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Black conservative Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is everything Barack Obama is not. That’s why he has to be destroyed.

In a desperate move, The Washington Post ran a more than 2,500-word article on Sunday warning Carson to stop criticizing Obama.

What were Carson’s crimes?

  • He offered “a conservative critique of U.S. health-care and spending policies, while standing a few feet from President Obama.”
  • “In the ensuing months and years, Carson’s attacks grew sharper—deriding Obama’s signature health-care law as the ‘worst thing to have happened in this nation since slavery’ and, in the pages of GQ, likening Obama to a ‘psychopath.’ Carson’s 2014 book, ‘One Nation,’ assails a decline of moral values in America and its government.”

Can you imagine anyone having the audacity to talk about moral decline in America under “America’s First Gay President,” as Newsweek described Obama?

The GQ attack on Carson was titled, “What If Sarah Palin Were a Brain Surgeon?” It was an outright smear of the black conservative.

The Post said, “For many young African Americans who grew up seeing Carson as the embodiment of black achievement—a poor inner-city boy who became one of the world’s most accomplished neurosurgeons—his emergence as a conservative hero and unabashed critic of the United States’ first black president has been jarring.”

The paper went on: “Carson’s personal accomplishments—and the work he has done to help black communities—still garner respect and pride among African Americans. Yet, while he has been a conservative for as long as he has been famous, many worry that he risks eroding his legacy in their community and transforming himself into a fringe political figure.”

Who are the “many?” The paper didn’t say. But some of them write for the Post.

We are told that the author of the piece, Robert Samuels, is a national political reporter who focuses on the intersection of politics, policy and people, and who previously covered social issues in the District of Columbia. The young man is quickly learning what it means to be a Post reporter. You have to protect Obama and attack his critics, especially if they’re black.

On the Web, the story ran under the headline, “As Ben Carson bashes Obama, many blacks see a hero’s legacy fade.” The hard copy edition carried the headline, “Admirers of Carson find his criticism of Obama troubling.” It ran in the Idaho Statesman under the headline, “As Obama bashing deepens, Ben Carson sees legacy fade.”

The message is that blacks in general—and Carson in particular—should not criticize Obama if they want favorable coverage from the Post.

The only admirer, Rev. Frank Reid of Bethel AME Church in Baltimore, was quoted as saying he found Carson’s conservatism “astounding.” Reid said, “But before we turn on the brother, we have to hear him out. As shocking as some of the things he’s said are, I would rather have a discussion than attack someone who has done respectful work.”

Rev. Frank Reid has a web page disclosing that as a “community leader,” he had such figures as the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Imam Wallace Dean Muhammad “to speak at or visit the churches he has pastored.” Reid is not shy about appearing in public with these “brothers,” many of whom have reputations as racial agitators.

But Carson will have to be dealt with in private before Reid and the others actually “turn on the brother.”

Carson understands he’s a target. During his presidential announcement, he mentioned that he plays pool with his wife, Candy, and that he usually beats her. He cautioned, “I should be careful. There’s media here and their headline will be, ‘Carson Admits He Beats His Wife.’”

Carson’s legacy includes the Carson Scholars Fund, a program that awards students with high levels of academic excellence and community service with $1,000 college scholarships. In total, more than 6,700 scholarships have been awarded across the country.

Carson’s mother, who divorced Carson’s father because he was a bigamist, required that he turn off the television and read two books a week. In the book, America the Beautiful, Carson said, “I didn’t hate Mother, but in the beginning, I sure hated reading those books. After a while, however, I actually began to look forward to them, because they afforded me escape from our everyday poverty. There in the city, books about nature captivated me. My reading ability increased. I began to imagine myself as a great explorer or scientist or doctor. I learned things no one else around me knew. Every single day my knowledge of our world expanded, which excited me to no end.”

As a result, another part of his legacy is the Ben Carson Reading Project, responsible for over 120 reading rooms in schools across the country. He has explained that “…we work so hard to put our Reading Rooms particularly in inner city schools because I recognize that 70% – 80% of high school dropouts are functionally illiterate. If we can nip that in the bud and can get them interested reading in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade you are going to have a positive effect on that downstream.”

For his success in life, Carson credits his mother and several “mentors, inspirers, and influencers,” that he discusses in a chapter of his book called, Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence. Carson openly credits those who helped make him a success. These include:

  • William Jaeck, his fifth grade science teacher
  • Frank McCotter, his high school biology teacher
  • Lemuel Doakes, his band director
  • Aubrey Tompkins, the choir director at the church he attended while going to Yale

Carson describes Tompkins as his mentor, father figure, and teacher of spiritual values.

Obama’s father was absent from his life as well. However, we have known since 2008, when he was running for his first term as president, that Obama grew up under the influence of communist Frank Marshall Davis, picked by his grandfather to be a father figure. Obama never disavowed Davis and in fact covered up this person’s involvement in his life, describing him merely as “Frank.” That way, people would not find out that he had been influenced by a black communist who was so extreme he even faulted “European shoes” for making his feet hurt.

In contrast to Tompkins, Davis was an atheist. Davis was also a pedophile and pornographer.

The chapter of Carson’s book on mentors is preceded by a quotation from historian Henry Brooke Adams: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

America’s survival may depend on ending Obama’s influence on this nation sooner rather than later. We know the story. After being mentored by Davis, Obama went off to college and, by his own admission, associated with the Marxist professors and went to socialist conferences. This was not surprising. After all, he had been “schooled” by Davis on the horrors of white racism and the need to fight the oppressors. Davis had told young Obama that black people “have reason to hate.”

Obama has performed as he was taught, leaving a legacy of strife and division. Nevertheless, he is the hero to the liberal media and Carson is the villain.

The American people would never have voted for Obama if the media had told the truth about the influences on his life.

By contrast, we know the truth about how Carson, as a medical doctor, saved lives and how he has saved many others through his humanitarian work. He truly did “Think Big” and by doing so has made a tremendous positive difference.

In his own way, Obama was also a big thinker. The irony is that he has clearly made things worse for the blacks he purports to be concerned about. It is another indication that Obama is truly not a “brother” to his people. Instead, he has made them into cannon fodder for the revolution.

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  • Not too late

    Compared to Hillary, he’s a giving, caring and genuine person. And don’t even start with our VP who gives $250 per year in charity and screams about income inequality. The entire act is a disgrace by the “do gooders” who don’t even follow their own act.

  • John Cunningham

    The same thing happened back in 2008. Hillary Clinton was the darling of the Liberal Party and then the Republicans put Sarah Palin out. A Governor, mother of five and also hunted and helped with the family business.

    The Left went nuts on Sarah Palin. I guess you could say, she’s lucky she is still alive. Well a young black man came along and Hillary was tossed over any way. The same could be said of Carson. He is perfect and Barack Obama is far from it.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    I don’t know much about the man, but he did recommend on The Kelly File that Americans should “read Marxist literature” last July, 2014.

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand. And the purpose of it [the
    divisiveness] of course is to make people throw their hands up in
    disgust and say “This isn’t working. We need to move to another system.”
    Go back and read the Neo-Marxist literature. It’s all right there. All
    this stuff is not secret. That’s why I encourage people all the time to
    go read the stuff. You don’t have to take my word for it…Vladimir Lenin.
    Saul Alinsky. Karl Marx. These people laid all this stuff out.”

    And another quote:
    “There was a guy who was a former CIA agent by the name of Cleon Skousen who wrote a book in 1958 called “The Naked Communist,”
    and it laid out the whole agenda … showing what they’re trying to do to
    Americans families, what they’re trying to do to our Judeo-Christian
    faith, what they’re doing to morality.”

    If you REALLY want to get the left fired up, start recommending that Americans educate themselves on marxist ideology.

  • Capnmikey

    The Obama Agenda: race riots, crash the dollar, civil war, Martial Law, cancelled elections in 2016, declares himself President for Life, this all worked so well in every country in Africa in the sixties, Robert Mugabe is his role model, 33 years in office as Zimbabwe/Rohdesia is destroyed. Obama wants a marxist revolution to “fundamentally transform” our country.

  • No thy enemy.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Either that or South Africa.

  • ljm4

    Carson is all about doing something positive and is willing to learn; loves to learn. BHO is an organizer, an instigator, a know-it-all bur under the saddle of what should be a smooth ride from the local mom and pop store to the nation’s Capital. 19 months to go. Buckle up, he plans on using every minute of his term..

  • Mark174

    I don’t see what appeal Carson has for any Republican. Politically, Carson is neither reliably small government nor even reliably socially conservative. Mostly, he just embodies the views and skills of his highly paid, highly protectionist occupation, and the somewhat arrogant and opinionated personality of a surgeon. I think Carson is one of the least qualified candidates being considered.

    If elected, the best thing about him would be that he would likely be ineffective in starting any significant initiatives by himself and would probably have too big an ego to be manipulated by advisers. However, most likely, if he were the Republican candidate, it would just hand the election to the Democrats.

  • nf

    disclaimer:I’m not an American,I’m Dutch

    Just saw your show on ‘black violence’.Great that you once again tackled this issue.But it made your jump on the Carson-bandwagon all the more disappointing.

    Isn’t that the ultimate capitulation to political correctness:when conservative,white Americans flock to a black candidate?And to what end?To prove you’re not racist?

    Glimpsing through the featured photographs,Dr.Carlson appears also to be quite the multiculturalist.Wouldn’t you agree this doesn’t bode at all well?And his nifty footwork around the ‘redefinition of marriage’ is pretty ominous also.

    But how could he possibly be the ideal candidate to represent conservative whites?He is not rooted in the same history as you.He can never say:”Our forefathers founded this country”.He can never refer to “the law and culture of our ancestors”.He doesn’t share common historic bonds with you and he doesn’t share your bloodlines.

    I understand that we all are to believe in America as the meltingpot.And the US was indeed a melting pot when Germans,Norwegians,Dutch ect augmented the British founding stock.But hasn’t America in recent decades become more of a melting ROT?As immigrants have originated from countries farther and farther away from the mother country (Britain),haven’t things gone from bad to worse?And doesn’t this tell us something in regard to the importance of ethnicity and race?

    There is no biblical justification for the attempt that is underway to irradicate ethnic/racial distinction.Indeed it could equally well (as has happened in other instances) be described as a crime against nature.What possible virtue could lie hidden in miscegenation?

    Most American probably didn’t like the Apartheid system in South Africa;too harsh,too extreme,too much prejudice.Almost 25 years later we -if we can bring ourselves to the bare minimum of honest and logical thinking- can arrive at no other conclusion than that the Boers had ample reason for running their country the way they did.Take note so that this disastrous plight will not befall you.

    Any true,white conservative would,I suppose,already feel very alienated in present day America.A hostile culture and government and -increasingly- hostile fellow-citizens.Foisting apon this remnant a black figurehead surely would only add insult to injury and exasporate their justifiable sense of being strangers in a strange land.

  • Mark174

    “But how could he possibly be the ideal candidate to represent conservative whites?He is not rooted in the same history as you”

    Of course he is. Only a racist like you would think that somehow having a darker skin color makes someone less American.

    “Any true,white conservative would,I suppose,already feel very alienated in present day America.”

    No, it’s only progressives that alienate us.

  • Mark174

    “Compared to Hillary, he’s a giving, caring and genuine person”

    Compared to Hillary, Ebeneezer Scrooge is a “giving, caring and genuine” person. Talk about damning with faint praise.

  • BillWestern

    Cleon Skousen just made it up. Yeah, yeah, it was entered into the Congressional Record, lot’s of stuff is. There is precisely zero evidence that real Communists ever said what Skousen claimed. Commies are bad enough, no need to make stuff up.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    The KGB admits to Active Measures subversion. If you don’t believe the communist party is subversive, then you don’t understand marxist dialectic.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    If you truly believe any of this, there’s really no hope for you. Race riots? 100% due to unarmed black people getting murdered by police. Unless the president it ordering those murders, your accusation is ridiculous. Crash the dollar? The Dow is at historic highs. Blame something else, if you must. Civil War? If one comes, it will be instigated by far-right lunatics who believe unadulterated nonsense (they’re coming for your guns, the president is a Muslim, etc. etc. etc.). Cancelled elections? President for life? Oh please. That’s so silly, there’s no discussion to be had. Your paranoia is disturbing. Your utter lack of factual knowledge is pathetic. Educate yourself. A good start would be to stop reading Cliff Kincaid’s nonsense.

  • jeffy1951

    Amusing that you should call Carson ..”one of the least qualified candidates…..” As if “qualifications” made any real difference. Barack Obama was not even close to being “qualified” based on his experience but racially motivated voters with huge assistance from the liberal media got a socialist jr. senator from Illinois elected TWICE. Mr. Carson has one thing going for him that Mr. Obama didn’t (and still doesn’t)…it’s called a real record of accomplishment and integrity.

  • Mark174

    I’m talking about Republican qualifications: humility and a demonstrated commitment to individual liberties, free markets, and small government.

    Carson is plenty qualified in the same way that Obama was: a successful academic, presentable minority, and partisan. A John Hopkins brain surgeon is right up there with Harvard constitutional law professor in terms of overinflated ego and an excessive belief in his own abilities to “help” people. If you want another eight years of Obama, vote for Carson, because he’d fail in just the same ways.

  • jeffy1951

    THAT’S your definition of ‘Republican’ qualifications? I think ‘Libertarian’ could be used interchangeably with your definition and therein lies the rub!!
    Not that it’s bad or anything, just that the lines are blurred – and that MAY be a good thing.
    Since when has “humility” been part of the definition? That’s a personality trait NOT a “qualification”! Additionally, Carson’s past is much much more transparent than Barack/Barry’s, whose scholarship is far “muddier” than Ben’s.

  • Mark174

    Yes, I think that the right kind of personality is, in fact, a requirement and qualification for the presidency; Carson’s personality disqualifies him in my opinion.

    What I listed as requirements are the traditional principles of the Republican party. Unfortunately, the Republican party at some point got hijacked by war mongers and social conservatives, but even if you don’t have an ideological problem with that, fact is that that’s simply not going to win elections for the Republicans anymore.

  • Sarah Meador

    You have to remember, a good portion of the population idolize those socialist creeps now. The history books have changed since I was in high school. Now, George Washington is “a bad guy rebel who never got what he deserved for his traitorous actions.” They think Karl Marx is right up there with Mother Teresa.

  • Raphael Illing

    The First two sentences are just plain dumb Cliff.

  • Ryan Gurganus

    The Democrats truly want African Americans to endorse their two old white faced politicians in 2016 They know that not since Ronald Reagan have Republicans represented conservative voices in America thanks to special interests groups that control Obama, Farrakhan, Sharpton Etc. Praise be to God here is your gift Black America Dr. Benjamin Soloman Carson Sr.

  • Ryan Gurganus

    Mr. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are going to run on the same ticket and win the 2016 election by a landslide!!!! That is why Mr. Obama and his klan of black thugs must start the race war for the rich Jews who own America and have secretly labeled us the terrorists. This is not a white or black thing in America, this is not a Christian or Muslim thing in as much as this is Jew or Gentile free or slave.

  • Drifter12

    Black people kill more black people than the police.

  • Drifter12

    Obama didn’t fail—that is the problem.

  • jayyuma

    You truly are hopeless. Click your heels, and get out of Kansas, while there is time. But then, walls do not have ears. So, win your battles. You’ll never win the war. Even the bolsheviks were more successful than you’ll ever be.

  • OhioBrian

    Congrats on being a lunatic! Hope the institution works out well for you if you make it there.

  • OhioBrian

    You mean like the Do Less than Do Nothing Congress of whom at this point(Nov. 2015) Obama has only vetoed 5 bills in his entire presidency..the least since Warren G. Harding who only had one term!
    What I love is all the Repub candidates out there just lying through their teeth, mainly to their own supporters but now they’re trying to rail against Wall Street too cause of Romney’s huge loss. Meanwhile 3 of them are senators of which their party is in firm control of both houses of Congress (strongest majorities since Hoover administration) and yet they’re still spinning the BS. For reference Truman against the original Do Nothings had to veto 250 bills in his presidency. Or Reagan “working” with Tip O’Neill? -78 vetoes. First Bush had 44 and Clinton 38, so this group is either pathetic or just absolutely full of sh*te…I’m gonna say both. That’s the Catch-22 for the modern TP GOP; it’s easy for them to campaign as lunatics but then they don’t wanna have any sort of voting record they’d have to explain…ultimately this is as their base would have it (save for the black man in the White House) as they’ve “got theirs.”

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Ben Carson is a Black American. Obama wants nothing for America but Civil War.