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Not content with publishing a daily barrage of anti-Trump articles, The Washington Post is now encouraging demonstrations against the President. On Wednesday afternoon, the Post published a special story, “Amid questions about Russia-Trump ties, protesters rally in front of the White House,” about a few dozen people with anti-Trump signs.

The real purpose of the article was to promote what are supposed to be much larger “March for Truth” demonstrations in Washington and New York on June 3. The objective, the paper claimed, is to call “for more transparency in possible Trump and Russia connections.”

Speaking of transparency, who’s behind the protests? The Post told us they were “liberal organizations.” One organizer told the Post, “This may come off as partisan, but it’s not, it’s open to everyone.”

The official press release for the June 3 event names the “National Partner organizations” as including Progressive Democrats of America (PDA). One of the PDA’s national advisory board members is progressive personality Thom Hartmann, who has a TV program on the Moscow-funded channel Russia Today (RT) called “The Big Picture.”

For some strange reason, Hartmann’s bio on the PDA website does not mention HIS Russian connection. Somehow, progressive links to the Russians do not fit into “The Big Picture” the Post and other media are trying to paint.

PDA says about him: “He’s hosted and promoted PDA on his progressive national and internationally syndicated talk show—available in over a half-billion homes worldwide.” This is the same show carried by RT.

Here are some actual headlines from Hartmann’s programs:

  • Will Trump succeed in repealing the First Amendment?
  • GOP willing to kill Americans for tax cuts to rich donors.
  • How to fight Trump’s anti-immigrant bigotry.

You may recall that I have video of when I asked Hartmann about taking rubles from Russia. Embarrassed by the question, he tried to grab my camera and silence me.

This Achilles heel of the progressives’ anti-Russia campaign demonstrates how phony their calls for “transparency” in regard to Trump really are.

The left-wing Nation magazine admits that RT America, the Kremlin’s spinoff for American audiences, has been anti-Trump. “Many of the channel’s biggest names were either ardently anti-Trump or highly skeptical of what a Trump presidency might mean for America,” the publication noted. It names Hartmann and former MSNBC host Ed Schultz.

But since RT has been accurately designated as a Kremlin mouthpiece by the U.S. intelligence community, this means that the liberal narrative that Moscow was pro-Trump is demonstrably false. The Nation says, “A simple look through RT America’s YouTube channel throws up numerous clips in which guests refer to Trump as misogynistic, bigoted, and racist.”

So if RT has been anti-Trump, as The Nation admits, then Moscow was lending its propaganda support to the side of the political spectrum that has historically been aligned with the Kremlin—the fellow travelers on the left, such as The Nation itself.

“If RT can be accused of trying to influence the American public, it certainly was not by feeding them a steady diet of pro-Trump information,” the magazine admits.

The PDA is apparently not concerned about one of its board members getting paid by the Vladimir Putin regime. Yet it sponsors demonstrations seeking “transparency” in what President Trump is supposed to be doing for Moscow. This double-talking is what passes for “liberal” activism at The Washington Post.

The “March for Truth” website quotes Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) as saying, “people want the truth uncovered about how the Russians sought to interfere and undermine our democracy and electoral system. And they also want accountability.”

How about some of this same medicine for the “progressives” taking Moscow’s money?

The author of the Post article, Perry Stein, is described as someone “covering D.C. and a lot of protests these days.” Next time, Ms. Stein, please take some time to dig into the nature of these “liberal” protests. A little digging would have disclosed that the PDA, a main sponsor of the anti-Trump “March for Truth” demonstrations, has a board member getting paid by the Kremlin.

The Post keeps telling us that Russia supported Trump. If that’s the case, why is Moscow underwriting Thom Hartmann’s program?

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” is the new slogan of the Post. Journalism dies in darkness, too. It’s already dead at the Post.

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  • andagias

    I don’t think a march for truth will persuade the current government. The truth is not as much of interest to the Trump administration nor to their supporters. Even those in the GOP willing to cut deals with the current administration lost so much integrity back in Ohio. News organizations will exaggerate facts and some more so than others. I don’t know “the interest” of this journalist, but I understand contrarian positions. Nevertheless, now is not the time to live in the dark, let a daddy (authoritarian figure) continue his abuse. Now is a time for accountability as a nation of concerned citizens of varied backgrounds and opinions. There should be protests, specifically for a special prosecutor into the Russian investigation. The president (given his inexperience), congress, FBI have put on a circus that is only truly entertaining for those hoping to expose weaknesses in our system of democracy. It is a big deal.

  • gene456

    Yes, Trump and the GOP have problems telling the truth – unlike like those bastions of integrity Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Are you a moron 24/7, or just on special occasions?

  • gene456

    As for the Russia investigation, there is absolutely NOTHING THERE, pal. Use what little common sense you have: How in the world did Russia get me to vote for Trump over Cankles, especially since I hated her guts LONG before Trump even decided to run.
    On the other hand, there are MANY reasons to believe that Barry Soetoro has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, and perhaps even ISIS (Which he always calls ISIL – ever notice?). Now THAT is something worthy of investigation.
    Again, you’re a total IDIOT.

  • jug

    The only Russian connection is those between HRC, BHO and their cohorts!
    The false narative about Trump and the Russians put out by the above parties is pure hipocracy!

    The Marxists, the Nazis and now the democrat, (commiecrat) party all have one thing in common! And that is to accuse their opposition of doing exactly what they, themselves have been doing for years!

    It is really pathetic that ANYONE, can actually believe, even for one moment, these lying SOBs!

    Check out what was just found on board a Clinton Foundation ship that just landed in Mass! The Chelsea, no less!

    Yeah, par for the course of this criminal enterprise, 460 foregin, totally illegal pasengers, having paid $40,000.00 apiece for illegal passage!
    If that isnt enough, try 12 of them being known terrorism supporters!

    This criminal family and all connected with it belong in jail!
    And all ill gotten assets being forefitted!
    And you can bet your ass, that includes obama and his bunch!
    Either directly engaged or in protectionest mode!

  • Gen11American

    If you haven’t figured out that the Left is hammering on the issue of a non-existent link between Trump and the Russians as a means of deflecting attention away from the definite link which existed between Hillary Clinton and the Russians while she was SOS, I feel sorry for you! You obviously either got short-changed when you passed through the brain department, or you’ve been so indoctrinated by Leftist teachers you can’t see the forest for the trees! It was Hillary Clinton who brokered the deal to sell 25% of our uranium reserves to the F’N Russians in exchange for $millions, not Donald Trump! That makes Hillary Clinton a traitor in my book, and her asinine handling of her emails just added additional fire to the smoke which should sink her political ship once and for all! But thanks to Comey’s refusal to indict her, she’s now considering a 3rd presidential run in 2020! It’s totally insane!


    This preposterous canard about the Russians has become the Protocols of the Elders of Zion of the Obammunists, unquestioningly accepted despite being flimsier than the Loch Ness monster, alien abductions or a still-living Elvis. It is a whole-cloth lie worthy of Goebbels himself, and is intended to serve as the pretext for a revolution, planned by the marxist muslim from Mombasa and the wicked witch of Westchester, paid for by Nazi kapo Soros and intended to overthrow the legitimately-elected president, establish a one-party peoples republic and replace the existing American population with a brown Third World lumpenproletariat that will keep in permanent power a mincing and preening aristocracy of pointy heads, hanky heads and kinky heads. There is absolutely no evidence in support of this malicious fiction. There is more evidence that the lop-eared mongrel is a native of Kenya and a citizen of Indonesia than there is of Russian election interference. There is more evidence that Moochelle is a tranny than there is of Russian election interference. There is more evidence that tne bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke sold top-secret information on the internet through an illegal server hidden behind a toilet than of Russian election interference.

  • jaimelmanzano

    Leakers need a receptive media to collude and publish their revelations. It is “creative journalism”, not informative news. The Washington Post would do the country a service if it identified the person(s) who gave them the Russian/Trump leak. It would save time, and money. Of course, the Post is not in business to print truth, or reveal their “sources.” As a card carrying member of the dominant democratic media, that would expose them for what they are…a shallow, gossipy, pretentious, political, media manitpulator favoring Washington Democratic power brokers.

  • bobbyb

    i agree. trump followers are like cult members.they are afraid to question,or disagree with him.and if they do,they know all their ‘friends’ in the cult will have nothing more to do with them. real friends…

  • bobbyb

    Donald Trump’s Financial Ties to Russian Oligarchs and Mobsters Detailed In Explosive New Documentary from the Netherlands
    Dutch TV did what no American TV network dares, suggesting Trump’s past includes illegal racketeering.

  • grnjllybn

    You’re a complete idiot !!!

  • Bruce

    The Washington Post is so worthless & filthy, I won’t even use it to ‘wipe my ass’ after a good dump. It barely serves its’ purpose as charcoal lighter for my BBQs.

  • Leona Moir Course

    MSM I will write something negative but it won’t be about our president! The “FAKE NEWS” you report is moronic to say the least! WAKE UP and tell the truth and stop this parade of untruths! There are so many people affected by this stupid game! I will make sure to tell everyone I know not to read your paper or in fact any MSM papers or shows! This is about millions of Americans that DID VOTE for OUR PRESIDENT!