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Donald J. Trump’s turnaround, from having CNN feeding out of his hands during the Republican primaries, to now denouncing the “Clinton News Network,” confirms the fears that conservatives had not only about the media, but also about the New York businessman. He used the media to win the Republican nomination and now they are using and abusing him, since he is playing into their hands with idiotic statements.

“You look at CNN, it’s called the Clinton News Network,” Trump said. “All day long, Trump, Trump—all day long, CNN, Trump, Trump, such a bad guy.”

Trump’s most recent comment about the general election being “rigged” suggests that he is preparing to lose and blame others for his loss. As left-wing analyst Webster Tarpley outlined in a presentation to the Left Forum in New York in May, Trump could leave the Republican Party split in half, thus guaranteeing Democratic Party dominance of the executive branch. Trump could return to playing the role of businessman and paying off politicians of both parties. The Republicans may still be able to control one House of Congress, at least for a while. We’ll probably see the GOP abandon the social conservativism that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi derisively refers to as “God, guns, and gays.”

The American branch of the Roman Catholic Church has already thrown in the towel, as Clinton vice presidential nominee and “Catholic” Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) faces no repercussions, let alone excommunication, for making common cause with Hillary Clinton and the abortion industry that finances the Democratic Party. Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden, another faux Catholic who trashes Catholic teachings on human life and sexuality, has just presided over a same-sex marriage. He was proud to marry Brian and Joe, he said.

On the other hand, Kaine speaks Spanish, and Latinos increasingly make up part of the constituency of the Catholic Church in America. So aborting babies has to take a back seat to money in the collection plate and bodies in the pews.

Trump, a reality TV star who understands new media, had the media feeding out of his hands during the Republican primaries. Most media—and most Republicans—had never seen anything like it or him. Here was a politically incorrect figure attacking the liberal media! It was refreshing. But that kind of attack would only get him so far. As predicted, the media which made him into a contender and the nominee have now turned on him, since they want the first black president to be succeeded by the first woman president. One can always count on liberal media bias again rearing its ugly head.

As Accuracy in Media (AIM) has documented over time, the major media in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as Hollywood, are largely dominated by Democrats and liberals. Studies going back to the time of FDR document Democratic Party domination of the national press. My college journalism textbook was written by a member of the Communist Party-dominated Progressive Party. My colleague Roger Aronoff notes the evidence of continued leftist domination of the national media, through the evidence in the JournoList and DNC email scandals. It’s collusion. The national media led by CNN are still a virtual adjunct of the Democratic Party, even celebrating with wine and song during the Democratic National Convention.

The liberal media monopoly did break down, under pressure from groups like AIM, talk radio and the Internet, and Trump had support from some new conservative media, including Drudge, Breitbart and Fox News. But Trump’s most recent comments—bashing CNN and newspaper outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times—seem to indicate that he believes the liberal media still have enough clout left to save Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from her reputation as a security risk who will say or do anything to get elected.

There is still the chance of an October Surprise, as a result of disclosures of new emails or Mrs. Clinton’s health problems surfacing again.

As far as the general election being rigged, Trump has a point, but not in the way he seems to be suggesting. Some conservatives cannot vote for him or Mrs. Clinton because both candidates are perceived to be in the back pocket of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Allegations of Russian influence have been lodged against both candidates with some validity. Trump is surrounded by pro-Russian advisers and his own statements on foreign policy have been pro-Putin. On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Trump mostly shrugged when asked about his campaign watering down the Republican Party platform on Russia and Ukraine. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is up to her neck in Russian intrigue, having presided over a failed Russian reset that led to the invasion of Ukraine, and dirty deals on behalf of Russia to get them a chunk of America’s uranium assets, in exchange for millions for the Clinton Foundation.

The election does seem to be rigged, but on behalf of the Kremlin. The controversy demonstrates the extent to which foreign interests are controlling the fate of the United States. A top critic of President Putin was apparently murdered in Washington, D.C. in November of 2015.  Yet we hear nothing about the case. Trump doesn’t even seem to know that Russia has invaded Ukraine. For her part, Hillary talks tough but Putin knows she is willing to accommodate his demands for more “Clinton Cash.”

The likely tragic outcome, at least at this stage in the campaign, is that the white working class voters who put their faith in Trump will be left in despair, as their jobs, values, and traditions go up in smoke. Anybody who covers the situation with the “Rust Belt” in the United States knows that American industries are closing, while Chinese money and Mexican heroin are pouring in.

Under a female President Clinton, anxious to please her progressive base, we can anticipate America’s middle class being drained of more resources through higher and higher taxes to pay for financial reparations for blacks. That is the new demand of the Black Lives Matter movement. The prison population would be vastly reduced, putting more predators back on the streets in the name of racial justice. Crime rates, already on the rise, would skyrocket.

All of this should be pretty clear by the time the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture opens in September, with a special wing devoted to America’s first black president. Construction of the Obama Presidential Center will be underway on Chicago’s South Side. It’s a project of the Barack Obama Foundation, whose purpose is to “carry on the great, unfinished project of renewal and global progress.”

The fundamental transformation of America is on track. The Trump Train has derailed.

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  • RMThoughts

    “As Accuracy in Media (AIM) has documented over time, the major media in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as Hollywood, are largely dominated by Democrats and liberals”.

    OMG!!! the AIM folk are on the ball, “Over time”, they figured this out all by themselves.

  • HoiPolloiBoy

    The liberal media handed Trump to us and now they’re gonna hand us his head on a platter.

  • Steven Barrett

    Oh, the poor rich boy’s already whinin’ “Hey, the game’s rigged, the game’s rigged, the game’s rigged.” As if he wouldn’t pull off a rigging if he could. Remember who one of his pals happens to be, the master rigger of ’em all in Russia.

  • 57 States

    Ah yes, Trump’s demise, like we haven’t heard this every week for months. The lies of the leftist media have been laid bare for everyone to see. Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper aren’t going to run the show anymore.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Your inability to see the simple fact that Trump has been saying insane, indefensible crap for THIRTY YEARS is hilarious. Blaming the media, who has been reporting it for three decades, is pathetic.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “The lies of the leftist media”.

    Sure. Showing video of Trump saying vile, disgusting crap is their fault. LOL

  • IronChefSandwiches

    No. You do NOT get to do this. YOU idiots won the nomination for this ass clown. YOU did it. Despite the adults in the Republican party trying to warn you. Despite the media accurately portraying him as a man-child. YOU. Take some freaking responsibility for once in your life, you right wing mouth breathers.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    The major media and Hollywood are, and have always been, owned by ultra right wing conservative corporations. Belief in the “liberal” media is laughable, like it’s always been.

  • HoiPolloiBoy

    No presumptuous one, I was a very strong Cruz supporter.

    YOU, the dam D’Rat fools that crossed over in open primary states GAVE us this albatross. YOU! And if YOU left wing wacko nut jobs think Hillary going to be a good president…well… YOU’re too stupid for words. The mainstream media, which is YOUR pied piper, led YOU along like the D’Rats YOU are and gave us Trump.

  • R Miller

    I will accepty their concern when they print a similar article listing the proven crisis created by lying Hillary. Somewhere between 70 to 5 articles critical of Trump vs. Clinton. I am glad he points out this insanity to put what they write in presepective.

  • Lelandjames

    You can only wish that were true, you liberal idiots will never learn that most honest people view all of you at nut cases. LOL

  • Lelandjames

    And, the liberal idiots just keep crawling out from under their rocks. Wow do they ever quit. LOL

  • Lelandjames

    See last reply

  • Lelandjames

    We all know lying Hillary and all her sidekicks including her sorry ass husband, cheats, lies and whatever, so what is new.

  • Lelandjames

    You can only dream

  • Lelandjames

    I am taking responsibility and voting for Trump, ever chance I get. Ha Ha Ha

  • Maggietish

    If there’s any derailment it’s the corrupt liberal media. The American voters are still supporting Donald Trump and the more of the corrupt liberal media attacks him the more support he gets. The mainstream and liberal media are in the tank for Hillary Clinton and they prove that constantly. CNN has literally destroyed their own network because their bias is so ridiculous that most people who I know simply change the channel. When people call CNN Clinton’s News Network that’s no joke. Hillary Clinton has literally put this Nation and the American people in jeopardy with her emails and private server, she’s responsible for and complicit in the skaughyer of four Americans in Benghazi, she lied for weeks to the American people and the families of those slaughtered Americans in Benghazi saying that the attack was due to a video when her emails prove that from the beginning she knew it was terrorist related, she’s now calling those family members of those fallen heroes liars, the Clinton foundation has taken in millions especially during the time that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and deals were cut with foreign countries most of whom are not even Americas allies. Bill and Hillary Clinton are now millionaires at the expense of this country and the American people. Why does the liberal media continue to cover up and protect Hillary Clinton when she’s nothing but a traitor to this country and the American people?

  • Steven Barrett

    Two Corinthians went into what they thought was a real estate office in NYC looking to make hay on what’ll undoubtedly be a nice stock of discounted Trump pieces of its former empire. Instead of finding a normal office setting, they were suddenly faced with a huuuuuge model train set with all sorts of trains derailed, cars strewn out every where and everybody’s got that “Don’t even say a word” look all over their panic’d faces.

    Wonder why. Sorry guys. This is what happens when a guy who wants to be the only kid who can play with his trains and thinks the world owes him more toys n’ joys to play with sans any sense of personal responsibility that goes with being the conductor, much less boss of the whole train system, stops listening to people and acts out accordingly … to his fantastical notions.

    If you folks like watching train wrecks, this one looks like a doozy. If you don’t, leave your tube off for the next several months. It won’t be a sight for the politically squeamish.

  • Bethesdagal

    Yeah, no left wing media bias much –
    Pat Smith, mother of one of those murdered in Benghazi, who Hillary not only lied to her face over her son’s casket but doubled down in her Chris Wallace interview this past Sunday and essentially called Pat Smith a liar, got 1/5 the media coverage that Trump received for merely insinuating that Mrs. Kahn didn’t speak while standing at her husband’s side due to the repressiveness of Islamic customs. *gasp* How dare Trump. *sigh*
    Even The WaPo gave Hillary 4 Pinnochios for her interview, yet I’ve not heard that reported anywhere in mainstream media. Any protests that mainstream media ISN’T heavily left-leaning is a case of – Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes ?

  • missieb2000

    What a disappointing mishmash of hand wringing this was. No facts, just empty worrisome ‘But….but….” fear. Waste of two minutes to read it

  • Steven Barrett

    What the hell does “lyin’ Hillary” or “crooked Clinton” have to do with the gross incompetence demonstrated by the top of the GOP ticket, Donald Trump? You folks are giving this election away in leaps n’ bounds longer n’ faster than the Democrats could’ve possibly imagined in their worst nightmares of doing in ’72 when Eagleton was nominated VP only to be dumped rather unceremoniously. But this is worse. Eagleton was a victim of his time and I’m sure if George McGovern was alive today, he never would consider dropping Eagleton in the light of what we now know is possible in treating people with bipolar depression. He never would be given the electro shock treatment of the bad old days, for one. But this is so much more different since the top of the ticket is not only unable to demonstrate any adultlike self-supervision and self-discipline, he’s doing what McGovern never gave thought to doing… dissing his party’s establishment. I’m a Democrat, but Trump’s stiff arming of the people who could help him the most right now, esp. Sen. McCain and Speaker Ryan … this behooves lots of explaining. Count on it, a new cottage industry has just arisen within the political literary circles. For now it’s hard to tell how much of it will fall under fact or fiction.
    When the adult at the top wants to act out like an elementary or worse, pre-school bully or classroom whiner, it’s time for the party’s boss, Mr. Priebus to have him called into the office and in this case, given some judiciously applied corporal punishment upside his thick skull if need be, esp. the first time the proverbially spoiled fat brat starts whinin’ and using his favorite insults for Hillary Clinton. Oh, and I hope Principal Priebus at least gets The Donald to return to the Purple Heart awardee his medal back. The Donald’s “big hands” should never tarnish that medal sacred to our Republic and the soldiers who earned them … The Hard Way.

  • JESS

    If you haven’t already done so, do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and go see “Hillary’s America” movie right away, while it’s still in the theaters! Then you will know exactly why Hillary keeps denying and twisting anything said about her dishonest ways. All I can say, personally, is: “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!

  • JESS

    Excuse me, but Trump DID already rig the system during the earlier Republican Debates! He used the Media and all of his slander and lible against really great candidates to defame many good legislator/candidates and left us with himself or Hillary the traitor for our choices. He used the Media to spread his lies about the other candidates to destroy their chances, and for that, I will only just barely bring myself to vote for him, or should I say I’ll run to vote AGAINST Hillary??

  • margaret

    I also voted for Cruz but he disappointed me when he failed to fulfill his basic duty to support the nominee and continuing to talk about his wife and dad comes across as petty/small-minded. Trump is absolutely right about the leftwing media and he should call CNN “Clinton News Network”- AIM used to understand this! Hillary is as venal and corrupt a politician whose top aide (whom she considers her daughter) is a Muslim Brotherhood operative- and “Sugar” Kaine (as DiscovertheNetworks) points out- is also MB-affiliated. The choice is clear- OpenBorders, unvetted Muslim immigration or Trump- the man who wants to protect us. The rest is sound ‘n fury, signifying nothing.


    It seems increasingly likely that the necessary restoration of the United States will have to be a revolutionary one. The combined media, gang and mob, illegal immigrant and government apparatus for election-stealing is now in full operation, and the recent unprecedented attack on Trump by the Trojan Horse traitor suggests that he is planning to hold on to his office when his term ends rather than turn it over to Trump. If the bribe-taking babykilling bulldyke is “elected”, the marxist muslim from Mombasa will remain in power in any case, because she will be a puppet president carrying out the orders of the one who kept her out of prison for that purpose. The frantic importation of immigrants of all kinds is intended to drown the republic in a flood of non-American, un-American and anti-American new voters who will turn the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe into a permanent ruling party like Mexico’s PRI (with which the democrats may merge after the coming Anschluss of Mexico and America). Exploding crime and accelerating racial pogroms by the Bloods and Crips, Mexican drug gangs and Farrakhanites suggest that, now that the tipping point of demographic transformation has apparently been reached, the demographic transformation of America is going to take on a new and lethal dimension. This is likely to be the last free election as we have known them in the United States, and we will almost certainly confront an Obama-Clinton dictatorship as soon in 2017 as a pretext for a state of emergency can be found. Military officers who respect their oaths and the Constitution (they are being driven out and being replaced by atheists, sexual deviants of various kinds and muslims, but there still are some) must now begin to consider at what point they will have to withdraw their support from a regime that has lost its legitimacy, and citizens must also begin to decide how much (gun confiscation, imposition of taxation by executive order, naturalization of 100 million invaders by decree, nationalization of industries, crackdowns on uncooperative or outspoken individuals, etc.) is too much from a government gone rogue.

  • votedemout

    “The fundamental transformation of America is on track. The Trump Train has derailed”, and AIM will be at the top of the list to blame, among those who claim to be patriotic Americans. You have consistently beat the drum on how we should have chosen another candidate. Well we didn’t, so get over it, and stop the bashing!!!

  • Jack Parsons

    Yesterday, in what was an obviously coordinated message, globalist mascots Obama (aka Soetoro) and Hollande (he of the $11,000 haircut) are imploring the GOP to dump Trump. You can smell the fear on the globalists. They are desperate. If Trump were truly losing they wouldn’t stoop to that level. My guess is that Crooked Hillary is down 10 to 15 percent in internal democrat polling. Bear in mind that she has outspent him 25 to 1. Trump is trying to wake people up to the false narratives. He is also firing a shot over Crooked Hillary’s bow. He is not going to stand for a rigged election as Bernie Sanders did. Judicial Watch has demonstrated that illegal votes got the clownish drunk Al Franken elected in 2008 and gave Obama North Carolina in that same year. Trump is set to expose the whole corrupt voting system if he is cheated. Trump is for real. He is putting himself in harms way.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    When I said “you”, I meant the collective you. Not necessarily you personally.

    And blaming Democrats supposedly voting in open primary states is not only ridiculous, it’s criminally stupid. There is zero evidence that Trump’s ascension to the nomination came from anything but misinformed, idiotic Republicans.

    Pull your head out. Maybe you can figure something out before 2020. LOL

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    I hear the liberals unleashed a Pokemon invasion of America – beware.

  • rivahmitch

    Trumps statement was a recognition of reality. The Democommies and their allies control the (media) soapbox. Given voter fraud, rigged voting machines and crooked vote counters, how can anyone seriously argue that the election is not rigged. Never-the-less, one must fight politically until the ballot box is inevitably superseded by the cartridge box as the Amerikan Gestapo… er, excuse me… “domestic security force” appears at our polling places and neighborhoods. Semper Fi!!

  • rivahmitch

    Hey leftist scumbag. I won’t dirty myself responding to most of your drivel but, wrt your comments on the Purple Heart. Unless you’re one of us who has earned one “The Hard Way”. Shut your mouth. You don’t tell combat vets what to do unless you are one. Semper Fi!!

  • efred1

    I believe it’s not Trump expecting to fail, he’s exposing corruption, voter fraud, and disenfranchisement of the voting public in his own inimitable way to help ensure a fair election this fall. Just watch, wait and see.

  • And unfortunately Cliff has aided the Leftist cause by his insincere support ? of Trump. This is war and any less mentality in the political arena isn’t being truthful. To think that conservative? critics like Cliff will continue to be free to publish their articles is a dream, if indeed they believe Leftists are communist and freedom restricting,as Cliff writes. To deny this is to make a liar out of your writings. Trump isn’t dangerous,it is simply a ploy used as was the same tactic used in the 1964 campaign with LBJ & Goldwater. What did we get ? 4 more years of Leftist communists marching against Vietnam and a very failed President,EXCEPT FOR LEFTISTS !! Now we have a radical sympathizer from that period, the same protests and Trump the new Goldwater. Only a FOOL can’t see it. I was old enough to remember those days in 1960-1969 and trusting Leftists has always brought death !! The movement and the thinking behind the people in the Leftist camp is flawed and dangerous and history bears this statement out. Stalin,Mao,Hitler were all a type of flawed,dangerous ILL LIBERAL AUTHORITARIAN THINKING !! Hillary is a dangerous woman to freedom. Moreso than Obama !!! Just read a child from the 60’s to know, David Horowitz. A child of Communist members he was deeply enmeshed in the protests and found his way out of the ill liberal thought process. He knows the real methods of the communist mind and tactics. The Constitution is disappearing due to our supposed Representatives not representing Constitutional government,but government by the other two branches. The President and 9 judges are running the country with the help of unelected bureaucrats making laws or directives themselves. The Congress could disappear for 6 moths or maybe longer and you wouldn’t even know they’re gone,except to rubber stamp the Presidential programs by funding every one of them. Oh, and also holding ceremonial duties and phony hearings attempting to get people to think something may change. Alert !!, it doesn’t and won’t even with Trump, the system isn’t only rigged fro career politicians,it is corrupt beyond mending. Accept it or accept this is war. The revolution is yet to come

  • Bluetick

    your laughable and a paid liberal troll you troll all media that is not liberal

  • Faustrightly

    We have reached, if not surpassed, third world levels of media corruption. The evidence of collusion was plain to see in the leaded emails, which have, conveniently, been totally forgotten or spun into a “russian meddling problem.”

  • Jack Parsons

    He’s not good at it. When confronted with a debate he runs away.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Try spelling, capital letters and punctuation some time. It really makes you seem smarter than you are.

    And I WISH I was paid to come here and make fun of you morons.

  • mioahu

    yes, they lie, every day, and they are biased, very biased. If you don’t know that you are very misguided.
    If you know that, you are just an other leftie zombie (but we already know that). You never argue based on ideas because lefties contradict themselves all the time, and cannot have a debate. That’s why the only arguments you ever hear against republicans is that they are racist, misoginistic , islamophobes , homophobes, hate children and old people etc …because when you say something is evil you don’t have to debate it !!! Maybe one day you will wake up.
    Liberals are tolerant, unless you don’t agree with them…then they become the most intolerant people.
    They love women, unless the woman is conservative, then they treat her like they did Sarah palin
    They love black men, unless they are conservative, then they are race traitors and uncle Toms
    They love gays unless they are conservative, then they are aberations
    They love transgender people unless they are conservative, then they say that still, at one point, they were white privileged men
    How pathetic !!!!!
    They love life , life is precious, unless it is that of an innocent unborn baby ! If it’s a vicious rapist murderer,
    he should be allowed to live, how tolerant of them !
    They love latinos, unless you are called Cruz, or Rubio and you are conservative, then you are fair game.
    They love our children, unless you say god bless and you are suspended from school.
    They love our children, but don’t agree to voucher programs for schools, since they don’t want to alienate the teacher unions,
    They love workers, but push for minimum wage hikes, of course not being aware that those hikes were the main means in history to price low earners out of the work force (like the chinese and the blacks) but you would need to know history for that, now wouldn’t you, and the leftist disgraceful education system doesn’t teach our children history anymore, other than slavery over and over
    They love black people, and they love abortion, yet that’s the single biggest black lives taker in the country, BY FAR ! Let alone that PlannedParenthood was started by a person who wanted to limit the poor black population by means of birth control
    They are patriots and love their country, but the only thing they wanna do is fundamentally transform it…If you love somebody/something you want to make it better, not fundamentally transform it ! Cause in that case, what do you actually love ?
    They love their country, but the only thing they talk about when it comes to history is slavery, underground railroad, trail of tears, founders were racist, unjust wars, atrocities…everybody seems to forget that the united states has had THE MOST good done for the world than any other country in history
    They love free speech, unless it is conservative, then they try to shut it down…defund talk radio, shut down conservative speakers on campuses, never invite conservative speakers for commencement addresses, make safe rooms , complain about microagressions, start violence at conservative rallies.
    The left is TOTALITARIAN, it wants to shut down everything is does not agree with, be careful what you wish for. All leftist countries are totalitarian, exactly because of that, they can’t tolerate free speech unless the stupidity of their ideology be exposed. They use people like you as useful idiots until they get there.

  • William Drumm Sr.

    People,everyones iñer demons are stering. Everybody needs to relax and let Mr, Trump work his magic. This man’s speech, Mr. Kahn, was pre-writen by the Clinton team long before he took the stage, and he may have had appointments with certain media news before he went on stage too. Mr. Trump, I believe is fine.

  • William Drumm Sr.

    Trump should let us all in on the big, BIG secret anyway. We don’t parlay with terrorist sympathizers anyway. Nail her Mr. Trump.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    I can understand true conservative constitutionalists saying they don’t believe that Trump is a Republican, conservative, or constitutionalist. So I can also see why they might threaten to sit out the election or vote 3rd party like the Libertarian or the Constitution Parties.

    HOWEVER, what we “purists” have to consider is that the next president will likely appoint 2 or more justices to the supreme Court. The next president will either control our borders as required by the Constitution or open them up to anyone who wants to come in, especially those who want not to become part of the Great American Experiment, but to end it.

    Just what do we expect that Queen Hillary, oops, President Hillary will do? Hasn’t Mr. Trump at least stated he’ll secure the borders, deport illegals, and vet legal immigrants who want to come here?

    I’d love to vote for a 3rd party, maybe something like an actual TEA Party, but can we afford such a luxury? I fear not.

    This may be our last opportunity to start a difficult but peaceful movement to restore the rule of constitutional law and therefore the Republic. If the traitor Hillary is elected our only option may be to dust off the Declaration of Independence and take it to heart with a vengeance, keeping in mind why Madison, Jefferson, and Justice Story said the 2nd Amendment was written.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Really? Where did you get that conspiracist tall tale from?

    By the way, do you believe that Obama, both Clintons, Sanders, and Soros are conservatives?

  • Russ Mengel

    no it suggests what we all know………..that if primaries are rigged, so is the likely hood the general election. Electronic voting is to blame………..easy to hack into an rig votes for Clinton.
    Secondly, every day we see a bunch of dumb and petty issue against Trump while we hear nothing about the major criminal Hillary. The Clinton bias will get worse………….be nice to see the media start being more critical of Hillary. Look at all the scandals and favoritism she’s been a major part of.

  • Russ Mengel

    Anyone who thinks polls by the mainstream media are not biased against Trump is an idiot.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    WTF are you babbling about?

    OK. WHO owns the major media and Hollywood? HOW am I stating a “conspiracist tall tale”?

    And are you saying the Obama, both Clintons, Sander and Soros control the media and Hollyood?

    You’re a special kind of stupid, ain’t ya?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    If you can’t or are too much the caitiff to answer simple questions, just admit it rather than resorting to a puerile attack.

    By the way, I never said anything about Obama, the Clintons, Sanders, or Soros controlling the media and Hollywood. Are you aliterate, a progressive agent provocateur, or just a prevaricator? I was just wondering where you stood on a Nolan type political graph.

    Below you chastise Bluetick for his grammatical errors. How about heeding your own advice? Also, I see that in your hubris you like to call people you disagree with stupid, morons, etc.

  • Lisbeth

    Putin’s moves have all been defensive in spite of hysteria in the NATO media about aggression. Who fomented the Coup d’état in Ukraine? Who destabilized that country? It wasn’t Putin. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t trust him, but I am intelligent enough to understand the difference between naked aggression and protecting your interests when foreigners are meddling at your doorstep. Putin has stones. So does Trump. The rest of them? Not at all.

  • terry1956

    Cliff, has AIM did a report on the very little media reports on the Constitution Party nominee Castle and the non inclusion in the polls although Johnson and Stein( actually the Green Party has not had its convention yet so Stein is not the nominee) are in some, showing Johnson sometimes with 10% and Jill with 5%, I suspect Castle would get at the very least more than 5% by the poll taker saying Castle is the constitution party nominee?
    If not then why has AIM failed to talk about the 5th party?
    Most Americans do not like Hillary or Trump so it is the duty of AIM to look into the matter.
    Anyway of the 4 party nominees and the 1 presumptive Trump would be the second best with of course by far Castle being the best. Johnson would be a distant third with Hillary and Jill tying for worst of those 5 running and being the worst president in US history with Obama being the worst so far ( Hillary or Jill would be worse than Obama).
    Also another good reason if Trump is elected instead of Hillary is that he will be easier to impeach in the house, and then run out of office by the senate( their would be enough in the GOP and dems to convict) which would be a good thing for the country but then again I think it would have been best for the country if every president after Coolidge had been impeached by the house and removed by the senate( then again I think 90% of Congress and 90% of federal judges since 1926, at least 51% since 1870 should have been impeached, convicted and run out of office but of course its got to be the voters who does that to so many in congress).
    Now if Trump does not violate the US Constitution then of course he should not be removed from office but if he has read and studied the short document then I don’t think it means much to him.

  • terry1956

    Castle has bigger stones than Trump, he says the US must break with the UN,NATO,WTO,IMF,World Bank,Trump so far has not shown the smarts or guts to call for that.
    The Constitution Party was thinking about not even nominating any one if Trump had panned out to be savvy on the US Constitution butTrump did not show that.
    Trump still can do it if he is willing.
    He needs to stop playing the fool to the media.

  • terry1956
    The Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946 was over political leaders in McMinn County trying not to count the ballots in public.
    Jews For The Preservation Of Firearm Ownership has the story on their website just put Battle Of Athens in their search

  • terry1956

    We need to take a note from Theo Parsons( later years he was state supreme court chief) who was a delegate to the MASS. state convention on wither or not to ratify the US Constitution, arguing that their was no need for a bill of rights or violence against the federal government because juries would refuse to convict unjust federal charges, of course back then most in the US knew juries had the veto but today likely 90% need to be told.
    This year I am very sure that Darrel Castle will not be elected although by far he would make the best person running to follow the US Constitution but I’m going to vote for him anyway here in Tennessee where the odds are very extreme in favor that Trump will have more votes than Hillary.
    I have the word of a fellow co-worker who lives in Georgia that he will do the same for similar reasons because like me and the majority of Americans he does not like Trump but also like me and a majority of Americans he does not like Hillary but like me he likes Hillary far less and knows the odds are extremely in favor of Trump getting more votes in Georgia than Hillary.
    Anyway Trump will be the next president I think unless his foot in his mouth gets in the way.

  • Malcolm Scott

    Does it seem that journalists today would prefer to write standup or Onion articles?

  • Malcolm Scott

    Your real concern should be when Hillary will finally implode. Right now she has painted herself in a corner by effectively accusing Comey of lying to congress.
    Both cannot be telling the truth so one or both can be arrested.

  • Malcolm Scott

    Yes, it is simple logic. Likewise the only reason to protest a voter photo id is if you intend to commit fraud.

    If we had real journalists they would raise these simple logical truths.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    So you believe Kincaid and those at AIM are liberals? How would you define a conservative then?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Like you, I’m voting against the traitor Hillary.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    It’s so cute how you morons can’t let anything go. The E-Mail “scandal”? It’s over. She didn’t break any laws. Add it to the list of nonsense accusations you fools have been making for 25 years now. Oh, and get used to saying President Clinton again!

  • terry1956

  • Lush Rimbaugh

    It’s obvious that the primaries are rigged, it’s what got US Romney over Paul in ’12 and what gave THEM Hillary over Bernie. How is pointing out that the general election is rigged stating anything other than the obvious? Sorry. I don’t buy it. If anything these comments are laying yet another trap that the media, democrats, and RINO’s will fall right into.

  • eric

    In Minnesota and 59 precincts in Pennsylvania More voter than 100 % yet not a single vote for Romney from any voter registered to vote in those precincts . What a great voter turn out the black communities had , Over a 100 % , a obvious fraud . democrats say voter ID would be unfair to poor black people . Some one might be deprived of their vote .

  • Admin Cat

    OH NO!, it’s all over . OK, I’ll just vote Hillary now.

  • Steven Barrett

    When it comes to the Catholics, only the arch traditionalist voters are showing any enthusiasm for Trump, and that “enthusiasm” is at best room temperature. He’s offended most Catholics, especially their hierarchy from their local diocesan chanceries to Vatican City with his economic notions, his attacks on minorities, Muslims and Mexicans in particular, his Draconian views on immigration and who really knows where this guy really stands on abortion? He’s against it now, but he wasn’t before and while it’s understandable for people to have changed their hearts and minds over the years, in toto or by degrees on the issue, when the individual who’s been nominated for the highest office in the land, it’s essential for voters to know where this candidate is actually on such a crucial issue since there appears a strong likelihood of multiple Supreme Court retirements happening within the next four years.
    BTW, just an editorial note: There is no such church called the “Roman Catholic Church.” That’s an Episcopalian/Anglican contribution to the common lexicon of American religious groupings. A contribution that a lot of unsuspecting Catholics and non-Catholics went along with so far to the point where they grew up never learning otherwise.

  • donhank

    They’re Neocons, more dangerous than liberals and NOT conservative. Here is what they are People like Cliffy have fallen for this leftist warmongering. On the other hand, he has lucrative donors and has to please them.

  • donhank

    Oh, you didn’t read those books by well-paid Russian “dissidents” who escaped the Soviet Union and said that Russia will take over the world and nuke us? Why didn’t you ever read Jeffrey Nyquist’s book Origins of the Fourth World War? He predicted in 1998, based on something written by Golitsyn, that the russkies were going to nuke us in 2000! Boy are you behind the times! We have already been annihilated.

  • donhank

    Good thing we have good old AIM to set everyone straight, eh Folks? If it weren’t for Neocons like Cliffy and Trevor, I would never have learned that Trump once “thought about” building a Trump Tower in commie Moscow. Or was that commie Washington? Stay tuned to find out what other stuff Trump “once thought about.” If people knew these earth shattering facts, why we could turn this whole thing around. Hillary would have a clear path to the White House” Yea HIllary!

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Well , I see that Lelandjames won’t answer question.

    However, I see your “proof” of what Kinkaid is, is an article you wrote. But I believe you lost your argument in your first sentence. Not one neoconservative I’ve met or talked to was an atheist as you claim they are. Now I wouldn’t call them fundamentalist Christians as I am, but they aren’t atheists as many on the far right would have us believe. Nor are they conservative constitutionalists unfortunately.

    By the way, I appreciated you reference to the problem of case law. As one conservative legal scholar once said, modern constitutional law has little or nothing to do with the Constitution. The problem is with the concept of Stare Decicis and Case Law.

    By the way, how is it in Panama?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Why haven’t you had the courage to answer my questions? Or is all you’re able to do is resort to ad hominem attacks?

  • donhank

    Hi Roberto,
    Thanks for reading that. I don’t know what article you read so i can’t respond. As for case law, back when I lived in Lancaster County, PA, I took a Constitution course taught by none other than my friend Jim Clymer, founder — or one of the founders — of the Constitution Party. One of the very first things he told us was that when he took his first course in the Constitution, he and his class were NEVER assigned to read any part of the Constitution itself. It was all case law. Obviously, the little people are not supposed to read the actual document itself. We need legal “experts” to interpret it for us. After all, we might be liable to think the writers of the document actually meant what they said. As for Cliffy, just to give you an idea of how honest and altruistic this fellow is, I once had his addy on my reader list. One day someone sent me an article on a subject or another and it looked really interesting. I didn’t have much time to read but liked the first few paragraphs and decided to forward it to the group. Not much more than a minute later, I received a reply from one of my readers who informed me that the article was by Sorcha Faal, the notorious hoaxster. I immediately wrote an apology to the recipients. However, Cliffy was not as gracious as the others. He immediately wrote back that he was going to “write this up.” He dedicated most of an article to this slip up of mine as if this would be proof that Russophiles are careless with facts, but, being the generous warm hearted person that he is, he never mentioned that I was the one who tipped off the group and that I had apologized. I didn’t bother writing about him because I had once gotten some good advice: Aquila non capit musca. But I did want to recount this because it was an object lesson to me in what Neocons really are down underneath. I do not see a human soul in them to tell the truth. And that ties in with the fact that they write for their biggest donors and not from the heart, because they have no palpable hearts. I would like to tell every reader of this that the Neocons are the diametric opposite of the Russians that I know. Most Russians are sincere, honest, warm and have a big heart. They know how to love and forgive. I remember when Americans once had those traits, and I long for the day when they get them back.

  • donhank

    Hillary thanks you for this resounding endorsement.

  • Steven Barrett

    Wow, has this thread started to look like a proverbial trainwreck itself.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Don, the article I read, “Neocons target gullible Christians,” was the one you referenced and was written by a Don Hank. Was that not you? The first sentence read, “In a nutshell, the atheistic ideology of Neoconservatism is why America did not change for the better when the GOP took over both houses and why a GOP president will not restore our republic.” Is that not correct?

    The issue of Case Law I read about in the “About” section of the site which starts off saying, “The editor-in-chief of Laigle’s Forum is Donald Hank…,” whom I presumed is you.

    In the 6th paragraph it states, “Secondly, we are unaffiliated with any religious or political groups. Our religion comes from the Bible, not the New Age or Church Growth movement or charismatic religious leaders, and our politics come from the Constitution, not “case law,” whose purpose is to destroy the Constitution–Roe v Wade is a prime example.”

    I happen to agree with that sentiment and believe that the decline of the Republic is due to far too many Americans forgetting the God of the Bible and the Constitution of the Framers. My belief is that our only hope lies in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Kincaid. Please keep in mind that he receives a lot of hate mail, mostly from the Left. I’ve often disagreed with him, but I’ve never considered him an atheist, a Leftist, or someone without a soul. So I don’t see your unfortunate experience as proof of his being an atheist.

    Let me mention that anyone who considers other humans as without souls I don’t see as justified in the Scriptures. Dead souls, yes, but not no souls. I’ve only heard that from those who want to dehumanize and demonize lost souls. Nor have I seen all neoconservatives as writing solely for mammon, but I see all too many accusing those they disagree with as doing so.

    I took it you didn’t live in the US from the first paragraph of the “About” section.

  • donhank

    Yes, that was my article. Unlike cowardly Neocons, I use my real name. I am referring to our resident Neocon here. You disagree that Neoconservatism is atheistic. You are justified in not understanding this. The Upper level Neocons are atheists, as the article shows. But their trick is deceiving the lower level ones into thinking they are doing God’s work. That is really the whole point. I was one of those deceived, back when Bush was pushing for his war in Iraq, I thought he was a godly man who would get God’s full support and lead us to a victory over evil. But a week after we “won,” the Assyrian Christians started leaving Iraq in droves. The top level Neocons had succeeded. THEY won the war. Here is how to upper echelon Neocons control unwary Christians: Many softheaded Christians believe that both gays and Muslims are downtrodden and represent the needy that Jesus said we are to help. Ironically the 2 groups hate each other but the upper level Neocons have controlled the dialogue so that many “Christians” now sympathize with both. Why does the upper level do this? Easy: because the political activists of both groups are made to order destroyers of traditional Christianity and these top level Neocons are philosophical descendants of the radical branch of the Enlightenment so they hate Christianity. Soros is the epitomy of this top level and he supports both groups. In Germany and the US, he is behind the mass migration movement. He has targeted German “Christians” with the message that they must take in millions of downtrodden Muslims. Merkel is the head of the CDU — Christian Democratic Union — and millions of her supporters are “Christians.” So when she says Germany must take in these millions of Muslims, they blindly follow her Diktat. What they do not realize is that at the top level of the Neocon hierarchy, Soros and his demons are plotting to destroy Chrsitianity by pandering to the Muslims, many of whom are already persecuting Christian refugees. Just got this in this morning file:///C:/Users/Don%20Hank/Downloads/Open_Doors_Survey_Religiously_motivated_attacks_on_Christian_refugees_in_Germany_2016%20(1).pdf. As for the gay agenda, even though many “Christian” activists are against gay marriage and the like, many are Neocons, so they hate Russia. Here is how the top Neocons are working to trap them and their followers: By opposing Russia in Syria, these lower level Neocon grunts tend to sabotage the fight against ISIS in Syria. After all, they blindly accept the absurdity that the Russians — who never slash Christian throats — are the no. 1 enemy, and ISIS is not nearly as significant. This indirectly, but every effectively, translates to very strong support for ISIS, which is working to destroy Christianity. Likewise, they indirectly oppose the very effective Russian laws against gay propaganda. In these two ways, they are very effective pawns in the game intended to destroy Christianity. And they don’t even know it. Thanks to their tragic lack of spiritual discernment, atheist Soros wins!
    These comments reproduced here (with modifications):

  • donhank
  • donhank

    Someone asked me on this thread why the Russian Army has reinstated the hammer and sickle on its flag. Here is my response:

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Was the article about a police officer killing someone? Evidently you seem to think so. Has Kincaid ever justified police killing innocent unarmed people? For that matter, has he ever justified killing unarmed criminals not threatening the police? If so. please post the URL to the article for all to read.

    There was only one short sentence mentioning anything about police, “If a white man had killed two black women, especially if the white man had been a cop, you can bet the race of the perpetrator would have been highlighted.” Yet this sent you over the edge despite the fact you know, or should know, it’s true.

    So your comment is more likely due to your prejudice and puerile bent at being a progressive troll who despises Kincaid.

    Don’t you think it somewhat hubristic to imply that all top neoconservatives are atheists and that the neoconservative movement is atheistic? I don’t find one fact that supports your implication that Kincaid is an atheist. It’d seem you base your “judgment” on the basis that he’s not a strong conservative in your view. That’s bothersome to this conservative Christian curmudgeon. I also find your condescension troubling. So let me ask, are you a Dominionist?

    Perhaps you don’t realize it, but many conservatives and liberals believe they’re doing God’s work. Yet many aren’t, and if I might be so bold, I’d say ALL of us Christians and conservatives at times aren’t. That includes you and I.

    As for your comments about Christians who see homosexuals and Muslims as downtrodden and represent the needy that Jesus said we’re to help, many completely misunderstand what help that should be because they’re unchurched and grossly ignorant of the Gospel. Sure, both groups SHOULD be helped, but I find it extremely difficult how a Christian could be a liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, or neoconservative and understand what type help they need. Sadly, many are simply blind. They’ve been erroneously taught that some sins are not the responsibility of the sinners and therefore those sinners should be coddled. You and I know differently.

    We both know that the answer is the tough talk of the New Testament, that sinners are lost and will reap a bitter separation from God UNLESS they seek Jesus according to Romans 10:9-10 and repent, meaning seriously seeing it as sin and turning away from it with the intent of not it doing again.

    However, does being a “conservative” Christian mean believing that homosexuals and Muslims should be kiiled? Are they soulless as you implied and therefore deserve no true compassion? Do they have the same right as the rest of us to hear the Gospel and to turn to God, repent, and be saved? Isn’t that what the Gospel of Jesus Christ all about?

    You mentioned George Soros. Do you know who he really is and his history? He’s an unbelieving SOCIALIST Jew who in his youth helped Nazis steal the belongings of his fellow Jews in Hungary. He’s completely unrepentant for that. He’s also an international financier who’s committed numerous financial crimes while trying to destabilize currencies around the world. He’s in no way a Christian or a neoconservative as you seemed to try to lead readers to believe.

    But Soros is certainly part of the ungodly cabal including the progressives and Islamists trying to destroy the USA and Western Civilization. One of the primary means is to destroy the basis of Western Civilization, biblical Christianity.

    I wonder, do you believe it was the intent of Bush to see the Assyrian Christians driven out of Iraq? Also, what do you believe was the real purpose for invading Iraq and toppling Saddam?

    By the way, I went to your article at your forum and see that it had proper paragraph formatting. Here it seems paragraph separation is deleted making it harder for us old codgers to read.

  • donhank

    The West, and NOT Puin, is saturated with Marxian dialectics:

  • donhank
  • donhank

    You forgot to ask me how often I beat my wife.

  • donhank

    If you are interested in discussing an article of mine, please post a link so I can see what you are referencing. You can’t expect me to send you to a link to an article YOU read that I do not remember writing. As for your accusation that I am a LEFTWING troll because I oppose HILLARY Clinton, it really made me chuckle, You have a great sense of humor! LOL. No, I am not a Dumb-minionist. What made you think I was? BTW, I do not hate Kincaid and I do not think he hates me. After all, he gets paid to behave as he does, just as wrestlers get paid to pretend to trounce one another and also to hate each other. Outside the ring, they are beer drinking — or steroid shooting — buddies. I consider Cliff a misguided friend and am praying that he — and you (assuming you are two separate people) — will see the light. There is hope for everyone. Also, I know that Kincaid is a devout Catholic, not an atheist. To repeat myself unabashedly (excuse you for making me do it): It is mostly the top level Neocons who are atheists. They have suckered the gullible lower and middle level ones into doing their dirty work. It would be hilarious but they aren’t laughing. They don’t laugh much.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    You claim you don’t hate Kincaid but your words belie that. Also you you love to make up things like the insinuation that I’m Kincaid? Do you have a clue as to what a Dominionist is? By the way, the article I referred to is the one on this site. The comments I referred to are the ones you posted.

    You made it quite clear in you innuendoes that Kincaid was a neoconservative atheist. So please, don’t try to weasel out of that.

    What light do you want me to see, that neoconservatism is a wrong headed approach and isn’t anywhere near conservative constitutionalism? I’ve implied that, so what else is it you’re tying to force me to say? Is it that all the top neoconservative INCLUDING Kincaid as you implied are atheists? Sorry, as a Christian I won’t bear such false witness.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    My apologies. However, your non sequitur shows that you’re either too fearful of answering straight forward questions or to benighted to do so.