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President Trump sent the mainstream media into a tizzy Tuesday when, in complimenting officials on the response, he compared the storm to Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005.

“Every death is a horror,” the president said. “But if you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous – hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here, with really a storm that was just totally overpowering, nobody’s ever seen anything like this. What is your death count as of this moment? 17? 16 people certified, 16 people versus in the thousands. You can be very proud of all of your people and all of our people working together. Sixteen versus literally thousands of people. You can be very proud. Everybody around this table and everybody watching can really be very proud of what’s taken place in Puerto Rico.”

“What is your death count as of this moment? 17? 16 people certified, 16 people versus in the thousands. You can be very proud of all of your people and all of our people working together. Sixteen versus literally thousands of people. You can be very proud. Everybody around this table and everybody watching can really be very proud of what’s taken place in Puerto Rico.”

“Where to begin?” Chris Cillizza snorted at “How about suggesting that what happened in Puerto Rico – an entire island devastated, huge swaths without power, food and water in short supply – wasn’t a ‘real’ catastrophe because not that many people died? Or what about using death count as a talking point?”

The death count is the talking point. It is the difference between a storm that will require a massive rebuilding effort and a storm whose name parents won’t give their children for decades. Double figures – the estimate went up to 34 shortly after Trump left the island – does not compare to the more than 1,800 who died in Katrina.

New Orleans never fully recovered. It is not even the biggest city in Louisiana anymore – Baton Rouge is.

He then lectures Trump that “‘proud’ is not the right word for how people should – or do – feel. It’s not even close.” Why not? Puerto Rico is 1,200 miles offshore. The Cajun Navy could not come to the rescue. The island’s infrastructure was in tatters before the storm – brought low by corruption and mismanagement on the part of its famously incompetent government.

The Trump administration had ships headed toward the island before the storm even hit. These were the amphibious carriers, large ships with flight decks that can land and dispatch heavy-lift helicopters and big decks below that can carry more than 150 tons of food, water and supplies. They have hospitals on board and were treating patients soon after the storm departed.

The rest of the article degenerated into an attack on Trump’s alleged lack of empathy. Telling those leading the response they should be proud of what they accomplished actually was “the opposite of empathy,” Cillizza wrote.

“Trump is using those who lost their lives as a way to make a broader argument that the media’s criticism of him is unfair and biased. See, I told you I was doing a great job, Trump was saying. Everyone here thinks so! Me, me, me, me.”

There was more, Cillizza wrote, to confirm that Trump “lacks the empathy gene.” Trump said Puerto Rico had great weather “but every once in a while you get hit. And you really got hit.” This is true and unobjectionable if you are not looking for empathy gene violations.

Cillizza said Trump knew “the big question today in Puerto Rico was whether he could show some actual empathy, some human kindness to people he didn’t know but who were still his constituents. And even knowing that, Trump delivered a navel-gazing, self-championing, victimhood-seeking speech that reeked of tone-deafness and out-of-touch-ism.”

There’s some tone-deafness and out-of-touch-ism involved here. But it’s not coming from the president.

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  • samo war
  • TED

    “You’re doin’ a helluva job, Donnie!”

    HA, HA, HA!

  • mjmaf

    We have the right man for the job! Trump was extremely fast in Pro-acting for all these hurricanes! Low loss of life, especially in Corrupt-Government Puerto Rico, who made their own ‘noose’ by not being properly geared for their disaster preparedness and were expecting mainland America to do it all! They passed the buck to someone else so they would not have to spend money for this cortical readiness and could already had saved lives – ‘in the bank’, instead of lost ones for which they had to make graves. An ounce of prevention could save a lot of that which there is no cure for – death. Goes to show people have to pick the right leaders and not someone who can promise all and deliver none, like socialist-progressives – often do! Trump will Trump them – Every Time! So glad President Trump is at the helm – to keep us safe and steer us through treacherous waters.

  • Enchanted

    If hillary had been in office she would have done what she and bill did in Haiti – taken money to rebuild and stolen it.

  • Sid Real

    This is what its like when you have a real American President. God Bless President Trump!

  • Tannim

    Cillizza is a known leftwing idiot, so his meltdown isn’t surprising.

    Of course, lost on him is his own cognitive dissonance in politicizing the victims in the same way he falsely criticizes Trump for doing…

  • jakenhyde

    Oh yeah…..he made a real hero out of himself by tossing rolls of paper towels to the crowd…..not.!
    What a doofus we have for a president. Because he was silver spooned all his life, he simply cannot identify with the common folk of the country.
    Puerto Rico still has less than half of its electric grid up. The whole island is devastated and Donnie was out playing golf yesterday. And he had the balls to complain about Obama’s playing golf too much. Donnie is a two faced, lying, draft dodger….nothing more. He’s certainly not a hero to Puerto Ricans.
    And he lost again last night because Soldier Field was totally sold out for the Monday Night Football game. He really did a good job getting folks to stay away from the games, didn’t he.?

  • indiana_conservative

    Me, me, me WTH does everyone forget Mr I,I,I ? Everyone remember when Obama took out Bin Laden? Give credit where credit is due. Seal team took out Bin Laden. Trump managed the hurricane relief at least and gave credit to all support roles.

  • flashy0ne

    I believe it’s GREAT that these A–hole reporters are making asses out of themselves. They are playing right into a second term for President Trump. Their accusations are so ridiculous that EVERYONE (even their followers) are now getting wise to what is going on. Keep up the “FAKE” news children — it’s really helping :^)

  • Marilynn Reeves

    I think Trump has done a fantastic job on relief for PR. All we need is for the people there to start working and stop gripping—

  • an American

    Obama went to Muslim schools in another country. How does that help him identify with the common folk of this country?

  • jakenhyde

    @American(?). Wow are you ever grasping at straws! What does where Obama attended schools have to do with how badly Donnie has failed the people of Puerto Rico?
    Face it….I know you won’t….but Donnie has proven time and time again that he has no possible interest in the common folk of this or any other country. He was silver spooned his whole life and never had a job where he had to get his hands dirty…..unless he had to wash them after groping women’s pussies. No wonder he has a hand washing fetish. This guy Trump is a fucking moron, and he proves it daily.

  • jakenhyde

    The people of Puerto Rico are “gripping” (sic) whatever they can find to hold onto since nearly everything has been washed away.

  • jakenhyde

    None of the bagger morons who post here are going to get the humor of your statement.

  • WhiteFalcon

    NBC and CNN will have to invent more lies, like the atomic bomb lie that NBC just told. They are just to stupid to get it. The more they lie, the more they get caught and the less they become.

  • Gay Phillips

    And Obama never had a real job, period. Trump was as prepared as it is possible to get for Puerto Rico. The container ships arrived quickly. The truckers union did not show up to deliver. He, then, had to send national guard troops to do that. The governor and other officials had nothing but praise for the way the situation was handled. The dim wit mayor was the one yelling, and she didn’t lift her hand to help anybody.

  • jakenhyde

    And Donnie has failed to extend the Jones Act waiver so foreign ships cannot arrive with much need supplies and fuel. Trump doesn’t give a damn about Puerto Rico mainly because that territory didn’t vote for him in November. And Donnie is one vindictive asshole.
    He threw them rolls of paper towels for Christ’s sake. That’s the same as saying, “Let them eat cake”. And we KNOW what happened to Marie Antoinette. Her head seems to have fallen into a basket.

  • Susan Somers

    You do know Puerto Rico is an AMERICAN TERRITORY…Right??? They are just as much Americans as You & I are!!! Just the facts people…just the FACTS!@!!!

  • Susan Somers

    You are Dreaming…..He WILL however get us all Killed!!!You do know Puerto Rico is an AMERICAN TERRITORY…Right??? They are just as much Americans as You & I are!!! Just the facts people…just the FACTS!@!!!

  • Susan Somers

    You are an IDIOT!!!!

  • Susan Somers

    Finally someone who gets it!!!!
    The rest of you get your heads outta your ass!!!!

  • Susan Somers

    Why is it that the TRUMP blind followers don’t get it!!!
    He said Texas Hurricane was “The Worst Disaster in history”…You know why he made a STUPID comment like that??? Cuz he has NO IDEA what Does or Has happened to this Country..
    NEVER mentioned Katina…Not once till now…I suppose cuz someone told him that 1800 people DIED in Lousiana and the area has not been fixed and the people are on the street!!! Yeah Great Man…with NO conscience for the Lies he continues to tell!!!
    God Bless America, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands…and there people…

  • Susan Somers

    Really…you think they said an A-Bomb went off??? Correction…The California Fires…was the reason it was said that it looks like an A-Bomb went off!!! What is he gonna do about that??? N O T H I N G ! ! !
    You need to get your head outta your ass too!!!!

  • Susan Somers

    Speak for yo-self ass hole…

  • WhiteFalcon

    I said nothing about an atomic bomb going off. I said that NBC and CNN lie. I suppose you believe every little lie that they come up with. You are the one with your head up your ass. If Moon Beam Brown hadn’t had his head up his, he would have been more prepared for these fires. He must take lessons form you.

  • M J

    This is what happens when the uninformed speak! Obama was President after Katrina – oh wait – you spelled that wrong! Obama had plenty of time to fix EVERYTHING in the New Orleans area but he was too busy playing over 300 ROUNDS OF GOLF while wasting uncounted millions of gallons of jet fuel and Secret Service Time. They, and our military service members risked their lives every time he went out to waste uncounted, not yet earned Taxpayer Dollars – while he and his family lavishly recreated while he threw America into economic and racial turmoil! Not to mention all the carbon-based pollution those jets pumped into the air and all the mechanics’ time to repair and maintain big military jets, his very expensive Taxis, and the pilot’s time away from home, also wasted while this waste of Oxygen hit a little white ball around! $21 Trillion Dollar Debt and 95 million jobs killed by Obama, who was not born in the U.S. and should have never been President while he golfed on and Crimea was taken by Putin while he barely yawned! The U.S was gravely weakened by Obama allowing Iran to make nukes (which Trump is presently going to rightfully nix) and North Korea not being held in check while Rocketman threatens our service members on Guam with multiple missile firings! THAT is the mess President Trump inherited by the Failure that was barely present in the oval office, who did NOT do his sworn job to serve the American People, allowed illegals and terrorists into our country so Americans could get their knees blown off while trying to run a marathon – all while Obama served himself! Notice I did not call you any names as it serves no purpose, while you did so on another reply. Currently Trump is handling disasters in 20 states, not just Puerto Rico where corrupt individuals are keeping all the toms of supplies quickly sent there from getting to those who need it, while a corrupt Mayor of San Juan rants on instead of lifting a finger to help anyone with all those supplies trotting in unopened containers. Trump is doing what those left out elected him (People from Dem/Rep/Indep. who lost jobs and faith in establishment politicians like Crooked Hillary Clinton/Obama/RINOs, etc.) to do: Get America going in the right direction. So – before you call anyone an Idiot – get your facts straight before throwing rocks in a glass house.

  • jakenhyde

    Did you not get the reference to Dubya telling Brownie that he was doing a helluva job right after Katrina? Of course, Brownie was a total failure….and so was Dubya.

  • Lori Kemer

    Jealousy is a horrible trait to posess. How much of your time or money have you donated to the PR relief effort?

  • flashy0ne

    Isn’t it sad when some political HACK has to mouth off “complaining” about and “cutting off” the hand that is literally feeding them?? It makes you wonder if it would have been better to have just ignored them !!! Thank God for President Trump — the one bright light in a sea of HATE.

  • jakenhyde

    Sorry to hear that you’re jealous. So sad for you. I have been busy helping those who have been burned out by fires here in western Montana. Fires that are mainly the result of global warming.
    And what have YOU done for Puerto Rico?

  • Tired of it ALL

    You should Never Believe ANYTHING You HEAR…
    And Only HALF of What You Read!!
    Another FOLLOWER….sad

  • Tired of it ALL!!!

    You are unbelievable…Exactly how would YOU be Prepared for these “WILD”
    Fires…you must be physic to know WHERE ~ WHEN & HOW the WILD FIRES will break out??? YOU Must know When the WIND will Start ~ How Strong the Winds will be ~ How Long they will BLOW…
    Why is it you Sheep keep Following this IGNORANT~ SELFISH ~ NARCISSISTIC ~ RACIST…Who doesn’t CARE about ANYONE But HIS CRONIES & Making/Takin MONEY…
    Spell check…I DON’T Give Lessons ” FORM” You…or anyone

  • Tired of it ALL


  • WhiteFalcon

    MoonBeam spent tons of money worrying about the use of personal pronouns and trying to become a sanctuary state when he should have been shoring up his wildfire defenses and preparing for the every year season of wildfires that you have in Kalifornia, but he was to stupid. He worries about pronouns and trying to become a sanctuary state and now there are thirty some people that are dead because of it, bird brain. Obviously you think Hillary would be a great president, just like Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler would. You are a sorry form of slime.

  • gene smiith

    Good Lord what do these people expect from our President? He is damned no matter which way he rules or does. It is a shame that his detractors can’t be a little compassionate and understanding in their criticisms. After all, he is a man and
    NOT the second coming or some sort of infallible being.