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With Hillary Clinton making the news again, with claims that she is thinking of becoming a preacher following her 2016 election defeat, it should remind Americans of one scandal that has not been resolved since the 2016 election: the FBI’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

During the 2016 election, the Clinton Foundation was the target of the Right due to lack of transparency and accusations that it was a charity bank for the Clinton family. Some of the more notable news about the foundation was that Clinton Foundation staffers linked donors to then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton, a Clinton Foundation donor obtained uranium preferences from the Clinton-run Department of State, and how the foundation accepted tens millions of dollars from countries such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia (reportedly between $10 to $25 million) and Algeria. Many of these foreign donating countries have poor human rights records, which was a focus of Clinton’s tenure at the Department of State.

The attention was so intense on the foundation’s foreign donations that Bill Clinton, in August 2016, announced that the foundation will no longer accept foreign donations if Hillary Clinton was elected president.

The FBI began investigating the foundation in the summer of 2015 and this continued through the 2016 election cycle. Understandably, investigations take significant amounts of time.

But, there has not been an update on the FBI investigation since last fall, with updates in October, November and December. Why is the FBI silent on the investigation over the past seven months?

Here’s what a Google search brings up from the liberal mainstream media outlets when you type in “FBI investigation of Clinton Foundation.” Notice the dates of this reporting:

NPR: Calls to Investigate Clinton Pose a Challenge to US Political Norms (August 3, 2017) · The Atlantic: But What About Hillary Clinton? (July 24, 2017) · McClatchy DC: House Republicans want a new, sweeping probe of Clinton (July 28, 2017)

Notice that The Washington Post, New York Times and major media outlets have not published any recent articles or editorials on the subject since the election, other than House Republicans asking for an investigation of the Clinton Foundation and former FBI director James Comey. Now, if the shoe were on the other foot, would the liberal media be this silent?

Most unlikely.

The liberal mainstream media have ignored the Clinton Foundation investigation, possibly due to Clinton’s losing the 2016 election and now her position as an officially politically retired private citizen.

Still, the questions remain: What is it taking so long for the FBI to investigate the Clinton Foundation and why is the liberal media silent on this investigation?

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  • jaimelmanzano

    It is the dual system of law and justice. Ordinary people operate under one system. The political elite operate under the other.

  • Frank de Varona

    The Clinton Foundation is a crimnal enterprise which should be investigated with vigor by the Justice Department and the FBI. Everyone in this nation should be treated the same under the law, if not America will become a Banana Republic. Frank de Varona

  • john robel


  • john robel


  • hap46

    Love these posts but Trump said he would not investigate the Clintons after he was elected. The boy has to use his brain to figure out Hillary, Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Pelosi, Durbin, etc. are all responsible for the never-ending Russian collusion investigation. With no legal actions against the Clintons, it leaves us frustrated and confused as why they elude our justice systems.

  • TED

    Dueling investigations! The Clinton investigation. The Trump investigation.

    Unfortunately for the GOP Clinton-haters, the Clinton’s are private citizens now and out of the Washington mainstream. On the other hand … Trump is president for 3 1/2 more years … more than enough time for the Trump investigation to get him … and get him real good! He’s going to crash and burn worse than Nixon. Agnew, and Mitchell did … and the Clinton’s and the Clintonistas will have the last (and very hearty) laugh.

  • samo war

    hillarry want patriots wars ?

  • Realist

    Well for starters, no actual news that is so potentially damaging to a fellow libcultist will survive the gauntlet of filters built into Big Media’s Machinery of Deception and Control. That is simply a given.

    Only “news” that serves the interest of the cult will survive that gauntlet.

    The paymasters have zero interest in philosophical concepts like Free Speech and Free Thought as universally applied norms. The Ruling Class paymasters, like the acolytes of the libcult that those paymasters also own and control, are only concerned with themselves and their “rights”. They have no respect for the protections enshrined in our Constitution for anyone other than themselves and those who serve their purposes, and they never will.

  • Brian Manthey

    Nothing but a international money laundering scheme…. enough is enough
    …. now the Clintons will try to make money off of religon.

  • Brian Manthey

    John rebel don’t be surprised if there is a link

  • Sam

    I said it once and I will say it again, if you have enough money you can get away with murder in Washington DC.

  • Gz7

    You are easily amused. Most idiots are. Do you have anything to add to the conversation regarding your heroes, the criminal Clinton’s. If I was your father I’d be demanding my sperm back. Your lack of an education makes you stand out like a sore thumb!

  • Deplorable Me

    Smart criminals realize it’s easy to swindle people when they hide behind a mask of religion. Ask O.J.

  • regulus30

    oops remember now this is a “MATTER” NOT an investigation. re;lorretta “cankles” lynch said so.


    The Clinton Foundation is a BIG SCAM it Bought Chelsey a $5 million dollar home next door to mommie and Daddy and paid for her million dollar wedding The Clinton’s are DIRTY ROTTEN CORRUPT LIARS !!!!! Oh Yeah and now the UGLY SHANK has written a book about why she lost the Election ===MORE LIES and more excuses instead of telling the Truth about the Deleted 33K E mails and taking a hammer to 7 of her cell phones !!!!!

  • lexi001

    OMG! Give it up!!

  • lexi001

    No, John robel, you’ll be funding that wall. Just like your president promised you, didn’t he? Oh, that’s right, Mexico will be paying for it. Bunch of fools.

  • lexi001

    I didn’t realize you have to be a conspiracy theorist to have people believe you have an education. You people are so pathetic.

  • lexi001

    No surprise that you moron’s are confused. After all, 7 investigations into Benghazi, millions of YOUR and my dollars, they’ve got NOTHING. Yet, you people are so unhinged over this woman (and of course Obama) that you’re sure it’s just a matter of maybe 10 or more investigations and then they’ll get her!! Maybe they can focus on her child sex-ring in the pizza-parlor basement (even though there was no basement in the pizza parlor) and possibly only have to have 6 investigations. Anything is possible.

  • D.B.

    Why did the article fail to mention that the Uranium One deal was our uranium to Putin and Russia. Also failed to note that Clinton Foundation got $125 MILLION directly and indirectly from RUSSIA. And Slick Willy got $500k from Russia for a 30 minute speech after uranium sale. How about telling the whole truth??

  • Teresa Nazareth

    “COVER-UP the scandals” written all over this affair that’s why nothing fro NY Times, Washington Post and leftist media. Wild dreams of The Trump Administration and Russia collusion and other fabricated affairs detracting the President from completing genuine work for the people & making America great again. What is happening to our beautiful country, Fat Cat politicians, lobbyists you’ll will never enjoy your ill begotten riches till you learn to be honest..

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Well they are special that is why nothing is being said. They are trying to find a way to make it look like she did nothing wrong. IF Hillary is not brought up on TRASON charges we ALL will know the FBI is on the TAKE for we know she is guilty as Hell. She needs to be locked up just like any OTHER person would have been and we would have been charged with TREASON. You need to show she is NOT above the LAW and that you can not be paid off.

  • Michael Ryan

    ahaha oh my god you guys think- you seriously think this

  • Aeffesstoo

    You mean the clinton “matter”?

  • macbeach

    At the risk of repeating myself, this sort of sudden conversion usually comes AFTER the morally bankrupt individual is behind prison walls. She could have prayer meetings for her fell inmates and write a book about how God clued her in regarding the number of lives that her policies and practices had cost “the little people”.

  • steven

    The FBI should be renamed the federal Bureau of incompetence.
    The so-called foundation should have to suffer the same civil forfeiture laws that any ordinary American can be charged with

  • jg collins

    They’re waiting until Hillary is wearing the robes of an ordained minister in the Church of The Holy Culpable and can meld (hide) the Clinton Foundation into it. Hallelujah, brethren and cistern! A diaconate will be a paltry million. If you want to be a Bishop, you’re talking some real bucks. Move over, Scientology!

  • Rich Schmidt

    Not many preachers can cuss a blue streak like she can.

  • RightVote

    Well, I’ll nominate Rev. Jeremiah Wright………Boy could he “HATE” !

  • Gz7

    Yes, even Russian collusion!

  • hap46

    Whatever it takes to see Hillary sentenced to prison.

  • Roger Thomas

    The moron that is confused is you. The Demoncrat administration officials covered up for her, therefore, you come to the conclusion that no crime was committed.
    As for her becoming a minister: why would she do this? Because in becoming a minister it would become politically difficult to accuse and prosecute a minister. This is an attempt to avoid prosecution. Devious on her part, because she has supported and defended anti-Christ organizations vigorously.
    Do not become a member of or support an organization that accepts her as a minister, because it is not of the almighty God Yehwey.

  • Pat Kay

    Same place as the investigation of the Trump Foundation …

  • IraMad

    Notice the cover provided by NPR for Hillary.
    Incidentally, congress is NOW considering defunding Public Broadcasting. This is a good time to contact your congressmen.
    1 horrendous liberal icon down…
    1 more to go!

  • IraMad

    The POTUS doesn’t conduct investigations.
    It depends on the definition of “IS.”

  • BambiB

    Life without parole would be nice. Death penalty would be better. She committed treason.

  • BambiB

    Yep. He’s the right-wing analog of Hitlery. To see how disgusting she is, you need only look at him!

  • BambiB

    On the other hand, there is copious evidence that the Clintons are major league criminals. So far, there’s no evidence that Trump has done anything wrong. The only real “Russia” scandal is Hitlery and Bill’s connection to Russian Uranium. The biggest scandals are Hitlery’s illegal email server, improper handling of classified material (which should get her in excess of 3000 years of prison time), and her non-stop obstruction of law.

  • fred

    Waaa. But Hillary just did something and we know it. Lolol. Sorry but there is no evidence of that other than wild conjecture from those who would claim she should be in prison for jay walking. You support a racist, a compulsive liar, that is proven by the way, there is no debate on whether he lies or not. The psychiatric community says he’s nuts and you creep give him a pass on all of it, but hey that HIllary got donations and all the money went where it was supposed to buy you just know they did something. Lololo. Meanwhile after you are done cryinb about buying access you can talk about Kush, Trump’s son, his daughter and then maybe you can talk about him attempting to collude which is proof of Russian meddling. He then lies for a year to us telling us no real proof of meddling, our intel is suspect and our press are liars. Meanwhile this little lying creep is sitting on evidence that shows meddling. But instead he fires Comey and does everything he can to discredit the investigation. Anyone supporting that is truly a deluded follower and amoral to boot.