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Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s January 3 show, “Let me tell you, you take on the Intelligence Community, they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you. So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he is being really dumb to do this.” He was referring to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s criticism of the Intelligence Community. Asked what the Intelligence Community could or would do to Trump, Schumer said, “I don’t know.  From what I am told, they are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them.”

On Tuesday, January 10, we saw the response. It was obvious, based on what this top Senate Democrat had said, that the CIA used CNN to air unsubstantiated charges against Trump. CNN didn’t delineate the bizarre sexual nature of those charges; that was left to a left-wing “news” organization by the name of BuzzFeed, which posted 35 pages of scurrilous lies and defamation.

Demonstrating the sad state of ethical standards at CNN, Wolf Blitzer hyped the story into “breaking news,” when the allegations had been circulating for months, and Jake Tapper was brought on the air, “joining me with a major story we’re following right now.” Blitzer emphasized, “We’re breaking this story.” It was the beginning of CNN regurgitating what President-elect Trump called “fake news.”

What followed was a low point in Tapper’s career, as he willingly participated in a ginned-up controversy using anonymous sources to report on “information” about Trump that started falling apart shortly after CNN aired its “breaking news.”

“That’s right, Wolf, a CNN exclusive,” said Tapper, apparently unaware that he was recycling a document that had been passed around for months. It was CNN, which uses former CIA official Michael Morell as an on-air contributor, that ran with it. Morell has worked for Beacon Global Strategies, a firm founded by former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines, since November 2013.

Trying to distance himself from the controversy, Morell went on CNN to refer to some of the information as “unverified” in the “private document.”

But the damage had already been done, and Morell knew it. CNN had manufactured a controversy over Trump yet again, demonstrating the truth of Schumer’s statement that the intelligence community would get back at Trump.

Ironically, CNN is a “partner” in an effort known as the First Draft Coalition that is dedicated “to improving practices in the ethical sourcing, verification and reporting of stories that emerge online.”

“CNN has learned that the nation’s top intelligence officials gave information to President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama last week about claims of Russian efforts to compromise President-elect Trump,” said Tapper. “The information was provided as part of last week’s classified intelligence briefings regarding Russian efforts to undermine the 2016 U.S. elections.”

Trying to pump up the “claims,” Jim Sciutto, Chief National Security Correspondent for CNN, said, “To be clear, this has been an enormous team effort by my colleagues here and others at CNN.” A team effort to verify what? It looks like they were handed a 35-page document from the CIA and decided to publicize it. They failed to reveal the details precisely because they could not verify the document.

Sciutto said, “Multiple U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN that classified documents on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election presented last week to President Obama and to President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.”

Tapper brought in “the legendary Carl Bernstein”—a former reporter for The Washington Post who covered the Watergate scandal—who referred to:

  • A former British MI6 intelligence agent (anonymous).
  • A Washington political opposition research firm (anonymous) that was hired by clients (anonymous) who were opposed to Donald Trump’s candidacy in both the Republican and Democratic parties.
  • Washington researchers (anonymous) who had come across business ties of Trump in Russia with Russians (anonymous) that looked questionable to them. They (anonymous) wanted to develop the information further. They (anonymous) hired the former MI6 agent (anonymous) who they knew and had done previous business with.
  • “He [anonymous] began talking to Russian sources [anonymous] from his days in Russia and uncovered this information that’s now being considered by the American intelligence community.” (emphasis added).

So one of the Watergate reporters from The Washington Post had put his stamp of approval on the document by saying it was information that had been “uncovered,” rather than being made up. How did he know one way or the other? The answer is he didn’t.

Later, Tapper said the charges were “uncorroborated as of now,” indicating that they might be confirmed by somebody at some time in the future. There was “no proof” of the claims but “confidence by intelligence officials that the Russians are claiming this.” Again, no names were provided.

However, Bernstein came back to say that “this former MI6 intelligence agent with great experience in Russia and the former Soviet Union [anonymous], is known to have terrific sources of information [anonymous], has a track record with the United States in coordinating with United States intelligence agencies.”

He has “a track record with the United States in coordinating with United States intelligence agencies.” What exactly does this mean?

CNN was reporting “news,” since a two-page CIA summary of this dirt was attached to a classified CIA report on Russian hacking and election influence that was given to Trump last Friday, January 6. But it was “fake” in the sense that CNN had no way of knowing if the charges had been completely made up.

On this basis, the story could and should have turned against the Intelligence Community, with reporters asking why unverified information had been used against Trump and whether this was retaliation for his criticism. But this course of action by CNN would make it impossible for CNN reporters to go back to these same sources for scurrilous information and false charges in the future. This fact makes it abundantly clear that the news organization was being used by anonymous sources in the Intelligence Community, most likely the CIA.

Since CNN likes anonymous sources, I will use one of my own. “This is a classic CIA blackmail operation where the CIA under Director John Brennan uses someone else’s dirt for the blackmail, and postures themselves as ‘innocent’ in presenting it to Trump,” one observer of the Intelligence Community told me. This is certainly the real story—that an intelligence agency run by Obama’s CIA director would use an American television network to attack the President-elect with scurrilous and unsubstantiated charges.

This is how the Intelligence Community, in Schumer’s words, got back at Trump.

Is America a constitutional republic ruled by the people through their elected representatives? Or do the intelligence agencies rule America and try to blackmail our leaders?

The President-elect said it would be “a tremendous blot” on the record of the Intelligence Community if they did in fact release the document to the media. At another point, he said, “I think it was disgraceful, disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false” get released in that fashion to CNN and BuzzFeed.

CNN is “fake news,” Trump said, and BuzzFeed “is a failing pile of garbage.”

BuzzFeed is being kept alive by the giant media company Comcast, which recently invested $200 million in the “left-wing blog,” as incoming White House press secretary and Trump communications director Sean Spicer called it.

It was Comcast that figured in Trump adviser Peter Navarro’s campaign statement about the need to break up “the new media conglomerate oligopolies.”

Navarro declared that media conglomerates were “destroying an American democracy that depends on a free flow of information and freedom of thought,” adding, “Donald Trump will drain the swamp of corruption and collusion, standing against this trend and standing for the American people.”

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    Tapper will deserve to be in the same part of Hell as Goebbels when his time comes. There is now no doubt that each and every statement made by the hive of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and the various newspapers that have been vying to be the Obama-Clinton “Pravda” is a lie made up to support an ongoing insurrection against the legally-elected government that will (we hope) take power next week. We are now in the situation that many western nations were in between the wars and after World War II, facing an ongoing long-term attempt at subversion and takeover, funded this time not by the Kremlin but by James Bond villain and Nazi collaborator Soros, and this time with a determined revolutionary cadre of satanists, socialists and sodomites.

  • Dreux Ste. Marie

    The MSM is a joke. If they report it, you can count on it to be a half-truth, lie or taken out of context.

  • 60PP25a

    The corrosion in the news, FBI, and CIA will not go away on it’s on own. Obama was successful in placing people and policy opposite to the American belief and goals.

  • missieb2000

    They still cannot compensate for the internet. It makes MSM irrelevant. And this petty fake story is a prime example of why they should be.
    Meanwhile, an amazing piece of forensic reporting goes whistling on YouTube.

  • alex

    the swamp is really deep & wide. good thing we have someone coming in that wants to try to drain it. hope he does it.

  • TPS12

    msm has proven themselves to be so biased nothing they say is believable. They have become a hollywood news rag.

  • jg collins

    i pretty much assume that the opposite of anything CNN or MSNBC says is true.

  • RMThoughts

    Forget the fake news dossier scandal about Trump – he has that one in his pocket. The real scandal is all about John McCain.

    The last time Donald Trump was in Moscow was in 2013. He came to promote his Miss. Universe beauty contest. The last time John McCain was in Kiev was less than two weeks ago. There, he met with many of the the neocons proxy soldiers who are slaughtering civilians in Donbass as well as leaders of the fascist coup regime. The contrast could not be clearer.

    After several rather lame false starts, the Neocons have now taken a step which can only be called a declaration of war against Donald Trump.

  • jaimelmanzano

    Ethical journalist should eschew using unnamed sources. In the meantime, the public should cancel subscriptions to print media, permanently, or temporarily, that cultivate anonymous sources, e.g., Washington Post, and NY Times. Further, the FCC should require licensed users of the spectrum to cite sources of opinion and facts as a requirement to fulfill their legal obligation to inform and educate the public.

  • lhvt918

    Donald Trump has few significant connections to Russia, whilst McCain has many profound connections with the fascist regime in Kiev. He helped them get into power, he was there cheering on the coup. Therefore, why has no one accused McCain of being a Ukrainian agent, working to destabilise American democracy in the name of a corrupt foreign power?

  • Gary

    Nothing but Straw Men and Red Herrings

  • Ted

    What cares? Fake news about a fake president. What’s to b*tch about?

    IAnd, really, if people can find a way to get back at El Commandante for his insulting, demeaning, and offensive motor mouth … SO MUCH THE BETTER!)

  • Mcfly

    —- SCRIPT – Top 10 Staged Media Events : Posted on You-Tube by – ThoughtCrime 7.—-

    Fact is , CIA has been ” Embedded ” with media for decades , to get around it’s prohibition on DOMESTIC activity. – Government is making domestic news for networks to air ‘ without disclaimer ‘…. ” Video News Release ” …… slang for FAKE NEWS !
    Overseas Psyops are done with a C-130 Aircraft , flying TV + Radio station called ” Commando Solo ” . CNN is PAID by foreign governments for positive spin coverage.
    Example # 2 here shows CNN get an interview with Usama bin Laden …. when CIA said it was unable to find him ……. 100 % LIES.

  • kenward42

    Although the intelligence organizations can embarrass themselves like this by disclosing faked information about Trump. As the most powerful man in the world, and the person senior to all of the alleged intelligence organizations, Trump can do them more harm than they can do him. So, they had better not get into a pissing contest with him

  • “Insulting, demeaning. and offensive motor mouth”? You mean like yours and every other whining liberal?

  • ItsJo

    Seems that EVERY Agency that Obama has, is CORRUPT and ALL the people that work within them. Ex. IRS-Koskisen, Lerner/ All his appointed
    Czars he pushed onto America/CIA/FBI/A.G.Lynch AND A.G.Holder…….

    We the people Deserve Better than what this last 8 yrs. have been, and I personally look forward to a “Better POTUS-Donald Trump and ALL those whom he picks within his administration.” The LEFT have lost, and they NEED to STOP ALL THE THREATS/LIES/ADVOCATING VIOLENCE AND TRYING TO BULLY THE NATION WITH THIS NONSENSE.

    As Obama told America: “We WON, and Elections Have Consequences”

  • Colorado Conservative

    I would say the best motor mouth is the liberals half black messiah…the one who droned on for close to an hour with his Chicago farewell address, mentioning himself 75 times. The farewell address that equaled the time of 3 previous presidential farewells combined.

  • ItsJo

    Good question, as McCain is a sneaky Liar, who has meddled in Many overseas nations, and takes Money from them…

    Example:. Recently, Saudi Arabia gave McCain $1MILLIION DOLLARS. WHY? Perhaps it was for him to KEEP trying to discredit/oust Trump during his campaign, as S.A. certainly preferred Hillary, whom they gave millions to and they wanted to continue with HER backing Muslims/Islam as she does(just like Obama)

    These “career politicos” MARRY these jobs and forget to Leave in their ambition for THEMSELVES to amass their own personal fortunes. They didn’t want “the outsider Trump to END their corruption in D.C. and wanted to keep their “Money Making Going”

    McCain I’d bet, is behind some of the “Trump Bashing” with the FAKE story, that McCain was only too happy to bring out publically with the CIA/Brennen working to be a “thorn in Trump’s side”……….Good luck with that, as Trump OUTED this scheme and will continue to do so, with ALL THE CORRUPT PLAYERS IN D.C. THAT IS A CESSPOOL AND THAT SWAMP NEEDS DRAINED.

  • ItsJo

    Agree with you Ken 100%…….Trump does NOT sit back and take bull…..HE fights back!

  • warriorgal

    Thank you! Fellow Americans keep Praying. God is answering! Truth & Justice shall prevail! But we must pray daily for our leaders! God has shed his grace on US. United We Stand ONE Nation under God indivisible with liberty & justice for all! The 3rd Great Spiritual Awakening IS HERE! Be a part of it! We must pray & work. Together take back our glorious nation! Not black, white, brown, but Red, White & Blue…Americans!??????????????????????????

  • warriorgal

    We know it was McCain. He can’t stand Trump b/c of the comments of “POW”. Truth is McCain is a hero but became a RINO & soldout WE The American People. God have mercy on his soul.

  • warriorgal

    Trump will continue to rise above b/c the American People are humbled b4 Holy God. The 3rd Great Spiritual Awakening is here! The Movement IS God! So continue to pray & work! Do your part fellow Americans to awaken MORE Americans! Checkout True News w/Rick Wiles @

  • sgtdoom

    The Evidence ???

    Fake news outlets like CNN and CBS affiliates, etc., are going wild over the
    CIA-Clinton Campaign-Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. report,
    unsubstantiated and full of

    In fact, I believe that Anderson Pooper of CNN (the station which fired Amber
    , and others, for trying to report the real news!) has been
    focusing on this stuff for a number of nights now!

    To clarify, CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been “reporting” on an
    unsubstantiated report — full of
    allegations, originally generated on
    behalf of the Clinton presidential campaign?

    Boy oh boy, that CIA surely loves Hillary Rodham Clinton! Guess they remember
    that President Bill Clinton’s final act, prior to vacating the White House, was
    to issue a presidential directive granting blanket exemption from the US
    Constitution to all CIA personnel!

    So, in effect, Anderson Pooper is all about non-reporting of
    unsubstantiated hearsay and gossip? Must
    be what he learned when he was interning at the CIA during his summers while
    attending Yale — and that ain’t unsubstantiated, people!

    Just one simple, non-fake news question:

    Where’s The Evidence

    [FYI: Jake Tapper was also hot and heavy during Cooper’s coverage of this
    “report” and it is interesting to note that Tapper was the campaign
    press secretary for Marjorie
    Margolies-Mezvinsky and later served as
    her congressional press secretary. (You might recall that name, it is related to Chelsea Clinton
    Mezvinsky.) And Tapper, at least last night, had to make reference to Lee Harvey
    Oswald’s never-proven guilt as an assassin, which should remind each and every
    one of us that the Warren Commission Report was also an
    unsubstantiated report full of

    Recommended Reading:

    Censored 2017 (for the history of the CIA’s covert capture of the American
    media) by Mickey Huff

    Beyond Repair by Charles S. Faddis

    CIA As Organized Crime by Douglas Valentine

    Finks by Joel Whitney

    Journalists for Hire by Udo Ulfkotte

    The Reporter Who Knew Too Much by Mark Shaw

    Spooked by Nick Schou

    A Kidnapping in Milan by Steve Hendricks

    Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner

    Dark Alliance by Gary Webb

    The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy

    The Family Jewels by John Prados

    The Spy Within by Tod Hoffman

    The Spy’s Son by Bryan Denson

  • warriorgal

    The great news is Americans are awake & many more waking up!

  • warriorgal

    Neither do We The American People! This is OUR Country! We will defend the rights we adore. The ISIs, hezbos whatever weirdos take heed, you are NOT in Saudi Arabia. No freaking sharia in our Nation! The sleeping Giant called We The American People stand united in protecting ourselves. America First! It is time to heal & restore truth & justice. The Good Book is our foundation. In God We Still Trust!

  • warriorgal

    He will do it but it’s going to take ALL of US doing our part. We must know where & what is our toll. One thing is for certain now is not the time for Americans who cherish and love freedom to be silent . Those who hate freedom want to silence us and take away the joy of the victory given by Almighty God ! don’t let it happen talk to people talk to millennials talk to centennials we are seeing the glory of Almighty God as early American soil during George Washington’s day hallelujah his truth is marching on !

  • Keith

    Some of you still believe in Santa Claus… CNN invented the RACE CARD paying Al Sharpton 2 million dollars to tell everyone “White People Hate Black People”…CNN invented “Hands Up” and went against the Supreme Courts ruling “THERE WAS NO RACIL PREJUDICE INVOLVED..BUT ANDERSON COOPER AND DON LEMON AND RACHEL MADDOW,,,ALL GAY OPERATIVES USING THE BLACK MAN TO CREATE “Victim”mentality”….then manifested Black Lives Matter…all to ensure the CABAL kept Hillary in place so they could continue the rape and pillage of Americans WHO WORK…with restrictions and regulations that put environmental concerns before representing the same poor blacks that they keep as indentured servants of the Dixiecrat..Democrats…who build nothing and knock down what others with a Plan create… A Rogue Government? Are you blind? This is an insurgency against FREEDOM. CNN wants to stoop Americans into a One World Government so we can all bow down to the Queens and Eunuchs on TV… Like the Hunger Games using the actors and media elite to control us…WAKE UP LITTLR GIRLS… I Love my Black brothers and sisters and want them to be free from the Gay Agenda to create a Priest Class that runs the New World Order.. I love my gay brothers and sisters…but they are a man or a woman…CNN wants to create subspecies…and hand out cards ..human rights cards..that are meaning less except tp divide and conquer..fractionalize us..