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The famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware is now being sold by MAD magazine as Washington Cross-Dressing the Delaware. Elsewhere in the magazine, in a look at recycled ad slogans, the old Marine slogan, “We’re looking for a few good men,” has become the slogan for Grindr, the gay dating app. The humor is an indication of how things have changed under Obama. But many Americans aren’t laughing.

The Marine slogan, used for over 200 years, has now taken on perverted connotations because of President Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the United States. He has been relentless in attacking the military’s traditional culture.

Yet it is Obama who is making headlines by attacking Donald J. Trump for “trash-talking” the military.

Under Obama, America’s military was humiliated when 10 sailors were captured and detained by Iran in January of this year. Iran aired a video of the sailors on their knees, with their hands behind their heads, and some of them crying. Obama sent the Iranians $400 million in cash later that month in conjunction with the release of five other American hostages. Undoubtedly some of that money will be used to finance terrorism against Israel and America.

But Trump is “trash-talking” the military?

Once declared by Newsweek to be America’s first gay president, Obama seems to have a very personal commitment to celebrating the gay lifestyle. He learned about the birds and the bees from his mentor, communist Frank Marshall Davis, a pedophile and pornographer.

Obama was designated the first gay president before it was announced that a Navy ship has been named after a major figure in the homosexual movement, Harvey Milk, who was fond of teenage homosexual lovers. This was followed by the announcement that the Department of the Interior was naming a gay bar in New York City as a national historic landmark. After that, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that the Pentagon would pay for sex-change operations for military personnel.

This is considered “progress.” The military had already paid for sex change treatments for Bradley Manning, the traitor who became Chelsea, and who recently tried to kill himself/herself.

But it’s Trump who is “trash-talking” the military.

I have been searching in vain to discover any reaction to any of this from war hero Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who has been offended by some of the things Trump has said.

The only thing I can find is that McCain believes there should be hearings on lifting the ban on transgenders in the military. But isn’t McCain a member of the political party running the U.S. Senate? Why haven’t hearings already been held? Why isn’t Obama being sued or impeached for changing the rules and regulations of the Armed Forces without congressional approval?

Why is Obama so determined to obscure male-female differences and celebrate bizarre lifestyles that used to be considered perversions? And to do it in the military to boot?

Rather than talk about issues like the demoralization of the U.S. military through social engineering of a sexual nature, Trump appealed to the LGBTQ crowd in his convention speech.

I think the people he wants to appeal to would rather hear him denounce the idea of having a Navy ship called the USS Predator.

Nevertheless, the widespread rejection of Obama and Hillary is such that Trump is still getting huge crowds. Some say that as many as 20,000 turned out to hear him in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday night. He began the event by talking about the $400 million given to Iran by Obama. “How stupid are we?” Trump asked.

As a result of speaking his mind, Trump sometimes comes across as crazy in news accounts. But the transfer of $400 million in cash to Iran by the Obama administration, by any objective measure, looks even crazier. Yet the media defend the transfer as old news and suggest that critics of the deal are unhinged or playing partisan politics. This is an indication that the crazy way of doing things has become normal in Washington, D.C. No wonder people are flocking to Trump.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton, who may be suffering from the lingering effects of the concussion she sustained in 2012, is being carefully guarded at public events with few people, so that she is not questioned in detail. Speculation is mounting that her health is such that she could suffer a stroke-producing brain aneurysm at any time.

Videos of Mrs. Clinton experiencing what some people are calling a seizure are circulating on the Internet. Defenders of the former First Lady say the videos are misleading, and that they simply capture some unusual facial expressions while she was having a good laugh.

MAD magazine is certainly good for a few laughs. It’s funny to see General George Washington, who ordered the court-martial of homosexuals during the Revolutionary War, wearing women’s clothes as he is crossing the Delaware. The laughter dies down when you realize that Obama has set the stage for modern-day generals to wear women’s clothes.

People may not like all the things Trump says, but they are so desperate for change from the suicidal course we’re on that they are willing to roll the dice.

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  • Jack Parsons

    Obama remains a not too bright sociopath. He is an awful liar.

  • Jack Parsons

    Crooked Hillary may be the craziest of all.

  • Bob Knight

    “Who’s Crazier—Trump or Obama?”
    The most pertinent question asked by anyone to date.
    I can’t stand Trump, but he doesn’t make my skin crawl like shillary does. I will vote for “Never Hillary”.

  • John Cunningham

    This one is easy. Barack Obama hand’s down. Trump is bombastic not devious. I can’t understand why Trump doesn’t use more of the Obama administration in his reasons to be president. Hillary Clinton would not have been anyone if it wasn’t for Bill Clinton. Now she is trying to be president because of Obama’s presidency.

    Just list all the lies,distortions, calculated illegal transactions that has gone on during Obama;s administration. Of course most isn’t even known yet. We will have to wait until many in his Administration writes their tell all books. Hillary is a calculated liar. Barack Obama is a felonious calculated liar.

  • Jack brennan

    Polygraph Tests WORK !!!

    Pass a Law that requires “Mandatory Polygraph Tests” for ALL POLITICIANS !!!

    Hiliars are in both Major Parties.

    Hillary has the Clinton Foundation that is worth about 850 Million Dollars!

    A Monthly Mandatory Polygraph test would uncover what she and many other Politicians may have done to earn such unbelievable Funding.

    Polygraph Tests WORK ! I know; I failed one once.! jb

  • RMThoughts

    Cliff will only be happy with a fellow neocon, Hillary, in the White House.

  • lolastaples

    My vote is for Trump, he will make a great President.

  • lolastaples

    NEVER HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RMThoughts

    Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims—1.6 billion members of an entire religion—from entering the U.S.

    Not just one article. Every article on Trump has this same wording.

  • Steven Coy

    There is no roll of the dice you either support Trump to keep America free and borders closed and our Constitution and Bill of Rights in tact or vote for Hillary who will destroy our 2nd Amendment rights with three radical Supreme Court Justices who will take our guns away then our 1st and 4th Amendment rights because without guns Hillary (Hitler did the same thing in 1933) can do anything she wants!!! Flood our Country with more ILLEGAL ALIENS AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SYRIAN MUSLIMS AND THAT’S WHEN THIS NATION IS GONE AND SHARIA LAW WILL BE THE LAW OF THIS LAND. WOMEN GET YOUR BERKA’S READY AND SHUT UP BECAUSE MUSLIM WOMEN HAVE NO SAY OR RIGHTS, BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID OF HILLARY THE MARXIST SAUL ALINSKY TRAITOR TO AMERICA AND AMERICAN CITIZENS. SHE IS A TRAITOR AND DEEP DOWN THINKS SHE IS BETTER THAN ALL OF US. SHE WILL FINISH WHAT OBAMINATION HAS ALMOST DONE IN 8 YEARS WE ARE $4 TRILLION DOLLARS FROM TOTAL DESTRUCTION, WE HAVE PAID $2.2 TRILLION DOLLARS IN INTEREST THIS YEAR FOR THE NATIONAL DEBT OBAMINATION HAS DOUBLED, WAIT TILL INTEREST RATES GO TO THE 5 TO 6% IT NORMALLY IS WE CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF THE OBAMINATION ECONOMY WHICH HAS BEEN STAGNANT FOR 7 1/2 YEARS, ALL OF YOU GO TO “’ and look at the real time figures of our interest on debt and how much taxes have been raised and the real unemployment and how many people have part time jobs and see that 94,000,000 million Americans are out of work and that is 23% unemployment!!!! Vietnam Vet

  • Bertharina Rina


    The race is on for the national Republican/Democratic conventions. Here is where the hidden wire pullers
    will pay millions for votes of both party deligates. Indeed, this is where Lucifer will barter for the souls of
    men and at times ladies. This class of obliging political whores will sell their souls to Satan’s well planted
    insiders. Whichever sycophant of either party is selected, and finally lounges upon the dome of Washington,
    will bring his gang of hustlers to join the so-called Chief of State in his won position, enjoying each other’s
    after party fluctuation. Thank goodness that this crew will never hold the keys to our two pseudo-parties
    treasure vault. No political whore should ever be trusted to enter any public outhouse without wearing a
    muzzle. Yes, all such characters are most like bandits of outhouses. Recollection reminds many of the late
    Niccolo Machiavelli in his ‘ PRINCE. ‘

    And the present condemnation of scoundrels on our national political stage continues to move the circus
    of political whoredom to the limits; our Republic is in grave danger. America is absolutely commie controlled.
    to the highest alien bidders of universal finance. Karl Marx’s dream has come home to meet him. for his call
    for the workers’ of the world to unite for you have nothing to loose but your chains. SOCIALISM !

    Speaking from his tomb Machiavelli cries through a contemporary surrogate : ” This indicates the technique
    modern Machiavellian in having their own stalking horse grasp the leadership of their opponents, and then
    as their own veiled and hidden action is gradually unfolded, have their Pied Pipers oppose them on spurious
    and superficial reasons in such away as to obscure and conceal as far as possible the real reasons and
    objectives; thereby confusing and confounding the real opponents and leading them into a swamp of futility.
    Absolutely, this is the Disunited States of America. Our national Temple of Democracy was never for sale,
    but now has been sold to an encroaching global machine of progressive Orientalism despotism’

  • Bertharina Rina

    The Crocker Gator is one of the most aggressive, vicious and unstable monster, that originally evolved from voting via our national population. In fact, this daily officiated overweight freak is a double-headed laid-back rogue, and is as contemptuous as a scorned whore eaten up with political syphilis. This hideous democratic/republican machine of an Gatorized appetite is one of a kind. Its method is to regurgitate. At times, being compelled to withdraw legislation, this gang compromises; becoming as the canine dog that will turn and consume its own vomit. Even Christ used this term. Yet, the gator fits this equation. Amphibian like political ambition amplifies that this human-like draconian political beast remains buoyed to sycophancy. Too, Most of the time sleeping and rarely reacting. This is the ultimate malicious dingbat on mother earth. Disgusting is that ( it ) cannot use the restroom; for it is tailless. This is perpetual agony.

    having to originally evolved here right among our national ballot-box rotation of a simplified population. In fact, this daily overweight freak, GATOR, is highly contemptuous; it is one of a kind. Mother nature made provision that this distorted human-like draconian beast remains silent. The congressional hall is a bait.

    To betray the public——–Imperialism
    To protect child snatchers—–organized pornography rings
    To rob through foundations——tax dodgers
    To support the national Gay movement—–attack on family structure
    To plunder the national economy—–artificial inflation and war
    To bow down to in-house spies——-spies in state DEPT.
    To downgrade our military—-firing 13 needed generals
    To support pornography—–Hollywood & tainted stars
    To betray our troops—–commercial alien wars.
    To support Middle East insurrectionists—–enslavement of Middle East
    To loot Social Security—–replace stolen social security monies
    To support national crime——-FEMA & SWAT
    To support robbery of labor through industrial slave wages
    To support a national crime syndicate
    To support a corrupt political bureaucracy
    To support southern Marxian reconstruction
    To perpetuate a national fraudulent religious empire
    To pauperize the middle class
    To maintain the laboring class through illicit usury
    To be continually a vassal state of British banking

  • chuckawala

    Even though I expect Trump to be a terrible POTUS, my vote at the moment is for him, as I don’t see how we survive Hillary’s Supreme Court. At least with Trump maybe he’ll do the right thing, if only by accident, or if forced to. Hillary’s hopeless. IMO.

  • Peter

    I can just imagine women, transgendered as men, squatting in the Men’s room at the male urinal, both in the marines and at Target stores, getting splashed in the eye, by the males standing alongside urgent to relieve themselves of their bladder pressure, against the splash wall (male style) as real men do.

  • seawulf

    The last line sums up this presidential election. People may not like all things Trump says, but they are so desperate for a change from the suicidal path we are on that they are willing to roll the dice.

  • Ellen

    Good. They think Trump is crazy but he is not. he may be the most transparent of all candidate. Question is, who is “crazier. Trump or Obama.” Who do you think? I said Trump is not crazy.

  • Ellen

    I do not know if you can say Obama is crazier than Trump. What I know is, Obama is doing everything he can to fill our country with ILLEGALS and refugees/migrants. Does not seem to have any love or loyalty to our country and the legal Americans. Vote for Trump. Killary is going to perpetuate what Obama has started.

  • Ellen

    Trump may have a reason. What do you think? Germany, France, etc.

  • Bob Knight

    I don’t believe that obamanation is crazy. He’s calculating, conniving, and condescending towards America and her people, but not crazy. He’s a Marxist Muslim, which is a very strange and unique combination. Not crazy, but definitely dangerous and evil.
    Trump on the other hand has always been self-centered and flamboyant and supported mostly liberal left leaning causes. Now he’s supposed to be a conservative, hard to buy into because of his past. Hopefully, he’s being genuine, I don’t think he is but it’s all we are being offered.
    I hope I’m wrong. Never Shillary.

  • terry1956

    Well if you vote for other ( other than Trump or Hillary) it could make a difference in your state ( depending on your state) without really swinging the vote to Hillary.
    If you live in a deep red state then Trump will get a lot more votes than Hillary likely 15 to 20 points or more so your 1 vote for Trump or Castle or Johnson will not change that.
    On the other hand if you live in a deep blue state then Hillary is going to get a lot more votes than Trump by 15 to 20 points or more so your 1 vote for Trump or Castle or Johnson will not change that.
    The same can be said about liberals who decide to vote for the Green party nominee ( likely Jill Stein) in a deep blue state or a deep red state.
    Now if a voter lives in a swing state like FL. or CO. then maybe your 1 vote would make a difference in the outcome in the presidential general election but even in a swing state the odds of that happen is extremely unlikely and that would be so even if you convinced a circle of say 100 friends in the swing state to vote for someone other than Trump or Hillary, especially giving the vote rigging potential in some of the swing states.

  • chuckawala

    Even though I live in California, I guess I’m hoping for a miracle, and asking myself what would bother Hillary more, and I think that would be any vote for Trump, at the moment.
    8 Things You Can Do Now to Help Stop Voter Fraud

  • donhank

    At least you are writing mostly nice things about Trump now that his poll numbers are up. Maybe you will refrain from linking him to the allegedly commie Putin for a while?
    The question is: what will become of AIM if Trump succeeds in permanently pulling the rug out from under Neoconism and people remember all the smears.

  • donhank

    Yes, but aren’t AIM readers afraid Trump will NOT start WW III with Russia? Hillary would have given you your war. If Trump gets elected, you will probably have to wait another 4 years at least to find out what a nuclear winter looks like.

  • donhank

    Glad I am not alone in seeing that.

  • donhank

    Yes, but don’t you know you are a commie lefty if you oppose Hillary? Ask Cliffy Boy.