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The media have figured out they can’t bring down or impeach President Trump. So they are targeting his Cabinet officials and top advisers one by one. In the case of Michael T. Flynn, the media think they have hit pay dirt. The Washington Post has led the charge, using top-secret surveillance intercepts of communications between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. It’s more evidence that the CIA, and perhaps the National Security Agency (NSA), are out to destroy Trump’s national security adviser.

“The knives are out for Flynn,” said one administration official quoted in the paper. The knives are computer keyboards in the hands of scribblers for a paper whose owner, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, has a business relationship with the CIA. The Post is wielding the knives provided by anonymous intelligence officials.

Nobody knows this better than the Post’s Watergate reporter, Bob Woodward, who said on Fox News that the CIA was using unverified “garbage” allegations in a campaign to destroy Trump himself. Since Trump has survived, the campaign has taken a new form against Flynn, a close adviser to Trump on foreign policy who had campaigned with him and by his side.

At the heart of the story are secret surveillance intercepts of conversations whose disclosure is itself a violation of the law. In fact, these illegal disclosures to the press are far more serious than anything Flynn is accused of doing. But don’t think the media are going to investigate themselves for these illegalities. If they bring down Flynn, they will have wounded Trump. The sharks will smell blood in the water.

Remember that the FBI is said to have reviewed the intercepts and determined there was nothing illicit in what was discussed. That finding hasn’t stopped the CIA and the Post from continuing a campaign to sink Flynn. The so-called sensational news angle is that Flynn forgot what he told the Russian Ambassador and Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations.

The real explanation for the assault, as we have explained in several columns, is that Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a retired Lieutenant General, doesn’t trust the CIA. And the CIA clearly doesn’t trust him.

Meanwhile, in a newsworthy development that went mostly unreported here in the United States, Trump’s new director of the CIA, former Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), traveled to Saudi Arabia to give a top Saudi official a CIA award for “counter-terrorism” named after a discredited former CIA director. The Saudi official was given the “George Tenet Medal” in recognition of his “excellent intelligence performance, in the domain of counter-terrorism and his unbound contribution to realize world security and peace.” Tenet is known for his embarrassing and false “slam dunk” comments about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the U.S. invasion.

Pompeo’s tribute to the Saudi official, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, is astounding considering the evidence of the Saudi role in facilitating jihadist terrorism in Syria, a debacle that has helped to produce 500,000 dead and refugees streaming into Europe and the United States. Bin Nayef serves as Minister of Interior.

Rather than focus on Flynn, the media should be asking what Pompeo is doing paying tribute to a Saudi official whose regime is neck-deep in a conflict that has produced a major humanitarian catastrophe. And why is the CIA giving an award named after a director who failed in the intelligence mission of the agency he led?

Under these circumstances, if President Trump fires or forces the resignation of Flynn, it will be a huge victory for the CIA’s failed policies in the Middle East. These are policies Trump promised to reverse.

The assault on Flynn began on January 12, when Post columnist David Ignatius reported, “According to a senior U.S. government official, Flynn phoned Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak several times on Dec. 29, the day the Obama administration announced the expulsion of 35 Russian officials as well as other measures in retaliation for the hacking. What did Flynn say, and did it undercut the U.S. sanctions? The Logan Act (though never enforced) bars U.S. citizens from correspondence intending to influence a foreign government about ‘disputes’ with the United States. Was its spirit violated?”

With subsequent stories and various Trump administration comments, a “scandal” has been created, with Flynn’s fate hanging in the balance.

Despite the FBI clearing Flynn, the issue is now whether Flynn talked about sanctions and to whom. He apparently first denied this, and later acknowledged that the subject may have come up. With multiple Obama-created foreign policy problems on his plate, it may be the case that he gave some misleading information to Vice President Mike Pence.

The real issue, as Flynn has talked about publicly since he left the DIA in 2014, is the evidence of a U.S. role under Barack Obama and his CIA director John Brennan in facilitating an increase of radical Islam in the Middle East. He has cited the evidence contained in a DIA document, declassified and publicly released by Judicial Watch.

While Flynn has been critical of the agency for carrying out the Obama/Brennan policy of supporting Islamists in the Middle East, he writes in his book, The Field of Fight, about how the Russian intelligence services have also been involved in supporting radical Islam. This proxy war has damaged mostly Europe and the United States, and lies behind President Trump’s desire to curb immigration from Middle Eastern countries racked by Islamist violence.

Rather than clean house at the agency, Pompeo reportedly jumped on the bandwagon against Flynn, with the CIA or some other anonymous intelligence community insider leaking information that the agency had denied a security clearance for one of Flynn’s associates on the National Security Council. “One of the sources said the rejection was approved by Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump’s CIA director, and that it infuriated Flynn and his allies,” Politico reported.

This is truly amazing since Obama’s CIA director himself should never have received a security clearance, and his policies were incompetent, if not anti-American. Brennan was a close friend and confidant to George Tenet and had served as CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia, where he reportedly converted to Islam. As CIA director, Brennan told a congressional forum that even voting communist, as he once did, was not a bar to employment at the agency. Brennan admitted voting communist when attending Catholic Fordham University in 1976. He was also involved  in the cover-up of the Benghazi massacre of four Americans.

In his new book, iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age, Bill Gertz explains how the CIA has become “politicized,” dominated by a “liberal culture,” and resistant to probes of communist moles within.

Having had a pro-communist with Muslim sympathies once reach the top position of CIA director, it’s no wonder that the agency wants to get rid of Flynn. The CIA has a lot of baggage that needs to be exposed and swept away. The real mystery is why Pompeo decided to continue with the business-as-usual mentality and has not followed through on the President’s pledge to “drain the swamp.”

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  • Mike USA

    Sounds like it’s time to clean house at the CIA – Drain the swamp!

  • Bennie Bennett

    This is outrageous. How will the swamp ever be drained?

  • rivahmitch

    It’s going to take blood.

  • bitterlyclinging

    CNN is the State Departments official media mouthpiece.
    The WaPO is the CIA’s
    There are so many leaks, leftover moles and other skidmarks from the Obama Administration, that if the departments were household plumbing systems, there wouldnt be enough water pressure to flush a toilet.
    One sure thing, the Russian Ambassador now knows the NSA is listening in on every call.
    Find the leaks. Plug them.
    Too bad General Flynn was impaled on one of the skidmarks

  • William

    Flynn is supposed to be one if Trump’s smart people, but he doesn’t even know what the religion of Islam is.

  • ItsJo

    There is NO WAY, that I trust CIA-Brennen. He had a very dubious past, and there were questions about HOW he got Obama to appoint him as Director of the CIA. My thoughts would be ‘that Brennan HAD information ON Obama, and possibly vice-versa, as they Seemed to be “Birds of a Feather, who Flock together”…………

    I know there is the flack on Flynn, who just resigned from the Trump Adm.
    and IF he did lie to both POTUS, Trump, and V.P. Pence, then it is a “good thing to find out now, in the beginning rather than Years later, as was the case with the ‘Corrupt Obama Regime, that KEPT ALL HIS CRONIES(including his friend Van Jones, COMMUNIST he appointed, that NOW is at ‘Fake News CNN’

    The “Shadow, Obama is along with his Puppet Master, Soros trying to sabotage ALL Trump’s appointees, along with the Crooked Dems, Like Schumer/Hillary-‘hiding behind the curtains’…….so while they NEVER got rid of any crooked Dems, and “Circle the Wagons EVEN when found out to be involved in “Cover Ups”……like Susan Rice, who LIED about “Benghazi”………A.G. Holder, who along with Obama committed to giving Guns to Drug Cartels in Mexico: “Fast and Furious” with a BOGUS excuse for doing so….and the List goes on and on…….


  • Larry Sparks

    The CIA did not have anything to do with Flynn not telling V.P. Pence the truth. If Trump does not have complete trust in his cabinet, then it is time to fire those that are lying. Just remember this is how the United States got involved in Iraqi, the State Department intelligence was either just flat out wrong or deliberately false.

  • Deplorable Me

    “The real mystery is why Pompeo decided to continue with the business-as-usual mentalit”

    What mystery? Pompeo is part of the establishment. Follow the money.

  • RMThoughts

    Flynn was is the cornerstone of Trump’s national security policy. For one thing, Flynn dared the unthinkable: he dared to declare that the bloated US intelligence community had to be reformed. Flynn also tried to subordinate the CIA and the Joint Chiefs to the President via the National Security Council. Put differently, Flynn tried to wrestle the ultimate power and authority from the CIA and the Pentagon and subordinate them back to the White House. Flynn also wanted to work with Russia. Not because he was a Russia lover, the notion of a Director of the DIA as a Putin-fan is ridiculous, but Flynn was rational, he understood that Russia was no threat to the USA or to Europe and that Russia had the West had common interests. That is another absolutely unforgivable crimethink in Neocon globalists Washington DC.

    The Neocon run ‘deep state’ has now forced Flynn to resign under the idiotic pretext

  • Kel Nelson

    I fully agree, and would go even deeper. I think Pence is very problematic, always have, and I think Ivanka and Jared are way too liberal and should not be advising. This was a deep cut, and they will continue to neuter this presidency now that there’s blood in the water.

  • Rich

    Your position is based on two false premises.
    1. The FBI concluded that the discussions did not rise to the level of significance. Smart employees don’t waste their bosses’ time with insignificant details. Therefore, Flynn’s omission probably did not violate trust.
    2. You blame State for faulty intel about Iraq. However, (A) leftover WMDs WERE eventually found. (B) During the runup to the war, Iraq shipped most of them to other countries (e.g., Syria, where some were used in its civil war). (C) Even Saddam believed he had more WMDs than he actually had because his style of rule had his people fearful to tell him the truth. While Bush suffered character assassination rather than defend himself and start a race to find the missing weapons, the claim of “no WMDs” congealed into irreversible myth.

    Rather than embrace a less-than-credible narrative about Flynn, we should be more concerned about the violation of Flynn’s rights and the guerilla resistance campaign that Obama set up to extend his revolution during Trump’s term.

  • Larry Sparks

    There is no facts and data to support your Item #2, only speculation of where the WMD could have been moved if there was any at all. I am very suspect about the quality of intelligence coming from the State Department, CIA and National Security as there are all kinds of hidden agendas.

  • QuestGirl

    He knows it’s not a “religion”.

  • Rose215

    It is, but they will fight you every step of the way. Others have tried to “clean house” at the CIA — namely Kennedy and he was put in his place. The CIA is the seat of deep government. They use coercion and blackmail to control the agenda. If they have been successful in getting rid of Flynn on flimsy grounds, I do not know what can be done to stop them. Maybe nothing.

  • Alan T.

    The New Administration MUST “Drain the Swamp” and kick out all Communist Democrats in the Justice Department, FBI, CIA and State Department….We MUST have people Loyal to President Trump, all others must find other employment with their Communist Anti-American criminal friends in the Communist Democratic Party!!!

  • Alan T.

    It’s only been a week since he is there as Head of the CIA….may need a bit more time to assess!!!

  • Alan T.

    Or with the UN dragging its feet for a year, the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were moved in the endless caravans that were streaming out of Iraq and into Syria….proof is in the pudding when Saddam used chemical weapons of mass destruction against first the Iranians then the Kurds…Iraq had the weapons, but they were buried in the desert or moved in the caravans before the UN made their inspections!!!

  • Alan T.


  • Alan T.

    wrong, COVERED CARAVANS WERE SEEN AND PHOTOS OF IT EXIST HEADED TO SYRIA…NOT SPECULATION BUT FACT. WMD’s were used by Saddam against both the Iranians and the Kurds, which is proof of existance…..just that we Must always contend with a Hostile media that Always Twists the truth to make it appear that Republicans and Conservatives are stumbling idiots, but the Truth is that the Media is the Useful Idiots of the Communist Progressive Liberal Democratic Left!!!

  • reb

    Flynn is a Putinista and a Traitor! Reassuring America’s enemies the Russian Spy Terrorists not to worry about President Obama’s sanctions while Obama was still President is Treason -Benedict Arnold style. Gives Putin the signal that he can get away with it. Putin has given millions in bribes to turn people like him-at least $10 million to the LePen to become France’s next President and on and on; how much $$ went to Flynn is still being FBI investigated. And don’t forget we still don’t know what kind of financial and emotional and blackmail hold Putin has on Trump–he can confiscate his financial investments in Moscow at the slightest whim-(that’s why Trump will never release his Tax forms)

  • Rich

    You must have missed the satellite photos and the pictures of chemical weapons and rocket stashes, and even a jet buried in the sands, found years later. You also missed recent stories about why Bush took all that abuse. He had his failings (especially caving to the Left on economics), but concerning the myth of no WMDs, he demonstrated extremely high character.

  • Rich

    You know so much that’s based on hateful, partisan imaginings, you should apply for a job at the New York Times or MSNBC.

  • Cav16

    I am afraid it will take a blood letting civil war to clean this mess up. I don’t know if the nation can survive! Thus far these progressives have had their way without shedding a drop of their own blood! Where to start? Press, CIA, State Department, Obama’s 30,000 army? Every direction you look in the Federal government is nothing but corruption. This is the time which try men’s souls!

  • Cav16

    Tell me Larry are Chemical munitions weapons of mass destruction? If you don’t think so then you are ill informed to put it nicely!

  • tkrepel

    Why does Kincaid keep pushing the completely unsubstantiated claim that John Brennan converted to Islam? If he can’t prove it, he should stop peddling lies.

  • Chiefbuck

    Remember the Russians flew some of these weapons into Syria.

  • reb

    I hope you are at least getting paid like the thousand Putinista media trolls that are on Putin’s payroll ( you know that Putin is the richest man in the world-Trump can’t compare). Surely you’re not Putin’s useful idiot for FREE!?

  • Rich

    Whenever somebody like you makes an accusation like that, behind the curtain, I find somebody who’s doing that very thing, only a hundred times worse.

  • Rich

    As for “useful idiots,” your use of the term is ironic and hypocritical. Marx and his useful idiots is YOUR heritage under the euphemisms “liberal” and “Progressive.” Attacking Trump makes you Putin’s troll. But hey, being filled with blinding hate because your cold-hearted, alcoholic, narcissistic, money-grubbing, rapist-enabling, Marxist mafia Donna went down in flames is your right and your misfortune. When your hate burns you up from within, you will only be lamented by other haters.

  • harrydweeks

    My question would be , Why did Flynn find it necessary to mislead Pence? Could Pence be part of the problem ?

  • newsbrowser

    Russia is a threat to Europe and the USA. Putin wants to to destabilize both and destroy them from within. Neocons do not run the deep state. People like Obama and John Brennan and their ilk on the far left do. Their goal is to destabilize the government from within since their goal is the same as Putin: to destroy America. To achieve the same end George Soros and other wealthy leftist individuals and foundations fund Black Lives Matters and the Berkeley rioters and other SJWs activists who try to shut down free speech across our country. Their goal is to destroy America through creating conflict between various ethnic, religious and sexual groups.

  • Deplorable Me

    I don’t trust him.

  • wikkiwikki

    “One if Trump’s smart people,”?

    Really? Obviously not a smart quote from a not so informed anti Trumper. Use correct spellings. Second, Flynn has always been and is a registered democrat. He is also the one who leaked info on exposing Obama. He is also the one who was trying to smooth a transition for when Trump took office. The real story here is how President Trump made a calculated decision and it is turning Democrats on each other.

    Wake the fuck up. You have been lied to for the last 9 years about your party. Democrats are trying to DESTROY America. WAKE THE FUCK UP. We will build that wall and we will build it 50 feet higher than you expect.

  • Dixie Vangelisti

    EXACTLY ItsJo!!! You hit the nail on the head. May I add…Soros is just one of the NWO Puppet Masters.

  • Dixie Vangelisti

    How do you know that as a fact??? Have you talked to Flynn personally???

  • Dixie Vangelisti

    EXACTLY!!! And they don’t like people who disagree with them……..!!!!!!!!!


    Trump should have NEVER made this moron Pompeo the head of the CIA……. Mike is also a heavy supporter of the NSA’s surveillance
    programs: “Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all
    metadata, and combining it with publicly available financial and
    lifestyle information into a comprehensive, searchable database. Legal
    and bureaucratic impediments to surveillance should be removed.” And a Monsanto a$$kisser.

  • William

    You don’t know what a Communist is, so why fear them?

  • William

    Flynn is NOT a neocon? Coulda fooled me when he was pushin Obama’s New World Order agenda.

  • Alan T.

    Sorry to see that you are afflicted with UIS….Useful Idiot Syndrome….I hope that someday you recover.

    Flynn, like many realists and pragmatic intelligent people know and understand what islam is and what it has remained for over 1400 years ((over 600 years after Christianity and more than 1800 years after Judaism)) Exact dates are tough, but some reasonable dates are 1200 B.C. for the start of Judaism, 30 A.D. for the start of Christianity, and 610 A.D. for the start of Islam. islam consists of a compilation of some of the text of the Torah and the Bible that was purchased by MO because he was illiterate. The texts were twisted and perverted to apease a psychotic mind. It is a Satanic Cult and NOT a religion!!!

  • Alan T.

    islam is a Satanic Cult, Not a Religion! Followers are trapped in the 7’th century and will forever remain imprisoned in time along with their savage and primitive Satanic ideology!!! Willing victims of indoctrination, they are taught to hate and destroy anyone and anything that is non muslim, unless tribute ((bribes)) are payed or non-believer infidels submit to islam by converting or becoming a slave of their muslim captor!!!
    They do not belong in a civilized world, because they are conditioned to savage their non-muslim neighbors once their numbers become superior and they need to no longer fear that their Satanic intentions to “impose” their primitive and savage beliefs and cruelties upon their non-suspecting hosts, could no longer be safely opposed!!!
    muslims infest and destroy anything that they touch. If the KKK had a “so-called” Religion that maintained a Religious Belief that included the right to Kill blacks or if the Nazis had a “so-called” Religion with beliefs to Kill Jews….Any sane person would agree that neither was a legitimate “Religion!!!” Neither is islam a “legitimate or sanctioned” Religion, because everyone Not muslim is on their “Killing List.” Even fellow muslims that are considered “moderates” can be killed or harmed, because they do not abide by the “literal teachings” of the koran to kill non-believers if they will not convert. Yet, “so-called” moderates still are willing participants of a mob mentality of silent approval, when other muslims kill on their behalf in the name of islam!!!

  • William

    Even Satanism is a religion. If you think Flynn has any intelligence, consider who he works for.

  • Alan T.

    Apparently you are the ignorant Useful Idiot, because you dont know what a Communist is and only have an understanding of it from John Lennon’s song Imagine!!! Lets just look at a few of your admired Leaders and lets also include the Nazi Socialism:

    China (1949-76) Regime Communist Killed/Cleansed 60 million Victims;

    Soviet Union (1929-53) Regime Communist Killed 40 million Victims;

    Germany (1933-45) Regime Nazi dictatorship Killed 30 million Victims;

    4. POL POT
    Cambodia (1975-79) Regime Communist (Khmer Rouge)
    Killed At least 1.7 million (political opponents) Victims;

    North Korea (1948-94) Communist Regime Killed
    At least 1.6 million Victims and millions more through (political opponents/civilians through famine);

    Ethiopia (1974-78) Communist Regime military dictatorship
    Killed 1.5 million (Eritreans/political opponents) Victims;

    Nigeria (1967-70) Communist Regime Military dictatorship
    Killed One million (Biafrans starved and soldiers killed in civil war) Victims;

    Rwanda (1994) Communist Principled Regime Tribal dictatorship (Hutu) Killed 800,000 (Tutsis) Victims;

    Yugoslavia (1945-80) Communist Regime
    Victims 570,000 (political opponents) Victims;

    10. IDI AMIN
    Uganda (1971-79)
    Communist Principled Regime Personal dictatorship
    Victims 300,000-500,000 (political/personal opponents) Victims;

    11. HO CHI MINH
    North Vietnam (1945-69) Communist Regime
    Killed over 200,000 (political opponents, South Vietnamese) Victims;

    Cuba (1959-2006)
    Regime Communist Regime
    Killed at least 30,000 known (political opponents) Victims;

    13. Che Guevara
    Cuba/South America (1960’s) Executed an estimated 14,000 (political opponents) Victims

    AND THE LIST GOES ON IF YOU COUNT OTHER PERSONAL DICTATORSHIPS WITH COMMUNIST INFLUENCED POLICIES. No where in the world are the “common people” known as the Third Estate.

    Learn some History, then we can have an intelligent exchange!!!

  • William

    Proving my point that you don’t know what a Communist is.

    BTW try thinking for yourself instead of cutting and pasting.

  • Martha Bartha

    Trump dismissed the Intelligence Community & made enemies. Now they’re gonna dig up every piece of dirt they can on him.

  • Liberalssuck

    Why don’t you enlighten us what a communist is?

  • Liberalssuck

    Yes, but why isn’t cleaning house?

  • Liberalssuck

    Why don’t you trust him? I always thought him to be a genuine conservative. He was outstanding in questioning liberals during various congressional investigative committees.

  • Alan T.

    William: God, you are a typical “Useful Idiot” and given that “fact” anything you say is idiotic!!! Yes, I didn’t know the exact figures for each Communist Tyrant Dictator that you admire. Yes, I got the number of people Killed and Executed by each Communist Dictator from other sources and put them down in an order that even a Useful Idiot could “possibly” understand, but apparently I was wrong.

    Our country is in such a sad state because Useful Idiots, ((a term that Lenin called his followers)) that blindly supported him as he and Stalin conducted atrocities, one after another. You, appear young misinformed and naive as a result of your indoctrination by unscrupulous marxist professors and teachers that were more interested in brainwashing you than with teaching actual History. Hopefully, you will WAKE UP in time, but I wouldn’t bet on it!!!

  • Alan T.

    I would bet that you are one of those Useful Idiots blindly Protesting against President Trump, Not even knowing a modicum of actual facts, relevance or any idea that you are being used as a propaganda tool of the Anti-American Communist Democratic Party!!! Again, you probably shout down others with a Reasoned Opposite opinion of your own fragmented marxist ideology and “COEXIST” bumper sticker indoctrinated views and communist influenced slogans!!! That is the limit of your limited understanding of “What Communism is and Represents!!!”

  • Alan T.

    By the way, when you shout down and prevent opposite views of your corrupted opinion from being heard or debated or when you are an active or even passive participation in riots/demonstrations as a means to intimidate others with other views than your own…..AND you state that you won’t allow “fascists”…..Please Look in the Mirror and at a Dictionary to see what a Fascist is…It Is You!!!

  • Liberalssuck

    Well, I guess I don’t need William to enlighten me on what a communist is (did you notice he capitalized it?!) — you’ve done a fine job Alan. Thank you!

  • Liberalssuck

    Seriously? That’s just a cheap shot, man.

  • Alan T.

    I don’t trust Comey since he LIED FOR and Covered Up Crimes and Treasonous acts committed by obama and Killary!!! I would fire Comey before he destroys all the FBI files that he committed the above stated crimes!!! I wouldn’t care what he is now whispering in President Trump’s ear….he made his bed with a Flea Infested dog…Comey has Fleas and must be kicked out with the rest of obama’s leftover Traitors!!!

  • Alan T.

    Come to my FB page, I am an attorney that writes Constitutional essays and the truth about political events….I think you will enjoy them a lot!!! Actually I ended up posting some of what I wrote here on my FB page….I was just passing through here after reading an article and thought I’d type a few words to Our Useful Idiot friends….and there are a lot of them, BUT more of us!!! They’re just louder and more obnoxious and we have to work for a living to support them!!! All the best to you and yours!!!

  • Alan T.


    To any of my dear misinformed Useful Idiot Communist Democrat friends, Flynn is a respected General, Leader, Advisor and American Patriot. He headed the Department of Military Intelligence and there lies the the rub against the Establishment obama leftover Communist Marxist Democrat Bureaucrats that infested and infiltrated Our government. He is a straight up Patriot and NOT a “Player” to anything that would go against the Best Interests of America…..he can’t be bribed nor intimidated, two qualities of good character that doesn’t go well with the Communist Democratic Party and their corrupted form of politics!!! When obama had “his” Intelligence Departments fund and arm al qaeda, obama’s terrorist friends The Muslim Brotherhood and friends of Isis, so that they would fight Syria’s Assad, Flynn opposed them!!! The left over obama traitors in the Intelligence Community have a lot to hide and they didn’t want a straight shooter like Flynn to be involved in President Trump’s Administration. They had to target him and do whatever they could to make it appear that he did something wrong or even insinuate illegality <>>!!!

    Michael Flynn was doing his job as President elect Trump’s National Security Advisor and he contacted over 30 nations including Russia to introduce the new administration and open communications. That is nothing that ANY other previous person in his position didn’t always do!!! The ONLY Scandal and Crime here is that Classified Information from Flynn’s meetings with his counterparts was illegally recorded by the NSA and then obama’s Leftover Marxist Elements in the Intelligence Community ” Illegally Leaked “Classified” information to the Press!!! That is the only crime!!! It is a Crime that was committed by Communist Democrats and no one else!!! Once again, The “Democrats” have caused Classified and Secret Information due to their own Criminal proclivities, Treasonous habits and Anti-American ideology to be Intentionally or carelessly exposed!!! Which is a crime against the American People and the United States of America!!!

    President Trump asked for Flynn’s resignation because Flynn didn’t adequately inform President Trump and Vice President Pence of the full particulars of the conversation with Flynn’s Russian counterpart. President Trump expects nothing less than total competence and prowess by his staff!!! With the Communist Democrats in Congress and their Pravda Communist Democratic Party Political Press making up false stories to fit their own narrative, that are conspiring like a pack of marxist ideologue hyenas, President Trump didn’t think the fight was worth it and “caved” into the Saul Alinsky Communist obama tactics.

    President Trump has Bigger Problems and Issues to solve because of the Mess and Destruction that obama created both Domestically and Internationally. obama’s Treasonous attempt to Destroy and Fundamentally Change America into a More Marxist Muslim State will take a monumental effort to resolve!!! True Americans are Grateful that Professional Competent Adults are Now running Our Government to oversee the necessary Repairs caused by 8 years of political espionage and intentional destruction to “Fundamentally Change” the Founding Cornerstone Principles,Traditional values and morals of Our Country!!! President Trump will Reinstitute Our Constitution, Reestablish Our Republic and Restore Our Constitutional Liberties!!!

  • Alan T.


    Yet, the Communist Democrats want an investigation of Senior Trump Legal adviser and prior campaign manager Kellyanne Conway for mentioning Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on TV after Liberals attacked Ivanka and Sears, Nordstroms, Marshalls and Kmart decided to remove Ivanka’s clothing line from their stores!!!

    Where are the Priorities….Where is the REAL Media’s job to overlook REAL Government Corruption, Criminality and Treason that was rampent during the obama Coup and currently infesting the Communist Democratic Party???

  • Alan T.

    WRONG AGAIN, my marxist friend. General Michael Flynn headed the Department of Military Intelligence and there lies the the rub against the Establishment obama leftover Communist Marxist Democrat Bureaucrats that infested and infiltrated Our government. He is a straight up Patriot and NOT a “Player” to anything that would go against the Best Interests of America…..he can’t be bribed nor intimidated, two qualities of good character that doesn’t go well with the Communist Democratic Party and their corrupted form of politics!!! When obama had “his” Intelligence Departments fund and arm al qaeda, obama’s terrorist friends “The Muslim Brotherhood” and friends of “Isis,” so that they could conduct a covertly obama sanctioned (unapproved by Congress) war against Syria’s Assad, Flynn opposed them!!! The leftover obama traitors in the Intelligence Community have a lot to hide and they didn’t want a straight shooter like Flynn to be involved in President Trump’s Administration. They had to target him and do whatever they could to make it appear that he did something wrong or even insinuate illegality !!! Basically obama’s marxist muslim treasonous regime still operates in Our Government, at least until the Swamp is Drained of them!!!

  • Alan T.

    How and Why America Fundamentally Changed!!!

    The Anti-American views of many Liberal Marxist Democrats, have a closer association to ideologies of Socialist Europe or Communist North Korea, because of their direct affiliation with feudal or collectivist influences,….. rather than in a place where American Exceptionalism, Capitalism and Democracy has prospered!!! Liberal Anti-American Democrats, have been indoctrinated and influenced to hate America and all of its accomplished Greatness. They have a misdirected affinity for a “One World Kumbaya Commune Genre; Rothschild Dominated Banking Cartel; Conspiratorial Rockefeller supported U.N. Cabal; Builderberg One Rule New World Order Utopia”… which they believe and trust, that the most Powerful and Richest Families in the World, would have their best interests at heart, while under the Cartel’s “compassionate” Rule. I cannot disagree more intensely! History certainly refutes this implausible idyllic envisionment. Rulers have never shown much compassion or concern towards their subjects, and utopia has always remained an unattainable fictitious fable to be pursued by fools.

    The American Revolution and its Consequence, created a new Nation that was unwilling to compromise Individual Freedom of the “Common Man.” This righteous fundamental truth, has been a “Thorn in the Side” of the One Rule New World Order Cartel for the past 240 years. Accordingly, this American “inconvenience” required a reversal and dissolution of the ideals developed and held dear by Free Men. For the successful reintroduction of a One Rule New World Order Cartel to triumph, its opposition must be neutralized or destroyed. That opposition manifests itself in the very being and soul of The United States of America and its Freedom Loving, Critical Thinking American People! The Cartel’s co-conspirators, are once again making a vigorous effort to assault American ideals and return power to the original status quo, for the full control of all the world. The predominant objective remains to reestablish their absolute direction, dominance and control over every aspect of the human condition.

    The obama Coup de’ etat of OUR American Government is their latest best effort in over 200 years to reestablish control over all mankind! A return to the enslavement of man and serfdom under the guise of the U.N. or some other political enigma, will once again create an existential continuity of ultimate influence and control over the world. According to many Liberal Marxist Democrats and at the direction of the One Rule New World Order, the “Thorn” has run its course, and what George Washington once coined “The Great Experiment,” is now considered obsolete. I differ to accept this Marxist pretense, because it is the conspiratorial subterfuge by the Marxist infiltration and influence, initiated by the One Rule New World Order (obama being the crown jewel), that has destroyed OUR Nation Economically, Militarily , Morally and Spiritually! “True Americans,” however, have always risen and Will Once Again Rise, to confront and fight All Enemies that threaten OUR unwavering prevalent commitment to Defend Our Constitution, Our Liberties and Our FREEDOM! These Americans would rather Die on Their Feet as a Free Man, than Live on their Knees under Authoritarian Rule! I concur and pledge my allegiance to this Supreme Cause!

    There is still time to endure and vanquish this maleficent attempt to destroy OUR Country that has continued to infest and infiltrate Our Government.. A Spirit and Will remains in True Americans to continue as the vanguard for the World’s Best hope to oppose oppression and iniquitous tyrants. Even as America finds itself under continuous attack from Enemies BOTH foreign and “Domestic,” the True American will never relinquish this duty or commitment to Our People or to the world. Obama and the useful idiots, are the servants of the One Rule Power Banking Cartel, to once again establish World Dominance. Historically, the One Rule Cartel governed the world relatively unopposed, before the “Thorn” (United States) unexpectedly won its Revolutionary War for Independence. As a consequence, Liberty, Self Reliance and Individual Freedom, embedded themselves into the very fiber and souls of Americans. Individual Freedom became imbued in Our veins and in each beat of Our hearts. Many True Americans continue to have instilled within their very being these ideals.

    The One Rule Cartel had bet on the wrong side of the Revolutionary War, having backed the British Empire. This miscalculation, squarely placed them on the wrong side of the course of human events. The birth of a Free Nation released man’s natural desire for critical thinking and introspection; and threw away the chains of silent conformity and unquestioned obedience. <> America continued to grow in power and influence, and with it, the American People developed into a new breed of mankind. Americans demonstrated a new love for Independence and increasingly valued Freedom from centralized governmental influences. America had become a real threat to the One Rule New World Order Cartel that previously enjoyed unchallengeable authority!

    America is unique and Our Founding Fathers attempted to preserve this “Exceptionalism” in the precise language of OUR Constitution. OUR Nation is unlike any other, and no other nation has ever existed like it. A New consciousness awoke in man, which remains in most Americans today. That consciousness or enlightenment, constituted the antithesis of the traditional subservience that the One Rule New World Order Cartel was accustomed. A movement for the degradation and dissolution of the American Ideals and Will to embrace Freedom, had to be compelled and encouraged. Infiltration was dictated to the Cartel’s agents, to instill conformity and indoctrination into Our public school educational system and Universities. The open exchange of ideas from campus parlance was forever silenced. Yet, in spite of these covert efforts made by Anti-American Marxist professors and teachers, there still remains an infusion of the core beliefs of Our Founding Fathers. The resiliency of American Exceptionalism remains and will not easily fade into the shadows of oppression.
    The Cartel’s Exercise of Power reaches the highest levels of Our Judicial System. The Supreme Court of the United States, has incessantly and methodically debased the original intent of the Constitution since its ratification. Our Constitution has become a mere shadow of the original principles and intent proclaimed by Our Founders. Liberty, for many has become an illusion. The assault upon the Constitution had begun, before the ink from James Madison’s pen had even dried upon the parchment of this preeminent and revered document, that was created in defense of Human Rights and Liberty.

    Likewise, unscrupulous Machiavellian politicians, continue to debase the paragons of both, Our American Democracy and Our Republic.
    Notions of individual freedom and independence must be severed from the Tree of Liberty, for the Cartel to succeed. For the Cartel to succeed, the Cartel’s influence needed to be reestablished and the American People must be once again realigned to accept the Cartel’s authority over them. The American People must be made to believe and embrace a sense for “dependence,” and with it, a belief that socialistic values are essential for survival. Centralized government, redistribution, economic and social equality must prevail and be programmed into the peoples’ consciousness, through increased government control and regulation. Only in this way could the One Rule New World Order Cartel regain its throne and uncontested command over all nations. The New World Order has succeeded to realize much of its objectives, however, there still remains a core vestige of American Exceptionalism and belief of Our Sovereign Right as Americans to control Our own destiny, with minimal government intrusion or precept.

    The centralization of OUR government was never the intent or vision for America by Our Founding Fathers. The eventual transition from clandestine degradation to all out open hostility towards OUR Constitution and American Liberties, has never been made more evident than it is today. This obvious premeditated animosity against the Constitution, however, has finally revealed its ugly self to the American People. The corollary consequence has launched a new resolve and determination in the American People. “We The People,” Will Stand as One Nation Under God, to Reestablish Our Country, Our Constitution and Reinstitute every Liberty and Moral verity that was Entrusted to us by OUR FOUNDING FATHERS! Each of us stands alone, only if we choose not to stand with one another!!!
    Since America’s creation, however, The One Rule World Order Cartel has slowly instilled in some useful idiots, a desire to destroy or “Fundamentally Change” the convictions and canons of Our Founding Fathers. Yet, the internalized passion for Freedom pervades Americans and cannot be easily extinguished! Through stealth and meticulous analytic patience, the New World Order Cartel has slowly slithered into a position to breach the fragile veil of Freedom, endowed upon the American People. Yet, a New Consciousness, Determination and Patriotism pervades through an awakened America. Common Sense and Justice will once again become Our expected norm and subterfuge, deceit and deception will once again be found to be the exception. The resolve of True Americans will always kindle the flames necessary to bring Freedom’s light to all who covet its blessings; while others who blindly follow the mendacious and deceitful colloquial of the Communist Democrats will forever become steeped in only darkness!!!

    The year 1913 marked the beginning of a more emphatic assault upon American Exceptionalism, which has increasingly escalated in intensity with the passage of time. The Democratic Party has remained in close alliance with the One Rule World Power Cartel. Together, they have created an “invisible government” to encourage and program socio-economic dependence. This association first became most evident during Woodrow Wilson’s (D) presidency, after which Wilson (D) chained all future Americans to the dual horrors of both the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS. Centralized economic empowerment was Wilson’s greatest achievement on behalf of the One World Rule Cartel. The establishment of the Cartel’s control over America’s finances, allowed the Cartel to secure the financial assets and capability necessary to expand centralized government.

    With the Growth of a more robust Central Government, a new dependence upon it by the American People was gradually created. Americans were made to believe that it was their right to receive government “Hand Outs, Free Stuff and Entitlements!” Unconstrained debt was egregiously caused to mount. Out of control social, military and welfare-state spending, became common practice and “expected.” Politicians, solely driven by their own self serving perpetuation for greater political power and precipitous greed, unwittingly and intentionally conspire with the NWO Cartel through their creation of a ceaseless assembly line of new social aid programs. Any consideration, of the price future generations will have to pay, remains of no concern. America was placed upon a track that could only end in one way….a catastrophic collapse under the weight of its own indebtedness! In collapse, the Cartel finds opportunity. As savior, the New World Order Cartel demands an exacting price upon our Individual Independence and Freedoms. In return, meager apportionment’s of life’s necessities and sustenance are distributed among a desperate people.

    The United States is opposed around the globe by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies upon covert means to expand its sphere of influence. This silent and determined New World Order Cartel adopts infiltration instead of invasion; subversion instead of democratic elections and intimidation instead of free choice. However, the war has yet to be fought. “Americans have finally awakened to the fact and understand that the One World Rule Banking Cartel owns the Federal Reserve. This closed conglomerate of banks consisting of the same members of the New World Order, One Rule Banking Cartel, continues to maintain its quasi-government entity status, and with it, has unparalleled control over the United States economy. This American revelation, however, may have come too late, as Our Country has been driven to the precipice of economic collapse.

    The continuity of Americas’ existence has been challenged by this premeditated stratagem, to create an unsustainable mountain of national debt, from which America could never recover. Exploitative Political, Social, Educational and Judicial forces have united to destroy and “Fundamentally Change” The United States of America. The Cartel’s success can only be weighed when the destruction of all vestiges of America’s principles of Independence and Freedom, have been reduced to ashes and only desperation remains. In that event, and only then, can the New World Order Cartel claim its total conquest over the will of man.

    Subsequent “Democratic Administrations” promoted more and more dependence upon central government planners, to create government welfare and with it additional dependence. FDR’s (D) New Deal created more social welfare programs during the Great Depression, and remained unrivaled until Obama (D) doubled the national debt in just 6 years! <> The dawn of socio-economic dependence was born.
    In league together, the Democratic Party and the One World Rule Cartel succeeded to besiege American ideals that are manifested by Individual Independence and Individual Responsibility. These ideals were replaced with a code of Economic Entitlements and Degenerate Social Rights, founded in the principles of human Dependence; Creation of a Welfare State; and the Establishment of a Secular Society. Ronald Reagan (R) denotes the concluding chapter of political differentiation between the Republican and Democratic Parties, wherein a conspicuous blurring of political principles befall political influence today. The abandonment of political choice has essentially interned the American Peoples’ option into one solitary monolithic political party, the “Republicrates!” The transformation of America under the guise of “progress,” continues to unravel the very fabric of the America, that was once envisioned by Our Founding Fathers!

    The New World Order Cartel. has been involved in the finance of every war this world has ever known. The year 1962 presented the Cartel with its greatest opportunity since WWII, with the advent of the Cuban Missile Crisis. John F. Kennedy (D), however, proved to be rather obstinately uncooperative with the Cartel. A Machiavellian response is the usual reaction of the Cartel towards Emperors, Kings and Presidents! JFK’s reluctance to launch WWIII and his inclination to publicly unveil the surreptitious existence of the New World Order Cartel, remains the likely reason for his requisite assassination. Lyndon B.Johnson (D) proved to be a much more cooperative President. The Cartel’s efforts to expand the war in Vietnam and expand more dependence by swelling Social Welfare under the pretense of creating “The Great Society,” fused LBJ and the Cartel into a collaborative union of iniquity.

    The collaboration between Liberal Marxist Democrats and the Cartel remains the greatest threat to Our Nation’s sovereignty and existence. The unwavering Will, Courage and Moral Conviction and Fortitude of True Americans, can only determine whether Our future generations will ever behold the blessings of Freedom once again.

  • Deplorable Me

    A genuine Conservative, Inc. conservative.

  • Liberalssuck

    I agree with you completely about Comey, but I was referring to Pompeo. I don’t understand why he isn’t clearing out the Obama minions from the CIA.
    Deplorable Me suggests he’s part of the establishment; he was a Tea Party candidate!

    As for Comey, why did Trump leave him in?! I’m just getting a little concerned about some things. I’m still in, but just concerned…

  • Liberalssuck

    I would go to your FB page, but I actually got frustrated with the liberal manipulation of news on there, and I deleted my profile about a month ago.

    As for the rest of what you said, I agree! The best to you, as well, my friend.

  • Liberalssuck

    Are suggesting he’s just another so-called conservative that jumped on the Tea Party wave to capitalize on it?

    I mean, look, I’m definitely concerned about him; about his standing against Flynn, not clearing the Obama scum out of the CIA, and going to SA to give an award. However, I just can’t believe he’s a turncoat. Or, I don’t want to!

  • Alan T.

    I wish you well too!!!

  • Alan T.

    Regarding Comey, since Comey reopened Hillary’s Investigation close to the election, that might have been done in exchange for some qid pro quo deal with Trump’s campaign handlers. That’s the only reason I can think of to reason why President Trump would keep a defender and collaborator accessory to both obama’s and Hillary’s High Crimes and Treason!!! With regard to Pompeo, he has been at the CIA for only a short period of time and he is on the front lines of the Shadow Government Deep State!!! It may take some time to assess who his friendlies are from the entrenched infiltrated enemy holdover obama marxists. I will give him time, these people are serious cold blooded “professionals!!!”

  • Deplorable Me

    What part of the Establishment don’t you get?

  • Liberalssuck

    No need to be condescending. I’m just asking you to clarify yourself.

    I could call you, say, a dickhead, but I should have empirical evidence (in this case, your response to me) to support my claim. I’m simply asking what evidence you have to support your assertions.

    What part of that don’t you understand?

  • Deplorable Me

    He was recommended by Bob Dole and won applause from all Republicans. He’s part of the establishment.

  • Liberalssuck

    Well, that sucks…

  • ZeroHour

    Such BS. Unlike (apparently) the author, the CIA understands that Russia is an enemy, and that Putin is a brutal dictator who murders journalists and opposition politicians, not to mention meddles in elections across the globe to destabilize the West. The CIA sees there have been potentially traitorous activities by Flynn — that’s why they rightfully want to take him down.

  • ZeroHour

    Open your eyes — the Trump team are Putin lapdogs.

  • ZeroHour

    Then hopefully you don’t fear an independent, bipartisan commission with broad authority to investigate Flynn and the rest of the Trump team’s increasingly suspicious ties to Russia.

  • Ian

    The CIA is wicked and evil and should be destroyed, those who work in this evil place and program and wipe peoples minds should be hung.

  • ZeroHourIsAlyingFággot

    The IMF is in bed with the Turks, Saudis, and NATO, they are worried about a Trump audit of the Federal Reserve… and about Trump and Putin teaming up to destroy them once and for all… Trump was a vote for peace, and peace does not make money for the weapon industry. The pseudo secular media and their globalist masters profit from destabilization.

  • ?????? ??? ????

    Jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte Welt Müll.?

    “The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.”–Louis Farrakhan?

    “The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle of Nature and replaces the eternal privilege of power and strength by the mass of numbers and their dead weight.”–Mein Kampf

  • Boko Haram = Homo Barak

    “Now you know I’m going to be lambasted and called anti-Semitic… They’ll say Farrakhan was up to his old canards; he said Jews control Hollywood. Well, they said it themselves! Jews control the media. They said it themselves! Jews and some gentiles control the banking industry, international banks. They do! In Washington right next to the Holocaust Museum is the Federal Reserve where they print the money. Is that an accident?” – – LOUIS FARRAKHAN

  • C. W. Spangle II

    I voted for Trump… goose stepping, swastika tattooed, Teutonic SOB…

    Just shut the fúck up Jew… really…

    We have nothing to do with the Jewish doctrine of communism, it is a Jewish invention… all the Jews in the U.S. Congress and on the Supreme Court are anti-Christian, gun gabbing, anti-white, open borders dual Israeli citizens…

  • Heil Hitler!

    Lenin was a Jew… Marx was a Jew… Stalin was a Jew…

    “Obama was selected before he was elected. And the people that selected him were rich, powerful members of the Jewish community. They selected him to be their first Jewish president.”–Louis Farrakhan

  • C.W. Spangle

    Communism is a Jewish cult… Satanism is a Jewish cult… I voted for Trump… Heil Hitler!

    “I believe that for the small numbers of Jewish people in the United States, they exercise a tremendous amount of influence on the affairs of government…Yes, they exercise extraordinary control, and black people will never be free in this country until they are free of that kind of control.”–Louis Farrakhan?

    “Obama was selected before he was elected. And the people that selected him were rich, powerful members of the Jewish community. They selected him to be their first Jewish president.”–Louis Farrakhan?

    “Only the Jew knew that by an able and persistent use of propaganda, heaven itself can be presented to the people as if it were hell and, vice versa, the most miserable kind of life can be presented as if it were paradise.”~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  • newsbrowserisalyingfag

    The U.S. State Dept. has been infested with communists since WW1 and Woodrow Wilson, they tried to steal the Russian elections for their comrades in the Russian Communist Party through non-profit n.g.o.s… just like at home in America… But… Vladimir Putin beat them, so they launched a fággot jihad against the Russian Orthodox church over the punk rock band and the Olympics (something Bítch Romney also stupidly piled onto) Miss neo-kabbalah lesbian Madonna, now rumored to be a Muslim convert, was flown in to agitate while Hillary was on a world-wide gay pride tour.

    (The Podesta Group was paying Hosni Mubarak about 1.3 million dollars a year, they also rigged the Egyptian election for the Muslim Brotherhood’s now deposed Mohammed Morsi.)

    When the Iron Curtain fell down the Bolshevik Jews all fled to the other side because they knew what Russians would do to them after 100 years of communism… The best thing about Russia getting Crimea back… Catherine the Great took it from the Turks… What happened right after Russia retook Crimea? The FSB searched all the Turks living there… Why? Because NATO sponsors Islamist terrorism when it suits them to.

  • Alan T. is a liar

    “Obama was selected before he was elected. And the people that selected him were rich, powerful members of the Jewish community. They selected him to be their first Jewish president.”–Louis Farrakhan?

    the only difference between kosher and halal is that…

    #1 …in kosher slaughter, the rabbi must first féllatiate all the male animals, this has a calming affect… for the rabbi…

    #2 …in halal slaughter, the imam must lick the anús of the animal… this makes the imam agitated…

  • Liberalssuck

    Nice quotes. Now please go kill yourself…

  • Martha Bartha

    So Obvious!

  • Kyle

    Alan, did your mommy forget to tell you about name-calling? He who does it first loses the argument. The Beatles and Wikipedia are clearly your sources when it comes to learnin’ some history so you’re not likely to ever be involved in any sort of “intelligent exchange,” as further indicated by your puerile use of “!!!.”

  • Kyle

    So you don’t have the balls to put your username in Roman alphabet? Cowardly and ignorant – bigly.

  • Alan T.

    WHO POSTED THE ABOVE??? Is this you William, Our token Communist Democrat friend??? Not, my remarks in above prior post RE: rabbis and imams!!! Although I do agree obama was “Selected without allowing Vetting which would show that he didn’t meet the “Requirements” to be President because obama only is, “at best. a US Citizen and IS NOT a “Natural Born Citizen” Required by OUR Constitution. Our Founders knew,used, defined and intended “Natural Born” status to mean the <> for the child to have the staus of a “Natural Born Citizen!!! See Vattel’s “Law of Nations” reference book provided to and used by Our First Congress by Ben Franklin AND see the Naturalization Act of 1790 wherein Our First Congress defined “Natural Born” within the Act itself as stated above. Obama is terefore illegitimate, intentionally “Given” the Presidency in a political Coup d’ etat and therefore everything obama di is not enforceable and Treasonous!!!

  • Alan T.

    Kyle, It’s NOT “Name calling” when the words are merely used to describe the actual character or identity that the person portrays or indicates himself to be!!! It is a matter of respect that I am acknowledging him for what he actually is, “a Communist Liberal Progressive Democrat” and a “Useful Idiot” which is what Stalin called his followers who blindly babbled his propaganda as he committed atrocities!!! My use, as you call it, “puerile use of !!!” is my own expression to associate me with <> but I am sure all of this is beyond what you believe is intelligent commentary!!! It is a use of symbolism. Although you may believe that you can have an “intelligent” conversation with me…..I would hope that you take some time to educate yourself of some facts before we have an exchange of ideas, history or realities. I only teach those who truly want to learn.

  • Alan T.

    I hope your comment wasn’t directed towards me and was your misunderstanding. I am a conservative Constitutionalist and not a Jew…although I do agree that many on the Left on the Supreme Court and in Congress relatively happen to fit your description. If you don’t believe that the Democratic Party is Now Openly announcing that it’s…. political principles have “evolved, Fundamentally Changed and Progressed” to straight up Marxist/Communist ideology, then there is a lot of factual context that must be relayed.

  • Philippe Desrosiers

    Roman Catholic Leaders Confess : Jesuits Run The CIA.

    Nazi Germany – A Creation of the Vatican and Jesuit.

  • Alan T.

    ZeroHour, Before your Left wing BS Investigations based upon nothing but the Communist Democratic Party’s attempt to distract the true reasons why they lost the election<>. First, REAL Investigations relating to obama’s, Hillary’s, Lois “IRS” Lerner , Loretta Lynch & Eric Holder, Comey, and all their staff and administrators MUST be INITIATED for their TREASON and CRIMES against the American People and the United States of America!!!

  • Alan T.

    Before Left wing BS Investigations are allowed regarding General Flynn or Claims that the Russians “Influenced” the election are to be held, there are other REAL INVESTIGATIONS UPON THE CONDUCT OF COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS THAT MUST FIRST BE ADDRESSED REGARDING OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION!!!

    The Communist Democratic Party is “Demanding” investigations and the Republicans should gladly grant their wish, but on OUR Terms!!!
    The Communist Democrats are attempting to distract the American people from the true reasons why they lost the election: .

    First, REAL Investigations relating to obama’s, Hillary’s, Lois “IRS I Plead the 5’th ” Lerner, Loretta Lynch & Eric Holder, Comey, and all their staff and administrators MUST be INITIATED for charges of their TREASON and CRIMES against the American People and the United States of America!!!

    Maybe after all these REAL Investigations conclude and ALL of obama’s Administration and his cohorts are all in Jail, the Republican Congress and Attorney General Sessons can entertain if further Communist Democrat Investigations are warranted…If of course there are ANY Communist Democrats left, that still would be interested and that are Not Already in JAIL!!!

  • Kyle

    Alan, you are a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, full stop. Therefore, your speculation regarding intelligent exchanges with me – or anyone for that matter – is moot.

  • Alan T.

    Kyle, And your a typical Communist Democrat, you will have an exchange with Only those that agree with your twisted and dangerous views of the world as defined by the protected bubble and safe zones used to discriminate against all others… shout down ((as Real Fascists)) do, anyone that rightfully disagrees with you!!!

  • Alan T.

    Regarding your store bought “college” reference, > I don’t have to “pretend” to be smart….I have more education, common sense and real world experience than you or your other Communist Marxist Liberal Progressive Democrat, or whatever new label your kind calls yourselves today ((as a disguise for what you truly are)) friend!!! Are you some student getting brainwashed in school, or worse yet, some professor employed to indoctrinate OUR children to accept marxist ways??? Well, I am not and I have fought against the worst this world has to offer, you are of no consequence. I cannot be bullied by some “Krugerized” indoctrinated snowflake!!!

  • Alan T.

    Open your eyes, the Communist Democratic Party’s narrative is BS!!! Hillary and Billy the Perv Clinton sold 20% of Our Nation’s Strategic Uranium Mines ((currently being shipped to Iran)) to PUTIN!!! The Clintons used Killary’s State Department to launder the Graft money into their criminal greedy hands. PUTIN had his Nationally owned Bank Bribe Billy the “Perv” Clinton with $500K for a “supposed” 20 minute “Speech” as he waited for the check to be drafted and the Slush Fund Clinton Foundation received an Additional $110 MILLION (Plus)) Bribe/payoff from the RUSSIAN Government sponsored entities involved!!! And You have the Bumper Sticker & Protest Poster Limited Information Useful Idiot audacity and basically stupidity to say that President Trump is “Putin’s lapdog?” God, I wish Communist Progressive Liberal Marxist Democrats actually watched REAL NEWS at the very least OR investigated the facts at least superficially!!!


    Before Left wing BS Investigations are allowed regarding General Flynn or Claims that the Russians “Influenced” the election are to be held, there are other REAL INVESTIGATIONS UPON THE CONDUCT OF COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS THAT MUST FIRST BE ADDRESSED REGARDING OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION!!!
    The Communist Democratic Party is “Demanding” investigations and the Republicans should gladly grant their wish, but on OUR Terms!!!

    The Communist Democrats are attempting to distract the American people from the true reasons why they lost the election: !!! These are the REAL Reasons why the Communist Democrats Lost the Election, NOT some “phantom” Russian conspiracy!!!

    First, REAL Investigations relating to obama’s, Hillary’s, Lois “IRS I Plead the 5’th ” Lerner, Loretta Lynch & Eric Holder, Comey, and all their staff and administrators MUST be INITIATED for charges of their TREASON and CRIMES against the American People and the United States of America!!!

    Maybe, after all these REAL Investigations conclude and ALL of obama’s Administration and his cohorts are all in Jail, the Republican Congress and Attorney General Sessons can entertain if further Communist Democrat Investigations are warranted…If of course there are ANY Communist Democrats left, that still would be interested and that are Not Already in JAIL!!!

  • Wendell Bravo · Political messiah at Dota

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  • Philippe Desrosiers

    I supported Trump even if I am a Canadian because of line of his narrative: normalization US. foreign relations with Russia.

    The rest of the crap especially about Marxism or communism I really do not care.

    My premise come from a short clip I made last year.

    DEFCON1 Nuclear Holocaust 2016

  • David Stewart

    I still recall the 60s and 70s; not convinced yet that the people should trust the CIA. And WaPo and the rest of the Commiecrats are trying to treat Flynn as if he was Trump’s creature; not so; Trump sorta inherited him, not that he may or may not have done a no-no. Not proven yet, and the more the Dimwitocrats rant and rave, the more unlikely it becomes!

  • 92nRed Rappini

    I hope Pompeo is next to be fired.

  • Alan T.

    The Communist Democrat Traitor Clintons sell 20% of US Strategic Uranium mines to Putin’s Uranium mining companies and Billy the Perv goes over to Russia for a 20 minute “Speech” while Putin’s Russian National Bank was drafting a $500K check for him and an additional $110 MILLION is sent to the Slush Fund Clinton Foundation ((Only 7% of money bribed to the foundation goes to actual causes, the rest to the Criminal Clinton family) AND YOU SAY TRUMP IS A LAPDOG TO PUTIN….YOU CERTAINLY LIVE ON A DIFFERENT PLANET THAN ME ….WHEN YOU COME BACK TO EARTH WE CAN TALK!!!

  • Alan T.

    If I am a liar, then you are an Idiot and a Fool!!! Obama was “placed” into office ((No Vetting at all)) by the New World Order elites who actually run the world…Soros is in charge of North America!!! There was a political Coup d’ etat when obama was “Given” the Presidency. To be President the candidate MUST be a “Natural Born Citizen”….a status of American Citizenship that is superior to a mere “Citizen.” OUR FOUNDERS “REQUIRED” this “condition” because the Executive Branch is most vulnerable to foreign influence, because 1 man heads the Entire Branch of Government ((Our Founder’s feared British influence through the Presidency)). Ben Franklin brought back with him from France a reference book that was later used by Madison, Jefferson and Our Founders during the First Congress and when creating Our Constitution. The book was called “Law of Nations” by Vattel and it stated that a “Natural Born Citizen” requires that BOTH Parents are American Citizens at the time of the child’s birth for the Child to be a “Natural Born Citizen,” otherwise if ONLY One parent is a US citizen at the birth of the child the child is merely a “Citizen!!!” The Founders actually defined Natural Born Citizen in the “Naturalization Act of 1790” when they expanded Natural Born Citizen status to include children born abroad by TWO US Citizen Parents!!! obama by his own admission ONLY had ONE Parent that was a US Citizen (his mother) when he was Born and therefore NEVER met this Constitutional Requirement!!!

  • Keltlady

    Drain ALL of the intelligence swamp. See the evil ones run for cover.

  • Elaine

    The Venona papers explains how we have come to be ruled by Communists within our government. The Venona documents that our intelligence community has had access to since before the 1950’s, has been kept classified. It took authors, John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, writing the book, Venona, for Americans to discover the deep burrowing of Communists in our government and the destruction they have caused America. It is surprising that they had to go into the filesin the asoviet Union to gather this vital information, withheld by our intelligence agencies from Americans. Another revelation of Communists in our halls of power comes from Rene Wormser in his book, Foundations; Their Power and Influence. This documentation reveals how Tax-Exempt Foundations haveused their huge resources ( which were supposed to be for the benefit of the public) to seed communists into the State Dept., our Education system, publishing houses, print media etc, and not only steer policy and governance but redefine our way of life in secrecy. Senator Joseph McCarthy was absolutely on target and evidence of his correct knowledge was the level of destructionthat was heaped upon this honest, brave and loyal American. Others were blackened in history to seize control of America as well. Congressman Charles Lindberg Sr. and Senator Louis McFadden come to mind. If you knew history, you could understand exactly why we are where we are today.