Accuracy in Media

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist David Maraniss passed up the opportunity to win another journalism award eight years ago when he covered up Barack Obama’s personal relationship with communist Frank Marshall Davis. He figured it was better for Obama to win the presidency than for the truth to come out.

Another example of media bias can be found in the Ruth Marcus column on Donald J. Trump’s new deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, a solid conservative with a proven track record of investigating the Clintons. Marcus, who is married to former Obama official Jon Leibowitz, realizes that Bossie has the inside story about Clinton corruption and that he must be discredited. But the hit job she turned in for the Post was amateurish.

Apparently short on time, she Googled all of the bad stories she could find in the Post and strung them together in one column. She was especially upset about how Bossie did such dastardly things as investigate the suspicious “suicide” of former Clinton White House lawyer Vincent Foster.

Unfortunately for Marcus, her column appeared on the same day that the FBI released documents from its investigation of Mrs. Clinton, disclosing that she couldn’t remember getting a State Department briefing on how to handle classified information. In 2009, she had signed a form insisting she had gotten such a briefing. The FBI noted that the sickly Mrs. Clinton had suffered a concussion and a blood clot, and was only working a few days a week.

So either Mrs. Clinton was lying about the briefing or she was too sick to remember.

If she doesn’t know when she is lying, her medical problems may be causing her to black out and lose memory. As a staunch Democrat, Marcus should be leading the calls for her to withdraw from the presidential race, for Mrs. Clinton’s own sake and the sake of the party.

These embarrassing revelations make you wonder if the reports are true that Dr. Drew Pinsky’s popular TV show was cancelled by CNN’s sister network, HLN, because of his comments questioning Hillary Clinton’s health.

Using one of Ms. Marcus’s favorite research tools, I employed Google and discovered that a story about the cancellation of this show had appeared in, of all places, The Washington Post. Fred Barbash reported that the Pinsky show was cancelled “eight days after Pinsky’s comments on a radio show on Aug. 17 questioning the health and medical care” of Mrs. Clinton.

Pinsky came under such a strong attack that he apologized, saying he had “violated HLN and CNN’s editorial standards” and was wrong to have mentioned the “unsubstantiated report” about her health.

But that wasn’t enough to save his show. And now we find out that her medical problems have surfaced in the FBI documents. Pinsky may have understated the serious nature of Mrs. Clinton’s health problems.

To make matters worse for Mrs. Clinton, she had a massive coughing fit as she began a Labor Day campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio, and then another coughing fit on her campaign plane.

Reuters recognized the blockbuster nature of the FBI documents, highlighting in the first paragraph of a story: “Hillary Clinton, under questioning by federal investigators over whether she had been briefed on how to preserve government records as she was about to leave the State Department, said she had suffered a concussion, was working part-time and could not recall every briefing she received.”

But Marcus seems more concerned about the investigations David Bossie has conducted over the course of his career. Perhaps the most serious investigation, one of life and death, involved the “suicide” of White House lawyer Vincent Foster, a close friend of Mrs. Clinton.

As we have previously reported, Trump’s suggestion that the death was “fishy” is proven by the facts in the case. Foster’s fingerprints were not found on the gun left at the scene, and the bullet that killed him was never found.

The Clintons are clearly worried about what’s coming next. Bossie knows why and where the bodies are buried.

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  • RMThoughts

    The clock is ticking for America. There are 70 days remaining until the presidential election, and after the results are counted, America will be a tinderbox ready to explode no matter who wins.

  • Steven Barrett

    And AIM thinks this passes for serious reportage? If indeed “America will be a tinderbox ready to explode” it won’t be because “no matter who wins.” If anything, I seriously believe Cliff Kincaid and all the rest of the most hard core Clinton despisers are conducting Novennas for Hillary’s win because of all the fun they’ll have pointing their ideological daggers at her. The very last thing they want is to have to deal with a faux “republican” like Trump which they allowed to take over their country club because then they’ll not only have to take ownership of the shipwreck or trainwreck the Trumpsters in his administration and whatever else the GOP can screw up, they’ll have to finally own up to their responsibilities for all their failures to the voting public in ’18 and it won’t be a pleasant event … and they know it. A Clinton victory will only delay the inevitable day of full admittance and a lot more mea culpas when they have to answer for all the sins their economic policies alone, have created, beginning with the ultimate goal of “trickle down economics,” the single greatest divide between the wealthy and, well, what used to be more of a middle class that’s been pushed downwards into the land of those who qualify for anti-poverty assistance. And they want to continue killing that off more . . . as if our uber-wealthy “job creators” don’t have enough cash to hoard. Spending money to create jobs in this country? Well, only if there’s a tax break for the ultra uber or whatever greedy sons of bitches you want to call ’em by. Take my word for it Republicans, a Hillary win will save your sorry carcasses from that day of judgment, as if you deserve it.
    Yep, I can just see it now; yet another virulent Clinton-hater will have spent many hours banging out the latest bound n’ glued pile o’ pulp fiction containing all the latest and “most damaging facts” that’s going to doom the Clintons forever. And this author, whom I’ve never heard of and I’ve been following politics on both sides for decades(!) will soon be foisted n’ feat’d on Faux “News” Channel as “gospel truth,” the book will be placed on the most prominent right wing pulp fiction club’s book of the month for required reading, thus damn near guaranteeing a nice pay off for yet another warmed over attack on the Clintons.
    Here’s what really gets under my skin; lots and lots of good historical authors have had to work their asses off, teach their asses off before they’ll ever see even a fraction of what these instant celebrity authors that what Secretary Clinton correctly nailed when she was FLOTUS Clinton, as the “vast right conspiracy” are raking in today. And it’s not as if during the Nineties they were hurting. Just dig up the dirt, and the newer, meaner, and crasser scribes will come out from under the woodworks to dig up whatever works to land one of these contracts that’ll put them on best seller lists . . . way ahead of the far more genuine scholars who have dedicated their lives to studying what makes government work best as opposed to just skullduggerin’ around to find more dirt and mice droppings to toss in the direction of the person they’ve been so richly designated to besmirch-for-profit.
    And have you ever noticed folks, when today’s favored Righty of the Month author isn’t lauded for trashing some liberal icon; oh no, he or she’s getting the royal treatment (plus boodles) for coming up with the latest idea in how to slash, slash, slash gov’t down to almost nothing . . . right to the point where it simply collapses and the public will be clamoring for privatization out of sheer desire for anything that might work. Here’s a question for the sixty-something “fiscal conservatives” among you. Remember when W and his folks were pushing for the privatization of Social Security during the bubble years just before the collapse of ’08? How well do you think you would’ve managed if the very last thing you earned during all those years you “paid your quarters” to rely on for you and your spouses, was just as easily pissed away as all those savings you were counting on only to discover they suddenly disappeared into off-shore untouchable bank accounts and/or the simple sudden crash of your home’s valuation?
    This is what today’s hot “fiscally conservative” authors and experts on everything from devaluing public servants to our economy—for hire, are really peddling.

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    America!! repent, repent, repent before it is too late.

  • newsel

    Read this article some time ago – worth posting here to your point about “Trickle-Down Economics” — The Most Destructive Phrase Of All Time?”

    And it seems the disinformation is disingenuously continued and is brought by some hook line and sinker….

    “It was devised by Democrats in the 1980s as a way to attack President Reagan’s economic policy combination of tax rate cuts and some relaxation of federal regulations. They needed a catchy, easy-to-remember zinger to fire at Reagan; a line that would keep their voting base angry. As a political slogan, it was a brilliant stroke.”

  • Rodney Wilkinson

    Poor Billy and Hillary are totally ignorant of the spiritual law of sowing and reaping instituted by our Creator GOD, Jesus said, “WHATEVER we sow in this life, is exactly what we shall reap.”
    Looks bad for these career criminals doesn’t it!!!
    They are in for a huge harvest from the lies corruption discord they have sown!!!
    All will be revealed, they cannot escape!!!
    It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD!!!
    GOD is not mocked!!!

  • mioahu

    you are a stupid communist, and you hide your stupidity behind long meaningless comments with no basis in reality and history. Capitalism is the only system that works and ever worked in history, and you stupid socialist communists do everything you can to destroy it. I guess you never managed to be successful in this great society, and hate the ones who did. Only idiotic professors who never started a business , spent their whole life in school and didn’t grow up can post such idiotic comments. Yes, people do spend money to create jobs, but how would you know that if you are paid by our tax dollars

  • rebeccadewhirst

    Brilliant? It backfired badly on the democrats as President Reagan became the most loved president in our lifetime

  • Steven Barrett

    Too bad newsel left this part out in the article published in 2013 and authored by George Leef, a conservative writer specializing in higher education for the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education. Leef, added:
    ” … Wealth doesn’t just happen spontaneously. Human beings must utilize limited resources to produce goods and services people want, such as the clothes you’re wearing and the device you’re reading this on. Those who produce things that lots of people want become increasingly wealthy through trade, while those who produce things that few people want may lose the wealth they had.
    In a free society, wealth doesn’t trickle down, or up, or sideways. It is earned.” And as if the rest of us rubes still had trouble grasping Leef’s august explanations about capitalism, as if we were really that stupid, dumb and thick as bricks, he had to accentuate his one sentence zinger by italicizing “earned.”
    Much of what Leef said is true. Real wealth is not something you can pluck off a tree, and in order for it to be truly appreciated, some sweat should be part of the equation. But what amount of sweat are the people living off the interest earned off the interest earned off the original principle when Wall Street’s real money crunchers, the hedge fund gangs get going and keep their positions way up in the one percent income range?
    There were many nights when I’d listen to some of the biggest Congressional apologists for the free market’s wonders , coupling their praises with warnings against any possible moves to “cripple the efforts of the job creators” by refusing to go along with ever bigger tax breaks for our uber-wealthy crowd. C’mon, does anybody believe Alice Walton needs more breaks so she can buy more artworks for her private museum in Arkansas or more high-priced horses for her farm? And at the expense of the people who have to make up the real costs of these tax breaks in the form of lost services, cutbacks in fuel assistance programs so necessary for the many poorer elderly living on Social Security, which the same wealthy advocates of more “trickle down” nonsense were getting their knives sharpened for the final execution of the single most successful government program that kept so many elderly out of the poor house, not to mention provide affordable medical care.
    How does one call cutting programs so necessary for the economic and physical survival of so many less well off, er, actually poor and once middle class Americans just so the wealthy could justify receiving another tax break, just because they’re wealthy and presumed to be so ever all wise and all knowing enough to have found themselves in their current positions or standings in life? Oh, but the wealthy’s most astute apologists for even greater tax breaks for the wealthy will sneer and say things like, “I don’t want my tax dollars to subsidize the medical care or income of some elderly couple, that’s their responsibility.”
    True indeed, and the poorer elderly couple have done just what the wealthy are always so patronizingly urging the poor to do; earn their daily bread and medical care. They earned enough quarters for all the years they paid their SS taxes into the system. And the wealthy still sneer saying “Damn entitlement mentality.” Well, if a person qualifies for the income, by God he is entitled, because he earned it.
    You don’t hear talk like this coming from the fantasy land of right wing think tanks when it comes to economic fairness. And you won’t hear the legitimate complaints of the less well off who are tired of being pissed all over on by the most ungrateful generation of wealthy moochers in American history, Baby Boomers who were born on third base and actually believe they made the hit that put them there. But they believe they’re entitled to yet more tax breaks all the while they’re pissing on those whose daily lives are so negatively impacted when programs they depended on for sheer survival were cut as “offsets” in order to make sure the books are always balanced and everybody will be “held accountable.” Well, all but the pissers, of course.

  • newsel

    Steve, if you want to see how well socialism v capitalism works try Cuba or Venezuela or even the UK after WWII. In the meantime, capitalism allows some of us who start with nothing to reach some level of comfort through hard work and a few lucky breaks and if you believe there is not a socialist hierarchy go check out NK, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc.

    On the question of being impacted by “programs” you may want to consider just how the raft of rules and regulations imposed from above over the past 8 years have increased living costs and negatively impacted the economy. So much for your so called free market and your idealistic BS. The wealth of this nation is being redistributed to developing nations as a matter of policy. The Green Fund is just another Solyndra and we just keep on pissing $$$ away.

    “To leave no doubt, in an interview published in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on 14 November 2010, Professor Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chair of IPCC Working Group III and Deputy Director and Chief Economist of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK), said “The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War…. one must say clearly that de facto we redistribute the world’s wealth by climate policy….

    One has to rid oneself of the illusion that international climate politics have anything to do with environmental concerns.”

    When further prompted by Bernhard Pötter, the interviewer: „So far, when discussing foreign aid, people usually equate it with charity“, Edenhofer replied: „That will change immediately as soon as global emission rights are distributed. …“

  • Steven Barrett

    Newsel, I’m not an anti-capitalist. I’m anti-dog eat dog and devil take the hindmost kind of capitalist. I’m against the kind of socialized faux capitalism, a very parasitical kind of capitalism that one could call crony capitalism where the losses and expenses of certain favored businesses or wealthy influential individuals are basically “covered” no thanks to favoritism shown through the way our present GOP dominated Congress has ever so diligently re-crafted the tax laws in order to guarantee the lifestyles of the rich and well, not exactly so famous, folks for whom any legislation allowing them to ship factories, not to mention jobs overseas or just across the border to Mexico.

    One thing the GOP has been really “good” at since the rise of Ronald Reagan and the following decades, and that’s its ability to package fake patriotism to the nth degree imaginable. “USA! USA! USA!” the crowds chant at their rallies and party conventions, as if they actually think that shouting their patriotic mantra will somehow rub off into their mindsets when it comes to making money. What’s so damn patriotic about shipping jobs out of the country that Americans could be filling and working hard at? Or has patriotism no place any more within the narrow confines of today’s “conservative” or even neoliberal or neoconservative or libertarian crowds?
    I’ve observed the most virulent, punishing and oppresive kind of communism first hand from two visits to East Berlin when I was a service dependent living in West Germany in the early Sixties. I’ve also seen what happens when the greediest operators within capitalism are able to get their hands on housing subsidies so they can manipulate loosely written arson laws that practically enabled them to burn down slum apartments they were also getting Section 8 funds for at the same time. Notice I’m giving a blanket condemnation here. I’ve seen my parents once prosperous mill town in New England become slowly devoured by landlords who’d hire members of the same ethnicity they could wait to burn right out of the same city they were mooching off. Oh, but this could’ve only happened after the mills got the tax breaks and the Federally subsidized highways taking them down to the Sunbelt for the low wages and low tax states. Especially low non-union wages. Oh boy, off to the races and it was all socialized. (Psssst, don’t mention that S word.) Why not? Why not mention how businesses were using the same “damn welfare” to turn my parents home town into an Americanized version of Berlin’s bombed out “Mitte” section where grass literally grew on tops of crags that used to be the tops of building corners. When we came back, we started wondering “Who won or lost the war?” upon seeing the deliberate neglect that began before the Great Society. Remember, the cotton mills left New England and the northeast for the “sunny” Sunbelt, where plantation mentality ruled with just as an efficient and not so “invisible hand” so as to not “encourage sloth.” Hey, did anybody think of trying positive means of motivating workers via higher wages, better working conditions and genuine benefits, or are workers just fair game to be taken advantage of all because they represent a “loss” in the balance books. Maybe this is what today’s ever-cost-conscious-minded fiscal conservatives mean when they ever so lovingly rattle off that other “A word” in rapid fashion as they pair it with “transparency.” Still at a loss to what I’m referring to? How ’bout “accountable,” “We have to make people accountable!” so today’s modern Javerts shriek.
    I’m in favor of capitalism, but not an unregulated kind where just a few lucky ones have been able to rig an economic system to suit their private and downright selfish goals much like the oligarchs who just rediscovered beeeezniz in Russia with a vengeance that’d shame the boyars of years past. No wonder Putin and Trump have such a “promising bromance.”

  • alex

    she will get into that oval office if she has to drag her old body crawling up those steps. meanwhile dc business as usual of bribes, lies, blackmail & worse continues in all admins, but the collusion between the press & the dems is unprecedented in their “in your face, what of it?!” bias.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Oh dear God. David Bossie is a known liar. NO ONE believes a word that comes out of his mouth. He has spent the last 25 years smearing the Clintons and EVERY single accusation has been definitively proven false. If Kincaid was a journalist, and not a lying POS, he’d know that and he’d pass that information along to you. Instead? Well, this is why no one believes a thing they read in AIM, except for the rubes.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Calm down, Sally. People say that before every election. Don’t be so melodramatic. After the election, Trump and his minions will be really sad and embarrassed. Everything else will be fine.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    God also says that you shouldn’t bear false witness. Enjoy hell, Rodney.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Ummmm….you need to do some reading. First, Reagan is FAR from the most loved president in our lifetime. Second, his economic programs were disastrous. We lost our manufacturing base and along with it, the middle class. Get. A. Clue.

  • votedemout

    I think you have confused Reagan with your boy Billy. The same Billy who ushered in NAFTA and sold our technology secrets to the Chicoms for personal gain. Sounds about the same with his wife and her current foibles. Then again, based on your many posts, you have never had a clue.

    Oh, and please don’t trot out the standard liberal line that Slick Willy had a great economic record, if Newt and the Republicans had not dragged him kicking and screaming to all of his successes, his recession would have come far quicker than it did.

  • mioahu

    Another long stupid rant by professor Barrett, which proves once again that he doesn’t understand how capitalism works, how jobs are created and how those having those jobs are rewarded. Maybe if he would have created one job, like many of us do, he would, but again, the ones who can’t do teach, right ?

  • Larry Sparks

    The progressive Socialist and Communist control America’s media, this is why Obama, George Soros and the Democratic party want the United Nations to take over the internet to completely shut down independent analysis and truth of the news.
    This is why we must elect Donald Trump as President.

  • BakkenBill

    We will, in years to come, know more about the Assasination of JFK than about the Clintons. Their corruption and trail of bodies spans 3 decades.
    Perhaps fate will have it she has a debilitating stroke during one of her coughing fits. I can only wish.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Well done. Good bye.

  • Steven Barrett

    One of Professor Barrett’s laws of economics is that you don’t create jobs by outsourcing your money to off-shore bank accounts, let ’em stay there till hell freezes over and pray, just pray our eyes, ears, n’ hearts out that the self-centered money bags who shipped their profits overseas that they never intended to put back into their companies in the first place, will somehow be reinvested back in this hemisphere unless of course, the misbegotten place they’ll be investing in is Mexico or one of our states that’s all-out for union busting and devoted to driving the labor market down to its lowest common factor while the bosses, bankers and local chambers of commerce big shots and local papers, with the message being … ain’t y’all happy now. Ya got’s some j.o.b. (as in to maybe, just maybe, to keep you just over broke) so stop yer bitchin’ in git to work, for maybe 8 bucks an hour.”
    What kind of vibrant “capitalist” economy does this create where the vast majority of workers are kept at poverty levels, thus more than making it kinda hard to get a head, spend a little more here n’ there which only stands to reason will spread some of the wealth around a little wider and deeper. Well, maybe this is a little too deep and rich for the folks still stuck in the R-gear of Supply Side/Trickle Down economics.
    If Trump and his party succeed this fall, there’ll be a lot more than a half of his most definable deplorable rabble that won’t get any further up the line. Whatever it takes to reduce the vast majority of the actual working masses of our society, regular working class folks, you can bet the GOP will do its damnable best to keep the vast majority, and I mean 99.99999 percent of us in the deplorable situation of never being able to earn more money so we can save more and leave more behind for our kids and grandkids to do likewise.
    It doesn’t take a “professor” to figure this much out. It’s just common sense. And the refusal by the most obdurate among the GOP’s biggest believers in their fairy tales like “supply side economics” and/or “trickle down” tax scams can only lead us forward to what will really become a deplorable mess. Haven’t you folks learned anything from the lessons of the Bourbons, Romanovs, Batistas, Somozas, Marcoses and Pahlevis?

  • mioahu

    The reason the money is offshore is because the US has the HIGHEST corporate taxes in the world. Try lowering those, and money will come back. You can rant all you want with your marxist ideas, no other economic system works, it has been tried and it failed, so don’t preach to me from your karl marx books about what works and what doesn’t, you are just making my point again , you don’t undesrtand the economy, you don’t understand how tampering with minimum wage hurts the poor. Your socialist models keep everybody even poorer, and creates totalitarian regimes , so you better learn some history, hell, you just need to look around at our pals the venezuelans and the cubans. Nothing in the liberal mindset is common sense, everything is contradictory crap, you must be taught all the bs you guys peddle,
    And please, what do all the dictators you mention have to do with this ? That proves yet again that you don’t understand your own country, the consitution, the bill of rights, the current economy where the richest people got there by their own means, using the great vehicle that is amercia, It would be good for you to leave your desk sometimes, and try to live in the real world, create 1 job, make a lemonade stand 🙂 , travel to your dream country of Venezuela

  • newsel

    Think Carrier and Ford relocating to Mexico, think NAFTA, TPP et al and vote Trump….

  • daronlady620

    David Bossie is a lying POS. He always has been.

  • Wafflicious

    YOU’RE the dumbest thing that’s ever lived. LOSER.