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President Barack Obama’s disastrous deal with Iran paves the way for this totalitarian regime to attain nuclear weapons, ones which Iran’s dictators could then aim squarely at the United States, Israel, and our allies. But the complicit media repeatedly join the administration in championing the deal, which both falsely claim is the only viable alternative to war.

In order to stifle opposition to this narrative, the mainstream media have mostly offered the public misleading information and punditry. After an estimated 12,000 people gathered in New York City’s Times Square on July 22 to fight the Iran deal, the media did what they do best in the face of inconvenient truths—marginalize the opposition, or ignore the facts.

“Speakers, including Republican politicians, called on Congress to throw it out, whipping up the crowd that included supporters of right-wing Jewish and evangelical Christian groups,” reported AFP about the Times Square rally. Similarly, the widely distributed Associated Press article reported that “The event…consisted mainly of pro-Israel supporters, though organizers said it represents Americans of all faiths and political convictions.”

In other words, move along, nothing to see here but a bunch of right-wing crazies who want war with Iran. There’s no popular protest against the Iran deal, we are told, and opposition to the deal is not actually bipartisan. Yet notable Democrats who spoke at the rally included liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and former CIA Director James Woolsey.

The complete list of speakers included:

  • John Batchelor, Radio Host WABC-AM
  • Anne Bayefsky, President of Human Rights Voices
  • David Brog, Executive Director, Christians United for Israel
  • Monica Crowley, Political Commentator
  • U.S. Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ)
  • Steven Emerson, Founder of The Investigative Project on Terrorism
  • Frank Gaffney, Founder of the Center for Security Policy
  • Caroline Glick, Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post
  • Kasim Hafeez, Christians United for Israel’s Outreach Coordinator
  • Pete Hoekstra, Former Chair of the House Intelligence Committee
  • Richard Kemp, Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan
  • Tony LoBianco, Actor and Activist
  • Herbert I. London, President London Center for Policy Research
  • Clare M. Lopez, Center for Security Policy
  • U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, Former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet
  • Kevin McCullough, Radio Host from WMCA and 970 The Answer
  • Robert Morgenthau, Manhattan District Attorney from 1975 to 2009
  • George Pataki, former Governor of New York
  • General Paul Vallely, Chairman of Stand Up America
  • Col. USA (Ret.) Allen West, former Congressman
  • Genevieve Wood, The Heritage Foundation
  • Mortimer Zuckerman, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World Report

The New York Times’ decision to report on a minimum wage protest with far fewer attendees, and to splash that article onto the front page, reflects the cursory, feigned ignorance adopted by many in the media about this protest. The thousands of attendees apparently weren’t “enough people to catch the attention of The New York Times, who feature a $15 an hour minimum wage protest of a couple of dozen people on the front page, but not thousands rallying against the Iran deal,” notes Rick Moran for The American Thinker.

That pro-minimum wage hike article by the Times was titled, “Push to Lift Minimum Wage Is Now Serious Business,” and featured on page A1 of the July 24 issue. Instead of covering the Iran protest, and doing some genuine reporting on what was happening on their own doorstep, the Times instead featured the widely cited Associated Press article.

Clearly, the media aren’t going to tell the public the truth about the Iran deal—which is actually between the P5+1 nations and Iran—or why people oppose this debacle.

The many speakers at the rally provided compelling insights into why this is such a bad deal, and the video of this three-hour-plus rally can be viewed online. Speaker after speaker explained why this deal with Iran is inherently flawed and should be rejected.

One consistent theme throughout this powerful and emotional rally was urging people to contact their congressmen and women to try to get them to vote against the deal when it comes time for Congress to vote. Congress has 60 days to consider their vote, and that period began on July 20th.

The main focus of the event was on Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY). Schumer hasn’t committed either way, and is in a difficult position. He hopes and plans to succeed Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) as the Senate Minority Leader (and eventually Majority Leader), and wants to be loyal to President Obama, and the party. But this conflicts with his longstanding support for Israel, which strongly opposes this deal.

The message from many of the speakers was that this is a moment of truth for Schumer. It won’t be good enough, they said, to wait until enough Democrats are lined up to assure that President Obama’s anticipated veto won’t be overridden, and then be able to make a safe vote against the deal. This crowd expects Schumer to lead the fight against the Iran nuclear agreement, which may be the only way for Congress to be able to defeat it. Even then, with the United Nations having already voted to lift its sanctions on Iran, based on certain conditions, it may not matter anyway. But it would definitely send a message.

There were too many great speeches to document here. I attended the event to be there in person, and to support my fellow members of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB). Below are the speeches of the six CCB members who spoke there, providing the story that the media refuse to tell.


Steve Emerson:

“The reality is this arrangement, this deal with Iran is the worst negotiation the United States has conducted in history. … This agreement will actually free known terrorists who have killed Americans, Israelis, Europeans, Westerners and Muslims. An agreement that doesn’t give anything to the United States except the fact that it levels the playing field for Iran to dominate the Middle East, equate itself as a superpower, and ultimately become a power that has the ability to destroy all of its neighbors in the Middle East.”


Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra:

“We stand united in believing that this is a bad agreement for America and the rest of the world, and we stand united knowing that America is strong. And in our history when we see evil we will confront it, contain it, and we will defeat it. … We have never, and we will never, accommodate it.”

“We know what’s in a good agreement, and people and this president say, ‘But it’s all we could get.’ It’s a sign of weakness.”


Former Congressman Allen West:

“This is the simple message that we should be sending to Iran. When Iran stands up and they chant, ‘Death to America!’ all we need to say is, ‘You first!’ … Well let me tell you something, the United States of America is about victors. The United States of America is about champions. The United States of America does not surrender to a bunch of black-robed crazed clerics that want to see us destroyed.”


Retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons:

“This traitorous group traded our national honor. … They humiliated this great nation before our friends, our allies, and most importantly our enemies. This surrender document must be thoroughly rejected by Congress, and then Congress must exercise its authority to start impeaching executive officials, starting with Secretary Kerry and following [with] President Obama for his illegal and unconstitutional acts.

“There’s only one sure way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon capability and that’s with a military strike—and you can take that to the bank.”


Clare Lopez:

“And, oh by the way, we just learned there are two new side deals to this deal with Iran, and those deals have to do with a place called Parchin, where Iran was testing explosives for its nuclear warheads, says the IAEA. And the other one [is] about the ‘possible’ military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear weapons programs. These two side deals—not going to be made public, not going to be shared with Congress, not going to be shared with the American people or anybody else.”

“The last thing that Iran gets to keep, they’re keeping four American citizens hostages. … Until these hostages are set free we should not be having one word of negotiations with this Iranian regime.”


Retired General Paul Vallely:

“I am tired of the deception, I am tired of the lies that come out of the White House and our government. …Let’s stick together, stand up, and kill this deal!”


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  • John Cunningham

    Not enough! The media is the important part not politicians. The Media keep us from the truth and cheer lead the Liberal Monopoly. Twelve thousand at Times Square? Not nearly enough. If you want to make a difference, go to the New York Times and close it down. It is the head of the snake and stop buying it and every Liberal newspaper and television station should be boycotted. Otherwise, we are toast.

  • RMThoughts

    Republican will block vote on the Iran deal . They are being lobbied hard by Israeli groups and vast amounts of money is leveraged. Some are even going on all-expense paid trips to Israel to fact find. Most of the Congressmen are openly stating their concern for Israel while the neocon media is uncritically accepting that as a reasonable position. Rarely does the issue of any actual American interest come up. Nor is there discussion of the fact which is that a U.S. armed and funded Israel is the regional superpower, not Iran, and that the only threat of unilateral use of a nuclear weapon locally comes from Tel Aviv.

    The Congressmen who are hesitating and cannot compartmentalize their own personal baggage when participating in the crafting of U.S. foreign policy and are squeamish about defending American interests should resign and go home. The reality is that we owe the Israelis nothing and the constant process of bribing them and deferring to their alleged interests so they will behave is demeaning and costly to us as a country

    There should be no special “Jewish” policy towards Israel any more than we should favor special policies regarding Italy or the United Kingdom. Washington’s foreign policy ought to be bereft of “passionate attachment” to any other nation and must instead to benefit the citizens of the United States. There is no question but that a negotiated agreement with Iran is good for Americans, for American businesses, combating ISIS, and also avoid another war and remove a proliferation threat. Contrary to the incoherent noises coming out of Benjamin Netanyahu’s office a deal would also be good for Israelis.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Yes, the media are very important, but much more important is the ideology that moves most of the media and, much more importantly, the ideological nucleus of Democrat Party: An eclectically “pragmatic” ideological salad with the basic “lettuce” in it being socialism and, to a considerable extent, communism. The array of ideologies in that “salad” ranging from fascism (mostly via corporatism) to social-“democracy” to “democratic”-socialism to Marxism to Leninism (mostly of the Cultural Communism strain) and even to communistic-anarchism.

    The true villain here is the domestic traitorous hardcore-Left, whose complete and perfect embodiment in America is the ideological nucleus of the Democrat Party –for which up to about 70% of American Jews vote consistently– with cultural-communist Obama at the tip of its spearhead.

    (I hope AIM doesn’t scratch off my comment, as often done.)

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    It is obvious that Americans benefit from foreign-relations policies that favor allies, particularly if strong allies. It is so obvious that there is no “passionate attachment” here, but most authentic and genuine “geopolitical-strategy attachment”. Duh?

    Slick (aka Bill Clinton) came up claiming that his traitorous agreement with North Korea to not develop nuclear bombs was “good” for all those same “beneficiaries” you list.

    Now Obama comes with his deja vu traitorous play.

    No, pal, we still remember Slick vis-a-vis N. Korea (and Kissinger with his detente regarding the USSR….and Neville Chamberlain, in the face of Hitler).

    Parroting the lies that Obama and his minions in the Democrat Party and most of the media (the latter being just an appendage of the former) dictate will take you nowhere.

  • John Cunningham

    You are so right but not only do American Jews vote a high rate for Democrats so do Catholics. The salad you refer to is made up of one part Liberalism, one part Progressiveness, and one part Socialism. Together they are Communists clear and simple.

    Those who studied History, know full well that Communism under Stalin, Khrushchev and Mao, were responsible for up wards of 100 million deaths. That is what will happen if America kool aide drinkers keep eating that salad.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Obviously Obama and the American people aren’t making a killing from his policies like most legislators so why isn’t someone pointing out the main Wall Street financial benefactors of these policies and how their lobbies are shaping our government and their interest ! { In 2006 , 151 congressmen had up to 195.5 million dollars invested in companies who received defense contracts that were greater than 5 million dollars. In 2006 these companies benefited in the amount greater than 276.5 billion dollars from the government.} { US Senators’ average annual stock performance beat the market average by approximately 12.3%, while stock purchases made by corporate insiders on average outperform the market by 7.4% and stock portfolios of the average US household underperform the market by 1.5%. }

    America suffers from the Oliver North syndrome and they divert the truth through that political process ! Obama this and Obama that – Obama and who ? It’s like every article you read in America is an open clause !