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In his blockbuster new film, “Civil War 2017,” Trevor Loudon asks why the political left is so determined to destroy the Trump presidency. Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center responds that Trump “doesn’t back down from a fight,” unlike previous “squishy” Republicans. What’s more, Trump has upended the “progressive coalition” by convincing millions of Democrats to abandon their union leaders and the Democratic Party.

Marxism is at a crossroads. And so are its adherents in the media, such as Van Jones of CNN. Jones is smart enough to know that Trump has tapped into the anger and discontent of American workers. But at the same time, he is compelled to rally what remains of the progressive coalition against Trump. That is why he spoke at the “Women’s March on Washington” on Saturday, and then went on CNN to comment on what he said.

You may have missed the highlights. It featured filthy language, transgenderism, the benefits of killing the unborn, rights for illegal aliens and pure unadulterated communism.

By way of background, remember that the workers used to be the cornerstone of the revolution. The phrase, “Workers of the world unite,” is right from the Communist Manifesto. These workers are now behind Trump. They want jobs, not heroin. They want economic and industrial development in traditional fossil fuel industries that the Democratic Party has been trying to bankrupt through the climate change hoax and green energy scams.

The demonstration was financed by the abortion industry front known as Planned Parenthood and the environmentalist group called the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The one union leader who spoke at the demonstration was George Gresham, president of the largest labor union in New York City representing health care workers.

Where were the leaders of the industrial unions? They were nowhere to be found. And that is because many of their members voted for Trump.

The involvement of the NRDC is a reflection of the suicidal tendency that infects the Democratic Party. The NRDC’s logo used to be a grizzly bear and later became a polar bear to shift the focus to climate change. This may appeal to liberal elites, but the workers who backed Trump would like to see some compassion for the workers losing their jobs to bad trade deals and climate change agreements that deindustrialize the U.S.

The so-called women’s march featured communists like Angela Davis, transgendered people, Muslims, foul-mouthed Hollywood celebrities and illegal aliens. This group represents the strain of Marxism known as Cultural Marxism. It cannot co-exist with workers who still retain love of country and “cling” to traditional religious values. They don’t want to lose their jobs to illegals.

At the women’s march, backed by important members of the Democratic Party, we had an unrepentant communist who not only spoke but served as a co-chair. In our column, “Black Power Icon Goes Vegan to Save Animals,” we noted how Davis has tried in her career to cover all of the Marxist cultural bases. She started out with the Communist Party, became a lesbian, and is now a spokesman for animal rights. Along the way she was given the Lenin Peace Prize.

However, the bio of Angela Davis at the demonstration’s website makes no mention of her communist affiliations.

At the women’s march, she thanked Obama for commuting the sentences of transgender traitor Bradley/Chelsea Manning and Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. “We celebrate the impending release of Chelsea Manning,” she said, “and Oscar Lopez Rivera. But we also say free Leonard Peltier. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Free Assata Shakur.”

Peltier killed two FBI agents, while Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur are convicted cop-killers. Shakur fled to Cuba and is living under the protection of that communist regime.

Davis was followed to the podium by Raquel Willis, a self-described queer black transgender feminist woman.

As if the parade of Marxists, sexual oddballs and misfits was not enough, several Hollywood celebrities and “artists” turned out. The entertainer named Madonna was more extreme than usual and talked about blowing up the White House amid using the F-word. Actress Ashley Judd’s “Nasty Woman” routine was filthy, gross and offensive. The march was definitely not family-friendly.

If you want to understand why the workers are turning on the Democrats, some of the performances at the women’s march will help you understand why.

The media were represented as well. Van Jones, a speaker at the rally, was identified on the march’s website as “President of Dream Corps” and “CNN Commentator.”

“Van Jones is a CNN political commentator, regularly appearing across the network’s programming and special political coverage,” says his own Dream Corps website. “In 2009,” the bio says, “Jones worked as the green jobs advisor to President Barack Obama.” What it doesn’t say is that he was forced out of that job when his communist background was exposed. He had been involved in STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement).

Jones’ Dream Corps, the latest organization he has created, claims to champion “World-class support for world-changing solutions,” whatever that means. Its “partners” include Trinity United Church of Christ. Remember Jeremiah Wright’s and Barack Obama’s church?

The group also boasts of some heavy hitters as donors, including Facebook, Google, the Ford Foundation and the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

The latter is significant. Jones lost his White House job only to get funded by the Obama White House. It’s interesting the way that worked out.

It is also interesting to note, however, that when you click on the Dream Corps donor logo for the presidential office, you immediately go to the website of President Donald J. Trump. It seems that the website has been updated.

It’s unlikely that the new administration will be financing Van Jones’ latest scheme. But he’ll no doubt continue to be on the payroll of CNN, where, among other things, he has done programs on what is called “The Messy Truth.”  How appropriate.

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  • biilyjoe

    This white-hating, America-hating, racist, race-bating obozophyle Jones is nothing but another Sharpton the Seditionist. With an Iq even lower than Sharpton’s, this shill knows he’d have no job if it wasn’t for the lie of race quotas. Another reason to do away with the lie of ‘affirmative’ action. Supreme Court needs to revisit it and undo it — ; Justice Scalia and the SC would have removed this LIE of ‘affirmative’ action and were about to –but this gang of obamaphyle criminals (Soros/Clinton/Obama) ‘removed him’ only a few weeks before it reached the SC.

  • satelliter

    VAN JONES is a COMMUNIST!!!… Van Jones IS a COMMUNIST! supporting Van Jones is supporting the communist take-over of America, that’s his agenda and his job in the communist party.

  • Ted

    There are about 260 million eligible voters in the U.S.

    Clinton out-polled Trump about 66 million to 63 million … which means Trump received only 24.2% of all eligible votes … meaning that some 75.8% of the eligible voters DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP!

    So, any fool can see there’s bound to be a LOT of ANTI-TRUMP sentiment in this country … and that it is MOST CERTAINLY NOT limited to just the so-called ‘Democrats’, ‘Liberals”, ‘Progressives’ … or even ‘Communists’.




    (Just like the Republicans did beginning on Inauguration Day in 2009!)

  • Oldchopper

    Amazing how the media keeps him front and center on talk shows. He has nothing good to offer America and yet he gets air time. Disgusting!

  • Aint So

    I do recall a social parasite named Angela Davis from when I was a kid but Van Jones? I don’t recall him . Is he on the waves somewhere? ……Would that be spelled Jones with an es or a ze at the end?

  • Webuppp

    Van jones is a marxist, van jones is a black militant marxist, cnn has no business putting anti american haters on its airways, the reason why they do? They are also marxists and agree with that satanic ideology. Van jones and all progressive marxist need to be exiled, while your deporting illegal mexican nationals, get the marxists undermining our republic out of our mists as well. Time to take back our beloved country and make america great again

  • Webuppp

    Ted, your days are numbered, your clearly an asshole, clinton didnt outpoll anyone, she outcheated the american voter, she corrupted the election process, she is not the president, and the donkey lost, and has losers like you. Is it ted Strickland another loser? the president needs to use hildabitch as the example, she committed espionage and treason against america, and needs to be publicly executed, high crimes, tyranny, treason.

  • brtw

    Hopefully intelligent American voters will see this for what it really is (whinny, vengeful, poor loosers) and flock to theTrumpTrain!!!!

  • Maggietish

    VanJones is an avowed communist. Of course he’s going to support the far left liberal progressive movement because he wants to overthrow the United States. There’s no doubt that he’s a racist and it’s a sure bet he loses sleep over just thinking about white people. He has supported and initiated the violence in this country that’s taking place between the races, ticket early against white Americans, and the division that Barack Obama bred, created and encouraged. The communist mantra is that Americal will rot from within and not one shot will be fired. Division is there major weapon against the American people. CNN just continues there downward spiral with their hatemongering, racism against white people, fake news, calling for the assassination of Donald Trump and their unending attacks against Trump and his supporters. CNN is now putting VanJones in a lucrative position to bring the downfall of the United States of America. CNN are foolishly believing that the American people are just going to stand there and let that happen and be victimized by them. They’d better buckle up I guarantee they’re going to lose this fight.

  • mioahu

    Hahaha , LYING TED raising his head from his arse again :-). These idiots, along with you LYING TED , are irrelevant !!! Trump won, and now we will implement our agenda. And you can chant with your idiot commies about tampons and pads that are taxed, nobody gives a rats ass, and you will alienate even more people than you already did, and WE WILL WIN EVEN BIGGER !!!!

  • Larry Sparks

    George Soros is sponsoring socialist and communist like Van Jones with millions of dollars to destroy America. It is time deport to George Soros as an undesirable citizen like we did with the mafia leaders in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

  • ScottsWhite

    Great peice Cliff, get this info out to more people that are blinded my the left/media. We need to open people eyes.

  • Lee Ryan

    Where is the s

  • sooner4ever

    I guess that about says it well enough that no further commentary is necessary.

  • FlatCityGirl

    George Soros has five children, two of which are sons who are working hand-in-hand with all of his causes right now. I don’t know anything about the other three children, one of which is a female. I don’t know where any of them were born, or what countries they may citizens of.

    What we need is a Mitch Rapp to eradicate the entire evil cabal.

  • Chief1942

    Although I have nothing but disdain for Van Jones and his ilk, it is important that they are “in the spotlight”. The more light shined upon these people, the more obvious it will become to even many of the Leftist “brain deads” that Jones and the like offer nothing but misery across the board. Even many die hard union members have begun to see “the light”.

  • chicodon

    Van Jones is famous for claiming that whites were dumping poisonous industrial waste under black communities. This was to make them sick. Valerie Jarrett was so impressed that she recruited him for the Obama regime.

  • itsy_bitsy

    So CNN picks a known commie to do their talking! Van Jones, along with George Soros and Bill Ayers (and for that matter, Barack Obama) are known communists! No wonder no one watches that channel! CNN should realize that they are catering to a shrinking market, while Fox news continues to gain viewers, CNN does not! Just because radical left wingers are loud and vocal does not make them a majority. Trump now has a 57% approval rating, and is making large in roads on Unions and those members who did not switch during the election. It will continue to grow if the left keeps it up!

  • Lee Ryan


  • Lee Ryan

    Valerie has such sound judgement. Unfortunately only in her overblown mind.

  • Mark

    He deserves a 21 gun salute, prematurely. Let’s call it “military assisted suicide.” Next would be Jane Fonda and her ex, Ted Turner, and then … well there’s not enough room or time to list hatemongering Leftists at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NY Times, WaPo — phew, too many organizations to list, too. Then there’s the government, first John Kerry and his idiot heiress wife, and then Chuck Schumer, Patty Murray and — phew, too many to list there too.

  • Bruce

    VAN JONES is an obvious subversive who only gets a bye ’cause he’s black. D. Brock, Ayers, Alinski, and Brennon are all going down and will only be remembered as traitors, if they’re remembered at all.



  • satelliter

    Yvonne, I can’t post all the websites exposing Van Jones, but for your own satisfaction please just quickly ‘Google’: “is van Jones a communist?”. Just copy and paste that question in Google, please. I know you won’t because for some reason liberals avoid truth and facts at all cost, but it is true. You are right about the devil not wanting Trump, but the reason is because Trump will fight against all the forces of evil, which is the devil.

  • Webuppp

    Spoken like a true satanic worshipper, your very words of hate, bear you out. Van jones is a marxist, proclaims himself to be one. You are an angry black woman, and i dont blame you. The progressive marxists have enslaved the inner city plantations for years, stole your hope and joy, mainly thru taxation and dependence on them. Over 30 million black babies a whole generation given over to planned parenthood support by the democrat and you. The topic was van jones, not racisum, or bigots. And not about president trump. You sound like the racist, the white donkey in the progressive marxist democrat party is the one fueling racisum, along with the racists like you in the black community. It is the people in both communities that are not racist, they need to get together. By the way, the day will come for judgement, and each will give an account. Should you be rejected, you will say, but lord, didnt i preach your word in the street, and he will look into your soul and say, go away from me you doer of inequality, I NEVER KNEW YOU. Your last sentence tell me all i need know. You need a renewing of your demented sick mind

  • Webuppp

    That’s how sir you know the marxist control news period. Walter koncrit, dan rather garret utley tom brokal diane sawyer, Barbra Walters ted Kople all on different news cast that come into the nations news most anchors all marxist belonging to the coucil on foriegn relation a maxist think tank in nyc. That’s why jones and other marxists thru the years get air time and shape what we see in the streets of america today….. anarchy. Your rite old chop it is disgusting. It’s also tyrantical

  • Scott-Michelle Needham

    I understand why you call these people “cultural marxist”, but they are more than that. They are Neo-Marxists with a globalist utopian mind set. They are atheists with a determined will that out- performs those who believe in the United States Constitution as it is written. They bond together in a way that never relents from it’s goal of fundamentally changing the minds of those apposed to it. They are more passionate about their ideology then those of us who hate it. They are the ones out protesting and making noise, not us. We are to blame. We are apathetic. We need to be out there apposing them. This mind set has been with us for at least 60 years. Some say it has been with us since the industrial revolution…even before. They have control of our schools and Universities, our government, and the press. We could have ten more Trump- like presidents and still be in trouble. This slow methodical take-over was power boosted in the 60’s with people like Saul Alinski and Hillary Clinton, who did not think Alinski was radical enough. Unless we are willing to get active quick, it might be over sooner than you think.

  • Thomas Moloian

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  • Thomas Moloian

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