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On Inauguration Day back in January, fascists from the alt-left group Antifa burned a limousine in front of The Washington Post newsroom.

They might want to be more careful next time so as not to endanger their coworkers.

Antifa and The Washington Post are on the same team., which is owned by the same person who owns the Post, is now actively promoting the Antifa fascist group on its website.

Type “Antifa” into Amazon’s search box, and you’ll see everything from flags and banners to T-shirts, ball caps, posters and stickers. All include the Antifa fascists’ logo – a red flag over a black flag inside of a circle with a white background and black outline.

One of the first pieces that comes up for sale is the Antifa handbook, which Amazon describes as “smart and gripping” and helpfully informs us that the group was born out of the Mussolini and Hitler eras during the 1920s and 1930s.

The description goes on to say that recently the Antifa movement “suddenly burst into the headlines amidst opposition to the Trump administration and the alt-right.” It cites the group’s violent rioting on Inauguration Day, in which more than 200 people were arrested and six police officers were injured in Washington, D.C., as well as in cities around the country.

Amazon’s Antifa selection also features a variety of men’s T-shirts sporting the group’s logo.

Some shirts simply state the group’s name across an all-black background. Other pieces of apparel are more provocative, though. The front of one shirt encourages people to “punch more Nazis.” Another shows the iconic image of Uncle Sam pointing. Below the picture of Uncle Sam are the words “I want you to punch Nazis.”

The “punch more Nazis” shirt likely refers to an incident in which white nationalist leader Richard Spencer was punched in the face on the streets of Washington, D.C. – a moment captured on video that later went viral.

Still more shirts for sale on Amazon show a clinched fist above the name “Antifa.” Others take aim at America’s capitalist system, reading “You don’t hate Mondays. You hate Capitalism.”

How can The Washington Post, once one of the most respected media outlets in America, now be party to marketing the gear of a violent fascist hate group? Because current ownership doesn’t see it that way. Rather than violent fascists, current ownership sees Antifa as peaceful protesters speaking out against hate.

This partially explains why President Donald Trump took so much media heat for his remarks following the rioting in Charlottesville that condemned “both sides” for the violent clashes between white supremacists and the fascists of Antifa. The left – and its handmaidens in the media – refuse to acknowledge that Trump was right and the Antifa fascists were just as responsible for the conflict in Charlottesville as the Klansmen and white supremacists they fought.

But as white nationalist groups’ website domains were deregistered by GoDaddy and Google in the wake of Charlottesville, prompting a debate over free speech and access to platforms for even the most egregious speakers, one of America’s former leading newspapers was promoting the Antifa message on its pages and selling its apparel and other offerings on its sister company’s website.

The same could be said here in the case of Amazon selling Antifa gear. There’s just one problem with that defense.

Go to Amazon and type in “KKK” and you’ll see shirts that read, “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist U.S.A,” a chant often shouted by leftist protest groups. Or, be more specific and search for “KKK T-shirts” and you’ll find shirts with swastikas, but with lines drawn over them.

So hateful messages are to be shunned … but only when the owner of the Post can’t make a few bucks peddling shirts and other products on behalf of half of the haters.

Accuracy in Media reached out to Amazon for a comment, but did not hear back.


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  • Chemist

    Par for the course, liberal hypocrisy at its finest. Still, these poor fools don’t understand the history of this lunacy of the left. Fortunately the best primer on that topic can be purchased right on Amazon as well, that being the latest from Dinesh D’Souza: “The Big Lie” traces their murderous bloody history, and highlights their brainwashed insanity.

  • john robel


  • James

    Amazon also sells “Mein Kampf” (in several editions and translations), “The Turner Diaries,” “The Birth of a Nation,” and the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” along with Confederate flags, several books by David Duke, as well as all sorts of Trump and “Make America Great Again” items. Following the logic of this article, that would make “The Washington Post” an extreme right-wing publication that supports a host of alt-right causes.

  • TED

    Everyone with a functioning brain and knowledge of 1930s Germany and Italy would obviously be anti-fascist … and what’s going on in Washington right now certainly smacks of the 21st century’s version of what started out in the 1930s in Germany. This time around, there damned-well better be an effective anti-facist movement!

  • samo war
  • oat21

    Boycott Amazon, the Washington Post, Whole Foods and anything else associated with Amazon.

  • mioahu

    Yes they banned Trump merchandise. Communist anarchist traitors, You would think Bezos would be smarter , looking at the empire he built…The first ones they will come for if the communists and anarchists have their way is mega rich useful idiots like him. maybe he didn’t have time to read history, that’s what happened in Russia and all over eastern Europe, Cuba , China… to busy making money and being hypocritical about it

  • mioahu

    Yeah, everybody is, except these morons are communist fascist anarchists and they are too dumb to know it, like you !

  • bill

    Dead Nazi, dead Communist my DI left out Dead democrat all being the same. Amazon card goes into the fire to night, never liked Whole Food or their prices and who in their Right Mind reads WSJ, NYT, Washington anything it’s all propaganda with DemoRats Playing Adolf/Stalin. Only the Blood Of Our Enemies Will Set You Free

  • 1madgrannie

    My whole family has decided to not buy from Amazon in the future. I have also sent info to friends so they can decide. Some had no idea that the owner of WAPO was CEO of Amazon and a big hater of the USA/ I am sure this will help other internet sites sales go up.

  • Morgan O’Rourke

    Stopped using Amazon over 10 years ago when I read all about this pig Bezos. Best way to stop him is to stop supporting Amazon and that liberal rag, the Wash Post.

  • FattyWink

    Let’s be honest, nobody (or at least not enough people) are realistically going to boycott those companies to make a dent in their revenue. There has to be a better way. Red-pilling influential “progressives” is the best bet. Or, pull a page from the liberal playbook and focus on exposing future generations to the whole truth (versus the marxist indoctrination that’s happening now in academia). The mainstream has never been so powerful from a point of influence (not necessarily numbers), but all that matters is influence – except when reality butts heads with their narrative. Let them be the far left zealots they are (that coincidentally resemble the far right zealots of the 80s), they will eventually become the Facebook of social media – uncool, something only old people use. Antifa is another thing. Conservatives (or anyone who isn’t on the far left including moderate liberals) have been doing the right thing for the most part – peacefully fighting for sanity, free speech, the exposure of the truth etc. The likes of Antifa haven’t been able to bait the everyday rational person into stooping to their level, and at most of these rallies where there’s an altercation, more Antifa members are arrested than people just try to exercise their rights. They were so unsuccessful in painting the narrative that Antifa is the moral resistance and everything to the right of far left Nazis, that they had to go and seek out ACTUAL Nazis to pick a fight with to make themselves look righteous and like freedom fighters. Problem is, they’re the farthest thing from it. You don’t wear masks unless you’re going to commit a crime. You don’t beat people for their words, or to suppress their ideas. They are the definition of fascists. The MSM is using Charlottesville to rebrand Antifa as being on the right side of history while lumping the 99.999999% of non-progressives in with being Nazis even though that 99.999999% despise Nazis as much as everyone else (and unlike Antifa, don’t use their methods). But guess what? The MSM rebranding and new race-war hysteria is working. I just had a jewish coworker tell me, “for the first time in my life, I’m genuinely scared for my life”. SERIOUSLY?! I had to run the numbers by him to calm the manufactured hysteria, but he still thinks that there are antisemites hiding under every rock ready to throw him in a gas chamber.

  • FattyWink

    Not this time around. It’s a different version of a similar thing. They only hate capitalism in principle, not practice – these dolts couldn’t survive without their “nice things”. The most extreme radicals (who seem to have the most power and influence on the social-justice-level) will try and push things towards a communist solution, and it’ll bounce back to a more socialist execution with those extreme radicals either pushed out or dealt with via being silenced, “martyred” or suicided. This is a movement of followers, not doers. They worship technology and entertainment/influence as their god, Bezos, Zuckerberg, celebrities and news anchors like Maddow etc. are their heroes. If they have their way you’ll have an end result that’s very Bernie-like socialist for everyone else, and capitalist for the “elites” or “influencers”. And all the peons will be just fine with having their opportunity and ability to compete taken away so long as they are placated with free education, healthcare, a living wage a tv and smart phone and a propaganda machine to tell them what they want to hear. Everyone will finally be equal!!! There might be “defectors” once reality sets in, but by then the MSM and big government will be so powerful as to easily squash/censor any resistance. Kind like what they’re already approaching now.

  • mioahu

    Oh, one of the wapo employees just wrote a scathing opinion about wapo and bezos, showing he is a super hypocrite, peddling leftism while being a total moron towards his employees …PRECIOUS

  • mioahu

    Well, he is a hypocrite, hell do anythimg to make a buck while pretending to ne a leftist

  • justmewhoelse12

    Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg one day will fight over who can be the little nazi wanna be ruler of the US. Two evil little men.

  • IraMad

    This, the billionaire who whines about depriving him of (DACA) cheap labor, and who’s online business is responsible for closing America’s brick and mortar stores. Wow! Now, his Antifa Army breaks things and turns communities into war zones!
    At what point do Americans fight back? Fight with your dollars!
    This is just TOO MUCH! Pay a couple of bucks for shipping, or make a trip to the mall, but stop supporting this radical punk!

  • IraMad

    It’s time.

  • David Lusian

    Amazon is turning quite nasty! Promoting violence through whatever “memes”necessary. Propaganda is spread from coast to coast by someone who is “feeding” the media by “land and by sea, and they deliver overnight.