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At the March for Life, Vice President Mike Pence said, “Life is winning through the steady advance of science that illuminates when life begins, more and more, every day.” White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said, “Science and medicine have joined religion and morality in causing many Americans to rethink just how fragile and how triumphant human life truly is.”

The DNA deniers at Planned Parenthood and in the Democratic Party are desperate to ignore the scientific fact that an unborn child has his or her own DNA, separate from the mother.

But in another area, human sexuality and the biological differences between men and women, the DNA deniers have not only just scored a major victory in the matter of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), but have demonstrated high-level sway with President Trump himself.

In a major setback for the facts of life and common sense, the BSA has decided to allow girls who think they are boys to join. The decision demonstrates that, despite Donald J. Trump’s victory, the forces of political correctness, or Cultural Marxism, are still on the march. Yet, in a flip-flop, Trump has just decided that Obama’s executive order protecting “transgenders” should remain in place.

The issue of Obama’s birth certificate, once a cause célèbre for Trump, has passed. But in welcoming “transgenders,” birth certificates don’t seem to matter at all.

The BSA statement says, “For more than 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America, along with schools, youth sports and other youth organizations, have ultimately deferred to the information on an individual’s birth certificate to determine eligibility for our single-gender programs. However, that approach is no longer sufficient as communities and state laws are interpreting gender identity differently, and these laws vary widely from state to state.”

In other words, the BSA is selling out to the DNA deniers. Girls can be boys, and vice versa.

In a previous column, we noted that the liberals and their media allies always claim they are in favor of science on matters such as global warming or climate change. But on the matter of human sexuality, science is denied and people are allowed to make up “facts” about themselves.

The New York Times headline proclaimed, “Boy Scouts, Reversing Century-Old Stance, Will Allow Transgender Boys.” The term “transgender boys” is made up. It is fiction. It’s like calling a tree a car.

Yet, The New York Times claims to have the ability to ferret out “fake news.”

The notion that a girl is a boy is one of the biggest examples of “fake news” we can find. If you can’t separate boys from girls, everything else is up in the air and anything goes.

When I took the Boy Scout Oath on my way to Eagle Scout, I pledged “to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” How is “morally straight” compatible with an organization that allows members confused about their own sexual identity?

Since the BSA has abandoned traditional values, including the facts of science and biology, a new organization called Trail Life USA has been formed. It is a Christian scouting organization for boys and young men.

There is also an alternative to the Girl Scouts called American Heritage Girls. It, too, embraces Christian values.

Unfortunately, the new Trump administration has sided with the DNA deniers in deciding to maintain Barack Obama’s 2014 Executive Order that prohibits federal contractors from “discriminating” on the basis of sexual orientation or “gender identity.” The Washington Post says the order applies to 24,000 companies that collectively employ about 28 million workers—representing about a fifth of the U.S. workforce.

The decision to keep the Obama order, said The New York Times, was Trump’s personal decision.

Various self-declared sexual minorities were ecstatic. The homosexual magazine the Advocate declared that Trump broke a campaign promise in response to “mounting pressure from LGBT activists.”

Ryan T. Anderson of The Heritage Foundation noted that Trump’s decision to keep the Obama executive order threatens religious liberty.

“This perfectly terrible order requires all businesses to affirm the radical LGBTQ agenda as the cost of doing business with their own government,” commented Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth says he is “deeply disappointed that Mr. Trump has chosen to defend false LGBTQ ‘rights’ based on changeable homosexual and gender-confused behaviors.”

Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, was a nemesis of President Trump during the transition, but it looks like the “diversity” policies he promoted will remain in place. Brennan told The Wall Street Journal in his final interview as director that “he would prefer his legacy be the way he fought to nurture a workforce that reflected America’s diversity.”

“During his tenure” as CIA director, the paper reported, Brennan had “put particular emphasis on promoting the interests of gay, lesbian, and transgender officers. He was the first CIA director to attend an annual social gathering of LGBTQ employees and has been known to wear a rainbow lanyard around the office as a symbol of solidarity.”

All of this was fashionable in the Obama administration. But why should DNA denial be carried forward in the Trump administration as an official policy? The Trump administration seems to recognize the facts of biology and DNA in how they approach the abortion issue. Yet, on matters involving “gender identity,” truth has been left behind and the Obama policy will apparently continue.

Such an approach in the field of intelligence can be suicidal. If intelligence officers can’t figure out their own sexual identity, how can we expect them to identify the nature of foreign threats to America?

Obama also forced on the U.S. military a policy of allowing “transgendered soldiers” and even paying for their sex change operations. One of those soldiers, Bradley Manning, who now claims to be a female, had his prison sentence commuted by Obama before he left office. He was in prison for espionage.

Republicans in general condemned the commutation, noting Manning’s role in giving classified documents to WikiLeaks. They should take a look at the role of sexual confusion over “gender identity” in Manning’s decision to betray his/her country. He was an open homosexual in the Armed Forces before deciding to become a woman.

When you allow mentally confused people in the ranks of the military or intelligence community, you are inviting treason and treachery. The Manning case proves the point.

If soldiers or intelligence analysts can’t figure out whether they are male or female, how can they be expected to understand right versus wrong? These people should be placed in a mental hospital, not the CIA or the Special Forces.

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  • Sam Sewell

    Fifty years ago Democrats were nice people who were misguided and wrong about most things. Today’s Democrats are total ass holes who are wrong about most things.

  • 301
  • jug

    You got it!

  • john robel

    AMEN !!

  • john robel

    At least the sodomites can’t reproduce. NATURALLY that is.

  • Ted

    Trump is just an obese ball of nutty putty that will very likely bring this country to the very edge of Armageddon … if not over it! “The worst is yet to come!” will have new and much more intense meaning before ‘El Boca Grande’ is done.

  • Ted

    Well, 50 years ago, in 1967, most Democrats were fiercely anti- America’s involvement in Vietnam … as they are today in terms of Bush’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq … and those Democrats were, therefore, clearly right both 50 years ago and today … so … your thesis apparently contains a copious quantity of BU**SH**!

  • Bethesdagal

    1. I hope A.I.M. will correct their use of the word “Democratic” when more accurately the word ” Democrat” should be used. It’s a subtle but profound difference.
    2. We have far bigger problems than social issues right now.

  • JRobb

    Mr Trump, you can be the President of the 3rd Gender, but you will not receive my Vote in 2020. My Wife and I did not Vote in 08 and 12 we thought the choice for moderate to Liberal candidates would just take America deeper into the Sewer and that America needed to further dwell with “Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” 1 Corinthians 5:5 We voted for you and expected to see America to be turned away from idiotic Policies that defy our Creator’s Moral and Physical Laws.

    We hoped the Council of 30 Evangelical Preachers would help you, but it looks like either you are not listening or you are listening to some of them who are not Bible Believing Christians and know nothing of the depth of the Bible Christianity of our Founding Fathers and how deeply the base of our Freedom rests upon our Founders Bible and their wisdom that We the People “are endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable Rights…”.

    America will never be “Great Again” until we govern ourselves and government by our Creator’s Laws because if we don’t We the People can never Trust Each Other. We must stop teaching our Children the Lie that Evolution is Science. If a person has a “Y” Chromosome and Male Genitals they are Male, period and the same for “X”. America is not going to stand for a 3rd Gender mixing with our Children and teaching them in the 1st Grade that Johnny is actually Susie and Urinals in Women’s Restrooms.

    Those who voted for you thought that you are quite intelligent, but if you go for this we will know that you are either dumber than a box of Rocks or you are full of the Devil. You have been doing a great Job so far, but this Ignorance must be turned around or you are going to loose a huge portion of your Support. The Bible Believers will be Praying for you, but we will not follow you into the Sewer and the Judgment of our Creator with America being turned to a Hell on Earth and for Eternity.

    Our Creator allows men to make mistakes and he will forgive and help one turn around. Ask the Lord to forgive you and turnaround. Try this for a new path for America “” signs everywhere.

  • votedemout

    Let’s see, was it Eisenhower who got us into VN? Was it Kennedy (today to be seen as a moderate Republican), or was it LBJ, a left wing moronic Dim?? That’s right it was LBJ, he of the Great Society that destroyed the black communities. Now who was it that got us out of VN? Oh, that’s right it was Nixon, a fairly conservative Republican. At the very least get your facts correct.

    One last thing, the Americans who were in the streets protesting were the dope smoking hippies like Slick Willy, the Hildabeast, and other useless cowards, and yes they did become the Dim-O-Rats you grovel before today.

  • votedemout

    Why would you write such drivel?? Are you not paying any attention to the overall job he is doing?

  • efred1

    No, Democrats are now total anal pores who are wrong about most EVERYthing.

  • Peanut

    Sixty five years ago I became an Eagle Scout followed by 50 years in assorted positions as Scoutmaster, Explorer Post Advisor, and Cubmaster during which I came into contact with thousands of young men.

    I cannot support the BSA policy change integrating girls with boys.

  • Donna Costa

    AMEN and AMEN !!

  • Donna Costa

    The Bible (Word of God) is NOT drivel !!

  • hap46

    To Ted, who said, “Well, 50 years ago, in 1967, most Democrats were fiercely anti- America’s involvement in Vietnam … as they are today in terms of Bush’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq … and those Democrats were, therefore, clearly right both 50 years ago and today.” I believe President Kennedy got us into Vietnam, President Johnson escalated the Vietnam Conflict with over 50,000 dead U.S. troops (both Democrat Presidents until the voters put President Nixon (Republican) and he pulled us out to avoid further fatalities. We had enough of the Democrats burying our sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, etc.

  • votedemout

    We did not elect a preacher, we elected someone to fix the mess we are currently enjoying due to the hand of the devil. As they say, God sometimes works in strange ways and sends what is needed at the appropriate time.

    Drivel is just that, drivel, God understands that, how about you??? If you don’t think God put his hand on the scale in this past election, you must not have been paying attention.

  • f—-ing perverts keep winning and it’s driving ME nuts!

  • edwin

    You always have something stupid to say , at least you are consistant. How can something drive someone nuts when they are already there

  • You have to remember, the SJW’s think like children.
    You have to lead them to the truth very slowly, otherwise they’ll stick their fingers in their ears and scream.

  • Bertharina Rina

    Political whores
    The SPOTLIGHT September 6, 1999
    By Vince Ryan.
    The United States is a boiling caldron of racial and ethnic enmity. You don’t have to be some kind of “expert” to figure that out. Pundits, editorial writers and other self-appointed experts are promoting tension — they call it “diversity,” “inclusion” or any number os squishy-soft names.
    Of course, not all media people promote unrest, but if you watch the evening news, read your daily newspapers and glance at the national magazines, you will quickly conclude that something portending danger for the United States is alive and well.
    However, you will not find these stories labeled “danger” or flagged with caution signs that our republic has changed. Instead you will have to see through the approving tone of these commentaries and newscasts that the United states is not the same country that it was.
    During the Lyndon Johnson presidency, our immigration laws were radically rewritten. The original laws which mandated a controlled immigration policy favoring the Western European nations were changed to favor the nations of color and totally alien background, especially those of Asia and Latin America.
    Today immigration is out of control. In addition to the millions of legal immigrants that have poured into the states in the mast few years, millions of illegal immigrants are now enjoying the rights and privileges, including welfare, education and medical benefits, that are available to all Americans.
    Regular SPOTLIGHT readers are will aware that U.S. sovereignty over its borders has become a bad joke. They also know that the government of Mexico has granted dual citizenship to all Mexicans residing in America.
    The goal of Mexican leaders on both sides of the border is to unite the south-western United States with Mexico into the new nation of Aztlan.
    Troubadours and politicians incessantly energize the Hispanic masses to participate in the fight for Aztla End Quote.
    Pro-communist bastards & sodomites rule the roost.