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The Washington Post has written about “a grass-roots backlash against secularism, homosexuality and changes introduced” during the time in power of a “Marxist-inspired” political party. But the story was not about the United States. It was about Brazil. The backlash to Marxism has not yet arrived in the United States, and it certainly won’t happen with Donald J. Trump’s candidacy. Trump has just demonstrated that he is scared of debating socialist Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The Post story, “In Brazil’s political crisis, a powerful new force: Evangelical Christians,” is an amazing account from a liberal perspective of how Christian conservatives are taking back their country. One leading critic of the ruling Workers Party in Brazil said, “We saw that communism was in their DNA.” We saw this coming more than a year ago in our story, “Anti-Marxist Counter-Revolution in Brazil.” The obvious question is, Can it happen here? The answer is, Not with Trump.

Andrew Chesnut, a Latin America expert and professor of religious studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, is quoted as saying, “They think the Workers’ Party put Brazil on a path to moral ruin. It legalized gay marriage. It has given Brazil one of Latin America’s highest per-capita abortion rates, even though the procedure remains illegal. There’s pornography all over the place.”

Some of these complaints could be made about the United States under Democratic Party rule. In fact, Obama’s Democrats seem to want to go even further and more quickly in a decadent direction than the Marxists in Brazil’s Workers Party. Consider the story in The Washington Times that Bibles are being removed from the “Missing Man” tables in several Veterans Affairs (VA) clinics. The Missing Man Tables recognize prisoners of war and those missing in action. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) and Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-VA), co-chairmen of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, sent a letter Thursday to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, asking why Bibles have been removed from the displays at multiple VA clinics around the country.

The Post story needs to be read and understood by those forces in the United States anxious to overturn the Marxist policies pursued by President Obama over the last seven years. One of the lessons to be learned is that the official Catholic Church will be of no help in returning the country to conservative values. “With a population of 205?million, Brazil remains the world’s largest Catholic nation,” the paper notes. “But 22?percent of Brazilians identify as evangelical Christians, up from 5 percent in 1970.” It’s this growing force, not the Catholic Church, which has put the Workers Party on the defensive.

We also learn that a few of the new Christian activists in Brazil have “studied on Christian campuses in the United States, including Liberty University, founded by [Jerry] Falwell, which encourages students to promote religious values through civic engagement…” The paper explains, “Just as the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority emerged as a force in the United States in the 1980s, Brazilian evangelical leaders have gone from the political sidelines to the center.”

Falwell’s son Jerry is now the president of Liberty University. However, he supports Trump for president of the U.S. But is Trump capable of leading the kind of conservative counter-revolution the United States needs? He is certainly not a Christian conservative and has never claimed to be.

There’s no evidence that the Trump Train intends to run over and obliterate the secular and Marxist forces that are leading America to ruin. Instead, his message is mostly one of economic nationalism and populism.

A good opportunity for Trump to prove to conservative Christians that he intends to save the U.S. from moral decay was missed when he chickened out of a debate with Sanders. After first agreeing to debate, he backed out, saying “it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher” in the Democratic primary.

It is more likely that Sanders would have made mince-meat out of Trump. The fact is that Sanders is a committed Marxist who can argue the case for socialism, and Trump is committed to his own brand, not the Republican Party or conservatism.

The only possible way for Trump to have beaten Sanders would have been to use the Alinskyite tactics he used on other candidates in the Republican primary. That is, to call them names and/or belittle their appearance. But while those tactics were effective against Republicans, they may not have worked against Sanders. The best that Trump has come up with against Sanders is “crazy Bernie.” But Bernie doesn’t appear crazy to millions of Democrats and young people attracted to the free stuff that socialism promises. Sanders does have a crazy appearance, with his white hair messed up on top of his head. But Trump’s hair can generate its own share of jokes. What’s more, Sanders makes a lot of sense, in the same way that the Workers Party came to power in Brazil with the support of the liberation-theology wing of the Catholic Church—by pledging to do something about the plight of the poor.

What happened in Brazil before the backlash is now happening in America. The nation is moving in a “progressive” or left-wing direction. Overall, in general election polls, Sanders beats Trump handily. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds Sanders beating Trump by 15 points, 54 to 39.  A CBS News/New York Times poll found Sanders on top by 13 points.

On a state-by-state basis, consider these polling results:

  • In North Carolina, Sanders beats Trump by 4 points.
  • In California, Sanders beats Trump by 17 points.
  • In New Jersey, Sanders beats Trump by 24 or 12 points, depending on the poll.
  • In New Hampshire, Sanders beats Trump by 16 points.
  • In Georgia, Sanders beats Trump by 5 points.
  • In Ohio, Sanders beats Trump by 9 points.
  • In Arizona, Sanders beats Trump by 1 point.

John Bowman’s just completed book, Democracy: And Why It Will Fail in America, looks at the popularity of socialism in the United States. He had predicted the advance of Marxism in his 2005 book, Socialism in America. Democracy, Bowman argues, carries the seeds of its own destruction, of which socialism is just one kernel. The Sanders candidacy and movement, he argues, were natural follow-ups to the demands for free healthcare, housing, education and welfare.

“The Socialist Party of America no longer needs to put up a candidate for president,” Bowman argues, “because the mainstream Democratic Party is offering a socialist candidate of its own—Sanders. The American zeitgeist has changed. The social weal, which was once the rights to life, liberty and property, has become the rights to life and security. Happiness has become living securely, and with this change, security has eclipsed freedom.”

Donald J. Trump doesn’t have the depth or intellectual background to argue against this. That’s why he chickened out of the debate. Sanders would have mopped the floor with him.

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  • Israel_Riibeiro

    Mr. Kincaid, i kindly disagree with you. Mr. Trump, as you said, has used stupid tatics against republican candidates, which proved to be efficient, cause all republican candidates were weak. By weak, i mean, they did not have anything to offer besides what Republican Establishment told them to offer. And Bernie Sander is not that strong. When he was asked about socialism in Latin America, he said “I can’t talk about Latin America, i’m running for president of United States”. Do you really think that Bernie has this rethorical background against Trump?

    About South America and socialism:
    Sanders about raising taxes, look at this: If you paid the government more, i’ll you offer you the best health care in the world. Really?
    In this video, he looks like college student:

    Strategically, Mr. Trump is right: i read that many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters will vote for Mr. Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton. Why Trump would do something stupid like debating with Sanders right now?

  • Erudite Mavin

    Trump cannot speak in complete sentences let alone debate one on one.
    Trump rants because he does not have any intellect.
    What excuse will Trump give to get out of debating Hillary

  • Glenn Schantz

    Trump decided not to debate bernie the commie simply because he has nothing to gain from it, bernie is a almost ran, wanna be socialist dictator, what could Trump possibly gain by wasting time on him and giving bernie a platform to spout more anti American socialist BS!!!!

  • Henryk

    In your dreams mate. Lets see the results on the election night and see who will do the mopping and who will be swept aside like the rest of the failed socialist ideals. This is theater mate, the real thing is in November, see you at the voting booth.

  • gene456

    Find a new line of work, Kincaid.

  • gene456

    If you had any brains, moron, you’d realize that there’s nothing to be gained by President Trump in debating the loser in the Democratic primaries.

  • gene456

    “[John Bowman] predicted the advance of Marxism in his 2005 book, Socialism in America.”
    – Really? Then Sanders should be beating Cankles. Why isn’t he?

    Such a fucking moron.

  • jadegreen_eyz

    Moreover, Glenn, in debating Bernie, he risked alienating Bernie voters who would have gone over into his camp when killary becomes the Dems’ nominee.They have made it abundantly clear they would under NO circumstance vote for her and would vote for Trump. So, no, Trump didn’t “chicken out” – it was a strategic move.

  • Ed B

    To be accurate this is a hatchet job on Trump. Why not go for Accuracy or change your format. This is a disgrace and i’m going to tune you out until you get back to your roots. You are not Politico or shouldn’t be.

  • Ragnar Liljequist

    Is this what all of our forefathers died for?

  • Glenn Schantz

    Your absolutely right, and many bernie voters have already left the nut ases do to violence they see and have jumped on the Trump wagon, thanks for reminding me of that.

  • Erudite Mavin

    If you had any brains you would know Trump is not President

  • john robel


  • john robel

    If you had any brains , YOU WOULDN’T HAVE MISSED THE IMPLICATION. dig, dig,

  • john robel

    Exactly, why validate the commie puke. I see it as a subtle “bitch slap” to the POS.

  • 2011RedSox

    That would be the same socialist BS that Donigula Minimis already keeps knee deep within his TRUMPJAN HORSE….

  • 2011RedSox

    And WHY is it a good thing for you dissatisfied BernCommies would turn to Trumpinocchio?

  • 2011RedSox

    As well as there is to even greater extent nothing to be gained by a ‘president trump”……

  • Hambone

    How can AIM continue to employ a guy who is so out in left field? Kincaid has snippets of good information, at times, but his entire thought process is flawed and irrational.
    The USA is trending left because the communist front NEA has been in charge of dumbing down the populace since the 70s. It’s worked.

    When you teach young minds that communism is better than capitalism because everyone shares and cares, while in capitalism a few greedy rich guys like the Clintons and Obamas–oh, sorry, I meant like Trump–take all the wealth that the poor people had been hording for their chirruns, those generations will trend left. DUH.

    That the world would look a lot more like what Rhodesia–oh, sorry again, I meant Zimbabwe!–looks like today than the near-paradise we live in in the USA, if the USA did not exist, is something that kids are not taught.
    They probably never heard of Rhodesia. Well, we took care of THAT problem, didn’t we! Nobody migrates into Zimbabwe any more!

    Godless Communists have been infiltrating and taking over major organizations for decades now. The press. Eddykayshin. Federal agencies. State agencies. The courts.

    To top it all off, Kincaid wouldn’t know a strategic move if it kicked him in the arse.

    Trump is FAR from ideal. He has a couple of good traits. He doesn’t turn tail and run like the entire Reptilian Party does, when criticized.

    He recognizes the border issue. He recognizes the mideast terrorism invaders issue. He supports the cops instead of the Trayvon Martin thugocracy movement. The Border Patrol is backing Trump. Ditto the NRA, and a vast majority of military members.

    He recognizes that the “free trade” “deals” that traitors of both parties have inked are screw jobs. They are not fair trade. The USA today is saying “hands up, don’t shoot!” while surrendering around the world. Both parties.

    That photo of W holding hands with his boyfriend King Sultan of Saudi Arabia–which along with Mexico owns the entire Bush family lock, stock, and barrel–is etched in my mind as craven grovelling to those who should be grovelling at our merciful feet. Was Desert Storm a mistake? I’m thinking, more and more, that it was.

    Trump is where he is because he’s a nationalist, a deal-maker, and he calls the lying, treasonous press out time after time. NO OTHER REPUB has done that or will do that.

    Trump is a man’s man. (Sarah Palin was another more-man-than-the-men, and R would have won had she topped the ticket.)

    Manly man is a rare sighting in the Republican Party, who mostly say “Wait til next year!” and then roll over for the mole.

  • 2011RedSox

    j. r. you likely have been salivating your entire life – for all the wrong reasons – yet let us be kind, one must truly assume it to be rabies.

  • 2011RedSox

    Seems Erudite has not missed anywhere near as much as the above ‘j.r.’…

  • 2011RedSox

    Kincaid absolutely seems to know a petty, petulant and narcissistic charlatan and chameleon such as the performing Trumbo.

  • gene456

    God Almighty, what an IDIOT!

  • gene456

    Get used to it, pal, because that’s what will happen. Trump will win, and win big. You’ll see. If you don’t like it, you can always leave the country. Believe me, no one is going to stop you.

  • 2011RedSox

    Hey… AIM… our family shall surely continue to tune in to the truths you expose about the Shillary, the Berning Sands AND the vile trumpster!

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The outright problem with the Democratic Party is that if you take money for your campaign from some one who openly admits that he wants to destroy the greenback , Wall Street . our national borders and flood the nation with mass immigration so he can play the market against the dollar like he’s done in so many other countries and feels America needs to be destroyed because it remains in the way of creating a world order and that he wants to turn the American sovereignty over to an international empowerment , you should be in a prison for plotting treason against your own country and not being allowed to run for office ! Why not just allow Kim Jung Un , Vladimir Putin , Hassan Rouhani, Xi Jinping, Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani , HRH King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud , Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi to run for the President of the United States or to become Congressmen !

  • jadegreen_eyz

    I NEVER supported Bernie. RIF.

  • Maggietish

    Chickened out? This is just another example of the biased media. Trump didn’t chicken out at all. He had a conversation about having a debate with Bernie Sanders but that was before he got enough delicates that makes him the Republican nominee for president. Sanders is not the Democratic nominee and he and Hillary Clinton are still fighting that out. Why would Yrump debate Sanders when he’s not the Democratic nominee because all it would do is give Sanders some kind of credibility that he hasn’t earned. Sanders is going way off the top by accusing Trump of being a coward because he’s not going to debate him. I used to think that Sanders was just an old curmudgeon but every time he opens his math lately he’s proving just how dangerous he is to the United States.

  • Jerry

    Trump would debate anyone you idiot. The thing is why give Communism even a thought. It will never win in America.

  • 2011RedSox

    HEIL GENE… BROWN SHORT ‘pal’ of good buddy fascism forever, who doth speak for all !

  • gene456

    Did you check out any flights?

  • 2011RedSox

    There below he ” dreams of Genie” goes again, such a trump ‘camp follower’… always imbibed in FLIGHTS of fantasy..

  • David

    However, the only Republican candidates who had the least bit of support or sympathy from the media were Jeb! Bush and (maybe) Chris Christie. ANYONE with an (R) behind his/her name who uses those tactics against Democommunists risks the full wrath of the lamestream media. In other words, “Alinskyesque tactics” cannot be used in the fall campaign by Trump.

    Trump does not want to face Sanders in November and by agreeing to a debate with him he would further legitimize Sanders’ candidacy, not to mention angering the media who Trump has to face in the fall who see the election of Hillary Clinton as their number 1 priority.

  • David

    Really? I think that Obama’s election and Sanders’ success in this cycle prove that, as long as it is ‘prettied up’ enough, Communism CAN and WILL win.

    Remember the story of the frog in the boiling water. If you try to put the frog in water that is boiling he will jump out, but if you put the frog in a pot of cool water and then turn up the heat the frog will stay and eventually be boiled. Same thing with people and Socialism/Communism. Remember that even the COMMUNIST PART in RUSSIA called the country “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics” so the only difference between Communism and Socialism is the name.

  • David

    Sanders was never supposed to win! He was only supposed to be there to show that Hillary can defeat someone. The rules have been rigged so that Hillary could win the nomination without winning a majority of the popular vote (can you say “Super Delegates”?). The ONLY reason that Clinton is going to win the Democommunist nomination is the rules are rigged in her favor.

  • Jerry

    No It won’t, Americans started throwing Communist Progressives out last year, and they are so stupid that they doubled down on it. The country is throwing them out in droves. The only thing they have is lying, and the Majority of the people are smarter than that. The others that don’t are the communist progressives base, Which is people waiting to go to prison, People just out of prison and the people that just have not got caught yet.

  • terry1956

    Trump likely thought more about it and decide to attempt to get the votes of as many Sanders supporters as possible by not making Sanders look bad in a debate.
    Trump also likely did not want to turn off conservatives and libertarians by going easy on Sanders in a debate.
    Trump stands a good chance of winning over many of the Blue collar Sanders supporters although I suspect likely an equal percentage or so of Sander’s supporters in college will support the Green Party nominee in the general.
    I don’t see how the LP can get even a third of a percent of the votes in the general with their VP nomination being a major left wing globalist statist.
    Now National Review is thinking out loud about running one of their writers in the general in the hopes of making it so that no one gets a majority of the electoral votes thus throwing the selection to the US House with each state having an equal vote.
    I actually hope they do and I hope the action does throw the selecting to the House and if that is reasonably possible then I will vote for the Constitution party nominee instead of Trump which I’m going to do anyway if Trump leads Hillary by 20 points or more in my state.

  • Janet Bosley

    Vietnam draft dodging coward , land grabbing, power hungry Socialist Democrat Drumpf is a self made tyrant and a wannabe commie dictator ,the worlds worse ever to rule. Trump, Sanders and Trumps cousin, Hillary who he supported ,funded and praised all have the one and same agenda Destroy America, uproot its Christian founding and establish it a nation for their god satan..

  • Janet Bosley

    Commie Trump can very well debate him self, that is another commie having the same views/agenda . Nor can Trump debate Cruz because Cruz is a Christian Conservative American Patriot who knows, understands and defends the Constitution and our God given rights. Trump a Socialist Democrat and clueless ,he can’t even debate his Commie cousin Hillary.