by accident.

    Btw, I HAVE “answered” your silliness. But you NEVER answered my question to you about whether or not you knew John McCain graduated in the BOTTOM FIVE of HIS Class at Annapolis WHILE you were hypocritically and obliviously whining about President Obama’s College grades – which were good at Columbia and Stellar at Harvard!

  • sarah godwin

    And THEY’D say that You’re a Cockamamie Racist Birther Nincompoop. And they’d be right. Rolling my eyes.

  • yogiman

    Two issues sarah: First; What level of grade John McCain graduating in college is immaterial; he is legally eligible for that office as a natural born citizen because both of his parents were citizens of the USA; not just one. His college level is immaterial because the law doesn’t require you to be a college graduate to hold that office.

    Your man Barry is not legally eligible for that office regardless of the grades he made in college because his father was a British Subject. His father may have been able to legally marry several women in Kenya but not in the USA. Barry was born as a British Subject.

    You post his grandmother said he was born in Hawaii yet I heard her in an interview with a minister and the Kenyan Ambassador their interpreter say she was in the room with his mother when he was born, and had never been out of Kenya.

    Why did the papers show his grandparents address as his parents address when he was born when they never lived with her parents?

    I don’t know how old he was when his half-sister was born, but she was a grown woman when she made that comment about the hospital he was born in. So why won’t either hospital take that the free advertisement?

    Do a little research sarah, the name of the hospital he named didn’t exist in 1961. They accepted that name 10 years later when they combined with another hospital in Hawaii.

    And do you believe the Kenyan Assembly was lying when they put the Barack was born in Kenya issue in their records?

    Read the Kenyan National Assembly records at

    Listen to the Kenyan Assembly member at

    Were they lying?

    And by the way sarah, how do you know what Barry’s grades were when they are kept under lock and key.

    I’ve just heard he’s spent over 5 million dollars to keep his records locked up. So what doesn’t he want to be seen? Could it be his foreign scolarship papers?

  • yogiman

    Read the other post sarah, then read this one.

    You claim Obama is so brilliant: Can you explain why he has more than doubled our national debt combined from all president before him?

    Or doesn’t it count because he isn’t in office legally?

  • sarah godwin

    Why would they have had to “verify” an innocent birth announcement, Troll? LOL Everybody’s not a bonehead conspiracy theorist – especially not in 1961 where a mere Birth Announcement (Or TWO) is concerned! Are you mental? Are you seriously suggesting his folks knew he would have a great chance of actually Being President of the United States of America and Leader of the Free World and concocted a conspiracy in 1961 in anticipation of that?!? What convoluted nonsense you waste people’s time with here.

    ?!? Maybe, just maybe there was a mix-up of addresses at the printing. Printer’s errors have happened to virtually everyone. Why the insistence on pretending something allegedly “sinister”about that? That’s just plain weird, man.

    O maybe, just maybe his Grandparents MOVED.

    Or maybe Barack Obama’s mother and father had their OWN place for a while and it was THEIR address.

    Or maybe at a time of public censure – and even evil violence towards interracial unions, someone deemed it best not to use the Actual address even though Obama’s Mother and Father stiill wanted their Joy over his birth conveyed and publicized.

    Or maybe the Republican Governor of Hawaii ( or an underling) thought to have a bit of “fun” at the President’s (and the country’s) expense.

    Or maybe some Puckish, conservative twit pulled the wool over your eyes and showed you some fakery of his own sick imagination and merely Pretended it was the President’s birth certificate.

    Or maybe you’re Lying, like you blithely did in your casual, sick libel of First Lady Michelle Obama concerning her feelings about this country.

    At any rate, I don’t much give a good doggone, because NONE of the modern day shenanigans (if there be any) even come close to negating that the Birth Announcements EXISTED IN HAWAII in 1961 and so did the DOCTOR who delivered Barack Obama IN HAWAII to Mixed-Race parents and found that remarkable enough in 1961 to DISCUSS that with OTHER people around the Time of the Birth IN HAWAII – IN 1961!

    Yogiman, it is you and your fellow Birthers who are truly piteable in your ignorance. You are so bizarrely upset over having a Black President that your fevered “brains” and wishful thinking fuel ridiculous fantasies about “usurpation.” Utterly, piteously, Sad…

    And your looney-tunes nonsense about a “dictator” just continues to solidify what we’ve come to suspect about you: You’re an insane paranoid and a practiced liar.President Obama was duly ELECTED TWICE and when his tenure in office is over, he will shake hands with the newly elected President and leave with his wonderful family for his sunny boyhood home of Hawaii or for his adoptive home of bustling Chicago. You know that as well as I. Twit.

  • yogiman

    I’m afraid your ignorance is betraying you, sarah. I feel sorry for you and your children; if you have any.

  • yogiman

    If Obama worked with Bill Ayers at the University of Chicago as you claim, why did he deny knowing Bill Ayers?

  • sarah godwin

    Barack Obama IS brilliant without question. And it was YOU who wanted to discuss brilliant Barack’s college records BEFORE I informed you about lazy McCain having barely graduated- in the Bottom FIVE of his Class, you transparently dishonest Hypocrite!

    It is the do-nothing, recalcitrant, racist, borderline treasonous “conservative” type in Congress that has stubbornly REFUSED to implement some of President Obama’s main proposals for financial remedy who is the problem.

    And it was Childish, lazy George W. Bush who started two Wars, yet unrealistically refused to include the COST of those warS in his own Budget! Thus Artificially making HIS deficits appear “Smaller.”

    But Grown-up, Sensible Barack Obama came into office and Sanely DID include the Cost of those wars in his own budget, thus Artificially making it appear that he’d allegedly “ballooned” the deficit “more” than in reality simply because he responsibly insisted on honest accounting!

    Bush came into office on a budget Surplus. Then, because he thought his Dad lost reelection because of responsibly raising taxes, Bush the Younger Refused to raise taxes to pay for the astronomically expensive TWO wars he started.

    Even Reagan had better sense than that – even though he was a ridiculous spendthrift, raising the debt ceiling nearly 20 TIMES (with the help of a hypocritically all-too-willing Congress) and of course raising taxes to boot.

    Obama came into office, as everyone knows, trying to keep Bush’s irresponsible, disaster of an economy from sliding over a precipice! By saving Auto jobs, among other things, Obama helped stabilize the situation. And again, he could have done much more good for our nation had he not met with such racist nonsense from Congress. Because Congress refused to raise taxes since Grover Norquist allegedly held them “hostage,” this country has been trying to operate on the slimmest pickings since the 1960’s – even though we have a much larger population to try to accommodate now!

    The Republican “led” Congress was willing to shoot this country in the foot with the debt ceiling fiasco, just so they could pretend a black President allegedly “caused” the problem that they Directly caused themselves.

    Conservative, crazy Senator, Jim Dement(ed) even LAUGHED about our country’s lowered credit rating on talk shows!! If he hadn’t at least had the sense to finally leave the Senate for a job at the Heritage Foundation, he should have been RECALLED by justifiably outraged constituents.

    And Barack Obama’s brilliant father was a handsome, very Black African man from Kenya, just as surely as justifiably famous brilliant Lupita Nyong’o is a beautiful, very black African woman from Kenya. The President’s mother was a White American woman who earned her PhD and was born in the heartland of America (Kansas) and who gave Birth to Barack Obama, Jr. in HAWAII. And everyone KNOWS it. Even YOU, troll.

  • yogiman

    sarah, check out before you get too mentally decrepit and tell me how wrong this guy is.

  • Lady_in_Black

    This is the best thing AIM has done in some time. It seems back on track.

    I hope you continue to stay away from personal issues, like homophobia and your belief in forced birthing for all American women. Whew! …Lady in Black

  • Actually, the efforts to bring Ayers and Dohrn to justice in that crime have been ongoing — different groups have stepped up at different times, is all. If you want so badly to point fingers from the couch at someone, the only real blame currently lies with Eric Holder for refusing to care about a murdered police officer.

  • sarah godwin

    Brilliant President Obama IS in office legally, UNLIKE the REAL “usurper” of 2000, George “Hanging Chad” Bush.

    In Stark contrast, President Obama WON both the Popular Vote AND the Electoral College – TWICE – in 2008 and in 2012, because, blessedly, most people are not racist crackpot birthers.

    Bush could only Dream about that in 2000 because he “won” NEITHER.

    And look to the recalcitrant, obstructionist, racist conservative type in Congress who has largely refused to implement President Obama’s remedies for the economy as the problem where That’s concerned!

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Did he? lol It’s official. You’re an idiot. For one thing you could answer this question: Do you know how big the University of Chicago is?

    I know professors at much smaller schools in different departments who don’t know one another.

    With every post you solidify the perception of you as a wacko paranoid.

  • sarah godwin

    Everyone with sense knows that you’re the ignorant one, Mr. Tinfoil Hat Birther. You were even stupidly, blindly wandering over this site whining about wanting Obama’s “unreleased” college records while people who knew McCain’s pitiful college grades laughed at your rank ignorance.

    And leave our children out of it. My husband is a wonderful father and our children well-educated, responsible, thriving people. It is your progeny that is in trouble (if you have any) since they were saddled with a paranoid schizophrenic racist for a “dad.”

  • sarah godwin

    An 83 year-old paranoid schizophrenic is calling someone who is decades his junior, “decrepit?” You really are an “expert” at projection. As are all wacko birthers stupidly warbling about “grades” and “grandmothers.” Hypocrites All!

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Really? So no “fingers” can be spared for ALL the other Attorneys General under whose tenure such a thing happened?Attorney General Holder is supposed to miraculously have more evidence at his disposal about this than all the other AG’s combined who declined to bring a case?

  • sarah godwin

    Dolly, you have GOT to be joking. Republican Vice President Dick Cheney shot his friend in the Face and his friend apologized to HIM!. Now THAT’S a “THUG.” People he SHOOTS apologize to HIM?! Shaking my head.

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    wow you are really sad and pathetic,delusional and stupid too…

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Chitownrevenue, Any nincompoop (that would be you) who literally Leaps over a BIRTHER’S nonsensical posts to call himself/herself Trying to criticize rational ones is insane and as such is unworthy of having his stupid, myopic “critique” taken seriously.

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    and thin skinned and sensitive,overly emotional and …oh yeah…stupid

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Your “skin” may or may not be “thick,” but your skull most assuredly is. Get this Through that thick head of yours and please convey it to like-minded nitwits: President Barack Obama was born In HAWAII to a White AMERICAN mother and a Black African father.

    President Obama won both the Popular vote AND the Electoral College in TWO Presidential Elections and he is neither a “tyrant” nor a “dictator” as some conservative buffoons have been insanely trying to warble.

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    wow you are quick to anger, very defensive …..and oh yeah stupid

  • sarah godwin

    ?!?Chitowndemre, Any nincompoop (that would be you) who would literally leap over a Birther’s nonsensical posts to call himself “criticizing” rational ones does not deserve to have his stupid, myopic “critique” taken seriously.

    Btw, where is the rest of our little exchange concerning your imbecilic thick- headedness? If you have hacked, you’ll be sporting a new number under a new mug shot, Bonehead.

  • sarah godwin

    You haven’t seen me angry. And it so happens I earned a 3.8 average on a 4.0 scale in the Honors College at the University at which I matriculated. You?

    Apparently you gits like corroborating the FACT that delusional bonehead birther conservatives are wrong about virtually Everything. Ignoramus.

    No wonder Romney lost. You delusional paranoid schizophrenics take the cake.

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    wow insecure too…..and also very ……stupid

  • sarah godwin

    Yawn. Chitowndimwit, you’re so stupid and liking it that it’s clearly become your mantra. lol

    No wonder you Clueless conservative birthers voted for the doltish usurper, George “Hanging Chad” Bush, venal Dick “Academic Suspension” Cheney, and wife-abandoning John ” Bottom 5 of his Class” McCain.

    While the mere thought of brilliant Black President Obama, who graduated with the highest GPA in his Harvard Law School Class, actually Burns your Zombie-looking Hide! 🙂

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    wooooooo calm down sarah super genius,you are truly magnificent and stupendous and really really stupid

  • sarah godwin

    Yawn. Chitowndimwit, some conservatives (like you) are so stupid and liking it that it’s clearly become your mantra. lol

    It’s little wonder conservative bonehead birthers voted for doltish George “Hanging Chad” Bush, venal Dick “Academic Suspension” Cheney, and wife-abandoning John “Bottom 5 of His Class” McCain.

    And that Brilliant Black President Barack Obama who won the Award for having the Highest GPA in his HARVARD Law School Class really burns your Zombie-looking Hides. 🙂

  • sarah godwin

    Chitowndimwit, you’re so stupid and liking it, it’s become your mantra. lol

    It’s little wonder that dumb conservative bonehead birthers voted for doltish George “Hanging Chad” Bush, venal Dick “Academic Suspension” Cheney,” and wife-abandoning John “Bottom 5 of His Class” McCain.

    And that Brilliant Black President Barack Obama, who graduated with the highest GPA in his Harvard Law School Class, really burns your Zombie-looking Hides. 🙂

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    oooooonooooooo zombie looking,you are a racist tooo.and really really stupid,matter of fact i bet you need help finding the doorknob to leave your house

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? There are only white zombies in those movies? Maybe in 1950. How old ARE you?

  • sarah godwin

    Is that why you refuse to even Try to contribute Any information here? Besides being downright ignorant, you try to avoid learning and typing facts because that’s so foreign a concept it makes you “nervous?” Shaking my head.

    Relaying facts doesn’t make me less “calm,” you slobbering joker.

    Brilliant Barack Obama graduated with the highest GPA in his Harvard Law School Class, has been married to One woman, the brilliant Michelle, and was born in the United States.

    John McCain graduated in the Bottom 5 of his class at Annapolis, later abandoned his wife while committing adultery with the “Beer Heiress” he’s married to now, and was born on foreign soil.

    Guess which one got the votes of Truly “Stupid” conservatives?

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    wow that was really stupid but racists usually are ,1950 is before my time gramma,…… should get some rest and maybe a diaper change

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    why would i be nervous and shaking your head?lice problem again?

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Um, YOU were the one crazily assuming “zombies” are allegedly only one “race,” Gramps, not I. Nice try, though.

    And like many people in younger generations, I’ve seen enough old movies to know that “diversity” on screen wasn’t exactly a priority. The fact that you pretend to not know that is strange. But then we are talking about you.

    So why the facade? But perhaps we should stick to what’s important. To use the vernacular with which you are familiar: What’s got your knickers in a twist? The fact that many people were aware that your god, Reagan, was a disgusting rapist? Selene Waters, anyone?

    Or was it that millions of people are aware that your god, Reagan, funded the murderers of nuns and priests via Iran-Contra? You see the nuns believed in helping the poor, which of course crazy conservatives took to mean they were “Communists.”

    And it’s interesting that you would stupidly call yourself “riding to the rescue” of that demon Reagan by crazily pretending his critics are allegedly “old” when Ronald Reagan himself was a fossil when in office.Some conservatives are hypocrites to the core. Shaking my head.

  • sarah godwin

    ? Black women don’t get lice at anywhere near the rates white women and men do. It’s the grease and the heat. 🙂

    So once again, a conservative engages in a clear case of Projection. Too weird.

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? Actually, I’m quite happy and not “pathetic” in the least. And the “deluded” people are those who crazily try to ignore that Ronald Reagan raped Selene Walters, a 19 year-old blonde Hollywood “starlet” AND that Reagan also funded the murderers of nuns and priests via Iran-Contra. You see, the nuns cared about the poor, and some wacko conservatives considered that kind of caring, “Acting like a Communist!”

    Brilliant President Obama is a Saint compared to demon Reagan.

    And “stupid” conservatives voted for John McCain who admitted on camera that he graduated in the Bottom 5 of his class at Annapolis! AND McCain abandoned his first wife to carry on an adulterous affair with the woman he’s married to now and wanted to stick in our White House as First “Lady!” AND McCain was Not born in the USA.

    In stark contrast, brilliant President Obama graduated with the highest GPA in his Harvard Law School class and he Got those stellar grades while working Several Hours a Week as President of the highly prestigious HARVARD LAW REVIEW! AND President Obama has been married to One woman, the brilliant Michelle. AND President Obama was born in the USA.

    Btw, what happened to all the rest of our posts?

  • Chitowndemrevenuestream

    you are quite mean spirited too,low self esteem make you lash out at others?does that make you feel good gramma,no one come to visit an old meany like you ? and …..stupid too

  • sarah godwin

    ?!? I’m not “mean-spirited.” I just can’t abide hypocrisy, Lying, and deliberate ignorance. Everybody and his Sister know President Obama was born in the USA. Btw, “Gramps,” you’re not fooling anyone. 🙂

  • sarah godwin

    ?! I am actually happy, certainly not “pathetic,” and nowhere near “delusional” just because like millions of other people, I know that evil Ronald Reagan raped a 19 year-old blonde “starlet” named Selene Walters and that he funded the murderers of nuns and priests via Iran-Contra.

    You see, the nuns cared about the poor, and for some crazy conservatives that’s the same thing as being a “communist.”

    And it’s interesting that my reply to your nonsense has “disappeared.” Probably BECAUSE you and your ilk don’t want even More people aware of the fact that conservatives’ god, demonic Ronald Reagan, raped a 19 year-old blonde “starlet” named Selena Walters – and that he funded murderers of nuns and priests via Iran-Contra! You see, the nuns cared about the poor, which some emotionally stunted conservatives think means “Communist.”

    President Barack Obama is a Saint compared to that demon Reagan.

    And as for “stupid?” At one point, Conservatives had a choice:

    On one hand, John McCain, who admitted On Camera that he graduated in the Bottom 5 of his college class at Annapolis and committed adultery on his 1st wife with the woman he’s married to now, the “Beer Heiress,” And he was not born in the USA.

    On the other hand, Barack Obama, who earned the Prize for graduating with the highest GPA in his HARVARD law school class, has been married to Only One woman, the brilliant Michelle, and was born in the USA.

    Guess for whom the “stupid” conservatives voted.

  • sarah godwin

    Via Iran-Contra, Ronald Reagan funded the murderers of nuns and priests thought to be “communists” just because they cared for the poor. And Ronald Reagan also raped 19 year-old blonde “starlet,” Selena Walters. Conservatives have overlooked the evil perpetrated by those people whose ideologies are similar, while they hypocritically call for the heads of those with differing political iews

  • Marcus

    Have you ever seen Barack Obama’s Kenya birth certificate:, or this?:
    Face it: Barack Obama WAS born in Kenya. And yet, after Obama has had scandals worse than Nixon’s Watergate, you still seem to embrace Obama, and the Democratic Party, if you are (or even if you are not) affiliated with it. If you are not insane: Marvin Gaye was British! And Marvin Gaye was born in London as Neville Edward Stuart Gay, and took the name “Marvin” from Marvin the Martian!! And he was white, not black.