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The incoherent questioning of James Comey by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is symptomatic of why President Donald Trump is at a severe disadvantage as the special counsel’s investigation of Russia-gate goes forward. The Republicans have walked into a trap and don’t know how to dig themselves out. They are playing ball with the Democrats, whose goal is impeachment.

McCain blamed staying up late to watch a baseball game. What’s the White House’s excuse?

The liberal media, the Democrats, and Comey’s best buddy, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, are in Comey’s corner. Mueller approved Comey’s decision to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Comey testified that “Bob” would handle the obstruction of justice investigation against Trump.  It can’t get any clearer than this. Trump is a marked man. We know what they’re doing.

Forget all of that media spin about Mueller’s sterling reputation. He was a terrible investigator in the anthrax case and fingered several innocent people.

Playing a tag team match against one opponent, the President, the Comey-Mueller combo looks unbeatable. Only Trump can stop Mueller now, and a decision to terminate Mueller might accelerate demands for Trump’s impeachment. But Trump is the President and he can order Mueller’s firing. It would be the right thing to do. Mueller was the wrong choice for that job. He was too close to Comey and his work as a former FBI director presents too many conflicts of interest.

In Trump’s corner is a dysfunctional White House press office and Trump’s personal lawyer, who provided a statement at the National Press Club and then scurried away.

Who do you think is going to prevail under these circumstances?

The White House press office response to Comey’s testimony—that the President is not a liar—sounds suspiciously like Richard Nixon’s claim before he resigned that he was not a crook.

The handwriting is on the wall, and the Conservative Party collapse in Britain portends the collapse of the Republican Party here. The conservatives in Britain had one advantage—they didn’t have a special counsel breathing down the neck of their party leader. Even so, Theresa May lost her majority.

Since Mueller can’t indict Trump, his investigation could produce impeachment charges against Trump, which would be filed by the House if the Republican majority disappears in the 2018 elections. Simply put, the American people may want to put this nightmare behind us.

Those who think that the hearing somehow defused obstruction of justice charges don’t understand the role played by Mueller in this process. He is the equivalent of a “Star Chamber,” a rogue court that can railroad innocent people found to be out of favor with the establishment.

The evidence of such a railroad was on display in Thursday’s hearing.

Writing in the New York Post, in a column headlined, “Trump’s in trouble after that Jim Comey hearing” John Podhoretz notes that while Comey said Trump was not under investigation before, “The problem for Trump is that he’s under investigation now.” That’s a reference to the Mueller obstruction investigation that can lead to the filing of impeachment charges.

Matthew Continetti at The Washington Free Beacon writes about Trump’s likely impeachment, saying that while Comey would not say if he believed President Trump obstructed justice by urging him to “let go” of the investigation into Michael T. Flynn, Comey “did say he was sure that Mueller would investigate whether obstruction of justice had occurred.”

Comey knows precisely what Mueller is doing. Indeed, Comey and Mueller are working together to bring down Trump. Their purpose is to protect the FBI, which they both served as directors.  There is a lot of corruption in the bureau that has to be kept out of the public domain. Some of that involves Mueller’s mishandling of the anthrax letters probe. Some of the corruption involves the failure to stop Islamic terrorism on American soil.

Continetti writes that “By firing Comey and then tweeting recklessly about it, Trump elevated a long-running but manageable problem—the so-called ‘Russia thing’—into an independent investigation that seriously endangers his presidency.”

Comey is one smooth operator. He deliberately leaked to The New York Times his side of the story, regarding his private conversations with Trump, for the purpose of triggering the appointment of a special counsel. It worked. No wonder Trump is mad at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for opening the door to such a probe.

Some conservatives in the media are saying that Trump can somehow hang on. Over at Trump-supporting Breitbart, Joel B. Pollak writes about how Senator James Risch (R-ID) supposedly destroyed the case for obstruction of justice through skillful questioning. He says, “Democrats have hinged their hopes for impeachment—and reversing the 2016 elections—on the idea that Trump committed obstruction of justice. That case has now been smashed beyond repair.”

But Risch’s questions will do absolutely nothing to stop Mueller. They will have no impact on the special counsel. Mueller doesn’t answer to the Senate. He answers to himself.

In the incident under scrutiny, Trump threw everybody except Comey out of the room to say he hoped the then-FBI director would let Flynn off the hook. Comey says he took this as an order to drop the probe. That’s the way Mueller will interpret it as well. They think alike.

At this point, Trump is hanging on, charging that Comey is the leaker and that he, Trump, has been vindicated by Comey’s statement that the President wasn’t under investigation back then.

It’s true: Trump wasn’t under investigation by the FBI back then. But that was before a special counsel, a former FBI director, was appointed. Now it’s a new ball game, and it’s not the one McCain was watching as he drifted off to sleep.

We said it before, in our column, “Best Buds Target Trump,” and we will say it again. Comey and Mueller are best friends who will protect one another. They are clearly working together. They are the insiders working to depose the outsider, Trump.

Trump can defeat this attack. But a personal lawyer who runs in and out of the National Press Club is not the answer. The announcement from the White House press office that Trump is not a liar will not be enough. And the idea that there is no legal case for obstruction of justice, from a conservative point of view, can’t save Trump from the special counsel’s own warped view of his mission to save the FBI.

Unless drastic action is taken, in the form of a “war room” with veteran conservative operatives to challenge the Mueller/Comey onslaught, Trump will likely lose.

As part of the counter-attack, Trump will have to fire Mueller, just like he fired Comey, and then he will have to drain the swamp at the FBI, as we urged before. All of “Comey’s Homies” should be identified and fired.

The FBI is out of control, including its former directors Comey and Mueller. Trump is the elected president. Will he act to restore civilian control of the government and put the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in their place?

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  • TED

    The House and the Senate should say “You’re fired!” to Trump!

  • k in Ma

    As you stated, if Trump fires Muellerm calls for impeachment based on obstruction will be deafening. If its still the right thing to do, how does the admin debate ‘obstruction vs bias’?

  • carl

    Why hasn’t Comey or the FBI gone after the politicians that created these sanctuary cites as they are violating federal laws?

  • Jeff Scott

    If you believe Trump firing Mueller would improve his situation, you’re out of touch. Archie Cox? Saturday Night Massacre? Nixon never recovered from that and the result would be even worse for Trump. Let Mueller do his job. Assuming Mueller can’t be fair indicates only that Comey’s candid and credible testimony rattled you and you’re hitting the panic button.

  • Jeff Scott

    Frankly, you sound a little paranoid and frantic here, my friend. Take a breath. The only person in America who wants to unlawfully install Hillary Clinton as president is Hillary Clinton. That’s not what the left wants. The election is over. Does much of the left loathe and mistrust Trump? Yes, much of the left does. For rational, understandable reasons you are perfectly free to disagree with and stand against.

  • jaimelmanzano

    “The inmates are running the asylum.”

    The “deep state” functionaries of the central government – the professional bureaucracy – has gained operational control, and power, as a result of the failure of the elected – representatives, senators and the executive – to exercise their responsibilities to legislate laws defining the reach, and limits, of governance. As a result, the void of political responsibility has been filled by others, largely those of functionaries who had become acclimated to serving their own instincts for power, and material comforts.

    The surge of popular resentment, and resistance, to the product of centralized power has become evident as a result of the election, challenging, and dislocating, the force fields enjoyed by the center. The outcome is uncertain, but change may be possible, or at least practicable. The dismissal of Comey is a beginning. Establishing a special prosecutor, Mueller, alternatively, may be a setback, representing the continuation, and preservation, of power to the “deep state” bureaucracy. Elected representatives in congress and the executive, unthinkingly, may be overtaken, once again, by their functional failings to respond to the quiet anger of their constituents. Change rides on the chance outcome of the political dice now being rolled.

  • jug

    Idiot troll!

    Get a life ted!

    Obama, 2007, Chicago Brownstone in partnership with Tony Rezcka, next in prison for realestate fraud!

    Obama, 2017, two, yes, two, 8 plus, million dollar mansions, one in HI, and the other, the firstly, rented one in DC!


    George Sorros, and every two bit Communist or muslim dictator that needed something from him!

  • Maureen Hannon

    k, You won’t go alone, I’m coming and I know that MANY,MANY others will too. I’d rather go to heaven than stay in the hell America would br if Hillary took the throne.

  • Maureen Hannon

    Jeff, Hillary, and Obama wanted it roo. The media had been campaigning for hillary during the election. Some things I really don’t get about the “feminists” that wanted Hillary to win. Why would feminists support some one who attacked many women, girls even, after they were raped? The 18m women who claimed that Bill molested them were attacked. Not only that, but, as a young lawyer, she had been taped laughing about what a good lawyer she was when she was able to get her client, a middle aged man that she knew was guilty of repeatedly molesting a child,off by convincing the jury that the young girl liked older emn and kept coming onto him and wouldn’t leave him alone until he slept with her. How can any one with any decency be okay with child molestation/ And, she probably encouraged Bill, when he was Pesident, to illegally have the FDA pass an abortion pill without the legally required testing, because it was already known to kill, not only the unborn babies,but also the mothers. If it was tested they couldn’t pass it. He was depending on the abortion lobby’s support for reelection, and the lobby wants no restictions on abotion, no matter who gets killed. There are many classy women in America that would make fine Presidents, so why do some want Hillary the slime ball to be President?

  • Jeff Scott

    For the life of me I can’t understand why people are still so fixated on her. She lost! She’s irrelevant! She’s not a threat! She’s not president and she never will be! Most people who voted for Hillary did so for one simple reason: She’s not Donald Trump. Pick your poison, right? People have as many excellent reasons for thinking he’s a slime ball. All I’m saying, and I can promise you this: people who continue to actively oppose Trump–and there are many–are absolutely NOT doing so out of any love or loyalty for Hillary Clinton. The left probably hates her almost as much as the right at this point because everyone understands she is the main reason we are stuck with Donald Trump. EVERYONE KNOWS she was a deeply flawed candidate.

  • Peter

    How can Mueller be the best man for the job if he does not even recuse himself due to conflict of interest?

  • marlene

    Pence would be a step backward!!!

  • marlene

    Trump should say “You’re fired” to Congress!

  • MASR53

    The swamp is still full! Former FBI Director Jim Comey “closely coordinated” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller before his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his interactions with President Trump. Robert Mueller mishandled the anthrax letters case. He dragged this case out for years and in the end got the wrong guy. Nobody in the media wants to talk about this because they know coverage of Mueller’s botched investigation will infuriate Comey and serve to dry up sources in the special counsel’s office. Mueller is, in effect, investigating the conduct of another FBI director, James Comey, a best friend. They will protect each other. Comey did not reopen the anthrax investigation in order to get to the bottom of Mueller’s incompetence, and Mueller will not hold Comey responsible for targeting Trump by using the phony ‘Trump Dossier’ filled with Russian disinformation. Hence, they both have reasons to go after Trump. They are a tag team against the President – against the republic of the USA. Get rid of Mueller!!!

  • Anthony Duhe

    “The proof of Donald Trump being wiretapped is in the documents that were handed over to the FBI”

    Comey knew. Comey lied. Comey obstructed.

    Obama’s surveillance Hammer on Trump worse than Watergate | Communities Digital News

  • Marie Weissmann

    Well said…trump is not just poison he is the fire from hell. For the life of me I can’t understand how a third of this nation can’t see the malignant narcissist man child for what he is. They can’t understand why we call them bigoted, racist, bible thumping ignorant idiots. The buffoon actually tweeted after speaking at a fanatic evangelist conference that our allegiance should not be to the country but to god. I wish someone would give the buffoon a copy of our constitution. The pussy grabbing, adulterous, child rapist is poison to the entire world. Unfortunately I do not think Pence will be any better. Thank goodness the resistance is strong and our judicial system seems to be of sound mind.

  • Petrinoid

    Thank goodness our right wing media is flexible enough to find favor with a former KGB officer while simultaneously support firing our FBI director .
    We’ve come a long way comrades .

  • hap46

    Well said, Marie, you just described Bill Clinton. Thank you !

  • onlitrade

    The belief of right wing media is you can fool some of the people some of the time and those of the far right all of the time. You only need to feed them what they want to hear

  • Joan Mulhall

    Whose pussy did he grab? Not Monica’s. What child did he rape? Not Juanita.

  • Chris

    The republican party has been hijacked by socialist sheep. This current crop of anti-American values ‘republican’ congressmen have been cultivated by the soviet deep state (yes, they are still alive and well) dating back to to their college days under the Bill Clinton administration. We still need Cold-War warriors to lead and secure our compromised and dying democracy. As a vet of the Gulf War, I reach back to another era and pray for the ghost of PresidentGen. Eisenhower to step in and lead us out of the downward spiral that are nation is currently in. I cannot and will not accept a draft-dodger as a true commander-in-chief regardless of party affiliation.

  • Flavia Ruffner

    Because that wasn’t their job to prosecute. Those are civil laws, not criminal.

  • Flavia Ruffner

    I know right? How long did we have to hear commie commie commie, and now suddenly they are so happy to snuggle up with the ultimate commie!. What a pack of un-American Americans.

  • Flavia Ruffner

    But you like Communists. So what’s the problem?

  • Flavia Ruffner

    All lies from your right wing blog feed fake news sites.

  • Flavia Ruffner

    The leftists didn’t make Trump violate the COnstitution. The leftists aren’t coddling up to Russia and an ex KGB agent. The leftists, in spite of all your crying, aren’t Communists. The leftists are making Trump lie.

  • Downriver

    Trump should resign

  • Luda kushner

    Mueller should not be for this job, and nobody else, because it is no case, and we are not suppose to pay for him,I mean us : American people. Luda.

  • jug

    Who the hell said that I liked Communists?
    Other than you, you liar!

  • jug

    Trump is our ony chance to even survive!

  • jug

    As I said before, you are a liar!

  • Flavia Ruffner

    Oh I am just using the classic right wing tactic of identifying folk based on who they associate and make wild extrapolatiins. If you support trump and think we shouldnt be investigating the interference one can only assume you like communists.

  • jug

    Again, exactly every thing you said above is just more of your lies!

  • Flavia Ruffner

    Sure we should. We pay those who seek to look into attacks on our country by a foreign agent. No doubt you loved the investigation into anything Clinton touched so don’t get squeamish now. Not if you love amwrica.

  • jug

    Yep, perfect description of Bill Clinton!

  • MASR53

    Both Comey and Mueller are BFFs as well as inept corrupt anti-American bureaucrats

  • Kathy

    What about replacing him with someone who really knows the law and isn’t in the deep state’s pocket? Someone like Dershowitz…or McCarthy…

  • Kathy

    Where were you the last 8 years? Obviously under a rock!

  • Flavia Ruffner

    Who asked Putin to attack us during the election? Trump. That’s a fact. Who kept praising Putin? Trump. That’s a fact. Who keeps hiding his tax returns, when we all know who his financial backers are? Trump. That’s a fact. Hell, Trump bragged about it. Putin is the ex head of the KGB. The leftists AREN’T making Trump lie. How could they make Trump lie? Isn’t Trump your big strong leader?

    SO yeah, you are cuddling up with Commie supporter. You are supporting a Communist.

    That’s truth.

  • Flavia Ruffner

    If the media had been campaigning for Clinton they would have avoided talking about email servers. Instead they hyper focused on it.

  • jug

    You either wouldnt know the truth if it bit you on the ass, or you are one of the worst liars in the world!

    What you just wrote above is another of your blatent lies!

    The people who were in cahoots with Putin were HRC & BHO and their supporters!

  • Flavia Ruffner

    Oh. I know the truth. But you are either a bot, or someone who is so intellectually dishonest and suffering from so much cognitive dissonance we can count on you to hand this country right over to Putin. Bet you are a red state welfare queen too.