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Coming to the end of the Obama administration, with the wreckage of its foreign policy all around us, the naïve conservatives running the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal are begging President Obama to offer “A New American Deal for Europe.”

“It’s time for the U.S. to get back in the game because America needs a confident, prosperous Europe as a partner to defend the West against the rise of authoritarian regimes and global disorder,” the editorial writers say. In the case of Obama, however, this is like waiting for the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny.

Europe is already dominated by the Germany of Angela Merkel, an agent, or at least a stooge, of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Her welcome mat to Syrian refugees has been disastrous for her own country, an unsurprising development considering the fact that Air Force General Philip M. Breedlove had described the exodus of refugees from the Middle East as a form of “weaponization” used by Russia and its ally Syria to destabilize Europe. Breedlove served as the Commander of U.S. European Command.

But rather than confront Russia, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has accused NATO of “warmongering” because the alliance is conducting military exercises in order to repel a full-blown Russian invasion of Europe. This is a sure sign of the German government’s desire to accommodate Russian interests in Europe.

Christopher Story, a former economic adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, had always warned of Russian-German collaboration in wanting to dominate Europe. His massive volume, The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States, was published in 2002.

Incredibly, Bloomberg reports that Obama is now proposing to use the Brexit as an excuse to replace Britain with Germany as America’s key ally in Europe.

Britain’s decision to leave the EU was a patriotic but dangerous move, not only because Obama is the U.S. President and he opposed Brexit, but because of the global forces now arrayed against it. Billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros, who argued for Britain to “remain” in the EU, now warns, “…the UK itself may not survive. Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, can be expected to make another attempt to gain its independence, and some officials in Northern Ireland, where voters also backed Remain, have already called for unification with the Republic of Ireland.”

A major Democratic moneybags who backs such figures as current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Soros is capable of destabilizing entire countries. In 1992 he engaged in a complex financial transaction that resulted in the Bank of England losing billions of dollars defending the British pound sterling, before having to devalue it.

This time around, his spokesman denies that Soros speculated against the pound, but admits that “because of his generally bearish outlook on world markets, Mr. Soros did profit from other investments.”

Trying to get Merkel off the hook for what has happened to Germany, Soros wrote that while her decision in welcoming the refugees “was an inspiring gesture,” it was “not properly thought out” because the “sudden influx of asylum-seekers disrupted people in their everyday lives across the EU.”

It’s hard to believe this was “not properly thought out,” and that Merkel didn’t know what she was doing. In any case, Soros says “the disintegration of the EU” is now “practically irreversible.” He stands ready to pick up the pieces, making tons of money, and then funneling a major portion of it into liberal coffers. Over the last 32 years, according to their own estimate, the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations had expenditures of more than $13 billion.

From their perspective, the British people were desperate to save what’s left of their nation, whose capital, London, recently elected a Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who has connections to radical Islam.

For his part, Obama said openly that he wanted the British to stay in the EU. Otherwise, he said they would end up at the back of the line for trade deals.

Nigel Farage, leader of the U.K. Independence Party, quite rightly blasted Obama for those remarks. But he said at the same time that Putin had behaved in a more “statesmanlike” manner. Putin had just returned from a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and spoke of their growing strategic alliance against the West, consisting of expanding political, economic, and military operations.

Obama’s terrible treatment of an ally is not surprising. Obama views Britain as a white colonial power that oppressed his brothers and sisters of color, and Muslims around the world.

In 2012, it was reported that Obama had removed the bust of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who rallied the British people during WWII, from the Oval Office, and sent it back to the British Embassy. The White House scrambled to correct that, saying the bust had just been moved somewhere else in the White House complex.

Where does this hatred come from? All roads lead to Obama’s mentor, the Communist Frank Marshall Davis, the man the media haven’t wanted to talk about for seven years now.

Professor Paul Kengor, author of a book about Davis, notes that he “harbored a special hatred for Winston Churchill, who, like [Democratic President Harry S.] Truman, opposed Stalin’s Soviet Union—the country to which Davis dedicated his heart, his mind, his soul, and his pen.” Davis, a propagandist for the Communist Party in Hawaii, had written that “the only people Churchill gives a rap about are the white people of the British Empire,” and that Churchill wanted America to join him in bludgeoning “all other countries into submission.” He complained that Churchill favored a postwar U.S.-UK alliance that excluded the USSR.

Despite Obama’s anti-British mentality, the Journal’s recent editorial said, “An important first signal would be for the U.S. to invite the U.K. to begin bilateral free-trade talks that run alongside current talks with the EU.”

But the Journal editorial writers have to know that Obama has no intention of pursuing that idea. However, Art Harman, who was legislative director for former Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), has proposed a bill to do just that. Harman tells AIM that “just introducing such a bill or resolution would send our great ally the message that they can vote according to their best interests without fear that the U.S. would cost them trade if they vote the ‘wrong’ way, and to reassure markets that Obama’s threat will not stand.”

Harman suggests that the bill should be called “The Winston Churchill Trade Continuation Act.”

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  • Perhaps the author is unaware that Winston Churchill was a notorious racist. That, alone, is sufficient reason for people of color to despise him, is it not?

    “All roads lead to Obama’s mentor, the Communist Frank Marshall Davis, the man the media haven’t wanted to talk about for seven years now”??

    Not exactly. In fact the media (Washington Post Fact Checker) paid particular attention to AIM’s “Obama’s Communist Mentor” claim and rejected it with THREE “Pinocchios”! See .

    This is the same Washington Post that awarded Obama FOUR Pinocchios for another claim, and which hosts conservative columnists George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Gerson, and Jennifer Rubin, which clearly illustrates that they are NOT in Obama’s pocket!

  • Jack Parsons

    Everyone, including Churchill, has their dark side. Feelings should never trump good taste.
    The Washington Post is a globalist rag. That is well known. Their most famous name, Bob Woodward, has been caught lying so many times that the count has been lost. George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Gerson, and Jennifer Rubin are not “conservative”, whatever that means. They are Establishment stooges. Why do think they’ve lasted so long? If you believe they are “conservative” you are either poorly read, or willfully ignorant.
    Obama was responsible for the overthrow and murder of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Gaddafi was the lone Muslim dictator who protected black Muslims. Arab Muslims murder black Muslims routinely. This is what has taken place in Libya since the murder of Gaddafi. There has been a genocide of black Muslims in Libya. Is Obama racist? Common sense says he must be.

  • Webuppp

    Mark Davis,any relation to frank Marshall? Jack parsons is the eloquent man to your convoluted story. Not sure why you want to dig back 70 years to denigrate Churchill whom is not here to defend YOUR allegation of his supposed racial bias. Also not sure your ahole comments have anything to do with the subject matter. Obama is a clown Marxist, how about you keep things relevant, unless your a Marxist as well, then Obama is serving yours, and the progressive Marxists agenda.

  • BakkenBill

    Keep in mind, Gentlemen, that Mr Churchill had seen first hand the Muslim threat during WW-I. And at his time in history many, yes many white Anglo people were racist to all races for the most part. Whether through ignorance or observation of events. Society had little knowledge of how intelligent people of color could be, if provide the means to be educated.
    Integration was 2 decades away here in the US, and we all know it took many years for blacks to be seen as equals. Unfortunately, they are still looked down on by many.
    Mr Churchill, today, would’ve never reached office. However, without Mr Churchill and the leaders that defeated Hitler, people of color would most likely have not gained what they have thus far.
    Everything happens for a reason.


  • I felt compelled to “dig back” because both Kincaid and Kengor brought him up! Perhaps YOU should review the AIM article before you decide which things are “relevant”!

    MY allegation of Churchill’s “supposed racial bias?” His racism seems to have extended beyond racial prejudice into a belief in racial superiority! Obviously you are ignorant of this aspect of Churchill’s life:

    “Churchill’s detractors point to his well-documented bigotry, articulated often with shocking callousness and contempt. “I hate Indians,” he once trumpeted. “They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”

    He referred to Palestinians as “barbaric hordes who ate little but camel dung.” When quashing insurgents in Sudan in the earlier days of his imperial career, Churchill boasted of killing three “savages.” Contemplating restive populations in northwest Asia, he infamously lamented the “squeamishness” of his colleagues, who were not in “favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes.”
    [END QUOTE –

    Also see


    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” – Proverbs 1:7

  • THEY are “not conservative”? Gee! Perhaps you should tell THEM that!
    Do you consider The National Review to be conservative? Or are only the fringe media such as Breitbart, WND, Red State, Canada Free Press, and AIM “conservative” enough for you?

  • Webuppp

    I could care less about Churchill dude, I also don’t dig back 70 years to find a talking point on current affairs. I have seen Christ Jesus with my own eyes, he knows my heart pal, you certainly don’t. As far as the Palestinians, you got some nerve talking about wisdom. Their is no such a thing as a Palestinian. Yessir Arafat and his nomads left Algeria in the 30’s and tried to overthrow the king of Jordan. They were banished at gun point to gaza and West Bank. It is the ” palatinian” that is the squatter on the land GOD GAVE TO ABRAHAM. The nomads have been waging war on Israel for 70 plus years. They are pagans that believe in the moon god allah. Not the same God as the GOD OF Abraham, ISSAC, Jacob. I see you know proverbs, perhaps you should also include Genesis. Their also is no evidence Britain used chemical weapons against anyone. I just punched holes in your propaganda spin. My knowledge is factual, and truth, I don’t need Kincaid or anyone else to enlighten me, I asked a long time ago for wisdom from the most HIGH. This is the source of my knowledge, your support of the pagan Palestinians, against His chosen the Hebrew has you on the outside looking in. Perhaps instead of tying to challange my intellect, you ought to upgrade yours and get on the right side of history.

  • “I could care less about Churchill dude, I also don’t dig back 70 years to find a talking point on current affairs”???

    Do you mean like the author and Paul Kengor went back 70 years? If you have problems with DISCUSSING Churchill, then you are in the wrong thread. The topic of this AIM blog is Obama’s purported hatred for Britain, presented as a dishonestly loaded question.

  • Despite all of the above verbiage, what is the most compelling EVIDENCE that Obama actually “hates” Britain? Disliking her colonial heritage does not equate to hating Britain.

    It seems that the author, once again, is engaging in loaded questions and hyperbole that seems to violate the ethical standards of the Society of Professional Journalists. See

  • Webuppp

    No not like the author, you were the one digging back, I see no comment on your lack of knowledge when it comes to the Palestines. Listen mark, your not on the same level of intellect, and now your just plain boring me, shave the corney goatee and pick up a history book pre 1910. Educate yourself before you run your progressive piehole

  • Jack Parsons

    Conservative means that you uphold the Constitution.
    They are Establishment. They represent the controlled right, just as Ezra Klein, James Fallows, Paul Krugman, Arianna Huffinton, etc. represent the controlled left. They are one and the same.
    No, The National Review was the child of CFR member William Buckley Jr. The CFR is the globalist think tank that staffs our federal government at the highest levels. The CFR seeks to destroy American sovereignty in favour of an authoritarian super state, where the common man is controlled and sedated with social services.
    The most conservative publication I know of is The New American magazine.

  • Gary

    You right wingers are the most ridiculous liars, always making up nonsense to justify your paranoia and xenophobia against non-whites and I am a white. If Obama hates Britain, then how come he and Michelle are in good terms with the British Royal family? Hell, they even got to met Prince George in his bathrobe!

    Stop making up BS!

  • Gary

    When the fk care about your Jesus and the book of myths you worship? Myths that were borrowed and revised from myths and legends by earlier Middle East civilizations. You never saw Jesus with your own eyes unless you are referring to the Crucifixions and statues you saw in churches so stop lying.

  • You are confused. “The Palestines” is not the issue. You are evidently unaware that Obama’s attitude towards the UK, including Churchill, is the issue raised by Cliff Kincaid. Your ad hominem attacks reflect your ignorance.

    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • jug

    Angela Merkel a stooge for Putin?

    That doesnt bother me so much as my belief that Trump is as well.
    His top manager right now is an Amercian who has spent the last several years working in Putin’s behalf!
    And Trump thinks Putin is the greatest leader in the world at present.

    But then he also, a while back, said that obutthole was “a great president”, as well.
    And that Hillary Clinton would also make a “Great President’!

    The question is, was he lying then or now?

    Anyway, with his financial interests in Russia, he should be bard from the office of president!
    And Hitlerly, of course should be barred and thrown in jail for the rest of her life!

  • Really? The John Birch Society? (Heavy sigh!)

  • Jack Parsons

    I know. The Constitution is a terrible thing to some. Have you ever read The New American?

  • No. I avoid fringe publications from the left or right wings.

  • You posted “George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Gerson, and Jennifer Rubin are not “conservative”, whatever that means.”

    RESPONSE: Evidently you are deeper on the fringe than even Accuracy In Media, which definitely considers George Will to be conservative. See “Conservative Columnist George Will Leaves GOP” at

    You posted: “If you believe they are “conservative” you are either poorly read, or willfully ignorant.”

    RESPONSE: I would not have thought it possible for a fringe “conservative” to consider Cliff Kincaid to be “either poorly read, or willfully ignorant.” I stand corrected!

    (Or perhaps you meant that if Mark Davis considers them to be conservative, then Mark Davis is “either poorly read, or willfully ignorant.” But if Cliff Kincaid considers them to be conservative, then he is given a free pass. Is this it?)

  • Jack Parsons

    You should”t. Critical thinking demands that you take in all sides of an issue.

  • Jack Parsons

    To be conservative is to obey the Constitution. Politicians, police and the military swear their oaths to it, and only to it. Did you ever stop and consider what that means?
    Will is a personal friend of both Newt Gingrich and Charles Krauthammer. Both are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR’s stated objective is to usher in globalism at the expense of national sovereignty. Anyone who holds globalism as his goal has no regard for our Constitution. It is this document that defends the rights of the minority from the tyranny of the majority.
    Since I have defined “conservatism” in its root sense I have no need for a referee, or arbiter, to tell me who is truly conservative and who is not. I can make that assessment myself. In fact, those that the pop media deems “liberal” are often authoritarian, and those deemed “conservative” are statist. You will never notice this unless you have no allegiance to the political party.
    I do not mean to insult your intelligence. You are not dumb. You are too slavish however when it comes to accepting the mainstream surface narrative in my opinion.

  • Bertharina Rina

    ( Transgendered )
    Motherly love towards a newborn infant is pure and holy in giving thanks to our creator as a newborn soul enters the earthly atmosphere. However, in adulthood the once babe-in arms walks into a little understood world as a blind bat. From the breast of motherly love and childhood attentiveness the band is broken. With hat in hand, such personalities must seek shelter and bread. With no talent for productive inclination the army came to the rescue. Four years of military indoctrination, three-meals a day, roof over his head, with a check and a chick, every month is unbelievable. Surviving off the taxpayers hide while lounging around the post exchange was a genuine paradise, an alcoholic was in the making. After missing roll-call successively and failing the dress-code, a psychiatrist gave this deadbeat an option to literally face reality as a man or
    To pick up a section eight discharge or wind up in the brigg. We will name him–Hammerhead.

    Hammer was 22 with seventh-grade learning, when he was escorted from uncle Sam’s residence in Fort Benning, Ga. in 1940. He actually hated the military’s social conservatism and compliance with organized confusion. Too, his three-sisters and two brothers were still at home in Skidmore, Ga. His father was a terminally disabled alcoholic in holding down a low-paying deputy sheriff’s job. Hammer ended up in Gluttersville, Ga., Down and out, Hammer survived through dumpster-diving. He became friends with a disbarred shyster, Slick Rumhead, who stole child-relief funds from city charities.This lawyer, too, was evicted from the military for stealing food from a chow-hall to feed his family of seven. Here we have two loose cannons at the same social bearings prowling the streets at day time and sleeping in alley ways at night. Still, the military GI Bill of Rights was a final hope from taxpayers, of whom lived and worked for a decent life, being plundered of their hard-earned cash. We will name the shyster as Slick. Both took a crash-course in law. It was now ( Slick and Hammer law firm.

    The hunger avoided, as mutual souls, pick-pocketed the poor and helpless. Time was passed begging, drunkenness, panhandling, alley-trolling, and fondling garbage containers. Slick would skin his clients from head to toe, while Hammer reversed the act of robbery, from toe to head. This sort of legal gangsterism was a by-product in the name of the National Lawyer’s Guild operated every manner of plundering one national society.

    These shysters never missed an opportunity in shaking hopeless people down, for they say, “ shoot low fellow shyster, for some jerks may be riding Shetland ponies”.

    Slick and Hammerhead edged their way into both previously bought and paid for political parties. One party is a whore and the other a prostitute. Immediately, Slick and Hammer were political whores nesting in between a two-party confederation of in-house fornication, as masters of deception, in the hands of Beelzebub and his family of devils. Indeed, a specialized confederation of professionally designed dirty bastards, in selling America short. From whence they came was assured.

    Both of these characters took a six-week crash-course in social engineering and are now guards at a top fish market in Washington,D.C.

  • Bertharina Rina

    DR. IRENE FAULKES DD mentioned you in a comment on DR. IRENE FAULKES DD’s post.
    +Bertharina Rina Billy Graham is a top ranking Mason that is Judaisitic Kabbalah and paganism. That surely is the reason that only 3-5% of his converts stood, joining churches. This is the number he gave in an article in his magazine many years ago. The reason there were any would be they heard the truth from the Counsellors. No man of God could have been the adviser of Presidents who are now revealed as having been Jewish stooges. As for John Hagee. His name is Jewish. What was his mother? Certainly…

  • Bertharina Rina


    Perhaps you have too many thoughts, hogarina.
    It might be true that “PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS NO CONTROL OVER ?
    CONGRESS.” It certainly looks as if the depraved Republicans who
    wish to destroy the immeasurably less privileged, the disadvantaged,
    the disenfranchised even more than they already have in the service
    of their masters, Greed and its Siamese twin, Power, have the control
    of Congress. Therefore….?

    It is completely comprehensive how the various ?pseudo religious
    Republican functionaries nationwide, with the unlimited cooperation
    and endowment of the hogs of cash, also Republican, have too long
    over the years used handsome fortunes to exercise coercive force to
    subjugate the mass of ignorant, therefore unsuspecting humans to
    sustain their collective and personal need to preserve that relationship.
    Greed and Power is unequivocally the how. Were it not for the
    socialistic practices and safeguards furiously won on behalf of the
    masses by those of incredible humanitarian insight, bravery, and
    magnanimity, untold millions of humans would have prematurely died
    and those who did not die, suffered. Yes it is the supercilious likes of
    you who sit comfortably at your computer spewing unending idiocies,
    also pseudo-religious, that would exploit those who are less privileged
    than you and your beastly vulturous brethren that eat naive humans’
    flesh and cannibalize hogs of other stripes.

    It is often thought that Buddhism teaches that nothing exists. If
    nothing exists, what is it that imagines nothing exists? Buddhism
    does not teach that nothing exists. Quite the contrary. Everything
    exists. It is attachment, unbridled attachment that causes blindness in
    the world. Attachment to worldly material and contrivances, and cause
    and make the helpless suffer. But the Qaddafi minded, the Kim Jong-
    Ils, the Robert Mugabes and Omar Al-Bashirs, and Sayyid Ali
    Khameneis, the tyrants, the despicable despots who are the real
    sufferers because have lost their human impulses. And you, hogarina,
    have lost your senses too. You imagine you are some avenging
    creature come to save the world. A savior, a Christ.

    The historical Buddha is known to have been a human being who it is
    said realized enlightenment through his own efforts. Buddhism is non-
    theistic, Gautama is not thought to have been a god. The Buddha did
    not specifically teach there were no gods, just that believing in gods
    was not useful to realizing enlightenment. Because of the mysticism
    involved in achieving Nirvana, or enlightenment, those who needed the
    structure of a belief system, created an entire religion around a mystery
    of what is thought to be an experience of enlightenment. The entire
    belief system can be explained as a psychological heightened
    awareness. Committed Buddhists would argue against this elucidation.

    Regardless, of how it is thought, it does have a psychological calming
    effect. Let us save ourselves, hogarina.
    Give yourself the gift of silence, stop your babbling, hogarina. Take the
    lotus position, resting them on your lap enfold your hands and touch
    thumbs together to create a circle, lower your eyelids but don’t close
    them altogether, then empty your mind of all thoughts. You will do
    yourself a great service and the entire world as well.