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Vanity Fair published an article Thursday that asked eight prominent television writers to describe their own fantasies of President Trump resigning from office.

Headlined “Breaking News: Trump Resigns! (Not Yet),” the piece requested these “astute observers of human behavior to come up with two scenarios of how Trump will leave the Oval Office.”

Many of the imagined scenarios relied on tired Trump insults. Danny Zuker, executive producer for Modern Family, wrote the following:

Fade in: intelligence briefing. We are close on Trump’s bloated, porcine face, the kind of face that would immediately disqualify a person from judging others’ appearances. He yawns, wipes some KFC extra-crispy batter from his most northern chin. Then he gets an idea. A light-bulb moment. Not a bright light bulb—more like the bulb in that emergency flashlight you find buried in your junk drawer. He stands up and exclaims . . .

TRUMP: I quit.
INTELLIGENCE OFFICER: Wah wah wah wah wah?

Silicon Valley writer Megan Amram took a scatological route.

Parting shot:
“Ffffffffpllllplplplplplplplppppluuuuuuuuuuugggffffffff.” (This is the sound of Donald Trump publicly sh***ing himself at a rally, then trying to cover his butt with Mike Pence’s sweater, but the sweater isn’t big enough to cover his big butt, so he slips and falls and can’t get up ’cause he’s covered in his own shit, so he’s pulled off by the Secret Service, never to be seen again.)

Another scenario imagines Trump not resigning, but instead having an “Executive Realignment” in which he moves into a replica White House and the country agrees not to talk about it as Trump continues to think he is president.

One blames an investigation that ties Trump to Russian interference in the election to undo Hillary Clinton, while another has him see what it would have been like had Clinton become president. Several tie his resignation to some form of a sex tape.



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  • lincolnesque

    How about if we just have those writers resign and get some honest journalists.

  • missieb2000

    The width and depth of their fury fuels me every single day. We normals had to endure not just 8 years of the most fraudulent incompetence, but 8 years of the msm gleefully wiping their chins as the used superlative after superlative to cover up the malfeasance he exhibited from day one.
    Suck it up, Trump won, you lost. Get over it.

  • mioahu

    And then they woke up, Trump is president, and will be for another 7 great years, and they are left to sh***it themselves .
    Pathetic losers

  • Walt Ramsey

    It is obvious that we who voted for Pres. Trump are not relenting in our backing of the man who is trying to clean up eight years of incompetence at the least and damn close to treason at the most. I still can’t get over watching Barack Hussein Obama bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. NEVER had the world seen an American President bow to anybody!
    Talk about not being presidential…

  • MonadnockMan

    Hey, let us keep it simple – your side lost for a ton of qualified reasons but primary – your crying book tour maven of woes on this endless pity me party is the real reason for your loss. Bezo will purchase her books at a huge discount and try to unload them with a subscription to his fake news rag the WP.

  • John Cunningham

    Better yet, ask these talents to visualize and fantasize that Vanity Fair would just go away.

  • Alton Gayle

    God Lord Almighty:
    Will these so called journalists never “shut their damn mouths” and leave the rest of us alone. there is no longer an such thing as “HONEST JOURNALISM”. The MSM is definitely not “the News”. If we are to take back our country; we need to take away the power of the MSM. We also need to straighten out the mess our Colleges & Universities have become because of all these ignorant, stupid Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/Democrats. These people are morons and just too dumb to know it. The God Fearing, Patriotic, Freedom Loving and yes Gun Carrying responsible citizens deserve this country. THEY DON’T!!!! Since they despise our Freedoms let them go where there are none. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER PATRIOTIC SONS & DAUGHTERS. We beat tyranny more than once; IT’S TIME WE DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  • Mike S.

    These are not journalists, and this is not journalism; instead, it’s blatant political activism and subversive propaganda. There are no First Amendment rights involved. So charge the publication’s owner(s), managing editor and writer(s) with treason. Sadly, AG Sessions is probably attending a pig roast and can’t smell the corruption and threat to national security for the bacon.

  • Bennie Bennett

    Why can’t Liberals accept the fact that we elected Trump????? They need to chill and let him do his job – even if they don’t like it!!!

  • TED

    I love the “retiring to a replica White house” scenario while “believing he’s still president”!

    Whatever. It needs to happen soon if this country is going to avoid a complete and utter disaster!

  • TED

    How about the eight years of George W. Bush incompetence that Barack Obama had to try to clean up … including two wrongful invasions of foreign countries and a near total economic collapse!

    Short memory, there, Walt!

    Trump is a total schlub!

  • TED

    “Normals” ???

    Don’t you mean “deplorables” ???

  • TED

    I think most “Liberals” probably accept the fact that they elected Hillary Clinton … with about 3,000,000 more votes than what’s his name got. (?)

  • Bennie Bennett

    Yeah, but she cheated. And Thank God she didn’t win – can you imagine?

  • John McKenzie

    Megan Buttram,
    You seem to have a preoccupation with human excrement. According to leading psychiatric experts this is a prominent trait among bed wetting liberal skanks. Do you also eat with the same hand you use to wipe your arse?

  • missieb2000

    Kurt Schlichter- an excellent writer with a biting sense of humor has coined more than one great phrase. Faily McWorse than Carter for Obama, Felonia von Pantsuit for Clinton and ‘normals’ for those of us who choose to work hard, worship God and avoid the claptrap of the left coast and career politicians.

  • Light_V_Dark


    The closest thing to Obama WORSHIP, was for Bolshevik Bernie…And STILL IS! ENVISIONING PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, TEE HEE

    We PLEDGE, OMG-LOL-AWESOME ?? Produced by #Mandinka Slave Princess Oprah…WHAT ARE THE CHANCE$

  • Light_V_Dark

    When the #sociopath’s bullying and smear campaigning becomes apparent to other people, the sociopathic bully will play the “Mental Health Trap”. Claiming their target is “#unstable” or “#mentallyill” or has a “#mentalhealthproblem”.

    This allegation is a projection of the sociopath’s own mental health issues, insecurities, and fear of being exposed. #BERNbots #HateHILLARY Gay Fight Song

  • Light_V_Dark
  • Light_V_Dark

    Show Biz people[sic] and ARTISTS, are about the most evil creatures to ever walk upright!

    #Scoffers, #Mockers, #TheGreatLaw, #Proverbs98, #AsYeSowSoShallYeREAP, #lolNIGGAZ.. #YabbutBUSH!!!!!! #IranCONTRA!!!!!


    NatGeo #OnOURdime, ONLY, WANTS a dollar a month to view the article, where they QUERIE….HOW CAN WE STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF SONGBIRDS BLABLABLA?

    I got this on a Youtube search.

  • Light_V_Dark

    This crap is RELIGION!

    The closest thing to Obama WORSHIP, was for Bolshevik Bernie…And STILL IS! ENVISION PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, TEE HEE ???

  • Light_V_Dark

    I just discovered that ##’s work on YouTube!

    The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion Karl Marx

    Watch “Why the Left Hates America:…

    Watch “Jamie Glazov – The Psychology of the Left”

  • cthetruth

    Yes honest journalists! You mean like the honest mock President.

  • rgcomega

    mindful that I am not MSM, these pathetic excuses from their monkey ancestors are a decade late; I already did this everyday Obama was in office, except I was not interested in resignation, I was praying for impeachment….and pooing in his pants and hiding with a sweater is novice child’s play….mine had to do with a spoon, and in front of the United Nations.

  • Paperboy

    Just more of the same ol’ same ol’ bitterness! And they wonder why their subscriptions are declining! HUH!

  • missieb2000

    Ben Shapiro coined the term for regular people that the elitists just don’t understand. I like it as much as ‘Felonia Von Pantsuit’ and ‘Faily McWorse than Carter’.