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The supermarket tabloid National Enquirer can’t be laughed at any more. It was Donald J. Trump’s effective weapon against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and now it’s been unleashed against Hillary Clinton. The issue currently on newsstands reveals “The Explosive 7-Step Plan to Destroy Hillary,” and predicts the demise of the Democratic candidate.

Don’t laugh. In 2007, the National Enquirer broke the story of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards’ “love child.” Edwards was caught visiting his mistress and secret love child in a Los Angeles hotel. Edwards denied the affair, but the truth came out. The National Enquirer was vindicated.

The New York Times reported, “By being the first and, largely, the only publication pursuing the Edwards story through his denials of the affair and of fathering a child out of wedlock, The Enquirer is under consideration for a Pulitzer Prize, and it has strong support for its bid from other journalists.” The Enquirer’s staff became eligible for the Pulitzer in two categories, “Investigative Reporting” and “National News Reporting.” It fell short, however.

The National Enquirer became Trump’s favorite media weapon to smear Cruz. Here is a list of assaults on the rival Republican from the tabloid:

  • April 4: “Cruz’s 5 Secret Mistresses” and “Their Shocking Claims”
  • April 11: “Furious Wife Confronts Cheating Cruz!”
  • April 18: “Ted Cruz Named in Madam’s Black Book”
  • May 2: “Ted Cruz Father Linked to JFK Assassination”
  • May 16: “Ted Cruz, Go Home”

The attacks on Cruz, especially the attack on his father, Rafael Cruz, took their toll. The Texas senator cited Trump’s use of the smear in explaining why he wouldn’t endorse the New York billionaire for president. “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz said. Trump had tweeted a bad photo of Cruz’s wife Heidi next to a flattering picture of Trump’s supermodel wife.

On “Fox & Friends,” Trump had cited the Enquirer story about Cruz’s father as believable. Trump said, “Nobody even brings it up. They don’t even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.”

By the time the patriotic July 4 issue of the National Enquirer had appeared, Trump had won and the publication ran the story, “Trump: How I will Save America From Terror.”

The publication had really moved on from attacking Cruz to going after Hillary by the June 27 issue, with the story, “Hillary Will Never Be President,” citing an alleged indictment of the candidate over her use of emails. It didn’t pan out. The FBI director didn’t recommend an indictment.

But the August 1 story, “How Trump Will Win,” explains how lesbianism and lies will eventually cause the campaign collapse of the former secretary of state. Among the revelations:

  • Hillary’s “lesbian shenanigans.”
  • Bill Clinton has a secret son.
  • Hillary spent time in a mental hospital.
  • Bill and Hillary have a secret $100 million divorce pact.

Don’t think the National Enquirer doesn’t have high-level sources. The former Clinton aide Dick Morris, who once worked for Fox News, now has a regular column in the publication, under the headline, “The most feared voice in politics.” His most recent column, concerning the former secretary of state’s dealings with Russia and Vladimir Putin, is actually quite good. He notes that the emails released by Mrs. Clinton conveniently omit details about a deal Russia made to buy American uranium. The deal came after Bill Clinton was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by a Russian firm for speeches.

Morris did have a column in The Hill newspaper, which is distributed in Washington, D.C. But that paper dropped him when he signed on with The National Enquirer. Enquirer Editor-in-Chief Dylan Howard said his hiring was proof of the publication’s “commitment to investigative journalism.”

Morris told the New York Post, “I enjoyed writing for The Hill for 20 years and I had a wonderful relationship with them, but the Enquirer’s circulation is many times The Hill’s. I think this move makes sense.”

The National Enquirer is part of the American Media, Inc. (AMI) empire and also includes Star, OK!, Globe, National Examiner, Soap Opera Digest, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Flex and Muscle & Fitness Hers. Chairman and CEO David Pecker is considered a close friend of Trump.

Ironically, as The New York Times pointed out, The Star, the sister publication of The National Enquirer, revealed Morris’s affair with a prostitute who claimed he had a penchant for sucking her toes. “The National Enquirer followed that bombshell with news of another mistress and a love child in Texas,” it said.

At the time, the paper reported that Morris had responded, “I will not subject my wife, family or friends to the sadistic vitriol of yellow journalism. I will not dignify such journalism with a reply or an answer. I never will.”

He later admitted the stories were true, the Times said.

His personal life aside, Morris is the author or co-author of some 20 books, including Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race, about a match-up that did not occur in 2008.

In 2012, Morris, then a Fox News commentator, had predicted a Mitt Romney win. Morris’s prediction was Romney winning with 325 electoral votes, versus Obama’s 213. “That’s right,” Morris said. “A landslide for Romney approaching the magnitude of Obama’s against McCain.” Obama beat McCain 53-46 percent.

But Morris was not alone. Karl Rove, Fred Barnes, and Michael Barone had also predicted a Romney win.

This time, Morris has another book, Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary, described by Newsmax as “powerful and timely.”

But on the Dick Morris website, one person responded to the new book with the comment, “How Trump can beat Hillary? Well, the same way Romney and McCain beat Obama, I guess. Dick, you keep singing the same song over and over again.”

The trouble with the current anti-Clinton strategy, “The Explosive 7-Step Plan to Destroy Hillary,” is that people probably won’t believe it when they see it, since the information will be coming from a source that even Cruz has denounced.

However, in contrast to how the major media picked up the tabloid’s charges against Cruz, it’s doubtful that any controversial charges against Clinton, even with substantial evidence to back them up, would get the same kind of sympathetic coverage or traction.

In any case, Trump clearly has a journalistic weapon to use against Hillary. It would help, in his war against the Democrat, if he has what the tabloid had when it exposed John Edwards—eyewitnesses, photos and evidence.

Time will tell.

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  • RMThoughts

    “…..Dick, you keep singing the same song over and over again.”

    Does Cliff Kincaid, enveloped in the Putin Derangement Syndrome with is neo-con comrades like Hillary, Soros and company, really think he can lecture someone about singing the same song over and over again?

  • What ever happened to the Cruz mistress story and why if untrue didn’t Cruz sue ? Like the Hulkster ? Hulkster didn’t say they were untrue,only not permissible to publish. I think there is a good reason to believe Cruz isn’t pursuing this. The media has dropped the ball on this story, even AIM !!

  • chris ericksen

    David Pecker- what an apt name for that sleaze. Another sociopath, probably- that’s what it would take to be CEO of the trash his company publishes. Yes, there are some items of truth, but mainly his tabloids are fit for the floor of an outside latrine.

    He will do anything to get his pal, Trump, elected; evidently he feels that he will be utterly safe with Trump as president. Trump uses people- Pecker is useful. As a narcissist,/sociopath Trump has no real loyalty to anyone- he remains loyal as long as the other plays along with his agenda. I’d love to see an investigation of Pecker.

    The GOP has turned into the Party of Slime; some of its finest members are leaving it.

  • AndRebecca

    I think Trump wants to keep Cruz at bay until after the next presidential election. He’s his long term competition. Obama ragged on H. Clinton for years, through two elections, until he decided he couldn’t topple the government and become dictator. Then he backed Hillary, even put her in his cabinet.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Trump and Enquirer chief executive David Pecker are reportedly palsy — “very close,” according to the New York Daily News, and “friends for years,” according to New York magazine

    The very cozy relationship between Donald Trump and the National Enquirer

    Trump and Enquirer CEO David Pecker have been friends for years. “They’re very close,” said a source close to the Enquirer. In July 2013, Trump even tweeted that Pecker should become CEO of Time magazine, which at the time was being spun off from its corporate parent, Time Warner. “He’d make it exciting and win awards!”

  • hap46

    I respect Ted Cruz for defending his wife and father; HOWEVER, he was wrong to take the podium at the RNC and use Donald Trump for his 2020 ambitions. Besides, Ted Cruz, I’d love to see the former sexual abuse victims of Slick Willy come out in droves to blast the Clinton Duo. Hillary made sure these women were kept silent to protect their political ambitions.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Cliff Kincaid has never been a journalist. He’s always been a propagandist and a right wing hack. After this piece, he doesn’t even get to pretend to be a journalist anymore. Congratulations, Kincaid. You’ve found the bottom of the barrel. This is so pathetic, it’s not even funny anymore.

  • terry1956

    Hogan does not hold a political office nor is he seeking one.
    Government office holders and those who seek one should not be allowed to sue for liable.

  • terry1956

    If Hillary had been in a mental hospital that is reason enough not to let her be president and state legislators can prevent her from taking office, as well as Trump through their direct selection of electors.
    China gate was treason and if Hillary could be tied to those treasonous acts of her husband and Al Gore then state legislators should act but they should act anyway to keep Bill Clinton out of the white house.
    Look most Americans don’t like Hillary or Trump so state legislators should act anyway.
    It would be better for a Red State legislator to select electors who would vote for Penance and Blue state legislators to select electors for Kane.

  • John Cunningham

    Gutter Politics? Well, Democrats have been up to their arm pits in for a long time. If it works for Trump, I say go Boy! America has slowly been occupied by a nasty creeping slimy Liberalism for years. Moving patiently but ever so slowly, it has now penetrated ever facet of American life.

    Even our Churches have been changed. The schools, on all levels is chocked full of Liberal educators. Now, under Obama, the Pentagon has been turned and they are trying to destroy or armed forces. God, has already been discarded.

    I am now excited about Trump and, not so much him. His sons and daughter really have smarts. I figure Donald Trump will serve one term. That will leave a scramble for someone really good to replace him. The possibilities especially if Trump is successful and, I think he will, are HUGE!

  • Steven Barrett

    Hell, I thought his weapon was Tweeter. His tweets are just as honest and content-filled as anything this fishwrap has ever printed. Excuse me, calling the Enquirer a “fishwrap” does a great disservice to a higher grade of “journalism.”