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Liberal Democrats have been so busy accusing Donald J. Trump of being a Russian agent that they have missed the real Russian agent on the international scene—Germany’s Angela Merkel. Her pro-Muslim immigration policies have not only destabilized Europe and increased terrorism but have also facilitated the rise of the right-wing political parties our media have expressed alarm about.

Our media, for example, were shocked over a reported meeting between a leader of the Austrian Freedom Party and Trump’s national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn. The Austrian Freedom Party had signed a cooperation agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party. Liberal Democrats saw this as more evidence of a pro-Russian bent by the incoming Trump administration.

It would be a dereliction of duty for Flynn not to meet with such a figure and try to understand the nature of the political upheaval in Europe.

If our media were truly in a fact-finding mode, rather than attempting to score partisan political points, they would soon discover that some of these political parties are seeking Russian cooperation in stopping the Muslim invasion of Europe, because the European Union is viewed as hopeless and useless against terrorism. Desperation is forcing these parties to seek Russian involvement.

The Muslim invasion of Europe, which has been accelerated by Russian aggression in the Middle East, is being facilitated by such figures as Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, often described as the most powerful leader in Europe.

President Barack Obama and liberals in America love Merkel because she shares their belief in multiculturalism. Like Obama, she wants to invite in as many Muslims as possible. The result, as predictable as night follows day, is more Islamic terrorism.

In the same way that responsible U.S. conservatives raised questions about President Obama’s Marxist/Muslim background in trying to explain his disastrous policies, Merkel’s history as a communist youth activist in East Germany, where a young KGB officer by the name of Vladimir Putin was stationed, has always been a source of controversy.

Merkel’s father, a minister named Horst Kasner, was born in West Germany, but he moved to East Germany just a few months after Angela’s birth. That was during a time when hundreds of thousands were fleeing in the opposite direction, from East to West, and before the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

In East Germany he was known as a GDR (German Democratic Republic) church-man who collaborated with the regime. As a young person in East Germany, Angela Kasner was active in the Young Pioneers and later the Free German Youth, and served as a propagandist. Her dedication to communism continued during her university years, where she reportedly wrote a thesis on Marxism-Leninism before graduating from Karl Marx University in Leipzig.

More than two years ago we asked, “Is the German Chancellor an Agent of Russia?” Among other things, she had made Germany more dependent on Russian oil and gas by terminating Germany’s nuclear energy program. The refugee crisis adds to the suspicions about her real agenda.

Commentators who don’t want to face up to the evidence against Merkel instead claim that Putin is trying to undermine her.

“Russia is actively seeking to harm and destabilize Germany,” wrote Newsweek magazine. The Newsweek writer, Ruth Forsyth, who is affiliated with the Atlantic Council, writes that Russia is “exploiting the refugee crisis to try to deepen dissatisfaction and divisions within German society. Russian propaganda has been depicting the West as becoming unstable and less safe due to this influx of migrants, painting a picture in which citizens’ security can no longer be guaranteed by European national governments.”

This seems more like “Russian propaganda” than reality. The story omits the role that Merkel herself is playing in making the refugee crisis into an ongoing problem that is destabilizing Europe. Merkel is doing a pretty good job of destabilizing Germany—and Europe as a whole—on her own.

The Newsweek treatment of the issue is not unique.

The Guardian headline, “Russia ‘stoking refugee unrest in Germany to topple Angela Merkel,’” is another variation of the theme. This story cites NATO’s “most senior expert on strategic communications” as saying that “Russia is trying to topple Angela Merkel by waging an information war designed to stir up anger in Germany over refugees.”

There is a simple answer to that. Angela should stop playing into Putin’s hands by bringing in more refugees.

Such a simple answer demonstrates the fallacy of the claim that Trump is an agent of Russia. If Trump wanted to destabilize the United States in the same way that Merkel is subverting Germany, he would welcome more Muslim refugees into the U.S. Instead, he wants a curb on immigration.

Air Force General Philip M. Breedlove, who served as the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, and commander of U.S. European Command, said that Russia and the Assad regime in Syria were “deliberately weaponizing migration from Syria” in order to destabilize Europe.

Politicians like Merkel—and that includes President Obama—are the ones who have been doing Putin’s bidding by bringing in Muslim refugees to destabilize the West.

The numbers are astounding. More than one million refugees have arrived in Germany, many of them from war-torn Syria. Obama has wanted to admit more of them into the United States. Hillary Clinton wanted to admit even more than Obama.

It was Trump, the alleged Russian agent, who wanted to stop this influx and prevent Putin from exploiting the crisis in the “information war” that NATO says is happening.

In the case of Germany, if Merkel wins the election next year, Putin wins because she continues the policies that destabilize her own country. If she loses the election and a pro-Putin political party takes power, Putin wins.

There is evidence that Trump’s advisers understand this. He has drawn several cabinet picks from the ranks of the U.S. military, who like Breedlove, have said that Putin is using the refugees as a “weapon” against the West.

Merkel has helped Putin fire that weapon. So has Obama. In fact, Obama contributed to the refugee problem by ordering his CIA to arm anti-Syrian government fighters with ties to jihadist groups. Then, as they came under attack by the Russians, Obama pulled back his support. The most recent result was Aleppo.

Having helped create a human crisis that Merkel is making worse, Obama is back on the golf course and oblivious to the deliberate consequences of what they have done. And Obama is supposed to be tough on Russia?

Trump, for his part, would like to stop the refugee flow and stabilize the Middle East. He seems to think he can work with Russia. But Merkel and the Russians have other ideas. Trump’s military advisers such as Lt. Gen. Flynn have to understand the correlation of forces they are facing. That’s why Flynn’s meeting with the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party is necessary and important.

“Amid a migrant crisis, sluggish economic growth and growing disillusionment with the European Union, right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains,” notes The New York Times. What the Times and other media refuse to concede is the important role of the German Chancellor in making all of this possible.

Trump isn’t the Russian agent. It’s Merkel.

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  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    A diverse group of people dialoguing to consensus over a social issue in a facilitated meeting is a soviet council form of government. To create a soviet, you must first create a crisis that eventually demands conflict resolution, i.e. getting everyone around a table and dialoguing to consensus. You must also have a diverse group of people, as a soviet is a form of the hegelian-dialectic.

  • des mond

    Think about it. The head of CIA is a muslim. As to the western media, their news should not be taken seriously as there are too much side-takings and fake news,

  • biilyjoe

    Merkel’s another foolish phony white-guilt self-deprecating idiot like all of the Whites in the U S who vote Demon-crat. Obama is her mullah advancing what the white-hating agenda of his mixed race self has aimed to do. It is obvious that he can’t stand ‘white’ so he wants everything ‘painted black’ to satisfy his own racism . He could easily go live in Africa to satisfy his insane multicultural lies /whims but he knows the Africans don’t have PC insanity so they’ll kick his lying azz the way he’s had it kissed by unmugged phony whites here and twits abroad like merkel who’ve yet to run into ‘sons of obama’. Even obama’s supposed own half-brother from kenya voted for Trump.

  • biilyjoe

    Yes. And that TABLE has been sitting in the oval office for 8 treasonous years.

  • eingriff

    No, dear boys, you’ve missed the point for years. The real Russian agent is Barack Hussein Obama, collaborator for decades with Putin. The Comintern co-conspirators let Trump win so that that flash, and the follow-up obliteration of the United States by super-thermonuclear weapons will be on Trump’s watch.

  • Ted

    Kincaid makes Joe McCarthy look like a saint. Trump should make a place for him in “The New Swamp”.

  • Ted

    John Brennan is the son of Irish immigrants … was educated in Catholic schools every step of the way through college … and is about as far removed from being a Muslim that anyone can be.

    You’re just another one of the ignorant tools going around spreading faux news. Pants on fire!

  • 1madgrannie

    Merkel is a world class pos. Germans should throw her out.

  • Deplorable Me

    Never forget that it was 0bamma that told Puuutin’s advisor in 2012, that he would do more after he was elected.

  • RMThoughts

    The point is more a metaphysical one. Europe simply stopped being a Europe as we all understood that for many decades. Fact is, by becoming a post-Christian post-Modernist it also stopped being the “West” as it is known for millennia.

    The United States is a separate case, both US and Russia are two opposite extremes of European culture and after Trump’s victory one can feel the air of hope in the US–it may not come to a fruition but mostly white, Christian hard working people of America spoke, plus, they are armed to the teeth and proud of it. Russia also boasts similar attitudes and getting weapon in Russia is much easier than in Europe and a complete legalization is ongoing.

  • des mond

    Ted, pl check your facts. Brennan did not deny nor admitted that he’s a muslim. But he went to Mecca. And he did not sworn on the bible as the CIA head. These news are from established western media, not from Ted News Agency. Based on his advices, we see that Obama make enemies everywhere, including China and Russia, except with muslims.

  • Kahlil60

    Thanks for enlightening the masses of Liberal trolls in Never Never land.
    Obama is a communist and a muslim sympathizer, his policies and clandestine funding of the Arab Spring created an inferno in the Middle East.
    Obama has the responsibility for all the lives lost from Tunisia, Yemen,Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Syria, no small feat, then he assists in the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Christians by arming and abetting extremists destroying the First Christian churches in the birthplace of our faith. This demon Barack is bad news. Even now he undermines the only democracy in the Middle east Israel.
    I sat thank GOD for TRUMP and good riddance to Obama

  • Kahlil60

    Get a life in Cuba or Venezuela, there they need your skillful tripe Troll.
    I am not American, just an enlightened former socialist who knows the game.

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