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Articles about a search of the Virginia home of “gun rights activist” Adam Kokesh fail to note that he is a former program host for Russia Today (RT) television, a controversial channel funded by Moscow. Kokesh, who is sometimes even mistakenly labeled as a “conservative,” admitted he was a paid Russian agent in an interview that I conducted and posted on YouTube.

Russia Today gave Kokesh a show on its English-language channel, and treated him like a rock star.

Kokesh’s arrest on weapons and drug charges, which has been receiving national media attention, provides an opportunity for the media to examine a paranoid and potentially dangerous political movement which embraces marijuana legalization and gun rights, and also finds a voice in Alex Jones, one of the nation’s top 100 radio talk-show hosts. Jones, a favorite of the Drudge Report website for his claims about various conspiracies and plots, is syndicated by Genesis Communications and has interviewed and promoted Kokesh on several occasions, including when he threatened to lead an armed “Revolutionary Army” against the U.S. Government.

The raid followed Kokesh’s recording of a YouTube video in which, in violation of the law, he brandished a shotgun in Washington, D.C. on July 4 and loaded shells into it. This apparently led to the raid and police confiscating a weapon, as well as some hallucinogenic, or psychedelic, mushrooms.

Alex Jones associate Paul Joseph Watson insists that the raid on Kokesh’s residence was carried out by “storm trooper” cops from the U.S. Park Police and local Herndon, Virginia, police. Kokesh defenders claim the drugs were “obviously planted by the cops.”

Kokesh came to our attention in 2011 when he staged a provocation at the Jefferson Memorial, along with Marxist groups such as Code Pink. They disrupted tourism and Kokesh got himself arrested. Two months ago he was arrested in Philadelphia at a marijuana rally.

An Iraq war veteran who ran for Congress with the support of Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty, Kokesh is one of the leaders of a movement that believes in provoking the government they say is oppressing them. Their strategy has consistently been to break the law and provoke a confrontation with police so that officers would then be accused of brutality or using excessive force. But as we warned in the piece, “Drugs, Guns and Madness in the Ron Paul Revolution,” the dangerous mixture of drugs and guns, with an extreme anti-government philosophy that borders on paranoia, can have disastrous consequences.

He lost his job as host of the RT “Adam Vs. The Man” show after he raised money for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign on the air. Federal law prohibits foreign corporations such as RT from influencing U.S. elections.

Nevertheless, the show’s archives are still on the RT website, where it is said that Kokesh revealed “the reality of a government based not on protecting the freedoms of the American people, but exploiting them for the sake of the real power brokers and banksters who work behind the scenes.” Kokesh continued his show on the Internet.

One of Kokesh’s key allies is Alex Jones, the Texas-based radio host whose articles and pronouncements are frequently highlighted by Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report. On April 23, Drudge tweeted that Jones provides “one hell of a broadcast,” and that 2013 would be the “year of Alex Jones.” However, conservative activists such as Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center have warned that Jones’ habit of weaving outlandish claims and conspiracy theories with more serious commentaries on real and legitimate issues has the effect of discrediting the legitimate conservatives who appear on his show and voice similar themes.

Jones maintains that groups like the Bilderbergers and other “globalists” are a much greater threat to America and the West than the Islamists or U.S. adversaries such as Russia and China. He believes that 9/11 was a U.S. government plot and “inside job” conspiracy, and that the Boston Marathon bombings were carried out by federal agents.

In this context, the Associated Press reported that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston bombers, was a fan of Jones’ Infowars radio show while becoming “an ardent reader of jihadist websites and extremist propaganda.”

Like Jones, Kokesh is a 9/11 “truther” who insists that people who believe Islamists carried out the terrorist attacks are “suckers” and “sheeple” for the official U.S. Government line.

His website advertises a “9/11 Truth Rally” in New York City this September.

In regard to a current controversy, the Alex Jones website claims that NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who fled to China and Russia after leaking classified counter-terrorism information, is either a legitimate whistleblower or a double agent.

But like Kokesh, Snowden was a Ron Paul supporter who actually contributed to the former Texas congressman’s presidential campaign.

It wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out that Snowden was also a fan of the Alex Jones radio show.

Jones himself appears regularly on the Russia Today television propaganda channel, where he has defended Russian foreign policy. One of his themes is that the U.S. is the greatest instigator of terrorism in the world today.

Oleg Atbashian, a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR, says Russia Today features Jones because “his message is not very different from that which the Soviets were hearing from their government in the days of the Cold War: ‘the United States is a dark, dangerous place, where citizens have no rights and are suffering under the oppression of an international cabal of bankers…’”

Through his various confrontations with law enforcement authorities, Kokesh apparently wants people here and abroad to believe he is a victim of this oppressive system of U.S. and global government.

But proceedings in the case of his arrest on weapons and drug charges may help demonstrate whether this view stems from the possible use of mind-altering substances.

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  • Senor Equis

    That means YOU Cliff. How’d you spend your thirty pieces of silver to sell out to Obama’s NSA and even Dianne Feinstein?

  • Senor Equis

    “Jones himself appears regularly on the Russia Today television propaganda channel, where he has defended Russian foreign policy. ” This is a lie. Jones hasn’t appeared on RT in well over a year — since RT embraced a pro-gun grabbing agenda, incidentally and turned off many libertarians. You should know this by now Cliff since you get paid to aggressively troll him.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Prove your charges that Kincaid is paid to “aggressively troll him”?

  • Senor Equis

    Have you read anything Kincaid wrote about Ron Paul in 2010?Simply compare it to what he wrote in 2012. He is a turncoat FAKE RIGHT COINTELPRO operative working for the globalists who have taken over the NSA and are turning it into the National Stasi Agency SPYING ON CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS LIKE DOUG HAGMANN:

    I look forward to seeing Kincaid’s sleazy hit piece on Hagmann. Maybe he’ll claim that because Doug occasionally plays RT clips on his show that ‘proves’ he’s part of some vast Kremlin conspiracy.

    Besides if I’m out of order for asking Kincaid how much he’s paid to troll ‘extreme libertarians’ than he’s out of order for ambushing people and shoving cameras into their faces. It’s about time someone did the same to him. The next conservative conference I see Kincaid listed as a speaker at he can count on getting filmed and asked these questions. Count on it COINTELPRO thugs!

  • Senor Equis

    Where’s your hit piece on Russ Tice you globalist hack?

  • Senor Equis

    Sent to Rick Wiles of TruNews:

    I apologize for the intemperate language in the preceding email, but I must bring to your attention the recent spate of pro-NSA, anti-Rand Paul and anti-whistleblowing columns by Mr. Clifford Kincaid of Accuracy in Media, who may have been at one time a guest on your show.

    I am greatly troubled by the organized, transparently coordinated attempt to divert all attention on the Right from this corrupt D.C. regime’s support for Islamist terrorism in Syria and limitless surveillance to foreign powers. Unfortunately, despite Mr. Pacepa’s sincerity I believe even his book has been used to divert attention away from recent smoking guns regarding ‘Al-CIAeda’ to an alternate, ‘al-KGB-aeda’ conspiracy theory that only has the testimony of the ex-Boris Berezovsky employee and Muslim convert Alexandr Litvinenko to support it.

    It is also difficult to say that policies carried out 40 years ago under Andropov are continuing today when Russia itself has been the victim of so many jihadist terror attacks. It also appears that ‘lover’s spats’ have been organized between the Al-Nusra front and the so-called Free Syrian Army to divert attention from prior U.S. and Qatari/Saudi support for both factions and their slaughter of Syrian Christians.

    Overall I believe what we are seeing is a desperate push back by the neocon propaganda machine against their total failure to convince Americans that intervention in Syria is wise and that NSA spying is benign. They are failing on both counts and hence have aggressively sought to use Right dupes or actual operatives like Clifford Kincaid to further their points.

    While we should be vigilant about the nature of foreign regimes, creating a centralized Panopticon that it was apparently easy for Mr. Snowden to steal data from should hardly give us confidence that ACTUAL Russian and Chinese spies can be prevented from using the NSA’s gathered blackmail data against our own government officials. This is in fact the central weakness of Gen. Alexander’s ‘collect everything’ approach in that it never accounts for what should happen if America’s adversaries get the keys to the doomsday spying machine and exploit it for their own purposes.

    Furthermore, there is a well documented track record of certain foundations (Mr. Kincaid’s AIM has been publically linked to the Scaife Foundation) appear to act as fronts for the wishes of many intelligence services, just as CIA veteran Angelo Codevilla has documented with his essay ‘The Chosen One’ about the Ford Foundation supporting the CIA career of Barack Hussein Obama’s grandmother and Timothy Geithner’s father during the 1960s.

    While I admit foreign interests wish to see our nation’s intelligence agencies weakened, the sad truth is the wound was overwhelmingly self-inflicted. I have also watched with great interest for the past year efforts on social media attempting to link libertarians with foreign subversion, despite proponents of these theories like Mr. Kincaid having no evidence to back their claims. I have noticed with particular interest that the DHS has bought up massive quantities of domestically produced ammunition while many AR-15 owners have had to resort to purchasing Tula works ammo made in Russia to restock. I have wondered if this very fact (along with an unusually favorable New York Times write up about the Russian arms industry exporting to the civilian market many months back) are setups by Homeland Security to eventually attempt to ‘link’ gun owning patriots with ‘foreign backed insurrection’. Thus BigSis’ successors can have a collection of nominally Right Wing sock puppets like Kincaid spread this talking point for them far and wide.

    Meanwhile, we have no idea who is paying Mr. Kincaid to denounce Rand Paul and other Constitutionalist critics of the NSA in Congress.

    It is my sincere hope that investigatory journalist Wayne Madsen, who is a National Press Club regular, will have the opportunity to ask Mr. Kincaid who supports his ‘work’ on the subject of NSA during Kincaid’s upcoming event on August 20th. I also hope that many 4th Amendment and genuine conservative activists will show up and record the whole thing. It is time for those who believe they can take money to betray their fellow conservatives to have to face the music.


    A longtime listener to your show

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    It was a simple straightforward request. I simply asked you to prove your point that Kincaid is paid to berate Jones. Instead you launched into another diatribe and referenced a forum on a site that has nothing to do with Kincaid or Jones.

    You’ve completely failed to prove your point and thus have proven at best you don’t know what you’re talking about and more likely proven that you’re a partisan demagogue. So please, stop with the tin foil hat theories and accusations.

  • Senor Equis

    Kincaid’s claims that everyone who ever appeared on RT is some sort of Russian agent is a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theory. Was Ron Paul a Russian dupe in 2010 when he appeared on RT and Kincaid was defending him from Rudy Guliani and Fox News, or after, when he stopped appearing on RT prior to the primaries in 2012? See how Kincaid folds like a cheap suit when asked the same type of questions he enjoys trolling former and present RT hosts with? And for damn sure I wouldn’t hide behind my 12 year old while trying to get cops to beat Kokesh for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial and other bits of authoritarian thuggery. Were any other tourists at the Memorial actually calling the cops, or was it just Kincaid trying to harass/gangstalk Kokesh and drive him over the edge knowing from his Cointelpro buddies that Kokesh does drugs?

    No I can’t prove where Kincaid gets his money. See my standards are the same as Gordon ‘I can’t prove Snowden is a Chinese agent, but he’s a Chinese agent’ Chang. But I will say this: a lot of folks like Kincaid have been getting hacked lately by Anons….so if I were Kincaid I’d keep my Cointelpro pay receipts offline.

    And when he holds his conference at the National Press Club on August 20, he should EXPECT either NPC regular Wayne Madsen or other real journalists and liberty movement activists to ask him on camera why he’s suddenly enamored with Dianne Feinstein and Obama’s NSA.

  • Senor Equis

    I also demand Kincaid have the decency to apologize to fellow Canada Free Press contributors Marinka Peschmann and Doug Hagmann for bootlicking the NSA that has been caught spying on them.

  • Senor Equis

    See at least unlike Kincaid I give others the courtesy of telling them in advance to expect getting asked tough questions on camera. That’s real journalism not ambush fraudulent journalism.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    This unproven charge has no bearing on my question. Are you not capable of understanding the question?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Are you capable of understanding a question and answering it in a cogent manner?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    What courtesy are you displaying? You can’t even answer a simple question.

    Also, three non-responses don’t make for an answer.

  • Senor Equis

    Where’s Cliff’s GuideStar report? Who funds AIM? There’s your answer of who wants him to troll the Pauls, and anybody opposing the NSA. Hagmann and even some of the Gulag Bound contributors know whom Kincaid is working for, or at least being duped by.

    You must be his attorney or designated attack dog. I oppose Cliff in my free time, you may be on the clock. Hence I’m not posting anymore tonight.

    Are you capable of defending Kincaid’s thuggish support for cops beating people up for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial? No? Are you and Cliff capable of coming up with a valid national security FISA/worthy reason why Doug J. Hagmann was spied on by the NSA in a manner that the agency made it clear they were listening for purposes of intimidation? No?

    Then I owe you no answer sir until you stop defending intimidation and abuses of power so blatant that Nixon would’ve blanched at.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I never defended any such supposed abuses that you claim. I just asked you to prove your allegations that Kincaid was a paid troll which you’ve been unable to do. So your response is accusing me of being one, is that it?

    Your ad hominem attack on me only serves to show that you’re delusional.