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On Tuesday, Southwest Airlines had to remove a passenger from a flight after she claimed a ‘life-threatening’ allergy to dogs.

The woman, identified as Anila Daulatzai, threw a fit when police officers began to escort her off the plane, according to the New York Post. A video of her being taken off the plane has since gotten national attention.

When she boarded, she demanded the two dogs onboard — one a kenneled pet, the other an emotional support animal — be forced off the flight. But Southwest Airlines told her she would have to be the one to get off, as she did not have a medical certificate saying she could not fly with the dogs on board.

The issue is cut-and-dry: Southwest Airlines’ policy states that a customer without a medical certificate may be denied boarding if they report a life-threatening allergic reaction with animals on board. But a Vogue columnist had a different take on the issue.

Mary Wang’s column, headlined “It’s No Coincidence That the Southwest Passenger Dragged Off a Plane Is a Person of Color,” disregarded Southwest policy and instead made a race issue out of the incident. She writes:

Anila Daulatzai, a 46-year-old professor, got dragged off of a plane today in an incident eerily reminiscent of when Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight in April. Dr. Dao declined to give up his seat, while Professor Daulatzai, who teaches at the Maryland Institute College of Art, landed in a dispute with the flight crew about her allergy.

The only similarities between the two incidents? Both occurred on American soil and neither passenger is white.

Wang said it herself: These incidents have almost nothing in common. But as Vogue has gotten progressively more political, it was an opportunity for Wang to take a swipe at President Trump.

Yet, this incident highlights how, especially in Trump’s America, traveling inherently carries more risk for people of color.

Two people caught on camera while being removed from a flight does not equal an “inherent” risk. Wang does not have data on incidents that did not go viral, and only cites friends’ feelings on flying to drive her point home. There could be a correlation here, but Wang did not bother to find it.

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  • LibbyDibs

    Vogue…is that one of America’s top political magazines?
    LOL..Vogue is nothing but a trash fashion rag.
    Let me amend that….use to be a fashion rag…has no standing anymore.

  • Mary

    It has to be worth something because Madonna used that term in one of her songs once upon a time. Oops.

  • TPS12

    Another race baiting BS reporter. This was not some tiny plane she could have requested a seat as far as possible from the dogs or she should have taken a different flight but no she chose to demand two others and their two dogs be removed. Sorry it’s her problem not the rest of the people around her.

  • mioahu

    The perpetually offended and enraged leftists. Wanna bet who that professor of color voted for ? Only a childish leftist can be so narcissistic to demand 2 other people leave the plane so she can get to the destination.

  • Michael Blum Show

    Too stupid to discuss.

  • Austinniceguy

    ROTFFLMFAO!!! She’s THAT stupid and she’s a professor? Typical. What’s even funnier is that idiot Mary Wang took the standard deranged DemonRat stand by making it a race issue. If that doesn’t work she’ll claim Southwest is sexist. Only low IQ loons care what an idiot like her spews anyway.

  • jg collins

    This epitomizes the modern Leftist: everyone else has to modify their behaviour in order to satisfy Leftist whims. This is insane, of course, and getting worse. When a Leftist’s self-will is thwarted, they have a conniption fit as we saw after the election.

  • TexRancher

    Race baiter! Probably an ObamaBot! Why not just take another seat. The times (many) that I’ve flown on SouthWest, seats
    were not assigned so she could have just asked to be moved further from the dogs. Wonder if I could demand that racist “professors” would be removed from any flight I’m on because I know the authority that pilots have to deal with people who cause problems. That includes the owners of corp aircraft who interfere with flight crews. (I’m a 50 year pilot with 30 years as a corporate pilot)

  • Peter

    What colour were the dogs? Wang could have made it a feminist issue too, that Daulatzai was perhaps a woman – who would know? David Dao was not supposed to be one. So that spoiled that little opportunity for a stir. But it does bring into question: What sex were the dogs? ‘Dog’ being the male of the species. What about ‘animal rights’ plus two human owners? And what a bitch Wang was and is !

  • Peter

    Who’s Madonna?

  • Mary

    I think she was JC’s mum.

  • Mary

    I’m allergic to humans. Can I have the entire plane to myself?

  • John Wirts

    She has a “LIFE THREATENING ALLERGY” but can’t be bothered to get the appropriate medical certificate to verify her “LIFE THREATENING CONDITION”! TOO EFFEN BAD!!! I have chemical lung damage, if I don’t bother to get documentation, I have to accept that if those chemicals are on board, I have to change flights to avoid the chemicals.

  • rac647

    Too bad, so sad, your bad, get that note before you gloat.

  • Peter

    She wants to blow up the ‘Whoit House’ ?

  • Init4thecache

    Hardly this one.

  • Paul Anderson Ed.D.

    Sad to say, the black man and woman are permitting the Marxist Democrat, to devide and destroy our culture. No other nation in the world, defends and protects it’s citizens, as the United States does, and yet there are those that intentionally create division between one another. The press and it’s Marxist ideology, continue to incite division, in an effort to destroy these United States. The President’s effort to de-legitimize the press, is a worthy task to destroy an enemy,that is intent on destroying this nation. and it’s culture. Don’t be fooled by this slithering enemy…

  • bill

    Every thing is race to these Liars and Haters. Sky is blue a racist named the color, Snow is White makes God Is a racist. Night is Black they say the Sun Is racist! How can a person with half a brain take these hate filled ignorant Bastards as anything but a waste of meat and skin

  • larry

    another self indulgent, delusional, fascist WHORE…

  • Mdog

    She’s Muslim. Islam hates dogs. And Islam teaches that its followers, Muslims, are the best of all people, and mandates that they demand and receive special status and privilege wherever they go.

  • klesb

    How could you tell she was practicing Muslim? No hijab!

  • worried for future

    “Sexist, racist, bully or bigot”. These words and a few others they have been programmed to spout are the standard demeaning terms these low lives are programmed to repeat. Too bad they’re now so trite they have no importance to anyone.

  • worried for future

    Come on now!. It’s more than an even bet and the dog revulsion fits perfectly. Particularly since she couldn’t prove she has any life threatening issue. Someone with a life threatening issue that travels in public conveyances would very likely have doctor’s proof if they have any sense at all.

  • worried for future

    The tactic you describe is the scheme that Saul Alinsky, Marx and others before him describe as a means to destroy a nation from within. The more civil and free the country the more vulnerable it is as a target for these tactics. As far as the Press is concerned, they are so far Left they might as well be renamed the Alinsky Daily News. We have totally lost a free press and “All the news that’s fit to print” is a complete joke. Thanks goodness President Trump has Twitter and we have Fox and the Internet or the people would NEVER know the truth about ANYTHING. Long gone is the “Free Press” and calling these Leftist rags “Free” is a joke. Newspaper is still useful for wrapping garbage however.

  • Mdog

    Her actions are typical of that culture and I got suspicious, so I Googled it to see. Sure enough. Follow the link to Jihad Watch.

  • LJ

    So glad they dragged her self-absorbed ass off the plane. She could have lost what little self control she possessed at 30,000 feet and endangered the whole plane. Nut cases should be barred from flying.

  • samo war
  • Renée DeShane

    Vogue who?