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As incredible as it seems, an anchor for the terror channel Al Jazeera is hosting an upcoming “documentary” on “Hate In America.” It appears, based on a press release issued in advance, that the program will spend absolutely no time at all on the threats or hate directed against those who have been falsely labeled “Islamophobes” by such groups as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Council on American Islamic Relations.

In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is one of the “partners” producing the documentary along with Al Jazeera anchor Tony Harris. It is scheduled to air on February 23rd on the Investigation Discovery channel. Another “partner” is NBC News’ production arm, Peacock Productions.

The release says the program “features the racially charged murder of a black father in Mississippi who died after being beaten and run over; the gruesome mass shooting of a Wisconsin Sikh congregation; and a brutal anti-gay attack on the streets of New York City.”

While there are certainly hateful incidents and crimes against blacks, homosexuals, and others, the idea that the SPLC should be put forward as a legitimate arbiter of what constitutes “hate” is laughable. It tends to be critical of people who write or act critically of radical Islam, the United Nations, President Obama or the homosexual lobby.

The hate that has been generated against critics of radical Islam can be seen in the murder of 12 cartoonists, journalists and two police officers in France.

President Obama on Wednesday called these terrorists “cowards.” But he had told the United Nations in 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” The French writers were connected with a magazine that published cartoons making fun of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

One of the dead writers was specifically named as a target by an al-Qaeda magazine.

Blogger and activist Pamela Geller notes that in 2012, then-White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, rather than defending freedom of the press and speech, instead attacked the French magazine for publishing the cartoons, saying the images would be “deeply offensive to many.”

The SPLC targets its critics by name as well, labeling them “hate groups” and running photographs of officers and employees so they can more easily be identified. The group was implicated in the 2012 terrorist attack on the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council (FRC), when homosexual militant Floyd Corkins entered its offices and shot a security guard. He had intended to shoot and kill many others.

An investigation found that Corkins identified his target on the website of the SPLC, which provides maps of locations of various alleged “hate groups,” as well as names of their leaders and officials. The FRC was listed as one such group.

The SPLC’s “Teaching tolerance” project ran an article praising unrepentant communist terrorist bomber Bill Ayers as a “civil rights organizer, radical anti-Vietnam War activist, teacher and author.” An “editor’s note” went so far as to say that Ayers had become “a highly respected figure in the field of multicultural education.”

In fact, Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn participated in bombing campaigns against people and police, and were open supporters of communist regimes in Hanoi and Havana. They use education as a weapon against “white supremacy” and capitalism.

In a column on the hate crimes racket, we noted that the media strategy behind SPLC’s use of the “hate” label to describe conservatives serves to demonize them and convey the impression that they should not be taken seriously and are outside the mainstream. In the case of the FRC and other Christian organizations, the SPLC’s main objection is to the group’s mission of documenting the harm that is caused by homosexual behavior and promiscuity to society, the family, and the individuals practicing it.

The fact that an anchor for Al Jazeera would be part of a program on “hate” is simply beyond belief. Al Jazeera is the channel of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group linked to various Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas. Its financial sponsor is the terrorist-supporting government of Qatar in the Middle East.

The SPLC lists its enemies by name, identifying their cities and towns, thus making it easier for violent lunatics and terrorists to find them. Such was the case with the FRC.

This writer was named on one SPLC list of “30 new activists heading up the radical right.” That, in turn, was picked up by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which included me on a list of “Islamophobic individuals.” All such claims are demonstrably false and designed to silence the exercise of one’s First Amendment rights. In more extreme cases, such as the FRC case, the SPLC’s attacks can make those named into targets and victims of violence or terrorism.

Nevertheless, the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel is giving the SPLC unwarranted positive national publicity. The channel describes itself as one of the nation’s fastest growing cable networks, delivering programming to nearly 85 million U.S. households.

Its claim about delivering the “highest-quality programming” to news consumers has now come into serious dispute, at a time when throwing around the term “hate” can have fateful consequences.

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  • stevor

    It’s kind of funny how Internet-creator Al Gore (mr. global warming) is suing al jazeera. I guess he thought he could get away with dealing with Satan (islam). If we’re lucky, they’ll issue a fatwa on al and we’ll be done with him!

  • terryk

    Anti-abortion groups targeted George Tiller by name and location. Does that mean they’re complicit in his murder?

  • Douglas Mayfield

    Both the Left and followers of Islam not only do not object to lies but embrace the concept of lying to, and lying about, their enemies, that is, anyone who values freedom and individual rights.

    So they flood the world with misrepresentation and outright lies. They have no choice to do so because they have no valid concepts to present and no values, other than slavery and death.

  • Magnolia

    It’s projection, something common with the left. We’ve seen them do it, even Obama. Come out and attribute the same exact rotten thing THEY are doing onto others. Don’t allow them to get away with it. These violent Muslim thugs and the SPLC, now there’s a HATE group, trying to say that WE are the haters.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    For well over a half century ,theirs a constant complaint level all over America opposed to the government programs of class and psychological warfare claiming that their paying the poor people back because of past gay oppression or claiming to be some kind of devils advocate or working in relationship with MPA’s , secret societies , business owners , the AMA , APA or any other component they can cower behind so that they don’t have to come out of the closet and admit that their actually sexually attracted to Vladimir Putin. In America you can’t never tell what the governments position is out side their social and political structure. Take my state for instance – Sodomy is illegal but they’ve spent billions if not trillions of dollars of state funding to advocate sodomy and homosexuality in the state and they openly advertise barely legal hot boy on boy and girl on girl action through their escort services which receive tax incentives and are licensed by the state. America creates it’s own hostile environment , crime and hate through it’s own political programs for the intent of class warfare and to dictate the social order. So if your being attacked in America by a parody of political harassment techniques or by people with the same moral character of a dog , start laughing every time the American’s mention the word human rights and denote it in their articles.

  • stringman

    Ethically, yes. Legally, I’m not so sure. It goes to intent. The magazine of record for jihadists actually calls for the deaths of its top ten targets. There are many more homocidal follows of Mohammed than of Jesus. Get placed on the INSPIRE hit list and you go into hiding.

  • charliemoney3

    Thank You Mr. Cliff Kincaid for keeping us informed.