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Did you know that radio host Alex Jones has revealed that the U.S. military has “plans to subdue and kill Americans in civil disobedience protests?” Did you miss this important revelation? The claim is said to be based on a 132-page Army document titled, “U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances.”

A reader sent an Alex Jones story about this document to me, saying, “Good editors will assign a reporter to this story. Good reporters will take the time to research the documents presented, and then write a story about this plan now in existence to take over and subdue America with the militarized police forces and their military equipment. Good people will forward this email to their family and good friends so they know what the government has planned for them as is written up in the recent document. The beginning of stirring up civil unrest is taking place now in Ferguson.”

This is an example of how all the phony talk about the “militarization” of law enforcement has had its effect, making some people paranoid and drawn to the extreme rhetoric of rabble-rousers like Jones. I am sure the reader had not actually read the document. Instead, the Infowars headline and Jones’ latest rant about a “takeover” of the U.S. was enough to motivate the person to send me the email with the subject message, “Army admits plans to execute Americans en masse.” Jones boasted that one of the stories from his website was posted on the Drudge Report.

It sounds big. Was this document somehow leaked to Jones? Was it made available by a “whistleblower” to Wikileaks? Did some hackers steal it from a heavily-secured Army website somewhere? No, it turns out that the Army has released the document publicly. It is available on an official Army website. In fact, its designation is “Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.”

It’s mighty nice that the Army has warned us in advance that it intends to kill us. Of course, the document is anything but a plan for mass murder. Demagogues like Jones are counting on his followers not to read the actual document. It appears that many in his audience are easy to mislead and command.

Rather than outline how the Army is preparing to murder people, the document includes an analysis of how agitators provoke the Army and other authorities to overreact in certain situations, in order to grab media attention.

“Often in the media,” the Army document says, “protesters can gain sympathy for their cause by prompting authorities to take physical action against them. Violence can be the result of demonstrators beginning to conduct unlawful or criminal acts and authorities (who are responsible for the safety and welfare of all) enforcing the laws of the municipality, state, or nation.”

In the case of Ferguson, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown upon being rushed by the thug. The local police did not provoke anybody or anything and simply were deployed to cope with possible violence. But this constituted “militarization” in the eyes of critics like writer Radley Balko and much of the media, and the police were blamed for the initial violence by simply being there.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon rushed in, putting the State Highway Patrol in charge, and they tried to pull back. The result was more violence. Finally, Nixon called in the National Guard.

The Army document goes on: “Commanders must be aware of the possibility that some individuals or groups within an organized demonstration may intend to cause disruption, incite violence, destroy property, and provoke authorities. The situation and actions of the crowd may dictate control and enforcement options. Agitators and criminal infiltrators within the crowd can lead to the eruption of violence. Inciting a crowd to violence or a greater intensity of violence by using severe enforcement tactics must be avoided.”

Does this sound like a plan to murder innocent civilians? Perhaps only in the mind of someone like Alex Jones, who is always prepared to blame the police or law enforcement for any confrontations or violence that may occur.

The Army document is quite useful and seems to describe what is happening in Ferguson, with the cooperation of the media, which almost always seem anxious to find the police guilty of racism.

Under the heading of “Weapons and Projectiles,” the document states that “Mobs will often use various types of weapons and projectiles against authorities to achieve their agendas and goals. It is extremely important that leaders train Soldiers to recognize possible threats of the various weapons that can be used by crowds or mobs, enabling the Soldiers to react with the appropriate minimum force” (emphasis added).

In Ferguson, it can be argued that the police have been too soft in their response.

In another section, which also seems to apply to Ferguson, it says, “Sniping or massing fire from within the crowd, in buildings, or other covered positions can, at times, be effective tools for terrorists or other belligerent rioters using a crowd to cover their acts.” Fortunately, the police in Ferguson have made it plain that the shootings have been carried out by the demonstrators, not the police.

In yet another section that applies to Ferguson, it says, “In almost every instance of a civil disturbance or riot, verbal abuse will be an aggressive tool. Obscene language, racial remarks, taunts, ridicules, and jeers should always be expected. It is apparent that the purpose for using verbal abuse is to anger, demoralize, and provoke a physical response. Undisciplined, untrained Soldiers who face such an attack could cause the situation to escalate. Just one provoked action of a Soldier could be interpreted as an act of brutality by the media” (emphasis added).

The document also says, “Terrorist organizations may infiltrate groups within a demonstrating crowd. These terrorist groups may intend to embarrass their government or other governments. Terrorist infiltrators can be used to provoke crowds as a diversion, as part of a demonstration, or as cover for terrorist acts.”

One section of the document describes how the military operates under the Constitution and various laws. Another section is called “Avoid Confrontation.” These references are hardly the mark of a rogue Army operation looking for civilians to kill.

This so-called Army murder manual should be read by the media and the public so we can understand what’s happening in Ferguson and why our police and military personnel deserve our support and respect.

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  • casaler

    I read about this a day or so ago. Have already sent emails to my Congressmen and both Senators. I then provided the same email to my list of friends and family that I keep informed on a daily basis and I posted the article on my Facebook page, posted my email and encouraged all to cut and paste my words as the saw fit. I am amazed that I am the only one to comment on this site.

  • poetsensei

    The army should not even be contemplating using force against American citizens domestically. That is the point Alex Jones is making. Your article is a sham.

  • Bobbrew

    Thanks Cliff. It’s important we know which media we can trust. In my case, you are in a very small minority of those that I do.

  • Payne A. Tension

    My guess is you would probably be in favor of the National Guard contemplating using force if there was a violent mob made up of American citizens coming after you.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Would it be hysteria to say that Eric Holder is a marxist? After all, his ideology on racism, along with the MSM’s, emanate from the cultural marxists of the 60’s. Is it hysteria to say that marxist ideology calls for a new order? A system where the old order thinkers would have to be eliminated?

    I think that Alex Jones is a sensationalist, and at times, he is also himself, an agent provocateur.

    Yet, the evidence shows that those who hold to the old order are in the cross hairs of those who want the new order. They will be eliminated. (Or “reeducated.”) The hierarchy of education and media are promoting the new order. Surely it is being spoon fed to the military. Sooner or later they are coming for us. This is not hysteria, these are the facts.

    The appointment of a German national as chief of staff of U.S. European forces is only the beginning of a new order thinking in the military that calls for being “multinational” in makeup. I wonder how they will view those fundamentalists who cling to national sovereignty, the Bill of Rights, and free government?

    There ought to be some hysteria over appointing a foreign national who holds dual loyalties.

  • AndRebecca

    The ACLU has been writing about the militarization of the police for a while now. And, on at least one Libertarian website, they are buying it. The National Guard has been called out over the years in different situations, and have not turned on the American people yet. The Left is trying to rile people up enough to ignore all that is going on in Washington, and they are trying to keep people from voting for those willing to do something about it. The Founders said to try to work it out at the polls first. That’s why they made the country like it is. Follow their leadership, not the leadership of extremists. Become informed, get registered, vote, donate, and be a good citizen before letting your negative feelings takeover. Otherwise, we will continue to have people who believe in a one party, two class system take over more and more of the country. Thanks for this great article.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Libertarianism has marxist influence at its roots.

    Anecdotal observation of local police, tells you that they are being militarized. Especially in larger cities. Even insiders are saying that it is. To not admit this is happening, is denial.

    Sure, bad behavior has been promoted to create the response: militarization. And government is also facilitating it by donating military equipment.

    Your suggestions of becoming “informed, get registered, vote, donate, and be a good citizen before letting your negative feelings takeover” are all great advice.

    However, when America has subversives knee deep in our government and education, when collectivism is being promoted at every level, we need a McCarthyism 2.0, or something greater, to have victory over this thing.

    Patrick Henry used good old fashioned deductive reasoning in his “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. His speech is best paraphrased as this: “Can’t you see what is going on around us?”

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Did you know that they have been drafting plans to kill Americans in political attacks and then to report them as terrorist attacks by other countries to incite war –
    Operation Northwoods was a series of proposals that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals, which called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit acts of terrorism in US cities and elsewhere

  • AndRebecca

    Yes, I can see what is going on around us. The Left wants a one party, two class system, and for years they have been telling people how stupid they are. And, all the while making them stupid by not teaching the right things in school. Thanks to them, fewer and fewer people go to the polls and otherwise participate. Libertarians seem to be the main spoilers for the Republicans, and they even get money from Dems to spoil things. Do the minimum a citizen would do, go vote. For crying out loud, the Founders did just that. They could walk and chew gum at the same time. If the people don’t know the first thing about politics and how the government runs, how could they possibly run the country if they did get control? They couldn’t.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    So if low voter turnout is effected by leftist demoralization, is the problem the voter, or the demoralization? I absolutely support voting. But when our elected representatives go into the consensus process, voters lose their representation. Rep Loretta Sanchez made a very revealing statement back in 2011, when she mocked new tea party conservatives who were calling everything “unconstitutional.” She said that you can’t pass legislation without building RELATIONSHIPS. That is the heart of the consensus process: abandoning principle for the sake of… relationship. What is the consensus process? Marxist ideology, a soviet. When our representatives are bullied into passing legislation before they even have a chance to read it, voters lose their representation. How many voter’s can spot marxist ideology? If a Republican County Sheriff is running on a platform that supports Community Oriented Policing, would you be able to tell me whether or not he is supporting marxist ideology? We don’t even have a press that exposes it.

  • AndRebecca

    What the Left means by consensus is called the Hegelian Formula, or Hegelian Dialectic. You can google it to find out exactly what it is. Basically it is pro + con=consensus. Capitalism + Communism = Global Governance, the U.N., or Obama care, or global warming, or whatever the Left is pushing. The Common Core people have a online newsletter. In one of them they gave a video presentation on how school administrators can handle parents and others who do not want CC. It is a process where an authority says ” I see, I see,” but behind the parent’s backs, or even in front of them, you do it the Common Core way and forget the opposition. It took 1 and 1/2 hours to explain it. The Left took over the Democratic Party big time, starting in the 1950s. They have taken over other institutions as well. If the Tea Party is going to fight back, they have to fight back! Our Founders had a different idea for America than the Marxists, and different than the Libertarians. Marx, Engels, and Lenin wrote lots on their enemy America. They were racists, but they hated certain Western white males because they were smarter than everyone else, or so they believed. They liked Darwin because his “Descent of Man” gave credence to this anti-Western Man philosophy. The dead white guys, and anyone who agrees with them are the mortal enemies of the Marxists.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Then you agree, it goes beyond the ballot box? I know what the Hegelian-Dialectic is, and what I have been trying to say is that exposing marxist ideology is needed. Loretta Sanchez was venting her frustration with those who refused to sacrifice principle to getting along with group.

  • American Kulak

    More of the same from Cliff — the President is a crypto Commie Marxist but you can trust EVERYONE in the NSA to never obey his illegal orders to spy on political enemies and anyone who says otherwise, not Cliff and his two bit circle whining about Drudge out of envy, are the conspiracy theorists.

  • American Kulak

    Hell at this point I’d much rather see the Natl Guard on my streets than some of these roidhead stacked police departments with idiots who wear more body armor and weapons than our troops! The Missouri Guard went in with pistols strapped to their legs and with their M-16s in their Humvees while the idiot cops pointed assault rifles with laser scopes at unarmed civilians! F—-ng morons that Cliff will always defend because he wishes he were a fat cop too!

    Ya’ll also notice Cliff is bashing Infowars again when he gets 1/10,000th of their traffic. Of course Cliff is pissed that it was one of Alex Jones’ reporters that a St. Anne roidhead ‘Officer STFU’ cop threatened with death while pointing an AR-15 or real live M-16 rifle at him and dozens of other people.

    I bet that sotto voice fairy scumbag pal of Cliff’s J.R. Nyquist will say only gun confiscation and Homeland Security and NSA can save us from the evil Russians! WAKE UP PEOPLE CLIFF AND NYQUIST WORK FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER BANKERS!

  • American Kulak

    Oh and one more thing to fat face Cliff — here’s how Ukraine treats its soldiers. Slava Ukrainia! You must be as proud today as the day the Azov Battalion went into Mariupol and shot two unarmed civilians in cold blood while murdering all the cops on May 9! Or when the Right Sector Nazis (Sieg Heil Bandera and kill all the Russians!) were laughing at the ‘Colorado beetle roast’ while 50+ people were burned alive inside the Odessa Trade Unions building on May 2.
    Ukraine 30th brigade interviews with Ukrainian media translated: 83 men return from a brigade with 4,700 men in prewar strength. All the rest presumed KIA/WIA or ‘MIA’ (aka blown to bits by rebel GRAD rockets in eastern Ukraine and the Ukie government will never admit to their deaths to pay compensation to the families).

    How do scumbags like you and Nyquist sleep at night? Especially when you insist on cops God-given rights to point loaded guns at unarmed protesters who don’t threaten anybody while defending Ukrainian Nazis rights to burn cops in Ukraine alive and kill Donbas citizens? How do you pretend to be conservative and not get laughed out of every actual conservative gathering from Montana to Maryland for your slavish and pathetic NStasiA bootlicking on behalf of Richard Mellon Scaife or whatever New World Order bankster a—hole who pays your salaries?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Putin Propagandist

  • AndRebecca

    Yes, it goes beyond the ballot box. When Lenin went to Russia to start his revolution, one of his main reasons for going there was the 70% illiteracy rate among the Russian peasants and lower working classes who made up the bulk of the population. He compared Russia’s illiteracy to the U.S. This was around 1900. The worst illiteracy rates here at that time, were in the South with around 30% illiteracy for whites and 40% for blacks. A stunning difference between the two countries. The Russians fell for communism. And even though Russia is still a third world toilet, the uneducated around the world, and in Russia, don’t seem to have a problem with it. Those who are dumbing down our population both in and out of the schools, are setting us up for a big fall. Global warming is part of it, and even vegetarianism is a part of it. There is a Marxist theory that the WASPs and related European tribes got smart by herding cattle, and eating beef, and consuming milk products over many generations. If they could just get them to STOP!….They are working on it. But our founders had many enemies and got together and worked against them, and for America at the same time. We have to do the same, and I mean any of us who feel our Founders had the right idea, no matter what race, color or religion they may be. I certainly don’t believe in Marxist racial theories. I am just try to get the word out on the Left.

  • AndRebecca

    So Cliff now works for the NWO bankers, and wants to save us from the evil Russians by disarming us. He must have missed the movie “Red Dawn.” And here I thought the mainstream media were the ones working for the NWO bankers. What would you suggest a cop wear to a riot? The poor cop who nearly got the life beat out of him right before the riots was not wearing body armor. And, as O bummer winds down the military, he sells the surplus to our police departments. However, around where I live the cops have had military style armor and vehicles for years. I think a mob of rioters are just a little different than a group of unarmed civilians, and the cops confronting them need to use different tactics. I personally do not believe in mob rule.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Yes, I know about vegetarianism, e.g. Cuba. The best way to understand marxism is to read a King James Bible. Marx understood that if you can silence the voice that rebukes and chastens, then you can liberate SIN. Marx attacks the Biblical system of righteousness. Most modern Bible versions have taken out the references to meat, e.g. KJV Jesus sat at MEAT. Modern Bible versions also have sneaked in references to a “new order.” So they are conditioning the modern churches for the NWO as well. The ecumenical church.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    You don’t fit the mold of Kulak.

  • AndRebecca

    I had written a nice long comment and it disappeared. So, I’ll write something else. I didn’t know about vegetarianism in Cuba. I would like to learn more about it. When reading the Leftists it becomes obvious that they have read the Bible and their whole thing is anti-Christian. I enjoyed reading the Christian, C.S. Lewis’ the ” Screw Tape Letters” as they are about socialism in England. Even the not so religious Founders wanted religion and morals as part of our society, unlike the French. Today, the Bible is being attacked, and even children’s books. The nursery rhymes and fairy tales have gone out of circulation. Sometimes when you can find them, they are abridged versions. People have forgotten, there are four parts to intelligence, reason, memory, judgment, and imagination. A modern Leftist George Lakoff writes that intelligence consists of two things, reason and feelings. I guess this is why people today think they can do some very shallow reading, and “feel” what their emotions tell them to think about a subject, instead really learning it in depth.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    That’s right. What Lakoff calls “feelings,” the Bible calls the flesh, or the sinful nature. Lusting after the flesh, or whatever “feels” good. Dialectic process is the same thing that the devil did in the garden of Eden. God commanded Eve to not eat of the tree in the midst. The devil got Eve and her flesh into dialogue and tried to create doubt in God’s authority.

    “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband
    with her; and he did eat.” Gen 3:6

    This is all “feelings,” or following after the flesh. She lusts with her eyes, “it was pleasant to the eyes.” She sees that the tree is “to be desired to make one wise” – that’s the pride of life. An unreasonable conceit of one’s own superiority, often in contempt of others. Lust of the flesh, “she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat.”

    What’s missing here? Obedience to an external authority, or Gods’ authority. Thou shalt not. Law.

    They don’t want memory and judgment, they only want those attributes that are needed in a collective.

    The Founders declared: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE Rights.” Unalienable rights with the Creator are rights inseparable from God. In the French revolution, the children rebelled against the parent’s authority and replaced them with the state. In the American Revolution, our founding fathers rebelled against a king who had become a tyrant usurping God’s authority, i.e. obedience to God and not tyranny. The founder’s made it very clear, that they had exhausted every means to be obedient to a tyrant.

    Marxism is inherently rebellious. Deceitful. Lawless.

    Cubans live off a small amount of meat, they are not entirely vegan. But I believe the intention is to keep the people weak.

  • AndRebecca

    I enjoy reading your very well informed comments. Most people today “reason” with their feelings. Very few people have read the Bible, or the Marxists, or other atheists, and yet they “feel” they know enough to comment on any of these subjects. Thank you for being out there. God Bless,

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    God bless you. I’m glad that you are out there also.