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Petula Dvorak of the Washington Post is furious that an abortion clinic in the D.C. suburbs of Maryland — one of the few to openly perform late-term abortions – closed recently.

She is doubly upset that it closed because the Maryland Coalition for life, which had set up a crisis pregnancy center across the parking lot from the abortion mill, bought it for the express purpose of shutting it down.

“The coalition won’t get any physical part of the practice – no instruments, furniture, medical records, nor any kind of patient data or any other asset,” she wrote. “They simply bought its closure.”

And if you do happen to be pro-life, she wants you to know you should not claim victory. This had nothing to do with sonograms or the significant movement of young adults into the anti-abortion camp, she said.

It had nothing to do with state laws that forced abortion providers to be able to meet normal medical safety standards. It had nothing to do with “relentless harassment of women going to clinics and campaigns like the fake, felonious videos they made about Planned Parenthood.”

No, this was simple. The unintended pregnancy rate went down, so abortions dropped too. Teen pregnancies are at a record low, she said, thanks to sex ed in the schools “often opposed by the very same people who oppose abortion.”

The keys to the falling abortion rate, she said, were “education, access to reliable birth control and the availability of the so-called ‘morning-after’ pill – not moral shaming.”

Only research shows birth control and contraception tend to increase pregnancies because they increase the amount of teen sexual activity, which, given the failure rates and the chances increased sexual activity means increased unprotected sex, means more teens getting pregnant.

Centers for Disease Control data also shows a link between birth control and increases in sexually transmitted diseases – a reliable indicator birth control means more sex and thus more chance of failure among teens. Studies in Spain, Sweden and the United States have confirmed this.

David Daleiden, who worked for the pro-life group Live Action and later formed his own group, the Center for Medical Progress, released a series of secretly recorded videos showing Planned Parenthood employees discussing selling human fetal tissue and organs to him and his partner, who posed as employees of a fictitious biological research company.

Critics claimed the videos were “altered,” but Coalfire, a digital security and forensics firm that works on civil and criminal investigations, looked at every second of the videos and determined they “are authentic and have not been manipulated.”

The Center for Medical Progress posted a series of 10- to 15-minute videos but also provided full-length videos that covered their entire meetings.

The National Abortion Federation sued the Center for Medical Progress and forced it to turn over donor lists but did not in any way challenge the content of the videos. Harris County, Texas, where Houston is located, charged Daleiden with using a false ID to get into the Planned Parenthood clinic he exposed there, but the charges, initiated by a prosecutor who served on Planned Parenthood’s local board, was dismissed. California charged Daleiden with 15 felonies based on him filming Planned Parenthood officials without their consent, but the charges all have been dismissed.

According to Dvorak, it wasn’t the work of the Center for Medical Progress, anti-abortion groups protesting, the crisis pregnancy center across the parking lot, anti-abortion lawmakers forcing clinics to meet normal health standards or increases in sonograms and understanding of what abortion really means that forced the clinic to sell out.

It was that people aren’t having as many abortions because they have more and better birth control, which leads to more pregnancy.

And somehow, one of what the owner claimed were 11 or so clinics in the U.S. that perform late-term abortions could not find the clientele to survive.

“A business has to make money,” the owner told Dvorak. The number of abortions performed there every week “can be counted on one hand.” 

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    The Washington Post and Margaret Sanger’s racist eugenics business are both dying, and at the moment Amazon profits and Manhattan and Malibu coupon-clippers are keeping them on life support. Every American who knows a communist when he or she sees one and who thinks that lying is lying and killing is killing needs to stand behind President Trump as he tries to pull the plug on both.

  • Lorilu

    From the article: “A business has to make money.” Abortion clinics are a business, but to people like Dvorak at the Washington Post, they’re a religion, and abortion is their sacrament.

  • DailyConservativeBS

    As trump cuts vital funding for certain programs. Yup he is certainly making the problem better.


    I can’t read the several hundred posts preceding this, but I presume that “vital funding” means keeping the abortionists’s suckers running. One wonders if the other “vital funding: is $15 an hour from Soros, Killary and Richards for pro-abortion posts.