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While the attention of the world was on the first Republican presidential debates in Cleveland on Thursday night, the drama in the Democratic Party may soon overshadow anything the GOP has to offer. Look at what’s happening on the way to Hillary Clinton’s coronation in 2016. All of a sudden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-identified “democratic socialist,” is within striking distance in some of the key early primary states. But the real action is with Vice President Joe Biden. Will he or won’t he challenge Mrs. Clinton? That is the question.

If we take our cues from The New York Times, Hillary should be worried. First came the story about two inspectors general seeking a criminal referral involving Mrs. Clinton’s use of her email server while she was secretary of state, and the potential mishandling of classified material. Then, after pushback from the Clinton camp, the Times pulled back, to some extent. No, it wasn’t a criminal referral, they determined on second thought. Yet now the FBI has opened an investigation, and they only get involved when crimes are alleged, or there is the possibility that national secrets may have been compromised.

Are we witnessing a situation like 1968, when Eugene McCarthy entered the Democratic primary race against then-President Lyndon Johnson, and when McCarthy did well in New Hampshire, then-New York Senator Bobby Kennedy decided to jump into the race. Will Biden be Bobby Kennedy to Sanders’ Gene McCarthy, in terms of challenging the presumed Democratic Party standard bearer, once it has become clear that the standard bearer is vulnerable? Have the media and their allies in the Democratic Party decided that Hillary is too badly damaged, and ethically challenged to win the election?

The news media are star-struck by The New York Times, which, allegedly, provides “all the news that’s fit to print.” As Accuracy in Media has repeatedly demonstrated, the news that the Times editors actually see fit to print is often full of bias, inaccuracies, and complete spin. And, sometimes, the Times transparently involves itself in promoting or destroying candidates.

Maureen Dowd’s recent Times column, “Joe Biden in 2016: What Would Beau Do?,” begins by comparing scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton with Tom Brady, and then proceeds to promote Vice President Biden’s chances by recounting the emotional words that sons Beau and Hunter apparently used to encourage their father to run for president while Beau laid on his death bed, dying from brain cancer.

“When Beau realized he was not going to make it, he asked his father if he had a minute to sit down and talk,” writes Dowd. “Of course, honey,” said his father, she recounts.

Dowd continues:

At the table, Beau told his dad he was worried about him.

My kid’s dying, an anguished Joe Biden thought to himself, and he’s making sure I’m O.K.

‘Dad, I know you don’t give a damn about money,’ Beau told him, dismissing the idea that his father would take some sort of cushy job after the vice presidency to cash in.

Beau was losing his nouns and the right side of his face was partially paralyzed. But he had a mission: He tried to make his father promise to run, arguing that the White House should not revert to the Clintons and that the country would be better off with Biden values.

Hunter also pushed his father, telling him, ‘Dad, it’s who you are.’”

Where, exactly, could Dowd have received that heart-wrenching anecdote? Only from the friends, family, or supporters of the very person who some speculate may jump into the 2016 presidential race.

“And so I completely have faith in that Beau Biden anecdote,” exclaimed Helene Cooper on Meet the Press the next day. “I think it’s really telling.” Cooper believes Dowd’s story because, “Before she was a columnist, she was a fantastic political reporter. She has really good sources.”

“But, you know, when I think about what the Bidens have been through, and I think about that if Maureen’s sources are correct, then that son’s request is very powerful, I would think,” Kathleen Parker sympathetically added on Meet the Press.

No mention was made that The Wall Street Journal reported that both sons were “urging” the vice president to run for president—back in June. “Before his death last month, elder son Beau Biden encouraged his father to get into the race, people familiar with the matter said,” reported the Journal on June 28. “And Hunter Biden told a friend in recent weeks he, too, would like to see the vice president wage one more campaign for the White House.”

“It’s no secret that he’s thinking about this….I’m glad he’s thinking about this. But he hasn’t made up his mind,” said Beau Biden, the Times reported this April.

Beau’s consistent support for his father to become president is clearly nothing new. What’s new was the Times’ coming to the same conclusion as The Wall Street Journal. When the Times reports the story, even through a columnist as opposed to a reporter, it becomes a legitimate story for the rest of the media. We pointed out the likelihood of Biden’s entry into the race a month ago, based on the Journal and other stories out at the time.

Knowing the bitter history between the Clintons and Obama, one has to wonder about the timing of recent events. Did the FBI start their investigation, which isn’t being called a criminal investigation at this time, at the urging of President Obama, who would obviously prefer that Biden carry on his legacy, rather than Hillary? Obama could never trust Hillary to be loyal to his disastrous policies and controversial legacy. But Biden? Yes, he most likely would stay loyal to Obama. This has the potential to make the Republican race seem dull.

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  • John Cunningham

    The Democrat Party would be gone by now but the Republican Party keeps propping it up. In 2008 the Democrats through old Hillary off the stage and, under the Bus for a young seemly inarticulate young black man who actually wasn’t black. He was ox mixed race and the biggest blunder in American History.

    The Democrat were going to wait until the 2012 elections to put Obama in the limelight but, something happened and they used him over Hillary. Hillary was the most polarizing candidate to ever run for president and I believe that is why they through her away and went with Obama.

    That alone should have finished the Party because we all know how Obama has turned out. The Republican although bungled their way to a loss in 2008 and then again in 20012. They are afraid to engage with Obama and I believe that has a lot to do with Race. The Democrats said from day one that tangling with Obama over race would destroy the Republicans and they must have agreed.

    Barack Obama has run rough shod over the entire Federal Government eve, the Pentagon and, the DOJ. He is protected by a very political Supreme Court and it shows in his executive action. It will take years to unscrew all the screw ups that Obama has done. Now, they are retreading Hillary all over again, and if she isn’t indicted and imprisoned, she may win this time.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Anybody who’s dated Anna Nicole Smith and Carla Bruni should absolutely not be allowed to be the President ! Backed with dating Kara Young , Ingrid Seynhaeve , Marla Maples , Jackie Siegel and Melania Trump !!! Marla Maples claimed Donald Trump was the best sex she ever had ! Now how in the world will the Democratic Primary build more drama than that ?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Biden can’t win. Now, pitting Biden against Hillary might give Sanders a longshot chance of sealing America’s fate of going full socialist, but I doubt they could pull it off. There is still a generation of people who understand the founding principles of this nation and who will eventually die off. No, I think the Democrats will follow Chairman Mao’s dialectic, three steps forward and one step back and allow a Republican to win. The Republicans will support the free trade agreements that benefit further progression of socialism, without drawing pushback from conservatives as a whole. The unions playing their role in the dialectic, don’t like the trade agreements. In other words, Obama will have made a radical push, now they need to take a step back by allowing a republican to win who help further the creation of a North American Union. Barring a major crisis, older Americans would be against a parliament being put in place over the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The younger Americans don’t particularly care about borders, sovereignty, etc, and will allow a parliament once the older patriots don’t have a strong enough voice to stop it. My bet is on a Republican CFR insider to take it.

    As far as Hillary goes, the Clintons have made too many adversaries “disappear” to be worried about a criminal investigation gaining any traction. They cannot hide from God, God will get them one day. And I will be on God’s side when He does.

  • From the classified material Judge Andrew Napolitano states he has already found from the emails and data produced by the government on Hillary’s unsecured server, including the location of Ambassador Stevens, I can’t see how Hillary can avoid not being indicted. I can only assume Obama is delaying this action as long as possible so the Democratic party can find a suitable replacement before the ax falls.