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It is refreshing to see President-elect Trump on his “Thank You” tour speaking from a podium that proclaims “Merry Christmas.” The Trump victory was a revolt against Cultural Marxism, also known as political correctness. In that world, Merry Christmas is watered down into “Happy Holidays.”

In fact, says one strategic analyst, “Trump won because he got on his side a big segment of the population that has been under furious and brutal attack for more than 50 years by the political correctness of Cultural Marxism. This cultural and sociological attack from Cultural Marxists was extremely intense and conducted at full high speed for the last eight years of the Obama regime with its grand social engineering and cultural remake of the country.”

Ron Aledo, a retired U.S. Army officer and former senior analyst for the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), has written a provocative analysis of the U.S. election results, saying that Trump’s victory was economic but also cultural.

He says that the Trump victory was “not only an incredible miracle as he won basically against all and everything, from CNN to furious non-stop (and something ridiculous) attacks from the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Hollywood, 90% of all U.S and European journalists, the establishment of both the Democratic and Republican parties and millions of brainwashed naive Millennials;  but furthermore, Trump’s victory is a real Counter-revolution of the Silent Majority against the brutality of the witch hunt of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness.”

Aledo says a rebellion against Cultural Marxism, which is associated with the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory that has come to dominate academia, was the big factor in the Trump win.

He says that while Trump’s promise to repeal Obamacare and renegotiate trade deals were part of the victory, there was something else at work in the reaction of the population. He said the “Silent Majority,” defined as “the simple people who live away from the Frankfurt School dictatorship of the large cities, were desperate for someone who would speak for them and to them. That people, free from the viral infection of Cultural Marxism of the big cities, wanted to keep their traditional lifestyle and were sick and tired of the fecal-like products that the TV networks, Hollywood, the media, and the pop culture kept launching at them.”

He explains, “These simple people with common sense were tired of Black Lives Matter, ‘happy holidays’ instead of Merry Christmas, ugly short hair and shirtless women protesting for their ‘right’ to kill babies, Lady Gaga, the so-called gay pride parades of naked men walking in the streets, the Modern Family TV show, CNN reporters trying to brainwash them, the removal of crosses and Nativity scenes, Miley Cyrus, and the feminine looking young men in the streets, among others.”

“It was a revolution that took 50 years to advance but is finally here,” says Aledo. He quotes the Christian historian H. W. Crocker as saying that Trump is a true exorcist of political correctness.

In an interview conducted before the election, Crocker, the executive editor of Regnery Publishing, said that what Trump was doing was “what any smart Republican needed to do, which was build a new coalition with blue collar conservatives.” He explained, “Republicans can’t win nationally unless they redraw the electoral map—he does that. He’s the only one who could do that.”

Crocker said that after Romney’s defeat in 2012, he commissioned former Senator Rick Santorum to write a book called Blue Collar Conservatives, which showed what needed to be done. “Trump apparently read that book and put it into play,” he said.

Explaining Trump’s approach, Crocker said, “Republicans usually let Democrats, the enforcers of political correctness, set the agenda; they even grant them the moral high ground—and then they play defense or try to moderate Democrat proposals. Trump sets his own agenda—and does it the reverse of the normal Republican way. He plants his flag on the right and then walks it back as necessary, moving the center to the right. That’s an enormous advantage to have—and we haven’t had a president who could do that since Ronald Reagan.”

“At this point in time,” adds Aledo, “we can only hope for the counter-revolution to become stronger.”

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  • Mesa Mike

    Great graphic and wonderful article — spot-on! Thanks.

  • Ghost Forever

    I agree. Great article and Merry Christmas!

  • jug

    Two thumbs up!

  • John Cunningham

    After the debacle of the last eight years and, especially this election season, there should be a new Holiday called slap a Liberal Day. I think it would really catch on.

  • Ted

    At this point, Trump is nothing more than The Great Blowhard … who is re-populating the swamp with creatures more fearsome than any that ever populated the swamp previously … with the likelihood that his plutocratic administration will strip the last vestiges of democracy … and the concept of ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’ … from what’s politically and economically left of this country. Same bu**sh** that occurred in Germany in the 1930s.

    There was no resistance back then. Hopefully, there will be strong and unrelenting resistance to it here, today!

  • Ted

    You mean the “debacle” of the last 16 years, don’t you? Eight years of the singularly destructive Bush II administration … followed by eight years of unrelenting (and traitorous, to me) Republican obstructionism. First, Bush killed the economy of the country … then McConnell and his henchmen killed the political system of the country. The United States of Kaput! Courtesy of the Republican Party! (And, now, The Great Blowhard and his Lords of the Manor will put the cap on it!)

  • AltVoice

    The Trumpster gets it, and that’s why he won. He’s the modern Reagan who connects with the people.

  • sox83cubs84

    What do you call 1,000 liberals at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?
    A good start.

  • sox83cubs84

    Ted…you need a glass of milk, a plate of cookies and a warm kitty to snuggle. Trump won…grow a pair and deal with reality.

  • Richard Solomon

    Please be careful. I’m afraid that you may discourage Teddy. I find his disjointed ravings and hysterical screeching to be quite humorous. His arguments are always bereft of facts and logic, and I sadly fear that this reflects that Teddy failed his anger management class once again.

  • John Cunningham

    The key to you is (guest) that is why you are irrelevant.

  • Peter

    You forgot his ‘teddy bear’. I just love the frantic antics of a very poor loser. Like a spoilt child that grew up but never grew out of his temper tantrums. Winners are grinners and it is nice, really nice, to grin at a loser chucking his worst ever temper tantrum yet, and having it recorded to play back to him when he really grows up to have some semblance of being a good sport. But to embarrass somebody that way would be very politically incorrect. Cruel really. But by then he may be big enough to chuckle along at himself. Then Ted himself will be a grinning winner.

  • Gz7

    He’s a paid agitator from Media Matters. Pay him no respect.

  • Peter

    It must be very hard for you Ted. There there, my commiserations at your sad loss. And congratulations to the victors.

  • Peter

    Now now, be nice to Ted in his moment of grief.

  • Peter

    A poor finish?

  • BakkenBill

    It’s been several years since any part of our government has spoken to, or correctly for, the blue collar working class. Which, by the way, Is the majority.
    How is it that a New York City born n raised guy, from a well to do family, knew what we wanted and need?
    I personally appreciate his direct and blunt way of stating the obvious. Eloquence of diction sounds good, but for all of it’s worth, has only been used to double speak the nation. As in “blow smoke up our butts”. The way it’s being said is far less important than What is being said.
    It’s been said that the term Polical Correctness is a communist term/idea. I’ve never actually researched it myself. But then, I could give a crap about political correctness.