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Unable to hang Russia collusion charges on President Donald Trump, The Washington Post has turned to a new and far more dangerous tactic – normalizing and promoting left-wing hate groups in hopes of encouraging violent conflict against the president and, in particular, his supporters.

Days before the rioting in Charlottesville, Va., the Post ran a feature on the cool kids who were gravitating to the anarchist movement. It delved into their weekly potlucks (deviled eggs, banana bread, occasional Popeye’s chicken and a late start because the group runs on “anarchist standard time”) and how they wore black masks “so that authorities would have a harder time identifying – and convicting – participants.”

Then, rather than try to find out why a former Obama acolyte had organized the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, it devoted days of coverage to how it was Trump’s fault because he had not sufficiently denounced racism.

Then, it gave op-ed space to Mark Bray, who calls himself an historian of human rights, terrorism and political radicalism and, of course, a lecturer at Dartmouth – but who actively is seeking to become the intellectual explainer/justifier of alt-left street violence. In fact, what Bray, who wrote a book last year about the Occupy movement, is attempting to do goes beyond that. He is trying to create the intellectual case for beating up anyone who disagrees with you politically and implementing the “no platform” strategy – which means to give opposing speakers no platform to share their views.

Bray’s line is that the precursors of Antifa were the anti-fascist groups of the 1920s and 1930s in Germany and Italy, and if they had been able to attract more followers and disrupt more events, World War II itself might have been avoided.

Today’s Antifa, he said, exists to assure this mistake is not made again. What about this business of disagreeing with your speech but defending your right to say it? “Anti-fascists fundamentally disagree with that premise,” Bray said. Rather, they “want a political content to how we look at speech in society, which is drastically different from a liberal take, and this entails shutting down the extreme manifestations of fascism and neo-Nazism.”

In other words, to prevent another World War II, we need to disabuse ourselves of the notions of free expression associated with the First Amendment. A “political content to how we look at speech in society” is precisely what the First Amendment forbids.

The task is urgent, Bray said. The party that gave us Hitler had just 54 members when he joined; the group that gave us Mussolini numbered only in the 40s. The time to go violent on Nazi and white supremacist protesters is now, before they can gain strength to make serious trouble, Bray said.

“The fascists didn’t actually stage a revolution to come to power; they worked within the political system, and all the reasonable dialogue and debate that one could muster did not do the job,” Bray said. “The argument is that if we want such a horrific crime to not reoccur, it needs to be nipped in the bud through a variety of tactics, but one of which is through violently disrupting Klan rallies, Neo-Nazi speeches and so forth.”

But it’s about more than protecting us from Nazi takeover.

“Anti-fascists identify as communists, as anarchists, as socialists and want to really organize for a revolutionary rupture with the prevailing political system, and then this is in line with that,” Bray wrote in the Post.

Which brings us to the situation in Charlottesville and its relationship to President Trump. Bray used his Post piece to make the case only for violent response to extreme groups, such as those, he said, who were protesting in Charlottesville.

But in other interviews, he has been quite clear about where he would like this to lead – into essentially an organization devoted to beating up whoever supports President Trump or conservative policies. One can start with the easily identifiable bad guys, such as the white supremacists in Charlottesville, and then eventually characterize virtually the entire other side as unworthy of living in this country. “A lot of alt-right people are infiltrating the Republican Party,” Bray warned. “And we need to recognize that the far right will try to hide behind the legitimacy that Trump has given their politics.”

Later, in the same interview, he said: “Nazis in the 1920s or 1930s marching along a mainstream parade with swastikas … would it have been inappropriate, considering that the Nazi Party back then was a mainstream party, to have tried to disrupt that? You know, those are the kinds of comparisons that need to be made in discussing this question.”

The question he refers to is whether to allow an administration, duly elected by the citizens of a country where the people are sovereign, to function. Bray’s answer seems to be, “Only if they pass our litmus tests.”

As for the Post, the caption on the photo with Bray’s Washington Post article stated, “Activists may seem like a novelty, but they’ve been around for a very long time. Maybe we should start listening to them.”

So, in other words, according to the flagship paper of the nation’s capital, communists, anarchists and socialists who are organizing for a “revolutionary rupture with the prevailing political system” should become the arbiters of who should be allowed to speak in our society and given permission to physically attack dissenters.

And these freshly minted arbiters also should be made aware of parallels between the Trump administration and the Nazi Party of the 1920s and ‘30s.

Because what’s an all-out assault on the First Amendment, an implicit and close to explicit call for political violence and a total abandonment of principle when there are political allies to be gained in their war on Trump? Has the Post no shame left?

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  • bo kevang

    A merican
    N azi
    T roubled
    I diot
    F ascists
    A ssociation

    A seditious george soros plot. That traitor should hang with hillary and all her crew.

  • Poptoy1949
  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    This idiot is actually using the same tactics as the Nazis in 20’s and 30’s. I, therefore, can conclude that he is an evil, wicked, pernicious man without one shred of honor. So, Mr. Bray; you have become the very thing you hate–so look who is the Nazi now. For the Post to actually give this man space in an interview and then saying we should listen to this man is to promote treason and anarchy. The Post’s editors and writers need to be shunned. Have a good day.

  • Rooster

    Under Jeff Bezos the Post is becoming more radically left than before . Amazon is offering antifa
    protester garb i.e. Riot gear. Call out Bezos.

  • Jack

    a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party is a NAZI. A bunch of SOCIALISTS

  • TED

    Get a grip! The Nazis were fascists and a far-right political movement. Socialists are generally far left. One can’t be both (in spite of the fact that the Nazis used the German word for ‘Socialist’ in their name).

  • jg collins

    The Nazis came from the Socialist side of Germany, as is clear from their Manifesto. Hitler hated Marx not for his political views but only for his Jewishness. Nazis were National Socialists, not International Socialists. Not a very big difference, since they intended to impose Socialism on other countries conquering them, instead of by sedition. What we read in the WaPoo is the latter.

  • Realist

    The false “Russkie Collusion” narrative was supposed to delegitimize Trump.

    The false Charlottsville narrative is supposed to delegitimize Trumps supporters.

    But neither of those campaigns have worked. Of course, if all of your information on this consisted of “reportage” spewed from Big Media, you could be forgiven for being completely clueless about the Reality of any of this. That is the job of Big Media today – Control of the Body Politic through coordinated campaigns of Disinformation, Deception and Delegitimization. But it ain’t working, Big Media. Not since Trump shoved it all back in your face.

    Big Media treats those who serve that cult, the libcult, as sainted heroes of the first order no matter what outrage they commit, especially if they are members of the libcult Army of the Aggrieved. So libcult rioters in the streets are officially declared by Big Media journOlista as being “mostly peaceful”. libcult brownshirt thugs wielding bats, sticks and other various instruments of violence are then officially declared by Big Media to be “peaceful protestors” and all details concerning the Reality of those thugs is carefully and ruthlessly manicured away while 100% of the violence – Mostly perpetrated by the libcult Army of the Aggrieved – Is simply “assigned” by Big Media to anyone other than the libcultists.

    The thing that Big Media doesn’t seem to understand is, none of these tactics are working any longer, at least not on the vast majority of We the People. We now recognize and comprehend these tactics instantly and the pious bleating of the journOlista about any of this is dismissed and ignored as nothing more than Big Media agitprop. I’m not quite sure where all of this will lead in the near-term, but the ability of Big Media to effectively control the population through coordinated campaigns of deception will only result in the ignominious defeat of the cult, its acolytes and the Ruling Classers who pull the cults strings.

  • jug

    Ted, you are full of shjt!
    The NAZIS were National Socialists!
    Cousin to Communism, they even had an alinance before greed broke it up!

    Nazis and Communist are both fascist!

  • NostraThomas

    So anarchy AND the Nazi’s are both far-right…? Makes more sense to lump all the totalitarian regimes (Hitler, Stalin Mao, 0bama) at the far left and anarchy/absence of government to the far right.

  • NostraThomas

    Antifa WAS created by the communists in the 1930s in Germany to fight the Nazi Brownshirts. Fact. That doesn’t make them or their modern communist namesakes heroes. Antifa is and was just as bad as the Nazis.

  • Donald Holland

    What happens when a reporter covering an extreme leftist riot is brutally beaten by the same terrorists he or she supports? Collateral damage…LOL!

  • Jack

    Fascism is “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”
    Socialists are just glorified nazis.

  • Jack

    Actually they both fall on the left, far or near but on the left.

  • Greg McCrea

    Calling the Nazis “right” originated with Stalin’s propaganda organs. So the Nazis were to the right of Stalin, but not by much. They were still part of the extreme left since they promoted totalitarian government.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Our veterans should be the only violent protestors in America and the message should be to stop the Human Slavery against our Veterans and their programs of Human Death . – Such As the 2008 Washington Times Article – VA testing drugs on war veterans –and — See Article – — Author: Sharon Weinberger
    11:15 am
    Pentagon Studies Human Microchip Implants – –

  • Oldchopper

    No such legal term as “Hate Speech”. Wish we could say the same about hateful people. Hateful people have successfully stopped reasonable minded people from protesting for fear of the violence. When these reasonable folks have had their fill Rush Limbaugh’s comment about a civil war may come to fruition. The civil war to end slavery was a righteous one. The same may also apply to another civil war that stamps out hatred as displayed by these hate groups. I pray our nation does not have to go down that path.

  • AltVoice

    How can they condemn other ‘hate groups’ when they identify themselves “as communists, as anarchists, as socialists…” Another clueless bozo employed by old man Soros who apparently lowered his hiring standards.

  • James Simpson

    The Post never had any shame. They have been Pravda West for decades. It’s just that now they smell blood in the water so are all showing their true colors.

  • James Simpson

    That’s right. And in fact, while the Antifa street thugs of the 1930s were agitating against the Nazis, behind the scenes their Soviet Bolshevik overseers were working directly with the Nazis, even telling them which communists they could arrest and murder. In addition to being vicious and unprincipled, the Antifa Left is as ignorant of the true agenda as they come. Consider: if you were trying to overthrow a country, what would YOU do with these lunatic street thugs once your victory was secure?

  • James Simpson

    No they were far Left, and colluded with the Soviets until that time Hitler saw Russia as a threatening competitor. Both nationalized industries. Both preached centralized government control of everything. Nazism and Communism is a distinction without a difference – except the Soviets were more effective and even more brutal.

  • James Simpson


  • James Simpson


  • Gene Schaerr

    Fantastic article

  • IraMad

    Nazi = National SOCIALIST
    A left-wing ideology

  • AndRebecca

    According to one of your heroes V.I. Lenin NAZIs were “right-wing socialists.” And socialists are Marxists.

  • samo war
  • hap46

    Trump better put hackers on all of Obama’s correspondence via social media, thereby, proving that a Deep State is in the workings of our former President and his collegues.

  • Paul Anderson

    Long before Barack Obama was President: he was a community organizer, for the purpose of spreading Marxist – Communist ideology. His friends were well aware of his Marxist convictions and his willingness to share and debate these convictions. One must remember, his goals for his administration, was to transform America. Transform America into what: A Global Socialist Nation. Socialism is just one step closer to Communism.

    A citizen of a Socialist Nation, is on the road to a total loss of freedom, in that they have turned their freedom over to the state, along with their land,home, and ability to achieve success and wealth, as the state views them, as servants. In the eyes of the state, the servant is a commodity.
    if you are looking for a big government to supply all your needs and wants, Socialism and or Communism will not. They will strip you of everything…

  • Nicknjax

    Read Agenda 21, it is the Globalist plan…

  • L.L. Smith

    Far left. Far right. It makes no difference. They are both dictators.

  • Init4thecache

    “Socialist” (leftist) means total gov’t control, whether nationalistic (NAZI)or international (communist). Rightist is for minimal gov’t control/authority. Your whole referenced political spectrum is leftist. You’re the one who needs to get a grip.

  • larry

    all liberal pantie wastes are total chicken shits… find ’em, hose ’em down in pig urine (good for ALL fascists)…
    if they send a conservative to the hospital, send 100 of them to the ICU… the pantie wastes can’t handle reality, so lets introduce them, repeatedly…


    This is obviously an aspiring American Che Guevara, and his intent is to kill Donald Trump and Mike Pence. If you are a native-born anglophone European-American heterosexual person of some religious faith who believes in limited government and a free economy, he and his Soros-paid storm troopers mean to kill you, too. There can be no doubt that the insurrection we all knew was coming on Election Night has started. There is no doubt that the only good communist is a dead communist, and that the way to stop a violent revolution is to start shooting revolutionaries and keep that up until they stop or until they are all gone.

  • Some in #Antifa have stated they are Communist and have called for armed revolution. They are backed by the obviously Communist Democrat Party, which also enables and defends them. Obama fired tens of the highest ranking Patriotic field grade officers of the US Military and installed officers, and appointed Cabinet and agency officers loyal to his agenda for the destruction of the American Constitution, and freedom in America. Communist? Nazi? Fascist? Antifa? Islam?, etc. They are all a form of tyranny, and the only thing for a wise person to do with them is to fight them at every turn and eliminate them from the face of the earth.


    These little snowflakes had best not piss off any Veteran; otherwise, they may find themselves in a hospital bed at best. These piss ants need a very blunt lesson in free speech.

  • AR15Fan

    Great job posters , it seems your facts have defanged Ted, mush for brains Ted has gone back to playing his computer games.. I am always amazed by left wingers who play games like Call Of Duty yet would never volunteer for the real thing.