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David Brooks, The New York Times’ resident “conservative,” has once again gone all out to support President Obama, claiming that the misconduct of the current presidential campaigns has already made him “miss” the President’s “superior integrity” and poise. Brooks’ “strange sensation” that he is feeling seems reminiscent of the thrill up his leg for the President that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews once spoke of experiencing.

Brooks has been with the Times for over 12 years, and is also a political analyst for PBS. That would be more than enough left-wing influence to severely cloud anyone’s judgment, and clearly Brooks has not been immune.

The mainstream media refuse to throw away their rose-colored glasses when judging Obama because the reality of this President’s corruption and dishonesty contradicts the liberal narrative. To the contrary, if Brooks were to be believed, President Obama has demonstrated “basic care and respect for the dignity of others,” sound decision-making, “grace under pressure,” and “optimism.” And yes, just like former senior Obama advisor David Axelrod, Brooks argues that President Obama has been “remarkably scandal-free” when compared with prior presidencies.

The question of presidential legacy, however, revolves not around a president’s demeanor but rather his policy successes and failures, as well as his character. From the IRS scandal, to Fast & Furious, to Benghazi, and the mistreatment of veterans, there have, in reality, been a multitude of scandals under President Obama’s leadership. These scandals, and the ensuing cover-ups, have stained Obama’s reputation less publicly than in previous administrations not because of their minor importance, but rather because a corrupt media is willing to overlook massive amounts of evidence of malfeasance to benefit their allies in the Democratic Party.

“Perhaps, for the Obama administration, it’s proven easier to deny the media’s access to information that might reveal further scandals than to admit the truth about its own deep-seated corruption,” we wrote in 2015, when Brooks made a similar outrageous claim. The mainstream media continue to be more than content to leave stones unturned whenever it becomes clear that new evidence might harm Obama.

“If the Obama Administration is willfully giving guns to Mexican drug gangs, allows veterans to die waiting for health care, makes a concerted effort to stifle free speech while refusing to help the four Americans under assault from terrorists doesn’t merit the word scandal in David Brooks’ book then he demonstrates no capacity for reason,” argues Aaron Goldstein for The American Spectator, who also took note of this latest Brooks column.

During his ongoing war against journalists, President Obama has abused the Espionage Act while investigating administration leaks. “This is the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered,” argued David Sanger of the Times. Maybe Brooks should consult with Sanger, or another Times colleague, James Risen, who said that the Obama administration has been “the greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation.”

But for Brooks there can only be kind, wistful words about the end of an Obama presidency. “No, Obama has not been temperamentally perfect,” Brooks writes. “Too often he’s been disdainful, aloof, resentful and insular. But there is a tone of ugliness creeping across the world, as democracies retreat, as tribalism mounts, as suspiciousness and authoritarianism take center stage.”

By ugliness, Brooks obviously meant to snipe at Republican presidential candidates such as Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz (TX). In contrast to Trump, Brooks argues, President Obama combatted Islamophobia by making a “wonderful speech” at the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

“President Obama, meanwhile, went to a mosque, looked into people’s eyes and gave a wonderful speech reasserting their [Muslim’s] place as Americans,” writes Brooks.

Brooks writes opinion pieces, and he’s certainly entitled to his opinions, but he clearly didn’t do any background research on the mosque that Obama visited, nor the speech itself. “[Islamic Society of Baltimore] leaders have amassed a record of support for radical Islamic causes over the years, including endorsing the Chechen jihad and Palestinian suicide bombings,” reports the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). “Its former imam was active in a charity later linked to terror financing including Hamas, the Taliban, and for providing ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ to Osama bin Laden.”

Daniel Pipes, writing for IPT, accuses President Obama of excess optimism when it comes to Islamic terror. “…but what about the dark side, the unique and repeated role of mosques in parlaying totalitarian ideas and fomenting violence?” Pipes asks. “That goes unsaid in the president’s rose-colored presentation.”

In another interpretation of Obama’s mosque speech, Dennis Prager points to how the President championed the fact that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams each owned a copy of the Koran. What the President failed to mention, Prager points out, was that these founders owned Korans in order to understand why Muslims were using their religion to justify enslaving Americans.

Clare Lopez pointed out numerous factual errors in Obama’s comments at the mosque, including the meaning of the word “Islam.”

In one instance, Brooks seeks to favorably compare Obama to Mrs. Clinton, alluding to her email scandal as a “vaguely shady shortcut” rather than the serious scandal with criminal implications at its heart.

Recent news reports, including from the Times, confirm that Mrs. Clinton sent or received over 1,300 emails containing classified information using her private server. One cannot also overlook that Mrs. Clinton was serving in the Obama administration at the time. EmailGate is, therefore, also an Obama scandal. According to the Times, there are “18 emails exchanged between Mrs. Clinton and President Obama” that the administration is refusing to make public.

For Brooks, Obama’s only missteps in terms of foreign policy have been because he has been “too cautious.” But according to another of Brooks’ colleagues at the Times, Roger Cohen, Obama’s “caution” has been instrumental in a Syrian civil war that has resulted in 250,000 deaths, 4.5 million refugees, and 6.5 million people internally displaced. Speaking of Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, currently under siege by the Assad government, Cohen writes that the situation “is a result of the fecklessness and purposelessness over almost five years of the Obama administration.”

A Washington Post editorial, entitled “Mr. Obama stands by silently as Russia continues its onslaught in Syria,” argues that “the United States has paved the way for the ongoing military debacle.”

Obama has thrown caution to the wind with yet another debacle—the phony nuclear deal—one which will empower Iran to gain the bomb while ensuring that this totalitarian regime receives enough funding to continue to spread terror abroad. Yet MSNBC’s Steve Benen, while reflecting on Brooks’ “compelling case,” argues that “quite a few folks are likely to miss the president once he’s left the stage, for more reasons than one.”

The mainstream media continue to delude themselves into thinking that President Obama’s legacy will inspire admiration from both sides of the aisle once he leaves office. If enough journalists remain as detached from reality as Brooks, they might be proven right.

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  • Richard Rosenthal

    Accuracy in media? this piece is opinion. All the “scandals” listed, to this date, have not been scandals after all the investigations. We are still waiting for the FBI to comment on Hillary’s email but it does appear so far that retroactively classifying emails and the decades old problem of over-classification is not going send Hillary to jail. Brooks is correct, by historic standards Obama has been a class act. There have been valid criticisms that Obama tends to deliberate rather than act but in retrospect he also hasn’t been reckless. Just because folks can’t comprehend the quagmires we DIDN’T get sucked into doesn’t mean these possibilities weren’t real. Obama spared us from a horrible depression; this is fairly apparent. There were close to 11 possible military conflicts that Obama resisted getting goaded into by his foolish opposition. Smart should not be confused with feckless.

  • Austinniceguy

    That was a HILARIOUS post!!!! He’ll go down as the worst president in history. When he took office the deficit was at 10.626 trillion dollars, it is now over 19 trillion. When he took office there were 28 million people on food stamps, there are now 46 million. Obamacare is a nightmare just waiting to be crushed under its own financial weight and the lies told to create it. Isis WOULD NOT exist were it not for OlBluegums and Hitlery. I also remember that he gave Solyndra 535 million dollars only to see them and the money disappear less than a year later. Then there’s Hitlery and her numbers. Did you NOT see how she tanked in New Hampshire? Her trustworthiness is at an abysmal 3%!!! She is nothing but a lying, cheating, scandalous ball of corruption. Yeah, you’re right on point with those two.

  • Your right Brooks does get a thrill up his legs everytime Obama speaks. Obama is a serial liar, incompetent, clueless on how to fix anything except throw more money at it and a disaster to U.S. citizens and a hero to the illegals who are draining over 330 billion a year from the tax payers.

  • RMThoughts

    The GOPe neo-conservatives think that they can blame the Left and Obama for society’s woes. As society implodes they think they can point and say ‘They did all this,’ and thereby absolve themselves of all guilt. GOPe think that by the title of conservative they will escape the wrath of the betrayed. They will not.

  • newsel

    What are you talking about? Lets talk about Detroit et al collapsing on a fiscal and social basis and you are now going to blame the GOP for that fiasco? You are talking drivel.

  • jug

    What planet are you living on, anyway?
    Obama was intent in destroying this country from day one!
    And he is almost there!

    Two hundred years ago, he would have been before a firing squad early in his first term!

  • newsel

    BS: walking out of Iraq gave us ISIS. Then he gave us the Arab Spring, deposing Ghadafi gave us Benghazi…the man is a total waste of time.

    Worse than that he is no friend of the US, it’s constitution or our way of life. I give it 2 years after he is no longer Pres before he converts as did Blair in the UK. Political expediency and power counts for everything with these Trojan Horses.

  • RMThoughts

    Sorry, GOP constant surrender, left our young men and women to grow up in a physical and moral wasteland with hostile cultures swarming over the bones of our civilization.

    The GOP and “conservatives” have to stop making arguments for immigration, legal or illegal. The 50-year mass migration into the United Statesis the single largest invasion in human history . At over 60 million, It is twice the number of immigrants who entered the United States between 1870 and 1920. It requires a near-complete ignorance of history to assume, as the candidates of the GOPe do, that an invasion of this
    magnitude will not have an extraordinary impact on the long-term fate of the United States, or that it does not represent an existential threat to the very survival of America as a nation.

    It’s not too late to realize that we have followed the GOPe and its promises and been misled into acting against the best interests of our own nation. There will be a time when it will be too late for excuses

  • newsel

    OK you win…:-)

  • newsel

    Maybe that is why I like Trump…screw the PC BS

  • Seedman

    Another year, another huge Obamacare rate increase. Insurance coverage we do not need at a cost we cannot afford. At least gasoline is reasonable. But wait. Now skunk Hussein Obama and progressive unconstitutional immoral Democrats have their sights aimed on a new fuel tax.

  • Ted

    This Aronoff stiff is even more bassackwards than Kincaid!

    This is the kind of nutcase (Aronoff) that probably opposes abortion even in instances of incest.

  • Ted

    Absolutely correct! And, now, realizing he has only eleven months left to continuously excoriate Pres. Obama … this nincompoop Aronoff has decided to begin excoriating his own! I can’t decide! Is it incest … or cannibalism?

  • Ted

    Bush II shares the title of “Worst American President” with Harding and Hoover … and as Roosevelt had to clean up Hoover’s incredible pile of sh*t … Obama has had to clean up Bush II’s sh*t … and it’s a stinking, thankless job. Even the bad taste left by the Nixon-Agnew famiglia isn’t nearly as bad as the stinking sh*t left behind by Bush-Cheney!


    Right, Obama had to clean up after Bush, but the crap left by Clinton gets blamed on Bush as well, just how does that work?

  • Austinniceguy

    LOL, typical moron from the left. Bush 2 added a total of 5.2 trillion dollars to the deficit in his 8 years in office. OlBluegums has added almost 9 trillion in 7 years. When OlBluegums took office there were 28 million people on food stamps and now there are 46 million. Obamacare is imploding under it’s own weight because it is utterly unsustainable and built on nothing but lies. In fact, last year alone there were 471,000 wetbacks who filed for Obamacare subsidies totaling an estimated $750 million!! Isis was born in the shadow of the actions of OlBluegums and Hitlery and there’s no way he’s going to be able to stop them because is too stupid to develop foreign policy and is too ill equipped to listen to anyone who might know better than him. He also gave Solyndra $535 million dollars only to see them disappear with the money less than a year later. Benghazi also happened on his watch. If you want to talk about a big, black pile of stinking shit, I’ll be more than happy to pull out even more of his failed policies and programs. The elephant eared porch monkey has given me MUCH to work with. What else you got, you moron.

  • Mr Brooks confuses fashion with integrity. Barack Obama is a very stylish man. He could have had a marvelous career as a fashion model. He makes stylish speeches, resounding in powerful catch-phrases that grace front pages everywhere, and that even won him a Nobel Peace Prize. But closely examined for meaning, remain empty. Democrats were thrilled with his speeches and his style, but they are beginning to realize that there is not much there, and enthusiasm for the Democrat field is hard to come by.

  • Gz7

    Why do you lefties always bring up abortion out of the clear blue sky when no one else is even discussing it? You folks have serious issues. You should talk to someone about them.

  • Peter

    ‘Probably’ means you don’t know. Inadmissible as evidence. Consign to the waste paper basket. (By ‘bassackwards’ do you mean ‘barakwards’?)

  • Peter

    Not just ‘abortion’. ‘Incest’ also (see Ted’s other comments here – “incest or canniballism”). But you make a good point. Could they be Freudian slips do you think?

  • newsel
  • UnalienableRight

    stopped watching pbs long ago I refer to the pair of old white males as twitchy and malpractice. (the other one keep yelling malpractice malpractice… during the rpb nat convention in 2012) sadly my taxes fund the pbs gruber nonsense.

  • David

    I love how liberals come to a Conservative site and bait us. They claim when we call them out that “we can’t handle the truth” (sic since what they are spouting is usually lies). Then they scream at us for trying to defend our side and belittle us.

    Let a conservative go to one of their sites and try to ‘fact check’ them and they go ballistic, have us banned and attempt to have our breathing privileges taken away. They DEMAND that WE conduct ourselves on THEIR Sites better than they conduct themselves on our sites! And they call US ‘intolerant’!

  • A patriot

    As someone who knows about classified matters, I can assure you, sir, that you have become an apologist for a criminal. She knowingly violated the law.