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I missed a few losers in my column on the big media losers of the 2016 campaign. One person told me, “Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal has totally lost all credibility with his anti-Trump rants in his weekly column right up to the very end. We used to be ardent fans of his, but no more!!!”

I agree that Stephens is a big loser. His attacks on Trump were relentless and he declared that he wanted to build a new political party to compete with Trump. Sounding like The Huffington Post, Stephens used his November 8 column to find Trump guilty of “unrelenting and apparently irrepressible bigotry, misogyny, bullying and conspiracy-mongering…”

After the election, his readers responded with comments like:

  • Deep breaths Bret. You’ll be ok.
  • MSNBC has several openings on their Jobs page, Bret.
  • Stephens, you have climbed out on a limb and sawed it off.
  • Best way to handle Stephens is to NOT read his columns anymore. That’s my solution to George Will also. Eventually, they will be fired.

Speaking of The Huffington Post, consider these post-election headlines from the online publication: “Why HuffPost’s Presidential Forecast Didn’t See A Donald Trump Win Coming. Here’s how we blew it and what we’re doing to prevent a repeat.”

But no resignations or firings were announced, and Stephens will also apparently keep his job.

Journalists and columnists should not be fired for their opinions, but for their lack of objectivity. It’s fine to have anti-Trump opinions, but that should not have interfered with an analysis of why Trump was striking a chord with the American people.

My own views of Trump changed as I saw how the people were responding to him. One good source was Right Side Broadcasting, which aired live coverage of Trump rallies. Their broadcasts captured the size of the crowds. I saw Trump’s appearance in the heavily-Democratic city of Toledo, Ohio, where he was greeted by enthusiasm. I also took trips to states like Pennsylvania and saw the dozens of “Trump for President” signs. My July 29 column, “Democrats Abandon Workers to Trump,” looked at how the Democratic Party had abandoned the working class. My column on the eve of the election examined how “people power” could guarantee a Trump victory.

These Trump supporters were not serial liars, rampant xenophobes, racists, misogynists, etc. They were ordinary people who were sick and tired of the liberal establishment.

By contrast, the elitist Bret Stephens wrote about the Trump rallies, “The fervor of his crowds recalls Nasser’s Egypt.” Stephens had nothing but contempt for the average American.

The problem with people like Stephens and publications like The Huffington Post is that they let their anti-Trump orientation interfere with the need for a professional analysis of what was actually happening in America’s cities and towns.

One Huffington Post writer with egg on his face is Ryan Grim, who was promoting the bogus story that Trump had raped a 13-year-old girl. Regarding the rape story, Grim informed his readers on November 2 that “a woman who says Trump raped her as a 13-year-old in the 1990s is planning a press conference at 6:00 EST today. I coincidentally was working on a piece  explaining why this case has gotten so little coverage.”

It got little coverage because it was false.

The woman, who had a history of drug abuse, pulled out of the news conference. She was identified by name and dropped the lawsuit. The allegations were obviously fabricated.

Grim also promoted the publication’s inaccurate predictions, saying on November 8, “Our final forecast is that she’ll [Hillary will] win 323 electoral votes, far more than the 270 she needs to win. According to our model, she’ll win Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire, and that’ll be that. Early night.”

The story by Natalie Jackson of The Huffington Post about how the publication totally botched coverage of the campaign admits the magnitude of the mistake: “Our model predicted that Democrat Hillary Clinton had a 98 percent chance of being elected. That was more pro-Clinton than most other forecast models (although all of them predicted a Clinton win). Our model said five Senate seats would shift from Republican to Democratic, giving Democrats a likely majority.”

But nobody in the media loses their jobs for getting the facts wrong and doing their work in an unprofessional manner.

What’s more, we see the same left-wing pundits and reporters on networks like CNN coming back for more, giving viewers more slanted coverage and commentary disguised as news. Consider “former” communist Van Jones using CNN to accuse Trump supporters of being white racists. The same old liberal talking heads are currently trying to dictate the make-up of Trump’s cabinet and staff by warning against certain people deemed too conservative or “controversial.”

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas comments that millions overcame “the firewall that existed within the media.” That partly occurred because of his undercover videos that led to resignations by Democratic operatives. In a post-election video, he explained that the most stunning admission of election night was “the power shift in this country,” as citizens exercised their power, “despite the overwhelming forces working them against them.”

We can see that, as a result of the media’s failure to clean house, those who opposed Trump will not give up their power. Since they have shown that they have no professional standards, the only answer is to further drain the media elite of viewers and readers, and build up the power of alternative sources of news and information.

Any ordinary business that got things so wrong and performed so incompetently would go out of business. Let’s help the liberal media bite the dust.

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  • M.

    They are traitors. They wanted to see communist tyranny imposed on the people, they wanted to laugh at the misery and suffering of helpless victims, whom they could safely despise and look down on from their vulture’s perch. They need to be not only sacked, but arrested. President Trump can’t afford to stop now. These pieces of subhuman filth have got to be finished for good and all, if they are left in peace they will return in a more virulent form than ever, just as bacteria not fully killed off by antibiotics are only strengthened thereby. All communists, “progressives”, whatever this trash wants to call itself, must be identified, found and arrested for the good of the decent people of the United States. Let them be tried, and if proven guilty, let them get what’s coming to them.

  • Clintonispathetic

    Russians and Americans share hopes and fears about the future relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
    ‘Macho v macho’: what to expect from Putin-Trump negotiations

  • Defendthebillofrights

    All media is owned by the membership of the Trilateral Commission. Every candidate excepting Trump placed before the American public was representing the Trilateral Commission.

    The internet and the free flow of Truth from one American to another is what beat the Trilateralists at their own game for the first time in 40 years. It is also the reason those involved in globalization want to control or shut down the internet.

    The Trilateral Commission controls from Europe to Asia hence the “Trilateral” moniker. If a person is interested in their history from the beginnings to present day it might be best to visit Youtube and search *** Caravan to Midnight *** episode 250. It is the most informative capsulized discussion of what has happened to America you will encounter. The video is 3 hrs long, you can skip the commercials, and it sounds hokey in the beginning until Patrick Wood begins to talk. You will not be disappointed that is a promise as he connects the dots.

    Americans are facing internal war in the future if the Trilateral Commission is not defeated. See the video and try to disprove what is said on it. You will come away with a different understanding of what is behind all the Anti Trump demonstrations and what is at stake for our children.

    It’s not about the differences that divide our nation… it’s about conquering from with in by the so called elite who actually consider themselves the ruling class.

    Notice the advancements in robotics these days? Realize millions more could be out of work because of robots? Notice how upset silicone valley is over Trumps victory? Think there is a connection? You can bet on it.

    What happens when the government has hundreds of millions of citizens totally dependent on it? Think Global Warming here and CO2 which every living being exhales. Have you ever checked out the United Nations Agenda 21 now renamed Agenda 2030? In the heart of it is forced population reduction. Who will volunteer first? Think you could turn in your neighbor for burning the trash in that barrel? Or how about having too many kids. This sounds crazy until you read how the Netherlands now legally euthanizes both the young and the old.

    I could go on and on but the reality is YOU ALL must find out for yourselves. I gave you a good starting point. Good luck.

  • tkrepel

    Did AIM fire anyone when its attempts to destroy Obama failed miserably in 2008 and 2012?

    Didn’t think so.

  • M.

    I hope President Trump realizes how important it is that he deal with you types decisively as soon as possible. You need to either get your minds right, or get out of the country. I’d love to see great hordes of your kind being herded into ships which would take you to Cuba or Venezuela to enjoy your long desired socialist paradise.

  • tkrepel

    You can’t argue with me, so you want me silenced and deported. Sad!

  • M.

    I needn’t argue. Why? For the same reason one needn’t argue with an extortionist that robbery with menaces is wrong. It is quite obviously wrong to all right-thinking people, hence my remark that your mind isn’t right. You have had your brain washed with a fire-hose. This ensures that your crime-stop (if you don’t know what this is or whence the term comes, look it up.) will overpower you and prevent you using your rational faculty. Deprogramming you would be a job for a real master, and it certainly couldn’t be accomplished over the internet. I hope for your sake that someone manages to do it somehow.

  • tkrepel

    Why all this hostility for simply pointing out that if people in the media should be fired for getting Trump wrong, people at AIM should have been fired for getting Obama wrong in ’08 and ’12? If AIM didn’t hold anyone accountable for its failed anti-Obama hate — in fact, it did the opposite by bringing back Joel Gilbert to spew more hate and lies — what moral basis does it have to demand such behavior from anyone else?

    You want to silence and deport me for saying something you didn’t agree with. And yet somehow I’m the terrible one here.

  • M.

    Because the two things are different. It is the same difference that exists between a criminal using a revolver to rob a shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper using a revolver to defend himself. In the one case using the revolver is blameworthy, in the other it is not. It is as simple as that. Obama and Hillary and their handlers and lackeys are communists. Trump is not. They wanted to disarm and render helpless, and thereafter impose red terror on the people of the United States, Trump does not. They wanted babies to be dismembered in the womb, Trump does not. It isn’t that hard to understand if you give it some thought.

  • tkrepel

    None of which has anything to do with what I originally said — or with your demand to silence and deport me for saying it.

    Let me repeat: I said something you didn’t like, and you want to shut me up. Trying to distract from that doesn’t work.

  • M.

    It is obvious that it is a question of the will, not the intellect. You could understand if you so desired. You do not. You will not. So be it. This is why you ought to be deported. You will always oppose those who are not and refuse to become obedient brainwashed little socialists. You therefore entertain an ineradicable hostility to the greater part of the citizens of the U.S. who do not want communism, unnatural vice, corruption of their children, persecution of religion, abortion and all the rest of it. Since you can not live in peace with them, and it is rightfully their country, they have a right to send you to a place you would find more congenial. This way you would not trouble them with ceaseless agitation. You would probably come to consider yourself better off as well. In Cuba they are working constantly to attain the state of pure communism. You supported Hillary, therefore you would probably like to live in such a country. It would be a win-win situation as they say.

  • tkrepel

    Funny how you can somehow divine all that from a comment in which I said nothing about it. Overactive imagination?

    Meanwhile, you have made yourself unambiguously clear about petulantly silencing any opinion you don’t agree with or any fact that makes your side look bad. Looks like you’re the one who would more comfortable in Cuba.

  • M.

    There is right and wrong, good and evil. We are on the right side and you on the wrong. It was always so as St. Augustine wrote of so well in his description of the City of God and the city of man. I must leave off now, but I will say this: you are much better than others who have written against us at AIM. There was one who called himself sandwich, he would always use the filthiest language and insults he could think of if someone got the better of him. It is refreshing to see that there are some on your side who don’t do so.

  • tkrepel

    So racism, misogyny and anti-Semitism — all of which has been associated with Trump, his supporters and the campaign he ran — are “right” and “good”? If you say so…

    And I’ll point out again that all of your ranting has nothing whatsoever to do with I originally wrote. Why do you keep pretending that it does?

  • M.

    All right, I’ll have one more go, hopeless as it is. AIM was right to attack Obama in ’08 and ’12. When one does right, one does not deserve punishment. The others were wrong to attack Trump, and they were wrong to calumniate him and make things up as they went along. The effect of their doing so shows in what you just wrote. He does not hate other races. You would know that if you had bothered to actually listen to him instead of eating up whatever Maddow and her ilk dished out. In short, they were wrong. When one wilfully does wrong, one deserves punishment. I don’t approve of everything Trump has ever done, but he is by far a better human being than the devil-worshipping, baby-murdering communist witch (meant literally, not pejoratively) Clinton. If you still claim not to understand and to claim this has nothing to do with what you originally wrote I shall know you are trolling. I’ve seen small children do such things. They’ll mimic what a brother or sister says, and when told to stop, they’ll steadfastly maintain with a straight face, “no I’m not, no I’m not.” It’s not befitting for an adult and I’ll not play the game any longer. Good day.

  • tkrepel

    In 2012, AIM embraced Joel Gilbert, who made a demonstrably false film about Obama. Not only did Cliff Kincaid not get fired for pushing lies, he embraced Gilbert again in his cynical attacks on both Obama (exploiting his half-brother) and Clinton (exploiting Danney Williams).

    But, hey, you believe that Hillary is a “devil-worshipping, baby-murdering communist witch” and you insist you’re being literal. And somehow I’m the one detached from reality who must be silenced. Hateful demagoguery of people you don’t agree with, with the inevitable next step of censorship and deportation, are the keys to how totalitarian regimes stay in power.

    Looks like you’re the one who needs to deport yourself to Cuba, since want their tools of repression to be replicated here for the benefit of Trump.

  • efred1

    It’s called doubling down on Stupid; the liberal MSM would rather drown in their own stupidity and arrogance than right themselves and do their job correctly.

    Jeez, these people’s jobs are better than meteorologist’s: they can be wrong 100% of the time, and not only keep their job, but told they’re doing great AND they’re getting a raise. [Facepalm] Way to keep them delusional.

  • efred1

    At least Trump won’t sell out to Putin like Hillary would and Obama did. It’ll be interesting to see how all that money that Hillary accepted from such foreign powers like Saudi Arabia, Russia, et. al., for favors WHEN she would become President will work out.

  • mioahu

    The CRAPEL crawled out from under his rock where he cried for the last week, dreaming of HER and his lost communist dreams. Everybody knows you are a stupid libtard, that’s why you get these answers. Deported would work for me if you would be an illegal criminal…welcome to TRUMPLAND you easily offended moron, your PC and that of your stupid leftist media elected trump !!!!

  • tkrepel

    Do you really think third-grade-level taunts and name-calling are enough to stop me from telling the truth about AIM and its embrace of lies? Apparently you do.

  • IraMad

    To keep any credibility, talking heads must roll! The MSM will never “guide us” again. Alt-media rules!

  • IraMad

    It’s not because they were wrong. It’s because they sided with Marxist extremists, and even immorally colluded with same. Make no mistake, they are not democrats. That historically respected party has been infiltrated by America hating communists. And the talking heads have forever exposed themselves as part of that cabal.
    Talking Heads Must Roll!

  • mioahu

    Hahahhahah, coming from a libtard that is precious, after that’s all you morons did for the past 2 years !!!!! and now you want to be somehow civil ? give me a break, of course that’s the only thing that works with you

  • This endless parroting of the buzzwords racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism reminds me of Goebbels’ famous comment in WWII: repeat a lie often enough and people will come accept it as the truth. Kind of fits with our socialist/liberal pukes in the so-called”mainstream media”.