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With the selections of General James N. “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense and Lt. General Michael T. Flynn as national security adviser, President-elect Donald J. Trump has indicated that he is prepared to meet foreign threats from Russia, China, and global Islam. Indeed, Flynn argues in his book, The Field of Fight, that the U.S. is facing a “working coalition” of enemies that includes radical Islamists, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

The subtitle, How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies, suggests that radical Islam is the main enemy. But the content of the book suggests something else—that Russia and China are behind this “enemy alliance” of countries and movements trying to destroy us.

“We face a formidable group of terrorists and hostile countries, and we’ve got to be better prepared to compete or we will need to be ready to destroy them,” says Flynn.

Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has been known for his criticism of President Obama for failing to identify radical Islamists as the enemy. But his book expands the list of enemies to Russia, which seems like a strange pick since Flynn had appeared at the Russia Today (RT) propaganda channel’s 10th anniversary celebration in Moscow, sitting next to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Flynn’s co-author, Michael Ledeen, dismisses concern about Flynn’s attendance at the RT dinner, saying, “He attended a conference in Moscow, and ended up sitting next to the Russian dictator.” That conference was sponsored by a Moscow-funded channel described as KGB-TV by a leading Soviet defector because of its transmission of Russian government propaganda and disinformation.

Ledeen said that Flynn’s critics should read their book to understand his real views on Russia, and that he is not being soft on the Russians.

In an interview, Flynn disclosed that he had previously made another surprising appearance in Russia and “was the first U.S. officer ever allowed inside the headquarters of the GRU [Russian military intelligence].” He explained, “I was able to brief their entire staff. I gave them a leadership OPD. [Professional development class on leadership] and talked a lot about the way the world’s unfolding.”

Whatever he told the GRU and whatever the motivation for accepting a paid trip to Moscow to celebrate RT, Flynn’s book does in fact identify an “enemy alliance” against America, with its “most active and powerful members” being Russia and Iran. He sees “an alliance between Radical Islamists and regimes in Havana, Pyongyang, Moscow, and Beijing.” He calls it “an international alliance of evil countries and movements that is working to destroy us.”

Did he warn Russia against becoming another Evil Empire when he lectured the GRU? If so, they are ignoring Flynn, since the Russian/Iranian/Syrian alliance is consolidating power by moving through Aleppo, and may ultimately threaten Saudi Arabia.

Making America great again may require a military confrontation with Russia and its client states in the region.

Making America great again may also require confronting China, whose communist rulers are so sensitive about their own illegitimate rule that they are objecting to a telephone call between the President-elect and the President of Taiwan (Free China).

One thing not in dispute is that Flynn thinks that the administration he served, headed by Barack Obama, tried to accommodate our enemies, selling out American interests in the process. Consider these quotes from the book:

  • Obama “has shown great sympathy for anti-American ‘revolutionaries,’ and abandoned friendly tyrannies such as Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt and Zine Ben Ali’s Tunisia.”
  • “Obama has done his damndest to forge alliances with Hugo Chavez, before his death, the Castro brothers, and Ali Khamenei, but they and their cronies have all responded by redoubling their efforts to defeat us.”
  • Obama turned his back on the pro-democracy Green Movement in Iran because he was “heavily invested in secret outreach” to the Iranian regime.
  • Obama “has tiptoed around open criticism of Vladimir Putin’s many aggressive actions.”
  • The Obama Administration’s “open hostility to Israel” has been damaging to U.S. national security.

Flynn writes that “I find it simply incredible that an American president should believe a strategic alliance with Iran to be more attractive than our traditional embrace of Israel.”

As an intelligence officer, Flynn must understand this is not just “incredible” and the result of accidental policies, but rather a deliberate effort to undermine the United States and its traditional alliances. Indeed, if Flynn wants to turn things around, he will have to lead a purge of the Clinton and Obama agents in the Pentagon and other agencies who have been deliberately withholding information about the nature of the threats and how our lives are in peril from an “enemy alliance” that Obama has been supporting as President of the United States.

Flynn’s own DIA was previously home to one of Fidel Castro’s top spies, the DIA’s senior Cuban analyst, Ana Belen Montes, who was charged with having served as a Cuban agent from 1985 to 2001.

Flynn ran the Pentagon’s spy agency from July 22, 2012 to August 7, 2014, and he says some material was left out of the book for security reasons. Yet, he drops a blockbuster on page 143, writing about a “Russian connection” to radical Islam.

Here’s what he says: “As is so often the case when looking at the battlefield, I also found a Russia connection. When the Soviet empire fell, there were a lot of unemployed KGB officials scrambling to make a living. They were a perfect fit with the terror networks, had few moral compunctions about cooperating with violent anti-American organizations (they’d been doing it for decades), and over the few years many of the KGB’s safe houses, station headquarters, and secure communications networks were put at the disposal of terror groups.”

For whatever reason, Flynn does not draw a direct line between these KGB officials and the former KGB officer, Vladimir Putin, running Russia. But he notes that “Putin has done a lot for the Khamenei regime” in Iran.

Flynn says we need an ideological offensive against our enemies, of the kind run by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and the CIA against communism. The Achilles heel in this analysis is that the OSS and CIA were infiltrated by enemy agents, and the collapse or fall of communism was a strategic deception. To make matters worse, we recently learned that Obama’s CIA director John Brennan had voted for the Communist Party ticket in 1976 and was nevertheless hired by the agency in 1980. It’s clear that standards for hiring intelligence officers have been dramatically lowered.

The DIA spy, Ana Montes, was herself a left-winger and a campus radical before she joined the Pentagon spy agency in 1984. She was a “true believer” in communism, as a book about the case documents. She wrote DIA policy papers playing down the threat posed by Castro’s Cuba.

“Communism lost mass appeal when the Soviet Empire fell,” writes Flynn. But this is not really the case, as we have seen in the sympathetic coverage of Castro after his death. There are still more than 100 communist parties around the world, including a dozen in the United States. China, North Korea and Cuba are still officially communist countries. Venezuela and Nicaragua are run by Marxists.

In facing this “formidable group of terrorists and hostile countries,” Flynn calls for a “better strategy” and “better intelligence,” but admits that in terms of a U.S. response, “We are slow, and we can’t keep secrets very well…”

“The CIA, FBI, and NSA have over their lifetimes each discovered several individuals who, for monetary or ideological reasons, committed espionage on behalf of foreign nations,” notes Dr. Jeffrey T. Richelson. “Those individuals have included Aldrich Ames, James Nicholson, Edward Lee Howard, Jack Edward Dunlap, William H. Martin and Bernon F. Mitchell, and Ronald Pelton.”

We could add former CIA and NSA analyst Edward Snowden to the list.

The biggest in the history of the DIA was Montes, who is not mentioned in the Flynn book.

Nevertheless, Flynn’s book is a welcome change from the head-in-the-sand attitude of so many in and out of government who have failed for a variety of reasons to talk about “moles” in our intelligence agencies, and who refuse to acknowledge foreign threats.

Flynn says he was fired in 2014 as director of the DIA for telling a congressional committee “that we were not as safe as we had been a few years back.” General Mattis was relieved of his command by the Obama administration because he was “hawkish on Iran,” The New York Times reports.

The success of the Trump administration in foreign policy will depend on whether General Mattis, Lt. General Flynn, the designated CIA director, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), and other national security officials, are able to enforce loyalty to America in the bureaucracy and weed out the spies.

“America First” has to be more than a campaign slogan; it has to be a requirement for U.S. foreign policy and applying for a federal job.

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  • Ghost Forever

    Make America strong again! To hell with the liberals.

  • Ted

    Trump is doing nothing but removing a few alligators from the swamp and replacing them with crocodiles … and adding some pond scum to further muck up the situation and add some window dressing.

    The only thing Trump is ever going make “great” is the mess we’re already in. It won’t be long before he begins to replace George W. Bush as the worst president in American History

  • Ted

    And to hell with the reactionaries, particularly those like Bannon, Bolton and the rest of the neocon whackjobs.

  • John Cunningham

    Just wait until some of the inner circle of Obama’s Administration start talking. After his reign is over, many of his closest advisors will spill the beans. I guarantee one thing, the Obama Administration was evil and full of corruption and graft.

  • mioahu

    And you know that how ? it was written on the internet ? or it’s some great insight you as an authority in geopolitical and financial thinking have ? F off to your safe space, YOU LOST , i am still laughing since November 8 , hahahhahhahha

  • Michex

    Why is it that, despite being a primarily CHRISTIAN country, the US has always been more supportive of Israel and repressive Muslim states in the Middle East than it has been of CHRISTIANS in the Middle East?

  • Steven Barrett

    Hell Ted, didn’t Secretary Albright have another place even deeper than that, and it’s still under Old Scratch’s dominion? I hear it’s so low that it’s almost down there with Dante’s special section for his idea of the “frozen chosen.”

  • Steven Barrett

    Keep laughing, but I wouldn’t have any belly laugh sessions in front of Boeing employees at its Washington plant since the iimpatient Donald Trump thought rather brazenly that he could scotch a contract concerning AF-One. Next to a bomber on a mission, it’s only the most important and sophisticated jet this nation or any other in the world is capable of producing and for a very limited purpose.
    To her credit, Mrs. Trump hasn’t been seen or heard of requesting to have a second visit to her future digs for the purpose of planning new curtains. Unlike her husband, I think she actually notes from Mrs. Obama on their first visit and learned that the GSA handles that stuff. Let the Pentagon handle AF-One, Donald. And oh, don’t be dumb enough to cross a general you’ve praised ahead of time as the new Patton. The last one had a pretty vile temper and he knew how to use it more wisely than your other “hero,” the much over-rated (and should’ve been court martialed Douglas MacArthur.)
    You’d better have a good sense of humor Mioahu, you’ll need it. Only way to stomach this guy plus his chosen NSA wing man, is to build up a lot of vitamin c in your funny bone or this bunch will break it in pieces by the end of January 20th, ’17. I fear more a breaking of our hearts than any damn funny bone when people start having serious cases of voter’s regret quick into the first days of the incoming Trump administration.

  • BillKristollnacht

    Because, Mr. Trump, will set his own foreign policy, the main tasks for the next secretary of state will be to execute that policy and to purge the Department of State of those who have, for so many decades, championed the causes of foreign countries and have plied those foreigners with taxpayer money that should have been spent at home. In simple terms, if American taxpayer money is to be spent to make life better for people, those people can only be Americans.

    The next secretary also will have to find and remove the cadre of interventionists, socialists, one-worlders, environmental-quacks, anti-Christians, social engineers, and that corps of incompetent, bespectacled, and ill-spoken young feminists. Two terms of the Obama administration have sewn this useless and destructive ideological menagerie into the department’s fabric, and, if the department is to be re-professionalized, it must be sent packing.

    Of the current names being bandied about for the secretary’s position, not one can be expected to do the necessary in terms of either cleansing the institution of the just noted rubbish or of reliably executing your America First foreign policy.

  • mioahu

    blah blah blah professor, i laugh every day, and will for the next 8 years, just seeing you guys cry and cringe and scramble for reasons was well worth it, you can cite from your movies and history books, and it’s still worth nothing cause you don’t understand the world you live in, eternal children playing with your toys in safe spaces safeguarded by the adults that elected Trump

  • Steven Barrett

    Chuckling on this one. Hope you can afford to buy an updated version of the old cold war era bomb shelters people used to plunk in their back yards. Your hero had better start attending those damn security briefings every day and find a SecState PDQ to give Trump the kind of steady guidance he needs in learning all the damn nuances of foreign policy; all the same nuances other presidents have had to learn, GOP and Dem alike. He’s not playing Monopoly any more.

  • RMThoughts

    What’s happening now in Iraq and Syria must serve as a final wakeup call that we have been led into a horrific situation in the Middle East by a powerful Lobby driven by the interests of one tribe and one tribe alone.

    So surely, the time is long overdue when we must identify the forces and ideologies within our government that are pushing us into more and more global conflicts. And all we can hope for is that America may think twice before they spends trillions of their tax payers’ money in following the those who would push us to fight ruinous, foreign wars imposed upon them by The Lobby.

  • OldManofMilo

    Will Washington learn from the interventionist disasters in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere? Will the Beltway interventionists ever apologize for the death and destruction the policies they advocate have wrought?

  • OldManofMilo

    Tragically, it appears that in our post-Christian era, our ruling class and those that fund it seem bent on the complete eradication of Christ in America and Europe. And however consciously or unconsciously wrought such eradication may be, our governing class and its citizenry have been on course to systematically filter down, diminish and/or even destroy their once Christian roots.

    Consequently, not only is an identity disappearing, but possible and actual totalitarian aspects are simultaneously being introduced and/or strengthened. We speak of secular humanism, relativism and other normative forms of totalitarianism, such as pluralism, which undermine the Christian foundation of a formerly Christian America and Europe.

  • jim

    Why? Because Barack Husein Obama is a Muslim. He’s the most pro-Muslim, pro-Islam, pro-Arab and the most anti-Israel Commander in Chief that we have ever had!!

  • jim

    Political correctness and secularism has gone to the extreme in Europe. These ideologies are destroying our Western civilisation.

  • Michex

    Yes, but the US has been doing the same thing even before Obama.