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“Homo is Healthy” was one of the signs on the official gay pride website for the big march celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage on Sunday, June 28, in New York City. It was brought to you, in part, by Walmart, a high-level Platinum sponsor that happens to be America’s largest private sector employer. The giant retailer was among a “Who’s Who” of corporate America that also included sponsors Coke, Netflix, Hilton, PBS, Macy’s and Comcast Universal (NBC).

Pete Leather Bar

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth covered the event, publishing photos of nearly naked men and a “leather” contingent on a truck, among other scenes of debauchery. He said hundreds of children could be seen either marching in or watching the parade. “This is the evidence of why gay marriage and gay parenting are wrong,” LaBarbera told Accuracy in Media.

One photo showed a big rainbow flag being unfurled as the Walmart logo could be seen in the background.

LaBarbera said the scenes of nudity and vulgarity that he photographed at the pride march in New York City provided evidence of how the homosexual lifestyle is something America should not celebrate or make into protected status under law.

For its part, Comcast celebrated June as gay pride month with short films targeting “LGBTQ youth” and “LGBTQ teens.”

Comcast boasted, “In 2013, 2014, and 2015, the company earned a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and was named a Best Place to Work for the LGBT community.”

Nowhere is homosexual influence more pronounced than Hollywood. However, a new film on homosexual influence in Hollywood, “An Open Secret,” is having a hard time getting distributed, with those involved with the film saying that financial interests in Hollywood have been trying to suppress it. This film, however, does not celebrate “gay pride.” Rather, it exposes victims of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. The homosexual pedophiles exposed in the film include Marc Collins-Rector, a major figure in the entertainment business who is a convicted child abuser and now a registered sex offender. The film is directed by Amy Berg, who also directed the 2006 American documentary film about a pedophile Catholic priest, Oliver O’Grady, called “Deliver Us From Evil.”

The decision by Walmart to embrace the homosexual rights movement is a case study of how the powerful interests who run the movement have worked their will on corporate America.

Quartz, a digital native news outlet, noted that “When Sam Walton started the company [Walmart] in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, he imbued the chain with a certain small-town conservatism. For instance, it long drew ire for its reluctance to sell music with explicit lyrics.”

Although Walmart still portrays itself as family-friendly, LaBarbera points out that the company is now publicly pro-homosexual and has been giving major grants to homosexual/transgender events and organizations, including $25,000 – $50,000 in 2014 to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a group that helps elect “out” homosexuals to political office. (Most of them are Democrats.)

The group’s 2011 annual report reveals that openly gay Obama ally, Terry Bean, co-founder of the major homosexual lobby, the Human Rights Campaign, has been a major supporter of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund as well. Bean took a leave of absence from the Human Rights Campaign after he was arrested on sexual abuse charges involving sex with a minor.

Corporate supporters of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund in 2011 included Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Bank of America, Southwest Airlines, AT&T, Shell Oil Company, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Wells Fargo achieved notoriety this year by becoming the nation’s first bank to run a national ad including a homosexual couple.

Labor union sponsors of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund included the Service Employees International Union, the National Education Association, and the AFL-CIO.

Meanwhile, open homosexuals in the media, such as Edward Snowden mouthpiece Glenn Greenwald, have opened fire on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for exposing the Court’s gay marriage ruling as a “judicial Putsch” that stole the democratic system away from the American people.

Writing on the website of First Look Media, financed by billionaire French-born Iranian-American Pierre Omidyar, Greenwald hailed the ruling and noted that “Harry Hay created the Mattachine Society,” the first homosexual rights organization in the U.S. However, Greenwald failed to point out Hay’s membership in the Communist Party and support for the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Greenwald is one of several media figures on Out Magazine’s list of “most influential LGBT people in American culture.” Others include Anderson Cooper of CNN, Shepard Smith of Fox News, Robin Roberts of ABC, Don Lemon of CNN, Harvey Levin of TMZ, Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts of MSNBC, and Kara Swisher of CNBC.

On the conservative side, support for homosexual marriage seems to be growing—or at least coming out of the closet. Mary Katharine Ham, a Fox News commentator and editor-at-large of, has declared herself in favor of same-sex marriage. She has written a book with homosexual political commentator Guy Benson, a Fox News contributor who serves as political editor of the website.

HotAir and TownHall are owned by Salem Media Group, a Christian firm. Salem has refused to respond to questions about its employees becoming advocates for or activists in the homosexual movement.

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  • John Cunningham

    I saw the CEO of Walmart on Fox Business the other day. He went from the ground floor up to the top. Now he is bringing Walmart from the top to the bottom.
    Once all the Gay stuff settles down you will still have a majority of straight Christians buying all of the stuff Walmart and many other retailers have.

    I have spent a hell of a lot at Walmart especially online items. Now if I and a whole bunch of other American consumers were to stop buying for a while, we would soon see who they cater to. If they want to be rainbow, so be it. Other stores are just waiting in the wings for a chance at our business.

  • Ted

    Two of the worst companies in America! One for screwing workers … the other for screwing customers! Pox on both of them.

    I’ve felt that the working middle class should have boycotted these two businesses beginning 25 years ago … irrespective of their ‘Gay Pride’ schtick!

  • RMThoughts

    Never have a people embraced their political and cultural demise with such complacency as the dimwitted denizens of North America and Europe.

    Looking at the direction of American culture, it is obvious we are a dying culture backed by a dying race that spits in the face of God.

  • Peter

    It seems the minority are in favour of same-sex marriage, and the majority that favours hetero-sexual marriage don’t count. Pooftas will increasingly marry, and heteros will increasingly shun marriage, living defacto. Marriage is moving from a hetero thing to a poofy thing. Resulting in childless marriages.
    This is a master stroke from the puppeteer controllers behind the Georgia Guidestones to reduce world population to five hundred million – more than decimating the planet’s population. Coupled with this is Bill Gates supporting reduction of population by 10-15% by enforced vaccinations; and abortion of de facto children.
    Poofs will ‘adopt’ unwanted or removed defacto children who have survived abortion, and abuse them as has already happened. They will of course be boys, and for lesbians be girls. These will be used as toys.
    Paedophilia will be reckoned a medical problem by psychiatry as has already happened, and thereby protect the offenders from the law and the courts who can’t get anything right anyway – deliberately of course.
    Pooftas will join the army to receive sexual favours from their Generals under strict orders backed by disciplinary action for insubordination, and backed by promotion for reward. Heteros will necessarily avoid the services where there is no future for them. The Jesuit Illuminatis know how to destroy a country from within.
    South Americans will abhor the vacuum and continue to fill it by taking over North America. R. C. Christian whose initials of RCC stands for the Roman Catholic Church will be victorious because the symbol of the Columban Calendar of a cross through all of the Americas, North and South will have been accomplished, just as it failed for Spelly’s war (Cardinal Spellman) in Vietnam. There the Virgin Mary was making a push into North Vietnam and North Vietnam pushed her back even against the might of the United States military crusading for Spelly’s Catholic Church. The push is now on to take your country for the BVM and that church. You need to be like North Vietnam and push it back. [ Source: – Vietnam, Why Did We Go? Avro Manhattan.]
    When the majority bows to the minority, the minority becomes the majority.
    “Noah was a minority – and also was Lot
    When all of Sodom came for a date – out he got.”
    Oh yes! Lot did, in the end, ‘come out’. His wife, the tacit approver, became ‘sodomite chloride’.

  • Peter

    The institution of marriage was created when God said to Adam and Eve: “Go forth and multiply . . . ”
    The Supreme Court is so dopey, it thinks this means with a calculator, because God didn’t use the word ‘reproduce’. A real ‘legal minefield’ for them.
    Adam and Steve cannot reproduce, therefore by definition, no marriage exists.
    The qualification for marriage requires a male and a female. This disqualifies Adam and Steve. They cannot multiply, and the Supreme Court decision does not add up. Nor does it square with the facts. Supremely stupid, I know.

  • BG

    It is a true expression…”The bigger they are, the harder they fall!” I have spent a small fortune at Walmart. A few years ago, I stopped shopping there because of their endorsement of the prurient. Then after seemingly repenting (I thought) went back. Off again with sad news of supporting homosexual vice again. Truly stupid management at these companies. All they have to do is remain neutral and not endorse and support that which is so harmful to our society. Alas, it is hard to keep up with all the fallen! I read a mission statement years ago the Sodomites plan to plant themselves in all homes, schools, governments, clubs, businesses. Mission accomplished! Reminds of the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

  • Americans, with the stomach and desire to understand the truth, need to see the uncensored dark side of the homosexual movement, a side which is never described by mainstream journalism. Much of the public support for same sex marriage is due to the whitewashed propaganda emanating from the left. To witness the vile imagery and lack of civility, you need to turn off your computer’s blocking, and GOOGLE “Gay Pride Parade San Francisco” and peruse the videos. EXTREME CAUTION: You may think you’ve seen it all, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. And for the love of God, keep your children away. PLEASE note – – – this material is the essence of evil.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    America is following the same marxist ideology that slaughtered and enslaved millions of people around the world. The American people can look at the Bible, they can look at the history of the 20th century and clearly see where this road takes them. It is utter lunacy. It is Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union all over again, because it is an attempt to silence the voice that rebukes in the midst of unrighteousness. There is only one outcome when the rebuke of unrighteousness is silenced: evil. America’s blindness to unrighteousness is beyond comprehension, the people are under a spell.

    The Bible says that the last days will be as in the days of Noah. What was the days of Noah? Complete rebellion against God.

  • RMThoughts

    “n the conservative side, support for homosexual marriage seems to be growing—or at least coming out of the closet”.

    A conservative cannot support homosexual marriage and be a conservative. The Mr. Kincaid the neocon doesn’t make distinctions between conservative and neo-conservative.

    “Neo-conservative”; colloquially, neocon – in American politics is someone presented as a conservative but who actually favors big government, interventionism, and a hostility to traditional religion in politics and government. Neocons do not participate in the March for Life, stand up for traditional marriage, or advocate other conservative social values. Neocons support attacking and even overthrowing foreign governments, despite how that often results in more persecution of Christians.

    In contrast to traditional conservatives,Mr. Kincaids’ neoconservatives favor globalism, downplay religious issues and differences, are unlikely to actively oppose abortion and homosexuality. Neocons disagree with conservatives on issues such as classroom prayer,, cultural unity, and immigration.

  • Nancy D

    My husband has worked for Walmart for 35 years as a Pharmacy Manager. Never once has he been given anything from them for his loyal years of service. Not even a stupid watch! Now, Walmart has the money to be a platinum sponsor of the Gay Pride Parade in New York City?
    It’s not about gay rights, it’s about how a person morally conducts himself in public. So, it’s now ok to have a parade with children in attendance, to walk around nude and do sexual acts in front of them?
    This is the straw that broke the camels back. We’ve been thinking of a change of employment, and this just confirms it.
    I hope many employees feel the same way, and people who shop at Walmart. Don’t think they can’t fall. The best of them have.
    If I could end with a word, it would be “Gay Pride?….What the heck!!!…..