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Nobody does it better than President Donald Trump. That is, drive the media crazy. And The Washington Post has gone nuts in reacting to the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Remember that Comey botched the Hillary email and Trump/Russia investigations, using in the latter the discredited “Trump Dossier” of gossip that the anti-Trump intelligence community couldn’t even verify.

Comey was in over his head, as we demonstrated in part one of our series, “The final Truth about the Trump Dossier.” He had to resign or be fired.

In addition, Trump blew the whistle on the Russia probe, noting in his firing letter that Comey confirmed that Trump was NOT under investigation. Trump said “…I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation…”

Nevertheless, the Post is convinced that the firing means that Trump is guilty as hell and has dug his own political grave. Look at the headlines from Wednesday’s “Post Most” list of “popular” columns:

  • Firing FBI director Comey is already backfiring on Trump. It’s only going to get worse.
  • After Trump fired Comey, White House staff scrambled to explain why
  • John McCain on Comey firing: ‘There will be more shoes to drop’
  • In the wake of Trump’s brazen firing of Comey, it’s time to go nuclear. Here’s how.
  • Jeffrey Toobin went ballistic about Trump and Comey. It was great TV.
  • If Trump fired Comey over Russia, he must go
  • The Comey debacle only magnifies the Russia mystery
  • The shocking firing of James B. Comey puts new pressure on Trump and his team
  • Trump is mirroring Nixon’s final days
  • Firing Comey is a thuggish abuse of executive power

I am not sure this is an exhaustive list. I listed several that stood out as noteworthy. It is hysteria bordering on mental illness. There isn’t even a pretense of an objective analysis of the facts in the case.

As we noted in part one of our series on the phony dossier, “It appears that the only significant Russia connection the media have left out is the story that Accuracy in Media first broke in 2015 when we revealed retired Lt. General Michael T. Flynn’s attendance at a public conference in Moscow with Russian president Vladimir Putin.”

One big factor in the Post’s hatred of Trump is the role played by Post columnist David Ignatius in getting an illegal leak of classified information about Flynn. The paper wants desperately to divert attention away from the fact that Ignatius can be prosecuted under the law.

As we noted, “Whether Flynn disclosed the entire story about his Russian contacts remains to be seen. The matter is irrelevant to the far more serious issue in Flynn’s case, namely the illegal disclosure of his wiretapped conversations to CIA mouthpiece David Ignatius of The Washington Post. Unraveling how and why this occurred could shed light on the Watergate-style surveillance that President Obama or his aides authorized on the Trump campaign and how the political intelligence was shared with Hillary’s operatives in the bureaucracy.”

One of the above cited Post columns, “The Comey debacle only magnifies the Russia mystery,” is by Ignatius. He calls developments a “dark tale” and claims that the mission of a new FBI director “will include investigating Trump himself.” Yet Trump says Comey confirmed that the FBI is not investigating the President.

In fact, a new FBI director should investigate Ignatius and his CIA-connected employer, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

“Already,” says Ignatius, “congressional pressure is building for an independent counsel—which is the most sensible way to restore a measure of public confidence after this debacle.”

The lack of confidence is in the media. And the Post doesn’t even seem to know or care.

As we argued in our column, “Investigate and Prosecute the Press,” since it’s doubtful that Ignatius will volunteer his testimony and reveal his sources, a subpoena would be necessary. We pointed out, “He can then be prosecuted if, as expected, he conceals the names of those who used him as a conduit for illegal leaks of classified information.”

Trump is the elected President. He had the legal right to fire Comey for incompetence and other flaws outlined in Department of Justice memos. There is no evidence of any illegal activity by Trump, and the President says that Comey cleared him.

The evidence of illegal activity lies with the Post and its anonymous sources in the intelligence community. Publishing a hundred or a thousand anti-Trump columns cannot change this basic fact.

The paper should try to bring some basic standards of objectivity and fairness back to its coverage of the Trump administration. Otherwise, it will continue to be outwitted by Trump and his Tweets. The history of journalism has taken a “dark” turn with a paper whose promise under Trump became “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

We predict the coverage will go from hysterical to laughable, since Bezos can underwrite this kind of material forever. The problem is that the paper’s liberal writers don’t seem to know the difference. At least it’s entertaining. It is a journalistic meltdown on public display.

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  • Something about a website called ‘accuracy in media’ RELISHING Mr Trump not being able to shoot straight with the American people. .The media is our source of information, and for the President to TOY with it, is just fukin disgusting., .Anyone with perfectly good eyes that wants to use them can clearly see by now, Mr Trump is inherently self serving, and willing to take anyone of us that gets in his self serving way, to the bank.. It is incredibly distu8rbing we have chosen such a crass, vulgar, self serving glutton who worships the Golden Calf above all others, as our ‘leader of the free world’.. He and his band of billionaires have plugged the swamp there are now so many.. The swamp is not draining, it is overflowing. Mr Trump HAS become ‘big Government’.> He is now the person he warned us about.

    Turns out the extremely affluent, and the swamp, are a match made in heaven.// They get along.

  • bobbyb

    some sheep like to be fleeced.they are true believers…..deprogramming is very difficult.

  • Wayne Dasher

    I’d still rather have Trump than Killary or Obummer! I hated Obama, but never complained and also accepted him as our President. Why can’t you libs do the same

  • mjmaf

    Bottom line: Comey is guilty of dereliction of duty when he said Hillary was guilty of disclosing Highly Classified National Security-based secrets on her illegal, unsecured, non-govt’ approved server! Right after that, he said he will do nothing about it! Her crimes called for a full prosecution, discovery, trial, and imprisonment and none of that happened! Our Laws apply to all U.S. citizens, not some – more equal than others. Trump was absolutely correct in removing someone who did not prosecute a multiple-law breaker to the fullest extent of the law! Good-Riddance – Ex Director Comey, who will likely be rewarded with some cushy job instead of federal prison bars! Hopefully, without her insider protection, Hillary will be next on the court docket! @NoMoreTopCoverForHillary!

  • TED

    It’s only a matter of time before the whole Trump ‘house of cards’ comes tumbling down and the Trump administration, in turn, makes the Nixon administration look respectable.

  • Wayne Dasher

    another lib heard from. Even Dianne Feinstein says there’s no Trump tie to Russia. She also knows it will continue to destroy the democratic party, or is it the part of snow flakes, I’m not sure.

  • votedemout

    I could not have described Chas more succinctly myself. Congrats on the Accurate assessment.

  • eingriff

    Maybe it doesn’t take much.

  • jug

    Spread shjt much?
    You would have rather kept the real crooks?
    It wasnt Trump who had the cozy relationship with Russia!
    It was the traitorous HRC and the marxist muslim!

  • jug

    Well, he was kinda between a rock and a hard place!
    After all, he worked for the crooked Lynch who sure as hell going to protect HRC at all cost.
    But no matter, he should have turned her over for prosecution, no matter how his boss was gonna follow up on it

    May just have been better at this late date anyway. If it had happened back then, the election may have been postponed, obummer would have stayed on, and who knows who might have come up the winner.
    This way, we got what was the best possible results for the election, and HRC’s “come-upance” only got delayed long enough to get some of the right people into the right places!

  • jg collins

    Witness the uranium deal.

  • bobbyb

    Trump fired Comey. the media reported it. how does that fit the title of this article? Trump Outsmarts the Media, Again. if anybody was outsmarted it was Comey. he got fired,not the media.

  • mlentz

    You got that wrong again, Ted. It is Obama’s house of cards that are tumbling down and making the Nixon administration look respectable. When it comes to political crime, Obama, Clinton and the Democrats are true professionals. Nixon was just a rank amature.

  • Mesa Mike

    The Democratic Party will die in the sunshine.

  • Steven Coy


  • AndRebecca

    The liar in chief is out of office. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” and “your premiums won’t go up.” You Dems just stole the phrase used for Obama, and did not invent it. Lying, cheating and stealing seem to be a way of life for you folks.

  • satelliter

    Are these news outlets and “journalists” so well programmed that they aren’t aware that the public knows they are simply a propaganda machine for the liberals, and the writers are nothing more than parrots that write only what they are told to write? I’m not even real smart, and I can see right thru their very obvious facade.

  • carl

    Hey Ted, you just got you butt handed to ya.

  • boldaq

    Everybody at the Post should go to jail. Why is it legal to print lie after lie after lie to defraud the public with no consequences for this fraud? This has been going on for all my 70 years and finally someone, Donald J. Trump, is standing up to this monstrous organization.

  • Cris Cassity

    Your blind allegiance to the Democratic party is noted.

  • mioahu

    LYING TED raised his lefty information devoid head again. I guess he has invested too much in the LYING fake media narrative to give up now, so just keep plowing (comrade). I guess no matter how many lies they are told, and how many times they all prove to be wrong, it’s like a leftist drug they are hooked on. It must be painful to LOSE EVERY DAY , with every stroke of Trump’s pen, with every action of the house and senate which are all REPUBLICAN !!!! defeat after defeat, day after day, little ted ! So he, like all other comrades out there, are hanging on every flimsy thread that the lying media extends, hoping somehow their nightmare will end, but it just gets darker 🙂 The democrats in the house and senate are PATHETIC, with all their lying media appearances, what a bunch of ridiculous crooks, i’d be crying if that would be my party, reduced to chanting “na na na na ” in session, how ridiculous. Thing, everybody in the media knows this story is bull, but they need to report on something to alleviate the letfist daily pain !!!! So keep coming teddy, we are here for ya , to give you a donkey whoop every time

  • mioahu

    I would totally like them to go to jail. However, we would just use the leftist tactics of shutting down speech, and we can’t have that. Unless they commit a crime, they can say whatever lies they wanna say.They can be sued for defamation (but it’s hard, trump hinted at changing those laws) . Other than that, hopefully people will start reading them ! That’s the american way

  • Gz7

    Wake me up when the indictments begin.

  • bobbyb

    America’s luck can’t last forever. the shit will hit the fan. internal enemies? we seem to have forgotten of the external enemies.they are probably laughing their heads off,and rubbing their hands in glee over our internal problems right now. making plans against us for sure.

  • carl

    I agree with you about the timing. Hillary should be prosecuted and Bill Clinton should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

  • John Cunningham

    Or is he? I believe he is but, I am a Conservative and I am still sweating bullets over the regime of Barack Obama. If Hillary had won it would sealed America’s doom as the shining light on the hill.

    The media isn’t going to stop nor the Liberal and moderate Congressmen. Or Hollywood and academia. This rhetoric will go on daily and nightly until the next election. If you hammer away with a lie long enough most believe it.

    Time for those of us who know what will happen if Liberals get power again to stand up and speak out. Then do more than just speak.

  • Russ Mengel

    jug we know 57% of the people said HRC should have been indicted. I was
    surprised when I heard 32% of Democrats said she should be indicted. Everything Comey did was correct until the very end when he made a judgement call that no reasonable judge would recommend indictment.
    Comey had no business making that statement because the FBI only does
    the investigation. Then the FBI hands over the evidence to prosecutors who look at what the FBI found and then the process of deciding if there is enough
    to indict her they’ll take it before a Grand Jury to decide to indict or not.
    Comey statement at the end should have not been allowed. But we all knew
    Obama and AG Lynch would not recommend indictment. And you can be
    sure Comey knew this. The problem for HRC is Obama never pardoned her
    and she was never indicted so her case is still open. Trump will lose a lot
    of support if the Justice Department fails to pursue her crimes. Clearly she
    did many illegal things that would land anyone else in prison. Letting HRC
    get away with violating the Espionage Act is criminal malpractice…HRC
    is guilty of treason……………..

  • Russ Mengel

    Who’s to say Comey himself might be investigated since he clearly gave her a pass when he should have let the AG decide. It was not his decision to make as far as whether HRC is indicted or not………..criminal behavior on his part. Unethical at a

  • Paul Anderson

    Whether they know it or not: The press is helping the Democrats destroy their party. John Q Public, will tolerate Fake News only so long. I do hope the President decides to close down the media at the White House. Why converse with individuals, bent on destroying the President and his administration.

  • grnjllybn

    Because the libs are too damn stupid and
    childish to play fair.

  • missieb2000

    Had the MSM spent 1/1000th the time investigating Faily McWorsethan Carter, they would not be the joke they are today.