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While showing an image of Donald Trump as a wrecking ball, veteran leftist operative Webster Tarpley told the recent Left Forum in New York City, “If we play this right, he can destroy the Republican Party.” The comments, delivered at the major left-wing gathering of the year, reflect the belief among “progressive” activists that the Donald J. Trump candidacy can be used to destroy the Republican Party and usher in a major period of Democratic Party rule, under the increasing influence of an openly socialist faction.

“This party must be destroyed,” Tarpley said, referring to the Republicans.

Tarpley’s analysis of the political scene takes on additional significance as we see evidence of communists and Mexican nationals protesting outside Trump rallies and assaulting Trump supporters. Tarpley’s audience was the Left Forum, which is described as “the largest annual conference of a broad spectrum of left and progressive intellectuals, activists, academics, organizations and the interested public.” The theme for this year’s event was “Rage, Rebellion, Revolution: Organizing Our Power.”

Those participating included the Democratic Socialists of America (which supported Barack Obama and now Bernie Sanders), the Southern Poverty Law Center, representatives of the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, the “Exonerate Ethel Rosenberg” campaign, CodePink, the Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Workers World Party, the Trans Queer Liberation Movement, and the Greek Communist Party,

A former operative in the movement led by Lyndon H. LaRouche, an aging Marxist ideologue who served time in prison on fraud charges, Tarpley is viewed by the left as an expert on the class struggle that defines the evolution of the American political system. He has been a prominent figure in the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement, which blames unnamed U.S. officials for carrying out the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. He is today associated with the Tax Wall Street Party, a group backing the Sanders proposal to raise taxes on financial transactions in order to finance a socialist super state.

Drawing on historical sources and stories about turmoil in the Trump campaign and the GOP, Tarpley predicted that Trump’s candidacy will divide the Republicans and result in one of its factions merely surviving as a regional party based in the Deep South, rural areas, and the intermountain West. However, he said the party itself has become so dependent on “aging white men,” a shrinking percentage of the electorate, that it may be “demographically doomed” in the long term.

Tarpley, who thinks Sanders has not gone far enough to the left, believes opposing Trump and calling him a fascist is a smart organizing tactic by the left. In his talk, “Destroy the GOP—Split the Dems,” Tarpley describes the Sanders campaign and associated groups as “New Deal Democrats,” as opposed to the “Wall Street Democrats” backing Hillary Clinton. Eventually, if everything goes according to plan, the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party will take control in a “progressive realignment,” and a “new progressive coalition” could emerge and dominate American politics for decades.

“Trump is the trigger” for this dramatic series of developments, he told the leftist conference, and it means the Republican Party could go “extinct,” since it is perceived as being hostile to the new immigrants who have flooded into the country. He is predicting a complete political realignment for the period 2016 to 2046.

However, left unsaid in his presentation is whether after Mrs. Clinton is presumably done with her first term as president, she could be challenged for another term by the Sanders wing of the party, possibly represented at that time by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

But the idea that Warren is somehow against the interests of Wall Street and finance capital is, of course, complete nonsense. She ran for the Senate with the support of hedge fund billionaire George Soros and other big money liberals.

While Tarpley is not a supporter of Mrs. Clinton or President Obama, he gives Obama, a skilled Marxist-trained operative, enormous credit for assembling a winning coalition in the presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012. He explained, “2008 was a watershed election, and in retrospect that will become more obvious than it is now.” He said Obama had ushered in “a new phase” of politics that has put tremendous pressure on the Republican Party to generate support from enough of the electorate to survive as a national political entity.

“That future is what you have to keep your eyes on,” he emphasized. “That’s where you have to get. It means a crushing defeat for Trump, if we can do it.”

At the same time, Tarpley acknowledged that Trump supporters have “legitimate economic beefs,” based on the declining standard of living, and the fact that “deindustrialization” has harmed the middle class by destroying millions of factory jobs. But the Republican ideology is “in crisis,” as factions of the party disagree over the benefits of free trade and solutions to other economic problems. Other major Republican donors have libertarian tendencies that threaten the GOP coalition as well, he stated.

While the demise of the Republican Party may seem like wishful thinking, Tarpley outlined a political scenario that is plausible to outside experts and which could mean that the GOP would meet the fate of other political parties in American history—such as the Federalists, Whigs, and Know-Nothings—“by breaking apart” and losing the presidency, the Congress, and the Supreme Court in the process.

Tarpley’s predictions about Trump’s negative impact on the Republican Party came just a few weeks before Trump unleashed a series of attacks on a “Mexican” judge, who was actually born in the United States, prompting more concern from current and former Republican officials that the Trump presidential campaign could jeopardize Republicans prospects in November.

The destruction of the GOP also means the defeat of what Tarpley called the “neocon warmongers,” defined as those who favor U.S. military intervention against radical regimes and terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Continuing the pro-Russian bent that has long characterized the LaRouche movement, Tarpley favors the destruction of NATO. He was a speaker at the “No to War, No to NATO,” conference in Rome, Italy, which also included a representative of the old Soviet front, the U.S. Peace Council. Tarpley then participated in a forum on “good relations with the Russian Federation” held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

While Trump has been critical of U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and has questioned the need for NATO, a one-time anti-Soviet alliance, these positions were not of any interest or concern to Tarpley. Instead, Trump was viewed as an opportunity to divide and weaken the Republican Party.

With the Republican Party out of the way, the activists making up the Left Forum would be able to consolidate their power in the Democratic Party and move it even further to the left, in terms of more socialism at home and more accommodation of “anti-imperialist” and “anti-capitalist” forces abroad.

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  • RMThoughts

    Kincaid seems oblivious to the fact that it is not the “conservative base”, the grassroots or the average Joe from Main Street USA who are currently opposing to Donald Trump. The base, the middle class, is entirely behind Trump.

    The oppositional forces are the entrenched political class, the establishment, the elites and those who financially benefit from the DC status quo. This group includes the professional punditry and chattering class who associate with the DC confabs/ Voices like Kincaid who assign other attributes are entirely gaslighting their audience.

    Indeed, if the supreme imperative for the “Never Trump” faux neo-conservatives is to defeat him, they have become de facto allies of George Soros and, Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street — and the party of Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

  • Jack Parsons

    It all boils down to individualism versus collectivism. Republican/democrat, right/left, liberal/conservative, progressive/conservative, etc., are all dumbed-down paradigms pushed by the Establishment to get the man and woman in the street to bicker with one another, so that their anger is diverted from the Establishment. The Founding Fathers created this country on individualism. It is our tradition that too many are willing to throw away foolishly. The U.S. is the only time in the history of man that a country was not based on collectivism. George Washington, in his farewell speech, warned of the dangers of political parties. We would all do well to read Washington’s speech. It is a must read. We should reject political parties as enemies of individualism because they are, by their very nature, collectivist. I have reservations about Trump, but I must vote for him as he professes to be a nationalist, not a globalist, but also because he is individualism personified, not a collectivist cog. I have never seen the Establishment running so scared about a candidate in my life. He is the real deal. Are you an individualist, or a collectivist? If you are an individualist – vote Trump. You may never have this chance again. If you are a collectivist vote for someone else. It doesn’t matter who as it is all the same. Parties be damned.

  • Strange that Mr. Kincaid decries Tarpley’s pro-Russian bent, but ignores the fact that Trump, that great admirer of Mr. Putin. is bent the same way. Ponder that and you’ll realize that it’s never a good idea to dismiss an otherwise verifiable statement just because it comes from a source you oppose. Truth does not depend on the source, but on the logic that governs (and therefore verifies or disproves) our understanding of objects and events.

    Unless you keep this in mind, you’ll find that the enemy can parade his destructive plans against you before your very eyes without alarming you, because your enmity makes you too blind to recognize them for what they are.

  • jug

    Jack Parsons is much closer to being right here.

    Now Trump has ALWAYS been a lying, liberal NY democrat, and I just find it very, very hard to believe that somehow, he has had an epiphany, and turned 180 degrees!

    He certainly hasnt either quit lying, or he has some form of dementia, as he keeps right on denying things that he has said or done previously. For one, that he has always been against the Iraq War!
    When confronted with the tape that proved that he “had actually been for it, before he was against it”, he just backed off and ignored it. No apology or explanation, just sweep it under the rug and ignore.

    He is a salesman, a con man and has an ego that I believe surpasses even obamas and just about any other in the modern world. He will, I assure you, put that ego before country, or even his own well being, as we have already seen during the primaries.

    Yes, Iowa where his ego cost him first place, not any thing Cruz did or didnt do!

    Then he whines about it, and as the egotist he is, tries to shift the blame to someone else.
    Shades of obama!!!

    Now, is he the only choice we have left?

    Well, because his good buddy Bill Clinton brilliantly convinced him to run on the republican ticket, yes, he is!
    That brilliant move, supposedly to protect Hillary during the primaries, (and did), left any REAL republican or conservative candidate locked completely out of this election, if not the next one as well.

    Not “second best”, but way down the line, is the only choice, again!
    Is it ALL the party’s fault?
    No, its a shared fault, crooked congressmen, and the stupid public that elects them, cycle after cycle!
    BOTH sides of the aisle!

  • Mundi

    Donald Trump is very much within the spirit of the old Russel Kirk conservative movement—if not its letter. The idea that this might be true is infuriating to many of his neocon detractors. But the leadership of #NeverTrump has been doing anything but contemplating just how that might be the case.

    The American neocon right has become willfully disengaged from its fellow citizens thanks to a wonderful virtual-reality machine in which conservatives, both elite and grassroots, can believe anything they wish, no matter how at odds it is with reality.

  • Jack Parsons

    Trump is an egoist. He does not involve himself to finish second. He would never risk his prestige. Are you saying he would waste his time and money, and receive all the vitriol and death threats for the sake of Hillary? That does not follow. He has called for Crooked Hillary to be in prison. This is unprecedented. No one in the republican paradigm would ever utter this. I cannot picture Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Graham, McCain, Romney, et al. saying this. They are the controlled right. It would never happen. Bernie Sanders blew any chance he had at the nomination by refusing to go after Crooked Hillary on the email scandal, or Benghazi. He is the controlled left, sent there to make Crooked Hillary look more conservative. We have not had a president who is his own man since perhaps Reagan. Trump looks to be his own man, not a globalist mascot such as Obama, Bush, or any political party candidate of recent years, with the exceptions of Ron and Rand Paul. Rand Paul was my first choice, but he lacks charisma, and his knowledge of the Constitution unfortunately goes over the average man’s head. He does not connect. I do have reservations over Trump because he has no public voting record to speak of. We have words, not actions. However, I see how scared the Establishment is of him, up to the point that the mainstream Republican Party has stabbed him in back, much like George Romney and Nelson Rockefeller did to Barry Goldwater in 1964. Trump may be risky, but he is a risk worth taking. Senator Sessions trusts him. That says something. A vote for Crooked Hillary is a vote for globalism, and against American sovereignty. She wants to turn us into a North American Union subservient to the UN. As a constitutionalist I can never vote for that.

  • JoinorDie

    This is lifted from the first lines of the Tax Wall Street Party’s website, “The program of the Tax Wall Street Party is the modern revival of the American School of Political Economy, a capitalist economic program based on the work of Alexander Hamilton. The program of the American School of capitalism has been historically proven to allow the United States to become economically independent and nationally self-sufficient.” This is an inaccurate article if Kincaid calls this group socialists. There is nothing wrong with Tarpley wanting to see the GOP destroyed. Tarpley is from the left, and is at least staying true to being an alternative voice for the left. It’s been sickening to watch the alternative voices on the right kissing Trump’s rear and giving into all mainstream GOP ideology like increased surveillance, torture, war etc. Enjoy Trump’s new wars….

  • Jack Parsons

    Obama has been at war longer than any president in our history, despite campaign pledges to end wars. He wanted, or his masters wanted, for us to go to war on Syria, but the military refused. Hooray. The story of the millennium, as of yet untold. To quote John Lennon Trump, “couldn’t get no worse.”

  • jug

    Trump says many things that he doesnt really mean!
    He and the Clintons have been good friends for years.
    He will never, no more than obama, prosecute her!

    With Trump, its “What do you want to hear!”
    OK, then, “Here it is!”
    Without a thought of ever following through on it.

    The wall?
    He was never serious, he told the times that it was just a bargaining chip.
    He lies as bad as his friends, obama, whom he has called Great President, and the Clintons.
    He believes in big govt, bailouts, higher taxes, etc.
    All of the standard liberal democrat crap, always has!

    And he loves Putin, which with his heavy investments in Russia, make him a security risk for this country. Neither HRC or Trump should even be eligible to run on security acounts.

    Sad, sad state of afairs!

  • Steven Barrett

    Trump is messing up his own wet dream and it’s time for all the Republicans to face up to this fact and the simple fact that the guy managed to BS enough people into buying his schtick.
    Isn’t it time for the grown ups to reclaim the house and have it cleaned up before the real party begins in July? I’m a Democrat who supported Bernie, but I’m also a strong supporter of our two party system which by and large has served the nation pretty well.
    Keep nominating spoiled rich brats but spare the American public the post election whines and “what happeneds” especially when your brass won’t even pay attention to the results. You were told you’re losing Hispanics, so what did you nominate, a bigot who has no use for HIspanics, Mexicans in particular.
    He’s now your reality show nightmare.

  • RMThoughts

    BSed the largest voter turn out in GOP history. Not bad.


    Who cares if we ‘lose’ hispanics, you mean the illegals, They aren’t supposed to be voting anyway. It really doesn’t matter how many laws the socialists break to keep them here and allow them to vote, We are winning and what was it the liberals said after they got Obama in and kept him there for the second term? Oh yeah, SUCK IT!

  • Jack Parsons

    Trump has been preparing this moment for over a decade. I believe that he is on the verge of revealing that for each contribution he made to Crooked Hillary over the years she gave him a political favor. She will be destroyed politically and Trump will take the presidency. He’s been setting her up all along. I hate the thought of a border wall. That’s not America. It is indicative of a soviet gulag, or a concentration camp. All that is important is that he enforce the law. Trump, as a private businessman, would not be in favor of bailouts that don’t benefit him. No private businessman wants higher taxes. Everyone hates higher taxes except statists. I’ve listened to him over the years. He talks individualism not collectivism. Forget the democrat/republican paradigm. It’s childish. Putin has been seen as defender of the Christian faith, and an enemy of the homosexual agenda. So he is in stark contrast to his EU peers. He is KGB however, so I would never trust him completely. Trump presents the only chance to reverse all the sovereignty killing globalism that we have seen in recent years. Crooked Hillary is globalist lock, stock, and barrel. She is unelectable. At the bare minimum Trump will stifle the push towards globalism because it is in his best interests as a businessman.

  • Still don’t know where Cliff stands in this election ?

  • Steven Barrett

    “The base, the middle class is entirely behind Trump.” Don’t know what middle class RM’s thinking about or hearing from but he’s just as far off base as Trump is in general. The idea that America’s middle class would be so united behind this playboy rich kid who “earned” his money the old fashioned way and used it to push lots of middle class and lower middle income and poor New Yorkers out of their apartments so he could build his luxury towers is hardly what one would expect from a hero of the middle class. RM, keep your eyes posted on stories that’ll be popping up with regularity about Donald’s bad habit of screwing over middle class contractors and subcontractors … all to just keep him from having to ask his secretary to cut a check or reach into his own pockets.
    No damn hero of the middle class would dare show his face after all the accusations of how he stiffed veterans surfaced and he wasn’t in any or much of a position to deny his footdragging. (This from a serial draft dodger who likes to blow his horn on his military prep school creds.) And you think a bum like this has the “middle class behind” him?
    Trump’s a loser, a cheapskate and everything else Sen. Warren could’ve thought of when she gave her speech last night. God I hope were not nearly as dumb as your hero wants to take us for.

  • john robel

    To which “rich brats” do you refer? Do you mean the likes of Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, Clinton? THERE ARE MORE MILLIONAIRE DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS THAN GOP> —- EVER WONDER HOW THAT HAPPENED? —–IT’S CALLED CRONY CRAPITALISM. These assholes are very generous with other peoples money BUT DON’T TOUCH THEIR STACK. HEIL HILLARY JUST BLASTED TRUMP FOR VETERANS CONTRIBUTIONS, HOW MUCH DID SHE GIVE?

  • john robel

    I wish all pretenses were dropped and they had the balls to call a spade a spade. You are either a SOCIALIST/COMMIE or a CONSTITUTIONAL CAPITALIST. There is no “middle ground”. Or “moderate”. Progressive is a term used in all Marxist propaganda.

  • RMThoughts

    ideological shift in ‘conservative principle’ is indicative of the disconnect between the Republican Party, which has evolved into corporatist/globalist authoritarianism, and the America-first independent principle carried by Donald Trump.

    Understand this dynamic and you understand the opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    I notice that you don’t mention all of the Republicans who have basically said the same thing about Trump. You idiots spawned this idiot. You get to deal with him. Enjoy your weekend.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “He wanted, or his masters wanted, for us to go to war on Syria, but the military refused.”

    Now you’re just making crap up.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    Ditto RMThoughts.

    And whatever happens in November, I think Mr. Webster Tarpley should take a good long look at the candidate known as Hillary Clinton, whom I assume he now supports since he can’t have Mr. BS who presumably was his favorite.

    Clinton is a deadly combination of power hunger, arrogance, and just plain stupidity. How many people of average intelligence, if afforded a small army of staffers as Secretary of State including those who are tech savvy, would be incapable of keeping their personal e-mail separate from top secret communications?

    As she has demonstrated again and again, including her abysmal participation in Benghazi, she simply does not give damn about America other than as a vehicle to feed her power lust.

    I’m not big fan of Trump but he is light years better than Hillary who is known to be simply destructive and clumsily so.

  • Steven Barrett

    Full word’s not gotten out yet. Little by litte the truth’s coming out and only his most die-harded supporters will be left … and there won’t be many of them. You’ve got to offer the American voters something besides badmouthing others with a barrage of name calling sentences he patches together and has the nerve to call speeches. The votes he’s gotten so far during the primaries will be nothing more than history by Labor Day, if not the Convention in Cleveland. If he doesn’t grow up, his campaign is toast, and rightfully so.

  • RMThoughts

    Trump in a landslide.

  • worried for future

    You are obviously throughly in bed with the BS pumped out by the liberal media. Nothing you’ve accused Trump of above has any truth to it beyond what the bullshit media invents and force feeds you. One thing you seem to like the taste of is the continuing stream of cesspool crap being pulled from their ass by this media about Trump. I guess you would rather have a major criminal in the White House and the faux part indian lady now that Bernie is toast. You really are a victim of the liberal media Kool-Aid. Enjoy your ignorance.

  • Jack Parsons

    After being told that Al-Qaeda was the enemy since 2001 the US military openly told the Obama Regime that it would not ally with that same Al-Qaeda in Syria. Remember Obama’s “red line” in Syria that wasn’t? When a so-called president puts his reputation at stake by declaring a “red line”, and the US military winds up withdrawing, leaving him to look every inch the fool, something out of ordinary happened.

  • sblue

    What this article shows me is how extensive and well organized the forces are that would love to destroy this country and her constitution. Pray like you have never prayed before to the Author of this nation.

  • itsthatguyagain

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so astonished and annoyed, even as naive as the American public already is, that no one sees through this obvious fake candidacy by Trump.

    No Republican, no conservative, nothing whatsoever to offer the people but idiotic bluster and wild outbursts, this charlatan is so clearly a shill for the Hilary camp and those behind her epic (and unearned) rise to power, that the blatancy of his fakery is painful to watch.

    My ten-year-old is more grown up than the both of them, and my dog more presidential material than either of them. Hilary has had “unelectable” written all over her all along, until this ingenious move of deploying this dunderheaded realtor to discredit, divide and disarm the GOP in advance for her campaign’s benefit.

    Yes, he means the end of the Republican Party, as in “duh”, but the point everyone is missing is: that was exactly what was planned to begin with.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    The average American is well beyond tired of government holding it’s common sense citizens in contempt.

    The GOP is out of touch. How big of a picture do they need painted?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    America will vote for a man who isn’t afraid of the media. You better believe they will.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    God is source.

  • Steven Barrett

    Nice try! But I think the word you should’ve used instead of “in” was UNDER.

  • Steven Barrett

    There’s a world of difference between being unafraid and contemptuous. In case you’re wondering, a strong Fourth Estate is as every bit of importance to defending our freedoms as a strong military, and judiciary (which Trump recently showed utter contempt and lack of understanding of what the Separation of Powers means) and a continually better educated public. Gov’t of the proles and by the proles and for the proles has never worked any more than gov’t of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. Read your history books, not just your Bible.

  • Steven Barrett

    I was thinking of Romney and Trump.

  • Kevin Andrews

    It’s truly amazing to me how Mr. Steven Barrett can twist, falsify, obscure & downright lie about the facts just to promote his mesmeric philosophy! Intolerance usually turns into bloodshed and this man is on the brink. Beware of this state of consciousness because history has already proven how deadly it can be. He is a man to be pitied, not admired or even listened to. Unfortunately more & more of the under educated or uninformed lemmings are catching his contagion, thus the deplorable mental condition of the electorate and the decay of the United States of America!

  • Steven Barrett

    Mr. Andrews; Glad I made your day. .

  • Steven Barrett

    I’m more often than not writing in opposition to Cliff Kincaid on the issues he’s taken the time to write, not to mention the many other articles from other sources he’s put up for discussion purposes. But while reading through this thread, I can see where Trump and his minions have not only allowed themselves to become willing dupes in the destruction of one of our two major parties, but conservatism, properly understood with a higher intellectual framework than what one could find every night on Fox. No wonder the party of Lincoln has ceased to be so: It’s become the party of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Joe the Plumber.

  • ItsJo

    The “Old Establishment/Rino’s of the GOP, do NOT need Trump to ruin their party…they are ALL Doing it on THEIR OWN.” They have ignored “We the People/Voters of the GOP the Day After they get elected, as it is their OWN Cushy Jobs/Perks/Healthcare/Pensions/
    Kickbacks from Big Business-Lobbyists-Saudia Arabia(where John McCain received One Million dollars, and he got $100,000 to SELL OUT his vote FOR Big Business that wants to hire Foreign Workers OVER American Workers)

    These dopes were given Both the House/Senate to STOP Obama’s Plans to bring about America’s DEMISE….they DID NOTHING. THEY GAVE THIS DICTATOR, EVERYTHING HE WANTED, AND “FOLDED, LIKE CHEAP SUITS.”

    We now have a “Two Time Loser, Mitt Romney spouting off Against Trump, who had given him Money, when Mittens ran, and Romney wanted his help. This Jerk needs to shut the hell up, as he IS NOT CREDIBLE, as HE blew his chance to beat Obama, and look where we are after 8 yrs. of him.

    Secondly, Paul Ryan is an arrogant Rino, who folded for Obama also, and did NOT pass but 3 bills in his “17 Year Career.”……He stated IF, he did accept the Speaker slot, “Things we have to be done MY WAY.”……Geez….this guy is Really impressed with His own sense of importance. He was a Boehner/Rino, Clone and can easily go the way of Boehner AND Eric Cantor, who also DID NOT LISTEN TO WE THE PEOPLE’S WISHES.

    We also KNow that while Ryan, McConnell, etal are ‘going off the deep end that Trump said something about the “Biased Judge being Mexican, there are also the lawyers that are “in the tank FOR LaRaza.” Trump was NOT that far off…live with it. Note also that
    Supreme Court Judge Sotomayer DID say Something about “ALL decisions are made with Ethnicity in Mind.” Look it up folks…

    If the Liberal, Lapdog Media wants allies, it seems the doofus’ of the GOP are giving them what they want, in Pushing for the Criminal Hillary to be POTUS, as they should be saying things AGAINST HER, NOT TRUMP, WHO IS PULLING MILLIONS INTO THE REPULICAN PARTY. PERHAPS THEY WANT HER TO WIN, SO ONE OF THEIR “OWN LIFETIME CAREER POLITICOS WILL KEEP THE STATUS QUO GOING FOR THEM ALL…NOT THE “OUTSIDER TRUMP.”

    This is why the GOP seems like a “bunch of losers”, it’s ONLY their cushy jobs/perks/healthcare, pensions/Kickbacks from Big Business/Lobbyists/ AND being able to add to their OWN PERSONAL FORTUNES, and…NOT THE VERY SURVIVAL OF AMERICA OR AMERICAN CITIZENS BEING KEPT SAFE, as they sat by idly as Obama “Dismantled our Constitution, Bill of Rights, as HE does hate this Republic.”

  • ItsJo

    Your post RM IS correct. When will ALL these ‘Trump Haters’ realize that HE has brought many different groups of people
    INTO the Republican Party, and that is a BIG TENT?

    Those who rant on and on about BEING the Conservatives, need to realize One Thing: “The Conservatives within the GOP CANNOT WIN IN ELECTIONS, AS THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH OF THEM.”


    So, moral of the story is: “Do you want ONLY Conservatives or whatever other PART of the GOP, OR DO YOU ALL WANT TO JOIN WITH TRUMP AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HE’S INCLUDING, TO “BEAT THE CRIMINAL HILLARY”….?



  • Pall Mall

    a country by definition is a collective.

  • terry1956

    Notice how most of the MSM will talk about Johnson of the LP and some even have him in a three way polling between Trump, Clinton and Johnson with Clinton winning by a few points.
    One recent Fox Poll has Johnson with 12% and being that Johnson is a two term Republican governor who does not care much about the US Constitution, is pro murder of many American babies, for ” free trade” and he picked a former Republican governor for VP who happens to be a ” progressive” a hole control freak globalist I suspect many of the Never Trump Establishment Republicans will endorse Johnson and he might get much more than 12% but not enough to come close to winning or even getting any electoral votes.
    Notice they don’t mention the Constitution Party nominee Darrel Castle ( who is a true American Conservative Patriot) near as much as Johnson or one of the two main Green Party runners.
    I did see one poll with the women who might get the Green Party nomination who got it in 2012 and the poll included Johnson with 6%, the 2012 Green Party nominee with 3% (but no Castle) with Clinton winning.
    I doubt if they will talk about who ever is nominated by the Green Party in August much but they will mention Johnson more and more because most of the MSM wants Clinton to win.

  • terry1956

    I pretty much agree with you but not the part about Romney needs to shut up.
    That is what worries me and I think millions of American people that Trump is going to try hard to push censorship if he gets in office against those who disagree with him.
    Now I think Obama has been trying to do the same thing and Hillary will work much harder than Obama but I suspect a lot more that Trump could pull it off that he might end up being the strong man Hayek warned us about in Chapter 10 of The Road To Serfdom.
    Chapter 10 title is Why The Worst Gets On Top. Of Course Trump will make a better president than Obama and Hillary, probably better than Bush senior , GW, and Romney also but if that low attitude and low understanding about the Constitution and Federalism matches up to a Nationalist Strong Man who makes the Trains on Time he will be better than all those others for a time, even more because he proudly endorses America First and tells the Globalist to take a long hike on a short pier but that strong man ego Nationalism could easily turn into anti Constitution and anti federalism which will destroy our country.
    I just buried my dad today who was a Korean War Vet and got the Military Honors today which is another reason I like Darrel Castle the nominee of the Constitution Party because he is a Marine Veteran, Trump is not a Vet, neither is Hillary, neither is Johnson and I doubt who ever the Green Party nominates in August will be a Vet.
    Castle does not waver when he says we must get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.
    I’ve been saying that if the polls before the election show Trump ahead of Clinton by 20 points or more in my state then I will vote for Castle, if Trump has less than 20 points then I will vote for Trump but after today I think I must vote for Castle anyway if I want to honor my country and my dad, as well as my Granddad who fought at Normandy.

  • Gz7

    The problem is that the GOPe is not conservative to begin with. Most of them have exposed themselves as phonies.

  • Sarastro92

    The Democratic National Committee decided that a great winning strategy is to turn this election into “Hillary versus Hitler”. To that end a Cadre of paid and unpaid contractors has been experimenting with this theme especially to drive the Sanders supporters into turning out for Hillary.

    Obviously Donald Trump is not the second coming of Adolf Hitler. Trump has dropped a number of one-liners that are generally an extension of Bush Obama policies on illegal immigration for example. He does not command and Army of brown shirt thugs …if anything his people have been the ” victims” of left-wing violence.

    Hillary of course remains incredibly vulnerable not only on character issues but the plain fact that the Obama economy it Is contracting and rapidly heading into recession heading into the presidential election almost 6 months from now. And furthermore Obamacare is disintegrating so that’s another legacy that’s actually a liability for Clinton.

    Foreign policy is an obvious disaster.

    Trump has shown himself to be incredibly inept and incompetent at putting together a national campaign. And furthermore Trump is so brain addled he’s allowed himself to be drawn into petty squabbles instead of going after Hillary Clinton in any substantial way that can attract voters.

    It remains to be seen have the final act is played out. This could be the end of the GOP; it could be the end of both major parties. Or we could muddle through with the divided nation for another four years.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Obvious from the start that Trump’s goal is not President but to destroy the Republican Party.

    Trump, many years a Democrat and his family and why Trump sometimes forgets himself while going on his rage against Republicans.

    Trump’s Executive VP and chief counsel and advidsor to his campaign

    Michael Cohen, a Registered Democrat and voted for Obama.

    Trump’s own lawyer in Trump U case is a Clinton donor

    Democrat Daniel Petrocelli backing of Clinton dates back more than 16 years.

    Trump said “In many cases, I probably identify more as a Democrat,” Donald Trump told CNN in 2004.

    In the same interview, Trump said: “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans

    In 2007 Donald Trump said, “Hillary’s always surrounded herself with very good people. I think Hillary would do a good job,” as he praised her ability to negotiate and ultimately handle a deal with Iran.

    Hillary: Speaking of her, Trump praised Hillary Clinton and her health-care reform plan — in 2007! She attended his (most recent) wedding. He donated to her campaigns and to the Clinton Foundation. In 2008, he couldn’t get his head around the fact that Obama didn’t pick her for VP. “I’m a big fan of Hillary. She’s a terrific woman. She’s a friend of mine.”

  • Mike S.

    There’s a story attributed to Napoleon [Bonaparte] who told the pope of that era, “I am going to destroy the Church,” to which the pope replied, “Good luck because the clergy has been trying to do that for centuries.” (I’ve also posted a couple of times that the huge mistake the Republicans made was in 1865, not in 2016 with Trump. After the Civil War, the GOP should have abolished the Democratic party along with slavery. Republicans fought and won a horrific war only to do half the job.)

  • Steven Barrett

    Why bother thinking about what somebody who ran in Larouche’s crowd has to think? Remember those guys at the arirports, competing with the Hari Krishnas for attention? That ought to tell enough readers here how far out this Tarpley character is and not worth paying attention to in the first place.
    Besides, isn’t it obvious that Trump has enough troubles controlling what he decides to unleash out of that wide open barn door of his. For the really slow thinkers or coffee deprived GOPers, I’m referring to Trump’s big fat Manhattan-sized yap.

  • nnamelet

    More civil and intelligent than average comments on high-sensitivity political topics!

    The article on Tarpley is interesting, but to me reveals how Tarpley, like much of the media, reacts involuntarily to inflammatory statements that are part of the Trump strategy to exploit U.S. media for publicity. A New York Times research study estimated that Trump gained publicity valued at $1.9 million from U.S. media during his primary campaign.ul

    The truth is that before Trump’s entry the Republican Party and conservatives, reacting to events of the past 20 years, and to Obama’s increasing maneuvers to circumvent law to achieve his goals, was on its own path to irrelevance in terms of the presidency.

    1) It adamantly refused to recognize the legitimate issue of extreme income inequality and the disproportionate power of the wealthiest individuals in the U.S. So its legitimate concern about U.S. taxes on business higher than other advanced nations could not be balanced by revenues gained from increasing taxes on individuals. “Cutting taxes” mantras logically would be heard by most citizens as just fatter fat cats in Wall Street.

    2) I interpret the blanket rejection/scepticism by Republicans about global climate change to reaction against the extreme policies of environmentalists. Because Democrats espoused the environmental cause – anything environmentalists and Democrats were for Republicans had to be against. There was not even a distant idea of coming up with renewable energy programs more innovative and less repressive for existing industry – or even enhancing it.

    3) Republicans and conservatives recognized the damaging effect of excess regulations but had little but simplistic legislative brakes on future regulation or unilateral rollbacks to offer.

    4) Likewise, though Obamacare was adamantly rejected no cogent replacement was offered.

    5) Most Republicans tended to be hawkish on foreign policy, i.e. getting the U.S. mired even further in conflicts, commitments, outlays of resources and blood abroad.

    6) Republicans cooperated with Democrats on ineffective or counterproductive further extension of the federal government into local education.

    Given the inexorable demographic shifts in favor of Democratic-leaning hispanic populations and with 90% pluralities in the African American population for Democratic Party candidates, if the Republican party were a stock, it would be a first-rate choice for a short sale.

    Trump’s excesses may still kill his chances, but his relative freedom from the shackles of ideological dogma makes him the potential restorer, not the destroyer of the Republican Party.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    A government that doesn’t protect it’s borders, promotes immorality, etc, holds it’s people in contempt.

  • Steven Barrett

    I strongly suggest that you take a tour along our borders from the comfort of your own fanny by using google’s earth. Granted, some border fences and restrictive measures are more restrictive and daunting in some places than others. But let’s stop kidding ourselves about Trump’s ridiculously naive idea of building a huge wall or super protective berm in the desert stretching for miles, and getting the Mexicans to pay for the privilege of building our wall. If you were a Mexican would you want to pay a single peso for Trump’s wall?
    How is the gov’t promoting immorality? Is it subsidizing the porn industry or sex slave trade? Really … how is the government promoting immorality? Oh, is it doing so by pointing to the spirit of Lady Liberty in NY’s harbor. (Notice Emma Lazarus’ poem doesn’t qualify the “tired” and “poor” folks trying to get into the nation on whether or not they have green cards. She just welcomes them in. Maybe that’s promoting “immorality” by suggesting they can break whatever laws and other hurdles we have in store, even perhaps ex-post facto laws which I’m sure the Donald and his pals would love to impose.
    How ’bout the “morality” of the Know Nothings who “greeted” the sick and starving Irish fleeing the WASP’s ever so noble experiment in population control by not only doing practically nothing to alieviate the suffering of Ireland’s mostly Catholic and rual population, why the Irsih’ “moral superiors” in Westminster even dared to blame the Irish for their plight. And when they arrived here, the same ethnic WASPs running MA forced the sick and sea-weary immigrants who just arrived on coffin ships due to their suffering from cholera, to live on islands in Boston’s harbor. WHen they could get on shore, they were greeted with “No Irish need apply” signs all over greater Boston. (Their boyos made fine “substitute Blue Belly soldiers” for Yankee gentlemen entrepreneurs during the Civil War, thanks the “gentlemen’s” lesser principled but higher interest in the pursuit of making more interested in making money from cotton that came from cotton picked by slaves in the American south. I love morality tales folks, don’t you, too?

  • BeccaLeigh

    You Trump fans like to say that but it’s not true. Small government conservatives are very much against Trump. When have you ever heard Trump talk about issues in terms of the constitutionality of them? Has he ever demonstrated that he’s even read the Constitution? What about his ideas to reduce the size and scope of the federal government? Other than his broad claims to undo regulations because he would have to understand the scope of these regulations to do anything significant?? You let him get away with vague proclamations like “I’ll build a wall” and “I can America great again” but when it comes to details, he doesn’t have any. Your fan club doesn’t even understand that A LOT of people believe that America never stopped being great because what makes us exceptional (which BTW Trump doesn’t like to talk about American exceptionalism) is our Constitution and the potential that lies within the American people themselves. I live in Va Beach and recent polling done in this entire region found that a large majority of all voters believe that America is still great! Of course, Trump doesn’t sit well with conservatives here since he gave tens of thousands of dollars to Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe (who ran on being pro-abortion, in favor of expanding Medicaid and gun control) just a couple years ago!!

  • BeccaLeigh

    Trump only donated the money that he claimed to have raised for veterans AFTER the media started asking about it. The checks were dated for the day after he was first questioned about it!

  • BeccaLeigh

    You really should take a look at the Cook Political Report. Check out the breakdown of the electoral college and you’ll see a landslide, just not in favor of Trump!

  • BeccaLeigh

    What good is a big wall going to do when the drug cartels have shown that they are quite skilled at building tunnels?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    I lived in Arizona. The nation has been subverted by marxist demoralization since before the 1960’s. Enjoy communism, you think just like a commie.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    I didn’t say anything about a wall. The evidence is clear that a government that does the opposite of protecting it’s people holds them in contempt.

  • Steven Barrett

    Damn, it must’ve been my two trips inside East Berlin as a military officer’s dependent taking a tour with my mom n’ brothers and the following year with the Boy Scouts, and this was back in ’63 and 64. Nah, we weren’t wearing any red bandanas then. Too bad you have the wrong guy.

  • solofate

    GOP it is now August and this poor excuse of a candidate has done nothing short of destroying the party. It is time to cut Trump loose and save your political careers, this idiot is only going to continue making the GOP into a laughing stock and if God forbid he is elected the USA will lose all credibility and perhaps will never recover from it.