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Republicans expect to pass by the end of this week the first overhaul of the tax code in 30 years, and mainstream media can’t stand the idea of a legislative victory for President Trump.

The Washington Post has published multiple pieces per day trashing the plan, presenting it as “hugely unpopular with the public,” “the result of a messy, rushed legislative process” and a piece of legislation that “arguably represents the opposite of President Trump’s self-styled populism.”

Under “What’s in the bill?” on The Fix, the Post’s “political analysis” operation, it says, “In a sentence, a massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy and smaller tax cuts for people at nearly every income level, but not everyone.”

The Post then took a shot at supply-side economics, ignoring the economic growth spurred by the supply-side cuts of Presidents Kennedy and Reagan, the latter of which generated the longest peacetime economic boom in American history.

“The tax bill closely follows Republicans’ long-held belief that if you cut rates for businesses and the wealthy, money will flow down to the rest of us via higher wages and more jobs,” the Post’s Amber Phillips wrote.

“It’s an economic theory that mainstream economists say hasn’t panned out the last few times Congress cut taxes. Nearly every independent analysis of the tax plan projects this bill will temporarily bump economic growth, but in the long run, it will drive up debt by some $1 trillion and might not be the long-term boost Republicans are banking on.”

It’s a safe bet “mainstream economists” line up politically with “mainstream media” and much of that “independent analysis” came from “mainstream economists.”

Republicans have to pass this bill not to grow the economy but because of “fear of failure,” Phillips wrote.

“Republicans are a year into controlling Washington, and they have no major legislative accomplishments. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence among voters. … The common wisdom is they need to prove to donors and voters that they can deliver on major campaign promises, and the sooner the better.”

The president has proven he can deliver on campaign promises. He pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accords, various UN agencies, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Iran deal. He announced we are moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, has defeated ISIS, gotten allies to pony up to NATO and the United Nations and has set off an economic boom with deregulation, approving pipelines and other projects and still other pro-business measures.

As for legislative accomplishments, he has signed 14 Congressional Review Act bills, in which Congress votes to overturn regulations promulgated by previous administrations, twice passed stopgap spending measures and has signed a defense spending bill.

Mainly, the Post maintains the legislation is bad because its reporters have been saying it is bad for so long that some have come to believe it. “The entire premise that tax cuts for wealthy = growth for America could fall flat and instead this bill could increase inequality between the haves and have-nots. And economic inequality is a large drive of the anti-Washington anger these same lawmakers are trying to ease,” Phillips wrote.

“Americans are already deeply skeptical about the bill before it gets passed. Polls show only about a third of the country thinks it’s a good idea, and a new Monmouth University poll shows half of Americans think Republicans will raise taxes on them.”

Later, she cites James Hohmann of the Post as saying “there’s a pervasive feeling among Americans that this tax bill is a giveaway to the 1 percent.”

The tax bill, which gives a $1,300 per year break to families who earn $45,000, “totally undercuts Trump’s central pitch to economically disadvantaged voters: that he’s going to look out for them in a way past politicians never did.”  

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  • John Pope

    The GOP tax bill is a rip off to the American people, it only benefits the very wealthy and destroys the middle class!

  • missieb2000

    The self same unprepossessing sources that tell me about the doomsday effect of this tax cut are the exact same ones that told me my insurance was going down by $2500,lol.

  • John McKenzie

    Could you explain this to me. I have the same suspicions?
    Thanks in advance

  • Gnome

    I am so thrilled that this passed. As a family of 4 on a single income of $37,000 a year we can finally raise our 401K amount from $7 a week to a respectable sum and actually retire someday, seeing as how we are both 40 already. Also, raising the child tax credit by $1,000 per kid will help enormously as we have 2 kids 10 and 15 years old. Under Obama we lost all of our investments in our Roth IRA and our house, my husband lost his job, and we went through bankruptcy to boot. We had been in the middle class till he took office. Many people also have this story to tell. Thank you Trump and Republicans. I am so glad I chose to vote Trump instead of my actual party Libertarian.

  • michael corbin

    By Feb. when “average” Americans see the difference in their pay checks they will remember that not a single Dem. voted for this. The ten Dem. senators up for reelection in states that Trump won big will pay for it for their refusal to help. Joe Manchin is already squirming in his state that Trump won by 48%.

  • mioahu

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, they learned nothing from the election, MAGA !

  • mioahu

    Yeah, you are a leftist idiot who gets his news from late night shows.
    They also told you Hillary had a 95% chance of winning.
    Grow up, get informed

  • Austinniceguy

    And still Nutsy Pee-lousy, Fauxcahontas and useless Schumer are crying that this is nothing but doom and gloom for our country. They are the very same idiots who advocate spending more than a billion of OUR tax dollars to support illegal aliens in Mexifornia.

  • Paul Anderson Ed.D.

    If Democrats would lie to the American people about Obama Care, knowing the negative consequences it would have on their insurance coverage, they will do their best to deceive u.s about the tax plan.

  • Bluto Woods

    Washington Post is the worst,i wouldnt trust a baseball score printed in that rag.

  • Foghorn Maghorn

    Hilarious. The Left cannot abide Americans getting to keep the money they earn. Doesn’t win elections, John.

  • Johnny Law

    You’re a brain dead parrot. Can you even articulate what’s in the bill?