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The conventional wisdom is that Joe Biden is considering a presidential run because Hillary Clinton’s campaign is scandal-plagued, mostly over the handling of classified emails. But the prospect of Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic presidential nomination has to be regarded as even more of a serious problem for Democrats. Sanders is so loony and far-left that he could easily be portrayed by the opposition as not just a “democratic socialist,” which he claims to be, but a hard-core communist with a bizarre spiritual adviser.

On a left-wing website called Reader Supported News, writer Steve Weissman frets that Sanders will be the target of a “red-baiting campaign,” in the same way that Jeremy Corbyn has been exposed in Britain. Corbyn, a socialist, is hoping to lead Britain’s Labor Party. He refuses to deny being a Marxist and has the support of communists. Weissman wants Corbyn and Sanders to stand up for “twenty-first century socialism” and take on their critics.

“The fact that Jeremy Corbyn has made it onto the ballot paper for Labor leader is great news for all socialists,” says the British Communist Party. It notes that a poll on the website of the Daily Mirror found that 83 percent declared him the winner of the first leadership debate, while in a separate survey of Labor Party members “he came first with an impressive 47 percent.”

But it looks like the Democratic Party in the U.S. may have a problem with going this far in too overt a manner. It was one thing for a first-term senator from Illinois named Barack Obama to win the presidency by hiding his Marxist background and outlook. After all, the media were prepared to hide anything to make him the first black president.

It would be quite another thing for long-time socialist and career politician Bernie Sanders, who supported Soviet “peace” initiatives in the 1980s, to hide his ideology, especially when he’s running as an avowed socialist. Sanders appears to be going a bit too far in the left-wing direction, even for Obama’s Democratic Party.

But there’s another big problem for Sanders. He has been closely linked to the New Age spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson, who has made millions of dollars by claiming there are many different pathways to heaven. “The creative challenge of spiritual life is to know enough about God to be hopeful,” she wrote in one of her books. “From Jesus to Buddha to Moses to Mohammed, wayshowers have risen out of the timeline of history to draw maps and pave roads to a more perfect world.”

As we previously reported, the term “wayshower” is a reference to a spiritual master of some kind who guides humanity to a better world. But the idea of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, being a role model, is not the kind of issue that Sanders would want to explain on the presidential campaign trail. Sanders’ association with Williamson is an embarrassment.

Explaining the role of Mohammed as a spiritual hero has been made more difficult by the release of Glenn Beck’s powerful new book, It IS About Islam, exposing the nature of this religion. In contrast to Jesus, who preached love, Mohammed was a violent hater who justified war on his opponents to build an empire. This may sound harsh, but “The time for worrying about being insensitive or hurting other people’s feelings is long past,” Beck argues. His book quotes from Muslim scriptures and authoritative documents to make his case.

Beck says the “mainstream media” have “essentially ordered a blackout” of the truth about Islam. Nevertheless, the truth is getting out, and Beck has been making several important media appearances to promote his book. It is inevitable that Sanders will be asked why New Ager Marianne Williamson, who failed in her own run for a Democratic congressional seat, is backing him and writing articles about revolution on his presidential campaign website. Sanders will not be able to avoid being asked whether he agrees with Williamson’s characterization of Mohammed as a positive influence on human history. He will also be asked why he had appeared at her “Sister Giant” conference together with proponents of legalizing mind-altering drugs.

So the problem for the Democratic Party goes beyond some classified Hillary emails not being handled properly and possibly falling into the hands of our enemies. It’s that the success of her opponent, Bernie Sanders, has exposed how a significant portion of Democratic Party voters are willing to go over the edge with him by openly aligning themselves with a foreign ideology—Marxism—that would make him a certain loser in the general election.

Sanders will have to explain why he has abandoned capitalism, which admittedly has flaws but has brought more freedom and material well-being to more people than any other system in history. He will be asked why, despite his criticism of global trade, he came out in favor of putting American dollars in Communist Cuba. “American businesses are losing billions of dollars because of the economic embargo,” Sanders said. “Meanwhile, Canadians and Europeans are creating jobs through their investments in Cuba.” He ignores the fact that these “investments” benefit the Communist regime and not the Cuban people. Cuban-Americans question why Sanders wants “to partner with Castro’s monopolies and exploit the island’s captive labor.”

Perhaps it’s because Sanders is more of a communist than a socialist.

In Britain, Corbyn doesn’t have a New Age spiritual adviser like Sanders. But he does have links to a cult known as the Lyndon LaRouche movement. Corbyn gave the Australian branch of the group an interview about the BRICS process, the movement by various countries led by Russia to design an alternative to global capitalism. During the interview he spouts all kinds of Marxist gibberish about different topics, even blaming right-wingers for the socialist mismanagement of the economy in Venezuela.

Sanders talks nonsense as well, such as his attacks on the billionaire Koch brothers for making products that people in America and around the world actually use. But as we demonstrated in a recent column, Sanders has been curiously silent about the insider trading conviction and currency manipulations of Democratic Party money bags George Soros.

“I am not a billionaire,” Sanders said, when asked about GOP candidate Donald Trump. No, but Sanders is running for the presidential nomination of a political party whose activist groups have been subsidized not by one but several billionaires—Soros, Tom Steyer, and Tim Gill among them.

It would look bad for a political party backed by billionaires to nominate an open socialist for the White House. Democratic Party insiders have to understand the problem. That’s why an alternative to Hillary and Sanders must be found.

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  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Sanders is looney?

    In a country whose military celebrated sodomite “pride” month last June?

    And Sanders will be asked questions to explain his socialist background?

    By who, Cliff?

    The press?

    I’m not sure who is more delusional.


    Or Cliff Kincaid?

    My theory that they’ll put Sanders in to guarantee the win to a CFR Republican who will advance free trade and a North American Union, is getting stronger by the day.

  • OnTheWrite

    You can trust the Republicans to help who ever the Dem candidate is by making sure the Republican opponent is a Hobson’s choice like McCain or Romney. 4 million GOP voters chose “no-one” in 2012.

  • John Cunningham

    I still feel Elizabeth Warren will heed the call for her to jump in and save Socialism for the Democrats. On the other side, Republicans are using both hands to try and screw up any chance of winning it themselves.

    Donald Trump is a game changer. Many have jumped on his bandwagon. I understand and most of the time I have tried to rationalize his running as well.
    No matter what, I must see much more from him.

    Definitely don’t like Jeb Bush for President. He is a nice Guy but, I don’t thin he is what we need for the future. I am hoping a Scot Walker or even a Ted Cruz comes up with a winning strategy.

    We need a fixer with backbone and, knows something about how Government works. Carlee Ferini (Sorry but spell check doesn’t even know) also is quite a good manager. Love to see her as a Vice Presidential in some scenario’s.

    As far as the article about Democrats, there can never be another Democrats in the White House. They must be beaten at every turn. If Democrats were allowed to continue at the rate they are now going, would be just as bad as Nazi’s. No doubt about it.

  • extractr

    What’s the difference between a socialist and a communist? The spelling? I’ve always thought the dems were communists. They’ve just been in the closet about it. I think it goes without saying that they are the godless party.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    It’s public information that America is a communist country if you believe the political insiders of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein ! The WARNER Un-Censored 1St editions of All The Presidents Men had reported that we had inserted a Black Operational Government into our Government that was derived from Electronic and Psychological Warfare Experiments conducted in Vietnam and that they Signed A System To Delete The Need For War into the Executive.
    The funny thing during the Nixon administration was they were conducting experiments on controlling elections ! lol

  • Pansophic

    If Joe Biden runs it must be demanded that he undergo
    neuropsychological examination by unbiased neuropsychologists. (Most
    psychologists and psychiatrists for that matter are leftists.) Biden has had two
    neurosurgical procedures that have compromised his frontal lobes, the brain’s
    executive center. That is why he has made so many inane statements and performed
    inappropriate acts as pawing Ash Carter’s wife in public. He should never be
    considered as President with his impeded abilities. The conservative talk show
    hosts and the Republican candidates who are not compromisable should make an
    issue of these facts. I don’t want him with his finger on the trigger or make
    any major decisions.

  • Steven Barrett

    Good to know there’s a place where Americans can find some good ol’ fashioned red-meat Red Baitin’ bullshit. For Cliff and the rest of you who buy even a smidgen’s worth of this article, what’s left but to ask like that gentleman from Boston who disrobed, defanged and destroyed Joe McCarthy with one question … Besides Cliff, do the rest of you know what McCarthy was asked?

    “Have you no shame?” Even Tailgunner Joe wouldn’t have been so lame as to keep on pulling the same old same old play.

    To the best of my recollection, such solons like Ted Canadian Cruz haven’t received the “loony” adjective, or for that matter, The Donald, who thinks he can build a wall to build the madre of all walls on our Mexican border and get the Mexicans to pick up the tab, or get away with telling the world he loves women, just loves ’em all the while he’s got a past record of referring to women as bimbos and he’s waging a personal vendetta against one of the Right’s biggest stars, Megyn Kelly on Fox of all networks. Ahhhhh, but Bernie Sanders is that Bolshie Loony.

    Add this to the seemingly long list of 12-step imitator programs, but it’s one I think Cliff, the staff at AIM and any of you who bought into this slam, based on some hearsay and other oldie-moldie-red-baiting goldy smears:

    “Recovering McCarthyites Anonymous: 12 Step Program for McCarthyites and other hard core/hard wired Righties.”

    It’s a definite folks, Cliff’s definitely got the Bern, or Bern’s got Cliff. More like a sure case of the latter.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    The x-rays would show nothing!!!

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    The Democrat party is the new home of Communism. And they are trying to infiltrate the Republican party too.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    The Democrat party is the new home of Communism. And they are trying to infiltrate the Republican party too..

  • Dan Danser

    The establisment in both parties are blinded by their own light. They cannot see the forrest because of th trees. They refuse to acknowlege that the public is sick and tired of their “leadership”. They have failed the American public. They cannot understand why the American people are supporting Sanders and Trump. That is because they live in thier own little world and refuse to acknowledge that there is another world outside thiers. There are none so blind as those that will not see!

  • John Cunningham

    Already have!

  • Pumpkin King
  • Steven Barrett

    Are the Democrats the “desperate” ones here? From all the crepe hanging and admissions that both parties are guilty of promoting socialism, why should Bernie Sanders pose so much of a threat? He’s done wonders for our veterans which is something neither Republican or Democrats can claim credit for. Yes, he’s running as a Democrat, and he has to declare himself to be in one party or another for fulfilling his assigned committee duties, (so does Angus King, the other NE Independent) but Bernie Sanders is far more of an Independent, and the longest serving Independent member of Congress in the nation’s history. His record as Burlington, VT’s longtime mayor speaks well for itself given what he did for its private sector economy. It may not be nearly the same kind of economy serving the same kinds of residents and consumers, but Burlington has a vibrant private sector in no small thanks to Bernie the “loony” “Bolshevik” Sanders.

  • jadegreen_eyz

    A hamster on a tread wheel.

  • rokete

    What difference does it make ?
    Bring her to heel !!

  • rokete

    Biden the yes man is unfit to be president !!
    He is in love with the macabre “New World Order” agenda !