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Until Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) revealed last week that his Benghazi Select Committee was investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for her official State Department communications, no one had a good explanation for why none of the Congressional committees that had previously investigated Benghazi had ever cited a single Hillary Clinton email in their reports.

Congressional Democrats had been pooh-poohing Gowdy’s investigation, claiming that all the important questions about Benghazi had been “asked and answered” by previous committees.

Now the best that Gowdy’s counterpart, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), can do is object to subpoenas (especially when they are issued to Hillary Clinton in person, through Counsel), and to huff and puff about the investigation becoming a “surrogate” for the “Republican National Committee.”

What a change a single revelation can bring.

We now learn that Hillary Clinton not only used a private server, maintained at her Chappaqua, New York home for official communications, but that she never used a government email at all. Not once.

No, or or anything of the kind. Just multiple accounts on her family server,, including, the same address used by former Clinton White House aide Sidney Blumenthal to communicate with her on Benghazi and related matters.

Federal prosecutors recently finished up their case against former CIA Director David Petraeus, who was conveniently forced to resign just three days after the November 2012 elections, before he could clarify what he knew about Benghazi. (Given that Petraeus had just returned from a September 2, 2012 trip to Ankara, Turkey, where he had been trying to tamp down publicity due to an arms shipment from Benghazi to the Syrian rebels, he certainly knew a lot.)

In a widely criticized decision, they forced him to plea bargain one count of a misdemeanor in exchange for dropping more serious charges. The full extent of the FBI’s case against Petraeus involved him sharing personal, hand-written notebooks with his biographer.

Prosecutors noted that the CIA had installed a SCIF—a specialized high-security area—in his Arlington, Virginia home where he could safely store classified materials brought home from the CIA. That facility was dismantled by the CIA without incident two months after Petraeus resigned from the Agency.

The prosecutors never accused Petraeus of improperly storing U.S. government classified materials either in the SCIF or elsewhere. Nor did they accuse him of sending classified materials over an unsecure server.

If they could prosecute Petraeus on one count of improperly handling classified material (he kept those personal notebooks in a rucksack in his attic), one can only speculate how many thousand counts of mishandling classified information could be brought against Mrs. Clinton. Of course, she denies having sent classified information over her personal server, but in that case how did she communicate on classified matters with her envoys and subordinates?

Was the private server at her residence designed, installed, and maintained by a U.S. government security agency? Was it connected to the government’s Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) and physically separated from the open Internet?

The Sid Blumenthal memos, sent from his AOL account to Hillary’s private email server, suggest that this was not the case. If so, the former Secretary of State was breaking the law—big time.

When the memos first surfaced in 2013—posted to the Internet by a Romanian hacker known as “Guccifer” —neither the State Department nor their purported author acknowledged their authenticity. Given that they initially surfaced on the website of Russia Today, Vladimir Putin’s reliably anti-American TV network, that was enough to consign them to oblivion as yet another Internet hoax.

Now we learn that former CIA official Tyler Drumheller apparently helped to gather the “intel” that Blumenthal sent to Hillary on the Benghazi attacks and other political developments inside Libya.

This is extremely significant because the initial memo sent by Blumenthal, dated September 12, 2012, cites “a sensitive source,” who purportedly met with Libyan President Magarief shortly after the attacks began and claimed that a YouTube video sparked the “protest” against the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi.

Magarief himself never said such a thing, although the memo is worded to suggest that he did. He blew up when he heard Susan Rice make that claim on the Sunday talk shows after the attack, as I write on pages 347 and 348 of Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi.

Drumheller became infamous for several earlier pieces of disinformation. As European Division chief at the CIA’s Directorate of Operations in 2001 and 2002, he was the one who planted the phony evidence about the Niger uranium contract that was later used by the media during the Valerie Plame affair to claim that George W. Bush had “lied” about Saddam Hussein’s WMD programs. On three separate occasions, he passed the Niger information up the food chain as validated intelligence, when the CIA had been warned that it was not (see page 63 of my book Shadow Warriors).

Then-CIA Director George Tenet was so fed up with Drumheller that he spent seven full pages in his memoir debunking claims by Drumheller regarding the defector known as CURVEBALL that Tenet said were simply untrue.

Drumheller and Sid Blumenthal have a history together. In 2007, Blumenthal used Drumheller as a source to “prove” that Bush had “lied” about pre-war intelligence on Iraqi WMD. Drumheller and Blumenthal went on to work in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008.

So was the Guccifer/Blumenthal memo intended as disinformation, written after Hillary Clinton put out her statement on the night of the attacks blaming them on a YouTube video? Or was it actually the source of Hillary’s false claim about the video, written and sent by someone on the ground in Libya who was attempting to plant the story?

Many reporters, myself included, have submitted Freedom of Information Act requests to the State Department, asking for all documents and communications that would show how Mrs. Clinton’s statement came to be worded as it was finally released. Where are all the drafts? Who commented on them? What did it say initially? How was it changed? By whom?

We have much of that information for the Susan Rice talking points, but nothing at all for Hillary Clinton’s statement on the evening of the attacks.

Given that there is not a single mention of a protest or the YouTube video in all the documents released to Congress, which included real-time communications from Tripoli and Benghazi from the State Department and CIA that night, exactly how Mrs. Clinton came up with that idea could provide key insight into what actually happened in Benghazi, and why.

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  • Soxtory

    It really is a serous flaw in our system that allows State to ignore FOI requests when the DOJ is controlled by the Democrat party leader, BO thru his attorney general!

  • disturbing both for content and for the lack of surprise those who follow these matters feel as they read the content.

  • Jeff Yarger

    Killary always has (even as First Lady) been the queen of coverups and has alway thought she was above our Constitutional Law and immune to prosecution. She’s been in one scandal or another, every since she was fired for unethical behavior during the Water Gate investigation. l just hope Gowdy and others ride this to the end and bring her down.
    She’s been flaunting her arrogance and ignorance too long. Let her be any example for the liberar dumolrats to see!

  • 848484


  • robertludlum

    Thanks AIM for standing firm. The mainstream media lapdogs are either cowering in fear or too busy kissing the political elite’s you-know-what. Every American should be terrified of the thought that their so-called, “political leadership,” is willing to throw them under the bus and accuse them of causing riots throughout the Middle East. We now have a man and his entire family in California living in fear for their lives because our own politicians accused him of making a cheap video which was responsible for slandering a primate religion and getting Americans killed. And yet, we still have enough voters willing to support political elitists such as the Clintons. Sick.

  • ToniStimmel

    The classification of information has never meant anything to this president, he’s given out information in campaign speeches of the type that spies had risked their lives to get from previous administrations. Obozo’s like a loose teleprompter.

  • Arik Katzenberg

    People who know Sydney, who genuinely know him, know there’s something very, very dark in his background and in his upbringing. He’s been outed as a drunk who engaged in spousal abuse, who hit someone in a DWI incident, and has a ferocious, violent temper. But people who know him first hand know the darker side of this man. Obama knew what he was and wisely chose to not allow him anywhere near his administration. Sydney is self destructive and brings down everything around him. Hilary thinks she can harness his ugly, evil side for her good fortune. Trust me, he will sink Hilary just as he has his family, the Clinton Administration and everything he’s ever been involved with. This loser is infectious

  • flyr

    The author and others should spend more time looking at the connection between Benghazi and what happened a few weeks earlier at the DNC convention.

    In the run up to the convention the democrats had made a HUGE outreach to the Muslim community. There were provisions to bus thousands of Muslims to the convention, there were many Muslim oriented events of the official program and the party platform had been modified to appeal to the Muslims through the removal of any reference to God or recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel .

    When the press noted the number of Muslim events many were quietly moved off the official schedule but continued. However, when the press noted the changes to the historical democratic platform there was panic and the democratic leadership ( obama and hillary) took action. On a quiet Saturday morning with many of the delegates sleeping in the Chairman of the Convention, LA’s intellectually challenged Mayor Viagarossa, was sent to the floor to modify the platform.

    By way of background there is no way the platform was not written with the intense involvement of Obama’s senior advisors. However as it typical they got out ahead of the leader or Obama felt he needed to have these provisions in the platform in exchange for the support received both domestically and from abroad from Muslims.

    Viagarossa neeed a 2/3 majority to modify the platform . What audiences around the world saw was that he did not get even a simple majority. Nonetheless, he called each vote ( after several tries) for the affirmative in front of a worldwide TV audience and booing delegates.

    Obama had breached his promises made to the Muslims abroad and here at home. Worse, it had been on worldwide TV. Those who had negotiated the changes to the DNC platform in exchange for support had been betrayed, a betrayal which could not go unpunished in the Muslim world. It is therefore likely that both Obama and Hillary knew there was a price to be paid for their actions at the convention. This may explain why both Obama and Hillary went to ground the night of the attack on the compounds, why Obama refuses to account for his time that evening and why there are no photographs of him. It also explains why Hillary slept through the national security briefing the following morning, like Teddy Kennedy after Chappaquiddick , they needed to get their stories straight. It’s clear that the video excuse was preplanned by Blumenthal and his sidekick who had been responsible for so many other deceptions .

    It also helps explain why the trumped up charges were made against Petreaus and why the commanders of the ground forces AFRICON, Air Force commander in the region and commander of the Stennis Battle Group were all relieved of command and put on ice in the weeks which followed.

    It was not until recently that we saw the email stating that the troops were loaded and ready to go, needing only the white house and state department approvals to roll. But Obama and Hillary were not taking calls from the JCS during a military emergency ? Could it be that they knew an attack was coming and that they had caused it .