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The media’s love affair with Fidel Castro apparently outweighs their love for President John F. Kennedy and his Camelot era. Otherwise, the communist role in the Kennedy assassination would be prominently noted during the 50th anniversary coverage of the JFK assassination.

Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist member of the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee and, after his arrest, tried to reach Communist Party USA attorney John Abt to act as his counsel. “Before Mr. Abt could accept or reject the bid, Mr. Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby,” The New York Times noted.

William J. Murray writes in his book, My Life Without God, that his mother, atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair, was a communist who was ordered to report to an office of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and destroy any references in the files to Oswald’s involvement with the group.

Oswald’s Russian connections are sometimes noted in the anniversary coverage, but treated as inconclusive, or even as evidence that the Soviets could not possibly have killed Kennedy because their connection to Oswald was too well-known and too many fingers would point to Moscow as the culprit!

“Oswald was a supporter of Soviet-backed Cuba,” CNN reports. But it then quotes an amateur researcher named Dave Perry as saying, “We know Oswald was in the Russian embassy in Mexico City. We even know who he talked to. But we don’t know what was said. Then a few weeks later, he shoots Kennedy.”

In fact, as noted by former FBI agent Herman Bly in his book, Communism, the Cold War, and the FBI Connection, Oswald met with a Soviet KGB espionage agent connected with KGB Department Thirteen, which was in charge of assassinations. Bly had gone to the U.S. Embassy in 1965, on assignment for the CIA, and reviewed its files on Soviet personnel in Mexico City.

Yet, Perry assures CNN that the Soviets were not involved. “The Russians would never have ordered Oswald to kill Kennedy because of his well-known links to Russia and his pro-Cuban sympathies,” Perry says. “Russia’s leaders knew they would have been the first suspects if they’d engineered an assassination by Oswald. It would have been an act of war, which could have triggered a nuclear attack.”

On the contrary, the possibility of a nuclear war, coming so soon after the Cuban missile crisis, is why the communist connection to Russia and Cuba would be played down. Bly writes, “…I believe the heads of the FBI, CIA, and President Johnson wanted the Oswald case brought to a conclusion as fast as possible as they did not want another crisis with the Soviet Union so soon after the Cuban missile crisis.”

Oswald’s well-known communist connections help explain the plot and the communist cover-up.

The Soviets tried to mask their connection to Oswald by publishing through a KGB front company, Marzani and Munsell, the book, Oswald, Assassin or Fall Guy. The book was dedicated to Mark Lane, whose book, Rush to Judgment, blamed right-wingers for the Kennedy assassination.

This KGB disinformation campaign was called “Dragon Operation,” an effort to shift blame for Kennedy’s murder away from the communists.

The KGB’s Mitrokhin archive shows indirect Soviet support for Lane, considered “the most talented of the first wave of conspiracy theorists researching the Kennedy assassination.” Soviet funds were funneled to him through an associate, the book says.

I.F. Stone, the so-called maverick left-wing journalist later exposed as a Soviet agent, also joined the effort to blame the Right.

“For 15 years of my life at the top of the Soviet bloc intelligence community, I was involved in a world-wide disinformation effort aimed at diverting attention away from the KGB’s involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald. The Kennedy assassination conspiracy was born—and it never died,” says Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest ranking intelligence official ever to defect from the Soviet bloc. Pacepa wrote the book, Programmed to Kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy Assassination.

As we have pointed out, the former Romanian intelligence chief documents that Oswald was recruited by the KGB when he was a U.S. Marine stationed in Japan and that, after defecting to the Soviet Union, he came back to America three years later for the express purpose of killing Kennedy. Even though the Soviets, for their own reasons, subsequently tried “to turn Oswald off,” Oswald went ahead with the plan and was already “programmed” by the communists to kill Kennedy.

Kenneth J. Dillon, a former Foreign Service officer and intelligence analyst, writes that “Given Oswald’s aggressive mentality [he had tried to kill right-wing General Edwin A. Walker] and track record (well known to the KGB), it would have required very little for the KGB to insert into his mind the suggestion that he should assassinate Kennedy. Indeed, virulent communist hate propaganda during Oswald’s years in the Soviet Union might have instilled in his impressionable brain the need to take action, as the occasion presented itself, against those like the American president who thwarted the progress of communism.”

Like his brother Robert, John F. Kennedy was an anti-communist liberal. (RFK would be assassinated five years later by a Marxist Palestinian, Sirhan Sirhan).

Humberto Fontova, the author of two excellent books on Castro’s support in Hollywood and the American media, has written extensively on the Castro connection to Oswald. He notes that Castro declared on September 7, 1963, that “U.S leaders who plan on eliminating Cuban leaders should not think that they are themselves safe! We are prepared to answer in kind!”

Castro hated JFK for authorizing an invasion of Cuba and the overthrow of the Castro regime. Castro himself was the target of CIA assassination plots authorized and supervised by JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy, JFK’s Attorney General. Former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev wrote in his memoir, Khrushchev Remembers, that Castro hated the U.S. so much that he urged a Russian nuclear strike on the U.S.

Former CIA officer Brian Latell’s book, Castro’s Secrets, includes the revelation from a high-ranking Cuban defector that Fidel Castro knew Oswald was going to kill President Kennedy. The book adds to the evidence that Castro had foreknowledge of the plot to kill JFK.

Pacepa believes the evidence suggests that Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald, was also a Cuban agent whose assignment was to keep Oswald from talking. He is suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Ruby’s death as well.

As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination, it is worth remembering that the cover-up of Oswald’s communist connections began soon after the assassination and continues to this day. In his 1964 book, None Dare Call it Treason, John Stormer wrote, “Volumes could be written on the press coverage of President Kennedy’s assassination by a communist killer. Even after Oswald was captured and his Marxist affiliations disclosed, TV and radio commentators have conducted a continual crusade of distortion and smear to direct the blame against right wing or conservative groups.”

In fact, the FBI file on one of the most influential journalism educators in U.S. history, Curtis MacDougall, reveals that he was telling people in 1964 that Oswald was a “fall guy” in the assassination and that the real culprits were “rightists.” MacDougall is quoted as saying that he had been in New York City at a publisher’s party for the announcement of a book with the “true facts” about the murder. That book was Oswald, Assassin or Fall Guy.

The same publisher, the KGB front company Marzani and Munsell, also published MacDougall’s book on the Progressive Party, Gideon’s Army.

Fifty years after the fact, our media have not acknowledged and explained to the American people the substantial evidence that an American president was killed as a result of a communist conspiracy based in Moscow and Havana.

A good summary of the evidence is in Pacepa’s latest book, Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism.

Humberto Fontova’s latest book, The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro, will help explain why our media go out of their way to dismiss the evidence.

It seems that our media love Castro and his “progressive” fellow travelers more than they want the facts about the Kennedy assassination to come out.

But the media will certainly exploit JFK’s death. We are all witnesses to that.

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  • John

    Oswald was a committed Communist. I think that Oswald was the equivalent of a virus, nurtured by the Soviets and/or Cubans and turned loose on the US body. They did not foresee what chaos he would cause. I doubt that either the Soviets or Cubans, visualized what would happen, nor would they take the risk that an unstable person, like Oswald, would perform a assassination mission without exposing the plot. Oswald became publicly known by his “Fair Play for Cuba” activities and risked exposure by shooting at General Walker. I suggest that the more intriguing question, is why Ruby killed Oswald before he could be interrogated.

  • Kickme

    Brilliant disinformation – ask George H. Bush who killed Kennedy; he was there. Look who benefited from his death…note LBJ went to war in ‘Nam before the corpse was buried. This was a coup de tat by the benefactors of the military industrial/corporate complex. Cold blooded serial killers they are -JFK, RFK, MLK, MX, ad infinitum. Waving false flags, and sending your loved ones off to war to kill people you don’t even know. May God have mercy on us… “Or Father forgive them for they know not what they do…”

  • erudite_recondite_eremite

    It is also worth noting the role of Castro and Cuba in providing logistical support to the Sandinistas in their assassination of Somoza.

    Wikipedia notes in the entry on Somoza: “Former National Intelligence Officer for Latin America and Cuba expert Professor Brian Latell argues in his book After Fidel, that the plan to assassinate Somoza was devised in Havana with direct input from Fidel Castro. According to him, the Sandinistas had won power in July 1979 with the assistance of massive, covert Cuban military aid. Along with his brother Raúl Castro, the two masterminded a complex multinational covert action to provide the Sandinistas with huge quantities of modern armaments. Cuban intelligence and paramilitary advisors poured into Nicaragua along with the equipment. Latell states that the evidence indicated that the assassination operation was similar to other assassination operations Cuban intelligence had been involved in, and that Somoza was a long-time nemesis of Castro after he provided critical support to the U.S. in preparing for the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba in April 1961.[7] Jorge Masetti, former Argentine guerrilla working with Cuban intelligence services, describes the Somoza assassination and Cuba’s direct role in the planning in his autobiographical book In the Pirate’s Den.[8]”

  • bruce

    kennedy let the commie traitor back into america and did not arrest ozwald and then hang the traitor for that ozwald murdered the president.we still have not learned our lesson about how to take care of traitors like bongo and hillbillary.

  • JohnG911

    Your tin foil hat is on backwards!

  • JohnG911

    Now we have another Oswald in the White House committed to America’s assassination and I certainly don’t expect another Jack Ruby will seek justice for us.

  • gmalarki

    One thing has to be kept in mind, given his deep ideological convictions (or delusions), no one had to give Oswald a direct order to carry out the assassination. All that was needed was for a high ranking communist to say something like “Wouldn’t it be nice to be rid of Kennedy?” This in a way relieves Khrushchev and Castro of responsibility which could have led to war. Sort of like all it took was King Henry II to say, “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” to set in motion the assassination of Archbishop of Canterbury St. Thomas Becket in 1170..

  • stevor

    Huh? YOu still believe that Oswald shot Kennedy? Geez, you’re ignoring ALL the Proof that he couldn’t have done it and also ignoring the proof that Johnson was involved with it with the Bush family.

  • Mike Spaniola

    Nice job with the article. Let’s not forget that Robert Kennedy was one of Sen. Joe McCarthy’s top attorneys in the investigation of Soviet infiltration of U.S. institutions and front groups in the late 1940s and early ’50s. (McCarthy was even the godfather of one of Bobby’s daughers). As was the case with his older brother, John, Bobby staunchly opposed Communism. When he began his bid for president in 1968, apparently the same U.S. Marxist cabal decided to eliminate him in advance of any possible election. I’ve said that the only thing Oliver Stone might regret about Bobby Kennedy’s death is that his killer was captured Red-handed.

  • David Ashton

    Oswald’s membership of a Soviet hunting club is interesting.

  • David Ashton

    Back to the totally innocent patsy hypothesis?

    The liberal-left line has always run along these lines.

    Either Oswald was a Lefist and therefore framed, or Oswald was involved and therefore not a Leftist.

    If there was a plot, it could ONLY be: the CIA, the Mafia, the JBS, LBJ, the Watergate Tramps, Texan oilmen, Mossad, Diem, anti-Castro plotters, or some combination thereof. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be “Marxism” or Castro or the Soviets, all of which have never said boo to a goose and only want a happy world of “peace, love, democracy and fair shares for all”.

  • stevor

    How about looking at the video where Jesse Ventura got the rifle that Oswald was supposed to have, went up to the book depository window, tried to fire the supposed number of shots that Oswald fired, and couldn’t do it despite Jesse being a marksman and Oswald not being one?
    (no, I’m not leftist, I just look at EVIDENCE)
    Others who knew LBJ implicated him.
    Do you believe in the “magic” bullet that went all sorts of directions, left pieces here and there, and then was found in pristine condition on the WRONG gurney for JFK?
    There are SO MANY other things that point to a conspiracy. In fact, there was another OFFICIAL study in 1968 or 1969 that came out and said it was a conspiracy of more than one shooter.

  • stevor

    You must be a troll, ignoring the FACTS!

  • stevor

    well, you have it right in this response. Yeah, o’bama is a FRAUD and since he compared himself to Lincoln and JFK, he ought to end up the same way.

  • David Ashton

    I have recorded your comment for future reference.

    Have a look at Bugliosi on the timeframe of the TBD shots and the “magic bullet”, also Oswald’s marksmanship. One of the LBJ stories tied him in with the Soviets too. I do not have a “case closed” mind, so I am filing as much as possible of what now comes up – or comes out.

    What I do think remains pretty clear is the automatic liberal assumption that the hard right was actually responsible, a theme that the early communist propaganda (e.g. Buchanan) also plugged; and this is my main area of interest, as with other events like Katyn and the Sofia Cathedral atrocities, or the innocence of Hiss and Mrs Rosenberg.

  • Richard Charnin
  • Richard Charnin

    Really? Let’s look at the facts.

    Why Does the Mainstream Media Refuse to Ask the Real Questions About JFK’s Death? They simply ignore conspiracy facts and make offhanded remarks about conspiracy theories.For fifty years, the media has refused to analyze the facts. Let’s do the media’s job and look at the evidence:

  • Richard Charnin
  • Richard Charnin

    In prior JFK witness death analyses, the focus has been on unnatural deaths (homicides, accidents, suicides and unknown causes). This post will examine the likelihood that there were many more homicides than officially reported in the period from 1964-78. The analysis assumes a base case of 1400+ JFK-related witnesses noted in “Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination”. It includes a probability sensitivity analysis over a range of 1,400 to 20,000 witnesses and 34-85 homicides (34 were officially reported).

    Warren Commission apologists’ claim that the number of witnesses is unknowable. This is false by definition. Approximately 1100 witnesses were called to testify in four investigations. Sixty-two (62) of the 1100 are among the 118 listed in JFK Calc. But the 56 who were not called are obviously very relevant; just view the connection in the JFK Calc ‘Witnesses’ sheet.

    Seventy-six (76) deaths were officially unnatural (34 homicides, 14 suicides, 25 accidents, 3 unknown). The other 42 were natural (heart attacks, cancers, other). But it’s conceivable that there were many more than 34 official homicides. Approximately 51 unnatural and suspicious deaths may very well have been homicides: 16 accidents, 12 suicides, 14 heart attacks, 2 natural causes, 7 cancers and other illnesses. Check out column G for the official cause of death (34 homicides), column J for JFK Calc (49 homicides) and column I for the expanded total (85 homicides). View the list:

    In JFK Calc, the number of unnatural deaths has been adjusted to 83 (49 homicides, 7 suicides, 24 accidents, 3 unknown). View The sheer number of unnatural deaths and their suspicious timings constitute proof of a conspiracy beyond any doubt.

    The following deaths may have been homicides:

  • Alec Trevelyan

    Why would our government cover up the JFK assassination to cover for Communists? Our government probably killed JFK because they are the ones who tried desperately to cover everything up.

  • NativeNewYawker

    Commies did it? Oh please are you a part of the whitewashing propaganda CIA, Koch PBS machine? lol.

  • Lee Cahalan

    Cliff Kincaid is a lying tool for CIA: a quick internet search proves Lee was an FBI informant INFILTRATING the Communist party in the USA. That according to no less than the late, former Texas Attorney General Waggoner Carr his FBI informant number was “S-179” and that on his person at the time of his arrest he was holding check stubs for his earnings of $200/month as FBI informant. But there is much more evidence that exonerates Oswald that the lying Kincaid will never publish. Because he’s yet another conspirator AFTER THE FACT. Folks we need to start demanding indictments for people like Kincaid. That each is an enemy of the people of the United States.


    This communist thing just keeps getting more humorous all the time. No one who has looked at the evidence seriously believes that Oswald was a communist/marxist. Oswald was a marine who was serving his country. Naval Intelligence trained him for their “defector program.” Which the Soviets were well aware of. That is why they didn’t bite. Oswald was called back to keep a watch on the anti-Castro Cubans by Hoover and he would up involved with the CIA operation to kill Castro. Of course, Oswald was an informer and actually tipped off the Chicago authorities about the plot to kill Kennedy there. So, he saved Kennedy’s life at least one time. Now I understand that you hate the idea that Oswald did that, but hell, you can’t frame and kill a man just for doing his job.

  • Kenneth Watson

    Hard-bitten Kennedy-hating ex Vietnam sniper Craig Roberts took one look at the 6th floor window and his stomach turned over-he knew the Govt was lying realizing that he himself could NOT have made the alleged shots….and especially not with a junk Carbine in need of repair…..please cease your leg-pulling Cliff

  • 12wlw12

    It’s notable, in all these reports of evidence, no one has mentioned the fact that the Kennedy’s original planned route through Dallas was changed.. literally, at the last minute.

  • 12wlw12

    Wikipedia is well known for it’s dis-information.

  • Bob Sten


    So, you’re a pinko that disregards facts! And you still think you have any credibility?

  • Bob Sten

    Any of you pinko pukes even been to Dallas?

    I’ve been there. The distance from the book depository to Kennedy’s car was tiny. When I first saw it in person, my first feeling was, this is soooo close, it would have been easy to do. Even for me.

    Leftists just hate the idea that a left winger was killed by an extremist left winger.

    They always want to blame conservatives for everything. Oswald did it. There are plenty of wacko left wing loonie violent people: pol pot, stalin, mao, che, etc etc. Left wingers love to murder those they cannot control. If they cannot control your mind and make you think like them, they want you erased. They think that those that think differently than them are preventing the world from being a utopia, free of oppression, want, violence, and suffering. They are delusional. People cannot be perfected. The world will never be perfect.

    Deal with it pinkos.

  • Pragmatic Squirrel

    Replying to a different thread, because everything going to pending for whatever reason.

    As I’ve mentioned, the Bushmen of the Kalahari are, as best we can tell, a culture that has been unchanged for at 35k years. Likely, they are roughly the same culture that has existed for most of the period of the current version of homo sapien (roughly 200k years). Their culture is both communist and libertarian. There is no idea of “wealth” or “property,” instead, the tribe shares all. There is no tribal “leader”, there are no “laws”, the entire tribe, as a unit, acts as “lawmaker”. Those who hoarded more than they needed were treated as mentally ill. The community tried to heal and help them. If they couldn’t, they were cast out, because their selfishness and greed would destroy the tribe. This was how we were evolved to succeed as apex predators – as a tribal unit, altruistic, communal, and unselfish. And always of less than roughly 150 people. Tribes that exceeded that number eventually split (basic limitation of our brains to manage more than 150 relationships).

    And before you get all excited about “racial tribes”, these tribes were not racial. They were much too small for that. And the fact that they existed for 190k years before civilization arose means that we are evolved to work in that system – not in the current systems. 10k years isn’t long enough to dramatically impact evolution on a global scale. 190k years (and the 300k years before that, when we were evolving away from Neanderthals after the divergence, and likely existed as tribes with similar cultures) is. We are evolved to be communal and altruistic – because those actions are what make us happy. We are not evolved to be selfish and competitive. Selfish gains and competitive wins have been proven to have no impact on long term happiness. We haven’t evolved emotional systems that make those things important. So clearly, they are not an inherently necessary part of the human experience.

    Would the Bushmen’s system work today? Absolutely not. Attempts at communism all lead to dictatorship (or oligarchy). Attempts at libertarianism all lead to aristocracy. Neither works in today’s world – both are a utopian ideal that is no longer realistic.

    If, as you claimed, you’ve read my posts, you know that I have argued for capitalism, but with a counter-balance to the natural force of capitalism that pools wealth at the top. Because over time, the natural forces of capitalism (rate of growth of wealth vs. income) transform it into a de facto aristocracy – and undermine the fundamental meritocratic ideal of capitalism. Piketty describes that counter-balance best – a combination of progressive inheritance taxes and wealth taxes on the 1% and 0.1% and 0.01%, redistributed to create/ expand a middle class (ideally through programs and services, such as education/ FHA/ WPA, rather than simply as money). The “best” solution in the global economy we have today seems to be one that encourages self determination; but that limits hoarding.

  • Pragmatic Squirrel

    You want “solutions” to the problems I’ve raised?

    Investigate the predatory lenders who benefited from red-lining, and provide government resources and programs to sue them and recover that wealth – since it was the government who enabled them, both with the initial red-lining laws, as well as the judicial support both of those laws and of the predatory lenders who took advantage of those laws (and who blatantly ignored usury laws, while the courts looked the other way). The people who lost this wealth, and those who gained it, are mostly alive today.

    Investigate the enormous theft of wealth through Jim Crow (largely across the South, but not only there), and provide government resources to sue those who benefited from that wealth, and recover it. Many of these people are alive today.

    Investigate any murders that happened under Jim Crow. If those murders benefited the murderer, provide government resources to recover those benefits (through wrongful death lawsuits).

    Subject business to the “blind resume” test. If businesses show discriminatory practices based on racial names, fine them. Not realistic for every business in the country, but then, neither is an IRS audit. So audit some, based on similar sampling practices. Ditto for universities.

    Subject businesses to an equal pay for equal work test, and apply the same principals (sample audits, fines, etc.). Clearly would need a lot of refining, but difficulty impossibility.

  • Pragmatic Squirrel

    Force businesses to perform first interviews “blind” – over the phone, and with a resume that has the name redacted. That one might be too onerous, but see my other post about violin auditions. When they went “blind”, suddenly they stopped accepting all white, male, attractive violin students. And the gender/ skin color proportions of accepted students suddenly started matching the proportions of applicants – even though the judges had previously claimed that the they were unbiased. Which obviously they were not – take away the visuals, and their judgments changed.

    You want solutions to the problems you raised? I don’t even know what problems you’ve raised. You seem fine with blacks making less money for the same work, going to prison more for the same crimes, etc. The only “problem” I hear you spouting is basically that you don’t get enough, and you think others get more than their share. That’s just basic selfishness, and I have no idea how to solve your problem of selfishness.

    Calling you a narcissist is not “name calling” it’s identifying your behaviors for what they are. Most people derive happiness from empathy, generosity, altrusim, gratitude, and compassion. Clearly, you do not. The folks who don’t are either Narcissists (including some Psychopaths) and Sociopaths. Sociopaths wouldn’t care enough to debate on the internet. Really only Narcissists would. And Narcissists, missing that ability to derive happiness from socially positive acts, are left instead chasing momentary happiness, through selfish acts.

    You keep arguing that everyone is selfish like you.

    I’m just telling you that you’re lost and clueless. Completely and utterly naive about how people really behave and why they do what they do. Because you are in a minority of individuals whose brains work differently – who can’t process empathy, and who can only find meaning in momentary, selfish pleasure.

    It’s not your fault that you are this way, but your behavior is certainly your responsibility. And people like you have been known to change. For your sake, I hope you do. Because those who don’t tend to be tornadoes of pain for everyone around them, and they eventually self destruct.


    No. i have known from the very beginning, as everyone else has, that Oswald was on the payroll of the FBI. THAT IS AN ESTABLISHED FACT. And no one today even questions that.

  • Bob Sten


    I question it. So, when you say “everyone”, clearly you are a liar.


    Sorry, I meant everyone who knows about Oswald.

  • Bob Sten


    Oswald was a commie and he killed a lefty president that wasn’t left wing enough for his liking.

    The commies in russia had many purges where they killed those that weren’t left wing enough.

    Oswald’s murder of kennedy was just like that……a purge of one that wasn’t “revolutionary” enough.


    You really ought to be ashamed to write such things. Because people will think you are an idiot.

  • Bob Sten


    If you believe oswald wasn’t a communist, then you clearly are the idiot here.


    As I said, it is not a belief, it is an ironclad FACT.

  • There is only two types of people who assassinate leaders, those who would benefit from the assassination…. or complete loons like John Hinckley. IF Oswald was a genuine leftist, then he could have somehow thought he was “helping”. In other words, a complete loon…

    The facts are clear as follows, the CIA was responsible for pushing the message against Moscow, and this has been proven by declassified material. The second fact, JFK was building positive relations with Khrushchev, both leaders viewed their relationship as beneficial. This is reflected in soviet documents, and JFK’s personal correspondences. When the assassination attempt on Castro happened, JFK was furious, he was kept 100% in the dark. This makes sense since it would have screwed everything he was trying to do at the time, and he would have certainly not approved of an attempted assassination.

    In other words, Many people would have benefited from JFK’s assassination, but it clear that those who would have been hurt were Cuba and the Soviets! This was a job from Miami, with the help of the CIA, and LBJ “accepted” his part once it was in his lap…. I don’t think LBJ was happy to go that way, but he saw the gift already in his lap, and likely just accepted it as inevitable. The style fits the MO from those scoundrels in Miami, and the character of the CIA documented at the time.

    So lets put it this way….. 1. Hinckley style crazy, 2. Miami and the CIA. There is NO third option, but what makes me suspicious? Why the CIA purposely spread the lie that it came from Moscow? Who took the shot is almost irrelevant, which is why all the conversation begins and ends at that point. In addition I also believe that after seeing the true nature of the system, it was Johnson who got cold feet, which explains the almost unheard of action of not seeking a second term. Like the comedian in the watchmen, it was the last person you’d ever expect to find something ethically nauseating.

  • Mark Moore

    Listen fellow PINKO COMMUNISTS and perk near rejoice over the Fagetted sambo sam who is no uncle of mine the cercumvented faget gueer.Iam much obliged to comment on this quant truely american cultural phenomenon. GANGS THE MOB THE COSANOSTRA THE BLACK HAND. THE MAFEIA. THE AMERICANS THAT LIVE THIS LIFE STYLE AS SUCH AND SO ON. A n d so FORTH you know old crow.Stack up pilgrims ! AH SO! THE AS IN THE PREMIER FLICK. THAT. EMOTIONAL FLICK. OH> d a n g it As a well in F U C _d g e. ???? ____ t h, OK, THE ZUPRUDER. F l i c k. Huh kinda cool kinda nice people of the press!??

  • Mark Moore


  • Mark Moore


  • D Dorotiak

    Has anyone ever considered that the JFK murder was the result
    of KGB penetration of the CIA in the 1950;s?
    Now that is a possibility realizing that the State Dept.
    was infiltrated by KGB agents after WW2.


    The records are clear on Oswald. This is not a debatable.

  • Bob Sten


    Oswald was a lefty communist just like you. Own it. Don’t be such a little cry baby about it.

  • peacer

    zionists are the evil behind this and 911 and every war in history

  • peacer

    zionists are the evil behind this and 911 and every war in history—

  • peacer

    zionists are the evil behind this and 911 and every war in history,

  • peacer

    zionist shill

  • David Ashton

    Even every war before Herzl? The Mongol invasions? The wars between the Saxons and Normans? The Aryan invasion of India? The Punic wars?

  • David Ashton

    And the Zulu wars? And the Inca wars? And Cowboys and Indians? And the end of the Neanderthals?

  • David Ashton

    This is a label not an argument.

  • David Ashton

    There is a gramophone record here.

  • David Ashton

    Not logical.

  • David Ashton

    Turns out McCarthy’s “numbers game” was a media lie, and he was on to many subversives in government revealed in the Venona decrypts, &c

  • peacer

    every war since rotchild was shat out into this world + ww1 including ww2 –

  • David Ashton

    Yes, Zionist interests were a factor in 1916, 1939-40 and 1947-8. But the world is more complicated than you suppose,

  • peacer

    Explain these facts about the 9/11 WTC attacks… Larry Silverstein leased buildings 1 , 2, 4 and 5 shortly before the attacks. – Larry Silverstein said that building 7 was pulled. – Larry Silverstain was paid a little of $4.5 Billion in insurance claims. – Larry Silverstein is Jewish. Lewis Eisenberg was head of the Port Authority of New York. – Lewis Eisenberg was one of Bush’s largest donors. – Lewis Eisenberg was also once a partner at the Jewish bank Goldman Sachs – Lewis Eisenberg is Jewish Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer. – Rabbie Dov Zakheim was the comptroller during the Pentagon audit that discover $2.6 trillion was missing. – Rabbi Dov Zakheim is Jewish. David Lewin was on one of those plans, and he sat right in the center of the Muslim hijackers. – David Lewin was a former member of Israel’s elite unit the Sayeret Matkal. Among Sayeret Matkal’s specialties is hijackings. – David Lewin is Jewish. Jules & Jeremy Kroll held the contract for security at the WTC. – Jules & Jeremy Kroll are both Jewish Jerome M. Hauer ran the Office of Emergency Management for Mayor Rudy Guiliani. – Jerome M. Hauer had made his office in building 7. – Jerome M. Hauer was a Bio-Terrorism expert and in charge of National Institutes of Health’s response to Anthrax attacks. – Jerome M. Hauer is Jewish Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon own Huntsleigh USA which ran security at all 3 airports where the plans were hijacked. – Huntlsleigh USA was made up mostly of Israeli intelligence Shin Bet agents. – Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon are both Jews. Judge Alvin Hellerstein is a Supreme Court Justice – Judge Alvin Hellerstein handled high profile insurance cases against the Airline Company’s. – Judge Alvin Hellerstein is Jewish. Judge Michael B. Mukasey oversaw a large part of Larry Silverstein’s insurance cases. – Judge Michael B. Mukasey awarded Larry Silverstein billions upon billions of dollars for his insurance claims. – Judge Michael B. Mukasey is Jewish Adam Yahiye Gadahn was the spokesperson for Al-Queda. – Adam Yahiye Gadahn’s realname is Adam Pearlman – Adam Yahiye Gadahn’s grandfather served on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League. Chairman of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board Stephen Cauffman was the Leader of NIST investigations of the WTC attacks. – The NIST released the WTC Disaster Study and the NIST Releases Final WTC 7 Investigation Report. – The NIST concluded that the buildings collapsed from the airplanes colliding with the building. – In 2015 a meth lab blew up at the NIST building in Maryland (A METH LAB!!!). – Stephen Cauffman is Jewish Philip Zelikow was the 9/11 Commission’s executive director. – The 9/11 Commission ultimately came to the same conclusion as NIST. – Philip Zelikow is Jewish Richard Perle was the Chairman of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Expelled from Senator Henry Jackson’s office October 1970 after being caught by the NSA passing highly classified documents to the Israeli Embassy. – Richard Perle is Jewish. And the list goes on.. ? ? ???

  • David Ashton

    I have read the arguments that Mossad killed JFK but do not find them convincing.

    There is no logical link between the assassination of JFK and 9/11 many years later.

    9/11 is a separate issue which I do not therefore need to explain. However, even allowing for molten aluminum flow from the planes inside the 2 towers as an explanation for their collapse and noises heard, I still think an explanation is required for the near simultaneous collapse of tower 3 similarly in its own footprint. The Pentagon hole is another matter again.

    Perhaps a defender of the official story or stories would care to comment here on Dov Zackheim and the rest of your post.

  • peacer

    you doubt zionists killed kennedy ? -here you go -
    watch this and get back to me –

  • David Ashton

    I have run through this and see that it has some assertions new to me. The books by Lane and Joesten shown at the outset were among those I first read at the time, and some of the explanatory detail on this Youtube needs Occam’s Razor. I have no time to go into more analytical detail, but why don’t you read e.g. Vincent Bugliosi’s “Reclaiming History” (esp. re the bullet evidence) & Ion Pacepa’s “Programmed to Kill”, and then get back to us all?

  • James Guthrie

    Yes oswald was the ONLY shooter. I have also taked to his brother in Dallas, and he hated idiots like you too.

  • Silence Dogood

    You don’t know how to process facts do you?

  • Silence Dogood

    This board is filled with Marxists and useful idiots trying to spread disinformation and slander against a very well written and presented article. Pay no attention to them. Marxists believe that lying and slander is a great tool to spread revolutionary ideology, so any “fact” they share is usually a lie or a half truth.

    Marx preached that there is no God, no morals, and no ethics, only brutal evolutionary class struggle, so it bothers a Marxist not one bit to lie horribly to slander opponents or to spread propaganda. Never trust their word unless you find incontrovertible evidence to back it up.

  • Michelle McNees

    This is bullshit to keep the people in the dark about the TRUTH.




    How do I know.

    In my familly there are 2 russian nuclear scientists. Both zionists. Botb traveled witb JFK assassin teams.

    JFK was getti g criminals out. But since tbey are desperate for control! Tbey killed jfk. The zio ist russian jews!!!

  • Will_Mat

    A well written article, and it almost exposes the truth at the end. “It seems that our media love Castro and his “progressive” fellow travelers more than they want the facts about the Kennedy assassination to come out.” That is very correct, as the Progressive Party of 1948 was definitely ran by the Communist Party USA, and after the Progressive Party folded, they joined the Democratic Party. I’ve always said that it was people within the Democratic Party, if not the party itself, (the DNC), working with the USSR, who had both Kennedys killed. It takes people in high places, within a controlling political party, to command the CIA and Mafioso, that was found to have been involved in it all, and it takes those same “progressive” politicians to cover it up.

    Do I believe that Oswald was the lone gunman? No, definitely not. There’s too much evidence about a shooter on the grassy knoll. Oswald was caught, and was involved, so Ruby, another fellow traveler, killed the man to silence him. If either had talked, the Democratic Party, and their ties to communism, would have been exposed. We can see them exposing their cultural Marxism or progressiveness today.

  • NativeNewYawker

    YES, but not YOUR facts.