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An article on a left-wing website called AlterNet carries the title: “What My Female-Born Transgender Autistic Brother Can Teach You About How We Construct Our Identities.” This may be the next phase in the campaign for transgender rights. Perhaps it will be the next reality show, following Bruce Jenner’s.

I understand that the politically correct response is to consider this article in a serious manner and perhaps contemplate the dire circumstances of the subject of the piece. But my honest reaction is that the story must either be a hoax or something so out-of-touch with reality that it can’t, or shouldn’t, be taken seriously. Even worse, it may be exploitation of a disturbed young person, if the person in the article actually exists.

The notion that a person constructs his or her own sexual identity is something at complete variance with genetic and biological reality. Somebody “constructing” a sexual identity doesn’t actually change one’s DNA. This basic science is something that is being conveniently lost in this national discussion.

I have concluded that the Bruce Jenner ABC interview was either a hoax or a sham. Please recall that Jenner laughed when asked by Diane Sawyer whether it was a publicity stunt. But then we learned that Jenner will star in his own “docuseries” for the E! network “chronicling his life as a transgender woman.” Hollywood Reporter said, “The eight-part project, documenting his life as a transgender woman, will premiere in July.”

The publication said the series will be produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, which is also responsible for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Married three times with six biological children, Jenner divorced his wife, the “Kardashian matriarch” Kris Jenner, after nearly 20 years of marriage. Jenner will be one of the executive producers of his own reality show.

The Hollywood Reporter said that individuals who will be consulted on the production of the series include Jennifer Finney Boylan. She is the Anna Quindlen writer in residence and professor of English at Barnard College of Columbia University, a national co-chair and member of the board of directors of GLAAD, and a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times.

This makes it sound like some kind of pseudo-documentary with a scientific veneer. Plus, The New York Times connection has been thrown in, giving the appearance of some form of approval or sanction by this major liberal paper.

Pardon me if I don’t buy it. It sounds like the series was being contemplated at the same time Jenner was telling ABC that his interview was not a publicity stunt.

Jenner was said to be coming out as a woman but still wants to be referred to as a “he” or “him.” The always politically-correct BuzzFeed informs us that “Since Jenner has not expressed a preference for female pronouns and Jenner’s publicist declined to comment on the question, this story uses male pronouns.” Well, that solves that.

Perhaps, during week four of the new reality show, he will suddenly announce he wants to be addressed as “she.” Or, perhaps, he will decide he wants to remain as a man.

I almost laughed myself silly when he “came out” as a conservative Christian Republican. By that same standard, I am a transgendered communist.

I think Jenner and his Reality TV cohorts are laughing all the way to the bank. Some long hair and changes in facial features do not a woman make.

The results are in. “Bruce Jenner interview scores big ratings,” reports USA Today. “Bruce Jenner’s much-hyped interview with Diane Sawyer brought ABC’S 20/20 its biggest audience in 15 years and the most-watched Friday program (excluding sports) since 2003…”

The insightful Judi McLeod at Canada Free Press notes that Jenner’s “deeply personal” story, as it is being advertised, is going on Reality TV, hardly a deeply personal vehicle for such a deeply personal story. Doesn’t this make one suspicious of what this publicity is all about? Have we suspended our ability to think rationally just because someone is claiming to be a brand new sexual minority?

McLeod gets to the heart of the issue, commenting, “Whether he wears high heels or not, Jenner’s still what his Creator made him—a guy.”

That’s the reality. Or, rather, the actual or “real” reality. But Biblical values, which happen to correspond to science and biological facts of life in this case, are not, of course, relevant, as the media constantly inform us.

If the Jenner show succeeds, I can imagine that the AlterNet writer’s “transgender autistic brother” might be the next sexual minority to be given a reality show so he/she can teach us all about how we can construct our own sexual identities. “More than simply being clear about their gender identity, it is possible that people on the autism spectrum, less inhibited by social constructs, are able to conceptualize gender fluidity in a way that neuro-typical people are not,” she writes. That’s an important revelation, I suppose.

So that’s next: a show featuring people with autism defining and then constructing their own sexual identities, so we can learn from them. It would constitute media exploitation and sensationalism of the worst order.

I’d be laughing harder if this tendency to exploit people were not so sick and twisted. I am always amazed at how the bottom of the barrel gets lower and lower. In this case, we have not yet hit the bottom.

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  • john robel

    Lets see here. I must be a lesbian trapped in a mans body because I have no sexual attraction for men and absolutely desire pretty, curvaceous, luscious women. Yes, I am a lesbian, where is my bonus money? Hello Baby………….!

  • emag

    I agree this is a huge hoax. The Kadashian/Jenner company is hoping for money windfall with this. They are shameless, obnoxious, greedy exhibitionists who will do anything for money. Look at the butt and boobs of Kim Kardashian. Who would deform themselves like that. She looks pathetic!

  • 2011RedSox

    Oh The Trans-Humanity!
    Finally there will be hope for all these poor tortured trans-whatever beings Moloch has forgotten to bless…
    Might it even go so far as to free those sad gerbils who are trapped inside the body of a man…..

  • Rickster Rickster

    you people think you are experts in everything. well, you are not. you are loud mouthed blowhards pandering to the incredibly base base of the right wing spewing nonsense and b.s. instead of doing anything real and worthwhile.

  • Rickster Rickster

    men wanting to change into women so as to become lesbians do seem to be few and far between. I remember one biography on the subject in the 70’s and have heard little of it since.

  • Rickster Rickster

    if it was a hoax it would be kanye doing it. as for kim I’ve got to agree with you. just wait until she gets older and it all starts to sag.

  • Rick L.

    Congratulations on coming out as a transgendered communist. I’m not either, but affirm your right to self-label.

  • hvac1

    Most of these people want to kill themselves,why would I want to watch their patheic mixed up life they live.

  • Perhaps Jenner figured his transition was going to be a media circus no matter what so he decided to use the event for some profit? If I were in his shoes, I may very well have done the same.

  • I think you need to learn the difference between who you love and who you are.

  • Perhaps. Mr Kincaid, God made Jenner a transsexual? After all, there’s nothing in the Bible that says changing your sex is a sin.

    Another point I’d like to raise is your apparent ignorance as to the actual nature and effect of DNA on sex and gender development and identification. The doctors and scientists who have studied the subject now agree that trans people are dealing with a neuro-biological condition that manifests itself with psychological symptoms. DNA, chromosomes, etc. have little individual effect.

    I think the stigma you apply to trans people with comments like, “I’d be laughing harder if this tendency to exploit people were not so sick and twisted,” is undeserved and cruel. You obviously gloss over inconvenient facts in this article in order to promote an exclusive and prejudicial point of view. I cannot disagree more.

  • phuckedAMERIKA

    Everyone has a right in their own homes to do as they wish as long as it doesn’t affect or harm others.. That being said the kardasians are as followed:1) lord Scott Disick is a raging alcoholic and Courtney is a controls freak only holding onto marriage by popping out unwanted kids her husband admits to not being ready for and self medicates.
    2)Kim did porn with RAY JAY and signed off on contract with vivid for cash for her porn.
    3) poor ROB is addicted to opiate pain pills,vicodin,Roxy’s and other drugs
    4)Chloe had a crackhead for a husband
    5) now Bruce Jenner is a transgender who is shoving down the throat of young america that its OK to think if there is a GOD he was imperfect enough to assign wrong gender and if your atheist and believe in science you should realize you CANNOT reassign gender which is your DNA..period
    6) Kris I feel bad for so her xanax and wine is marginal at best compared to the other issues her family has.

  • JonHammsSlimJim

    this pathetic attempt for ratings is worse than being a twitter troll

  • Kevin Hickman

    hoax all the way…..back in the 70s jenner was a world class male athlete…he had more testosterone in his body than 5 normal men….you think at that point he wanted to be a woman? sure thing


    Thank you for this article. Why is Bruce Jenner being hailed as a hero? This is so obviously a publicity stunt!

  • Indy Pendant

    Actually, I think Jenner saw that he was no longer getting the publicity that he needed to make enough cash to live as he likes, and figured out this scam. You know, of course, that he kept his male plumbing, don’t you? I predict that after a season or two of his show she/he will revert back to being a man and will have a reality show about how he can now empathize with females and what they go through, blah, blah, blah.