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Until Tuesday, political observers thought Donald J. Trump got information about foreign affairs from the Sunday shows. Then we learned that he had relied on an unsubstantiated story in the National Enquirer for the facts about the assassination of John F.Kennedy.

The charges were classic Russian disinformation. These had a double purpose—taking attention away from the communist conspiracy that actually murdered President Kennedy, and transferring the notoriety to Trump’s political opponent in the U.S. presidential race.

The attack on Cruz’s father, publicized by Trump on the Fox News Channel, was taken directly from the National Enquirer but has also been transmitted by a series of outlets known to be part of Moscow’s global propaganda apparatus, and some lesser-known left-wing, or “progressive,” sites. One name that figures prominently in several of the reports and who apparently “broke” the story is Wayne Madsen, who claims all kinds of high-level intelligence connections. Until the Cruz story, his main claim to fame was being the source for a story in the Globe—another supermarket tabloid—which alleged that President George W. Bush was having an extramarital affair with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

A regular contributor to the Russia Today and Iranian Press TV propaganda channels, Madsen has also alleged that Barack Obama and/or his family members had CIA connections. He highlights the work of his grandmother in his bio, calling her “a newspaper reporter and editor for Land og Folk as well as a novelist.” Land og Folk was a Danish language communist newspaper. One of Madsen’s admitted journalism icons is I.F. Stone, exposed as a Soviet agent of influence.

Madsen’s story tried to link Cruz’s father to JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, a pro-Marxist member of the “Fair Play for Cuba Committee,” which had links to the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Workers Party.

The irony is that one of Trump’s other close associates, Roger Stone, wrote a book trying to implicate JFK’s vice president, Lyndon Johnson, in the murder of the president—not Lee Harvey Oswald.

Referring to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), his main opponent at that point in the campaign, Trump appeared on “Fox and Friends” and, without rebuttal, said, “His [Cruz’s] father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being, you know, shot.” He added, “Nobody even brings it up, I mean they don’t even talk about that. That was reported and nobody talks about it.” Cruz told ABC News, “It’s ludicrous, it’s ludicrous. I was never in New Orleans at that time.” He added, “That’s typical of Donald Trump—just attack and make all kinds of innuendo and attacks with no substance.”

Those who have followed how this bizarre charge arrived in the pages of the National Enquirer have also looked at the various outlets of disinformation, many with links to Moscow or Tehran, which also picked it up. Taken together and analyzed in broad terms as a foreign-instigated propaganda ploy, the charge against the father of Senator Cruz reflected the desperation among those who had feared that Cruz would derail Trump’s campaign in the Indiana primary and stop Trump’s march to the nomination. With Cruz out of the way, Trump can complete his hostile takeover of the Republican Party and make it into a carbon copy of the nationalist and populist European parties that have divided Europe and treated Russian President Vladimir Putin as a statesman in foreign affairs.

Trump’s sympathizers saw Cruz as a real conservative whose views made him a foreign policy realist, committed to Ronald Reagan’s vision of peace-through-strength. By contrast, Trump wants to make deals with Moscow and pull back from American support for NATO and U.S. allies in Europe and Asia. With Cruz out of the way, it doesn’t seem to matter much to Moscow whether Trump or Hillary Clinton wins in November. Either way, the Russians and their surrogates stand to make more aggressive moves in Europe and the Middle East.

Here are some of the titles, sources and dates of how the phony story appeared in various outlets, beginning with Madsen:

Once Trump picked up the National Enquirer story, Iranian Press TV went into action, running a report, “Trump accuses Ted Cruz’s father of having ties with JFK assassin.” The reaction among followers of the Iranian “news” agency was ecstatic. Here are a few responses:

  • Kennedy was killed by the U.S. Zionist lobby for questioning Israel’s right to nuclear weapons. It is no secret in America. The CIA together with the Mossad took him out to stop him talking too much about Israel going Nuclear. Nothing to do with Cuba or the Soviets.
  • This is the type of thing the powers that control don’t want: A guy opening up cans of worms about unsolved conspiracy theories that potentially could indict the Zionists.

On Tuesday night, after smearing Cruz’s father, Trump acknowledged the Texas senator’s “beautiful family.”

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    For a decade, the right wing has been propagating ridiculous conspiracy theories about the president. He was born in Kenya (he wasn’t). He’s a communist (nope). He’s a Marxist (laughable). He’s a Muslim (the most pathetic lie of them all). Etc. Etc. Ad nauseum.

    Funny, I don’t remember Cliff Kincaid rushing to Obama’s defense against the myriad of BS thrown his way. But now, when HIS guy is the butt of stupid rumors, Kincaid devotes a whole column to refuting something everyone knows is BS already.

    Reason No. 49,288 that no one takes Kincaid seriously.

  • KC


  • Bennie Bennett

    It was disgraceful for Trump to even mention the story. What a scumbag he is! Madsen is a horrible person, but Trump tops that by bringing it up on Indiana’s election day.

  • John Lock

    You will be shocked about how little we all know about our taxes…


    Visions of Progress: Henry George vs. Jane Jacobs Or, Would You Rather Live in Georgetown or Jacobsville? JANUARY 22, 2015 by SANDY IKEDA Henry George and Jane Jacobs each have an enthusiastic…



    Wow, all of a sudden this guy is just positive who shot Kennedy and why. No one else knows, but he sure does. Ignore Oswald’s time spent in Russia and his other connections to communists, ignore the fact that Kennedy was seriously considering dismantling the Fed, ignore his refusal to reign in his brother or protect the mobs interests in Cuba. You have to ignore a whole lot of things to arrive at ‘the Jews did it”.

  • jug

    You mean, 49,288 reasons that no one takes iron ore chief sandwitches seriously!

    OH, think maybe I forgot a “w” and maybe even an “h” there, somewhere!

  • Mitch Hedges

    I want to emphasize that I have been somewhat “proven right” on propaganda patterns regarding allegations such as the Bloomberg Zero Hedge “leak” (in that they pursue a pro-Russian propaganda agenda (more discussion below)).

    The Zero Hedge story at Bloomberg is hardly a convicting piece of evidence on its own. However, it highlights confirmation of broad suspected patterns of anti-Americanism that have infiltrated ‘social media’, and represent a greater threat in my opinion than anything the equivocation of the main stream media puts forth.

    However beyond that, in my apparently general flair for “grand conspiracy”, here is my cited argument that:

    //The Suggestion and Evidence That Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Other Right Wing Populists Represent a Russian Psy-Op Driven By 21st Century Information Technology Service Based Propaganda and Scientific Authoritarianism//

    The shared ideology of Trump and the Kremlin is far more than a coincidence of political agreement or psychological vanity on the part of Donald Trump.

    I will combine some notes here with a bibliography of editorial and journalistic sources to make my initial case that Trump’s rise represents the front for a Russian Psy Op driven by IT based propaganda and scientific authoritarianism. (First: )

    I am certainly not the only person going down this road of a de-facto Kremlin – Trump conspiracy. Here are viable explanations for the concept of Donald Trump being in the Kremlin’s pocket. (As suggested here in a concise form at )

    Many articles link individuals in the Trump organization and current political campaign with Russian organized crime and political influencers. Given the inextricability of Russian oligarchic governance and Russian organized crime and how all roads lead to Putin, this must be regarded as a coordinated strategy in the vein of far-right European populist parties:

    * Campaign Manager Paul Manafort (advised Russian oligarchs and Viktor Yanukovich, ousted Ukrainian PM) –

    * Business Associate Tefvik Arif (arrested in Turkish prostitution scandal involving Ukrainian / Russian human trafficking) –

    * (Former) Business Associate Felix Sater (son of Russian mob boss)

    * (More Sater)

    * Energy Adviser Carter Page (has arguable financial conflict of interests in Russia)

    * (General consensus on Mob ties of Trump)

    * (More Donald Trump Russian Mob ties)

    In addition to these proven associations, Trump’s political style and policy positions are clearly favorable to the Kremlin, and he has exchanged praise and endorsement with Putin. Trump advocates for the dissolution of NATO, and hands-off policies in Ukraine and Syria which allow expansion of Russian influence at the cost of NATO / US influence.

    (Objectively, Russian media patterns favor Trump and other extreme candidates highlighting this point of preference: /)

    Next, Trump’s political style is eerily similar to that of other populist movements around the globe which are notably traceable to Russia. For example, the anti-immigrant (rapist myths), anti-Muslim (terrorist myth, or at worst Russian terrorist proxy denial), and closed border fascistic nationalism which portends fracturing of the post WW2 alliance. Marine Le Pen has received money from the Kremlin running on this platform. ( )

    Finally, the missing piece of this is the concept of how disinformation plays into all of it. The “death by 1000 cuts” on America which is inflicted by the ongoing cultivation of distrust in the American government plays into Donald Trump’s hand. Like how Front Nationale benefited from the effects of terror attacks by ISIS (connected to Russia and possible retribution for denial of Mistral ship delivery / sanctions), Donald Trump will plausibly benefit from any Muslim extremist or immigrant terrorist action which occurs in the lead up to the elections ( .

    Some of these could be inspired by propaganda and others could be inspired by actual plots which are directly connected to ISIS terror cells and presumably therefore an indirect Kremlin proxy. (see ) If you read any one link in this please read that one.

    If I were to read Trump’s internal psychology, I think he believes he is doing a good thing for America by cozying up to the Kremlin. Most of his wives have been from communist-bloc countries and so clearly he may have affinity for those cultures that he wants to bring to America. (He obviously does have financial conflicts of interest however as do many of his associates which is concerning. We know he loves money.)

    Reading his psychology externally after being forced to watch him thus far ad nauseam this election cycle, it is exactly Trump’s narcissistic need for reaffirmation which makes him a risk. His focus on superficial reality (eg valuing beauty/subservience of women, or “what Putin says”) vs “actual” reality (valuing intelligence/strength of women, or “what Putin does”) make him a risk as leader. ( )

    Ultimately Trump is delusional to think he has the strategic savvy to beat Putin at his own game — it will only heighten the decline of America and potential for direct conflict (which has more upside for Russia than the US) and that is why the Kremlin supports him, not because they want better relations with America but because it best serves their strategic objective of first weakening and then conquering America. Donald Trump has dragged America’s values, the dignity of the office of the President, and our allies through the mud over and over. He’s done a great service already to the war against America. (Trump is a brand expert and he knows the consequences of his actions.) (

    I don’t think it is that simple however. Given his connections, and his positions, and the reciprocal Kremlin “love” —

    As social psychological research shows, it is not values, economic conditions, or education — but rather it is authoritarian personality traits which define Trump voters best ( ) ; and this can perhaps help us explain why a man “who has never needed to ask God’s forgiveness” could lead so resolutely among many evangelical Christians. Maybe it is not their Christian values which draw them to Donald, but the authoritarian leanings they may possess. In this sense, one could look at the populist movements in Europe and now here in America with Donald Trump, and say that perhaps, do they fit a model of psychological political control over authoritarians who comprise about 1/3+ (less than 40%) of the population overall? (These numbers are similar to the voting support Le Pen got in France, or Trump receives in American polling, or even the kinds of numbers Hitler got in German elections which he lost before seizing control).

    I also propose that this article by the New York Times indicates a proven 21st century information technology model by which Russia conducts highly targeted social media manipulation of public opinion: ( ).

    I believe that many of the memes and facts circulated via social media can be traced to Kremlin disinformation outlets (they usually will portray Ukranians as fascists, Syrian government as moderate, and Russia (Putin) as strong while the USA (Obama) is portrayed as weak. They advocate for anti-Muslim and xenophobic policies. It is a good giveaway of the site’s true intention.). This has most recently been reaffirmed by the Zero Hedge “leak alleging” similar propaganda patterns. ( . By the way, Tyler Durden being the son of a Russian propagandist doesn’t seem like an excusable coincidence any longer… ( )

    Given that this model has only been rolled out by parties ostensibly favorable to the Kremlin, perhaps Donald Trump’s political style is in fact a Russian IT-propaganda driven psych-op rolled out in tandem with the hybrid war Russia now pursues in the gray areas of international law?

    The contemporaneous comparisons, personal associations, and global geopolitical situation indicates it is hard to a consider a coincidence.

    Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, but the last time I checked we didn’t get blown up on her husband’s watch so regardless of whatever failings that administration may have had, I’ll take that proven performance over the clearly pro-Kremlin agenda which Donald Trump so arrogantly espouses.

  • jug

    It isnt so much that Trump thinks he can control or better Putin, its that Trumps FANs “THINK” he can!

    Aint gonna happen, Trump will replace obutthole as Putins “BITCH”!

    I predict that in quite less than 2 years, the “Trumpsters”, are gonna be sorry SOBs!

    I have been predicting and warning others, but they are as messmerized as were any of either, Hitlers or obuttholes supporters! Most of us learn absolutely nothing from history!

  • Webuppp

    Sounds like sour grapes to me jugghead, your boy lost. Also, the picture in the esquire (is reported) came from the warren commission, Ted’s father was positively identified in that picutre. You sound really angry jug, settle down pal, your gonna raise your blood pressure

  • Webuppp

    So Cruz’s dad, a minister, calls trump a devil, publically, does that sound Godly? Of something you’d hear from al Sharpton? Bennie, the photo of Oswald is reported to be from the warren commissions own file. The picture is said to have been forensically verified. I find it ironic how fast Cruz jumped out of the race less than 24hrs after trumps comment. I find Ted cruzes two faces to be disgraceful, one face speaks eloquently and sounds like a modern day framer like Linsay graham, and Rubio, when it,s time to vote, they turn into progressive Marxist like John McCain,

  • jug

    No Weburpp, it wasnt “my boy” that lost, it was the whole country.
    Wait and see!

    Mitch Hedges has got it right!
    The rare somebody that knows what he is talking about!
    Even if he “hasnt been a professional soldier for forty years, and an intellingence officer for another 35”! Lolllll!

  • Webuppp

    Jugghead, I personally won’t speak on a matter blindly. When I do address matters, I know what the hell I’m talkin about. Your talk about the country in one breath, then sit your rearend home on Election Day. when are you grown ups gonna grow up. Their is no such a thing as a perfect canidate. You don,t make billions being unethical, building a brand of excellence, being the best in ones industry on a globel level no less, then seeing his family’s Grace& eloquence, tells me all I need know. Lastly, mr cut off your face to spite your nose, what,s the alternative jug? You are right about one thing, enough fool eggheads like you sit home in protest, we will be done. Weburpp really ? Aren,t you in your 70’s? Maybe your grandson’s singing in your account

  • jug

    Oh, its OK for you to mangle someones handle but nobody better touch yours?
    And then tell me what I do?
    You have absolutely no idea of what I do, you overbearing ass!

  • Webuppp

    Iron head, your sourcing cliff Kincaid , you float what you think are trueisums as fact, but like most troll progressive you have no facts to back up your jibberish. So let me give you some. Obama is a known Marxist dude common. Look up frank Marshall Davis, known card carrying member, friends to obamas paternal grandfather, who asked Davis to mentor young Barry. Obama went to Pepperdine where he was also known for his militant Marxist views and “clubs” he belonged to while attending. Irregaurdless of where the Marxist Obama was born, their is no denying Obama,s father was never an American citizens, he was a known Kenyan national. This is what disqualified Obama, and is exactly why the framers in acted. They didn,t want a foriegn influence/ tyrannical government coming from within. Which is exactly what we got, we are closer to tyranny now that in any time in our nations history. Conspiracy and it’s origins go back to times time. The serpent in the garden, Brutus and his Murray men killing Cesar. The Sanhedrin in an attempt to keep power over it,s people kill Jesus, God in the flesh. Your show your own naivety. All countries have a set of their own rules. In Indonesia (where Barry attended school. You see, in order to attend state school, your father must be a practicing Muslim, and pledge your children are being reared in that order as well. I,m sure you make great sandwich, your message above is convoluted, stick to the iron pal

  • Webuppp

    You are acting like a jugghead , that’s why I called you jugghead. It,s been 2days since Cruz folded his tent, are your still talking shit. That kinda tells me what your gonna do, and you might be inspiring others to do the same you imbacile. Had Cruz won, I,d vote for him. It,s not anyone but trump, that,s the anarchist/black lives matter /occupy Wall Street democrat Marxist mentality, and your continued ranting have you to sound like one JUGGHEAD

  • Mitch Hedges

    Hi Jug, how about this too?

  • Bennie Bennett

    That picture is totally unsubstantiated. Cruz jumped out after getting beaten by 20 points. Come on, get your head out of the sand. Trump is a jerk for bringing it up, just as he was the nastiest throughout the whole primary process. Scorched earth is his mantra.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    You’ve learned your jibberish talking points well. I have to give you that.

  • john robel

    ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, trump (capitals eliminated for disrespectful purposes) is COMPLETLY UNTRUSTWORTHY. Lets see, which trump did the trumpeters select, the GUN CONTROL trump, The SOCIALIST HEALTHCARE trump, the HILLARY SUPPORTER trump, ABORTIONIST trump, CHEAP CONSTRUCTION LABOR (WETBACKS) trump, the PUBLIC DOMAIN trump, the Putin is a NICE GUY trump, or just plain old all over the road, tomorrow I’ll change my mind and the media will give me a free pass, LYING trump? AMERICA LOST BIG TIME when the ONLY PROVEN CONSTITUTIONIST candidate, and a HELL OF A LAWYER, was rejected in favor of trump. ” A CELEBRITY APPRENTICE THE PUBLIC CHOSE, I MAY VOTE TRUMP, BUT I’LL HOLD MY NOSE”.. The only redeeming factors are, it will be a pleasure to watch Hillary CUNTON get raked over the coals, and THE SUPREME COURT is the REAL PRIZE ISSUE HERE. As the dumb cunt said “at this point what difference does it make”? RIP AMERICA the uninformed voter has sold you out.

  • john robel

    DAMNED RIGHT, we are seeing the diplomacy and foreign policy of a trump presidency.

  • john robel

    Your blind support for the commie muslim community organizer, life member of a QUEER BATH HOUSE and KNOWN FAGGOT HIMSELF is amusing as hell. You DEFINITELY SWALLOW. What mosque do you attend? ” There is nothing as beautiful as the afternoon call to prayer”. I agree, the target will be populated.

  • jug

    Obama’s father WAS an American citizen!
    Born in Kansas, to Chicago first and then on to HI as a photographer and a porn producer!

    B H Obama Sr was nothing more than “fall guy”, however paid or coreced, to keep Jrs real dad, Frank Marshall Davis out of jail! And in that day and age, black man, stat rape of under age girl WOULD have put him in jail! But Mom and Pop, also, as was FMD, Communist Party members and they “had” to figure out something else.

    So, truth be known, Jr WAS, technically, a NB citizen, but the true parents screwed him out of it by their shenaigans bringing in the fall guy!

    Such explains a good deal of his hardon for the US, while he should have been blaming his family and their cohorts!

  • IronChefSandwiches

    LOL Ah…the words of a brain dead conspiracy idiot. So fun!

  • Webuppp

    I suppose if you believe the warren commission is unsubstantia? You think that was a random picture taken by a tourist? Oswald, just having a conversation with other known Marxist in a market place in New Orleans ? Oh yeah, and one of the men is identified as refael Cruz? Who do you think really took the picture, Benny? My guess is the FBI, lead by then Edgar Hoover who was up in everyone’s business as this was the height of the Cold War, Cuban missle chrisis, cruz father being a Cuban nation, with Oswald a know communist you bet your sweet ass the FBI took that photo, and their no doubt in my mind it,s from the warren commission. where else would a photo like that exist? or that particular subject matter, if not part of the warren commission. Who has their head in the sand? By the way, you taking your ball home? or are idiotic enough to think 3 party, those asshole thoughts are gonna get hitlery elected, the court and all Marxist tenets legislated into law from the bench. If that,s not Marxistisum and the ruining of America, surely the anarchy were already seeing with black lives matter, occupied wall streets, move on crowd. The entire democrat party, top GOPers and those running sub committees. Cruz talked about staying in up until he “suspended” his race. Ted,s looking out for Ted and his future in politics. hanging round another month with this FBI authenticated photo could easily bring Cruz down. Rubio will never recover after exposing himself, his children his wife with the trump hand deal. By the way, add Paul Ryan to the Marxist list. Dudes is speaker of the house of the people and he doesn,t know if he,s ready to support trump yet, never mind who he represents as speaker of the house, and the people who overwhelming support Trump.

  • Bennie Bennett


  • Webuppp

    Again, the progessive have nothing to say in counter. While I must say, iron, you are perhaps the most cordial of all progressive loons. I don,t speak jiggerish, just factual thruth said bro. and your kinder point proves you under stand that. Even you don,t like how far toward anarchy we are. There’s hope for you iron. I might even want to try one of your sandwiches.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Oh dear God. The depth of your lunacy is boundless. I’m so tired of regressives just making stuff up and then pretending its real. THIS is why no one takes any of you seriously. THIS is why you should start getting used to hearing President Clinton again. THIS is why the GOP is imploding. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Actually, the “jibberish talking points” was directed at john robel, not you. I got my commenters confused for a moment. My bad.

    Roast beef, sharp cheddar and horseradish on a kaiser roll work for ya? lol Have a good weekend.

  • Webuppp

    Iv’e done that myself iron, thanks for setting the record straight. Cheers. A solid word of advise iron, if your using beef, only grass feed forget angus, you want to knock people’s shocks off, start slicing bison beef. Bison can only be grass feed, no hormones, no antibiotics, Any beef not raised grass is absolute poison. Bison, taste like beef use to be 25 years ago before injecting chemicals into the beef.

  • jug

    Dont much care for the truth, do you?

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Jug, where’s the proof that Davis was Obama’s father? Heck, people have claimed it was the head of an Indonesian cult or a black activist. Some even claim Stanley Ann Dunham wasn’t his real mother.

  • Mitch Hedges

    This is as far as I go with being a nutjob conspiracist. I don’t necessarily believe this myself, but this would explain why a short underachiever from middle-tier educational background could cut so many people in line to become leader of Russia. Putin not only looks like Beria, they have the same job (leader and spy chief). Also Beria was Georgian and some Purin conspiracies claim he is too.

  • Mitch Hedges

    Beria Gulag Theory

    The Logical Argument that Lavrentiy Beria lived and secretly was in control of the Soviet Union.

    A. Why would someone survive Stalin as his successor when such a reign was characterized by the bloodiest purges of the opposition? Those left in the highest circles must have been safe with Stalin. Beria was his #2. Khrushchev may have attempted a plot but perhaps he got doublecrossed and became the front man?
    B. Why would the #2, known as the most evil and calculating of people allow himself to be usurped at the very moment he had built himself to be Stalin’s replacement? What is the likelihood that Beria had in fact had Stalin killed? One would imagine Beria would be killed first strategically if there were an alternative plot — or at the very least the conspirators would have turned Stalin’s suspicions to Beria to take him out, if they had been so close to him themselves as to pull off a poisoning killing of one of the most paranoid purgers anywhere?.
    C. Why would the conspirators NOT have a trial to show the evil of Beria, since the narrative of the NK era had been to absolve itself of the evils of the Stalinist era. Beria would have been the best poster child of such a campaign (unless his crimes deemed too horrendous to publicize in any form — in fairness) to show the contrast between the “Sunshine” policies of NK era and the old order.
    D. So Beria is simply killed behind the scenes. There is no official story. Conflicting accounts of his demise. No pictures of the body. He’s basically scattered to the four corners of the wind and “take our word for it”.
    E. Beria was the architect / master of the Gulag system. It is a system described by some as the greatest source of slave labor since the era of the pharaohs (see pyramid). Many of the greatest civil achievements of the soviet era had been built on the backs of the Gulag network’s slaves (atom bomb, facilities, dams, etc).
    F. Let us ask ourselves, why would such an evil man as Beria, in such a position of nuclear power as he had worked towards, at the perfect moment of his ascendancy – having finally rose behind the role of Stalin, in an ongoing game of one-upsmanship and death in the Russian secret police agencies, expected to be unguarded – die without a fight – or a trace (when his trial and prosecution would have been the perfect argument for the “liberal” opposition, and give up his mastery of the Gulag system (or why would Russia truly give that up for that matter), which in synergy with the atomic bomb and spycraft represented the pinnacle of Russian power achievement to that point?

    The gulag exists. it just went underground – literally perhaps. Sure, they released some of the many prisoners, but a lot are classified as dead / victims of the gulag. It would be easy enough for them to have released the stupid ones and for others to have been kept as intelligent “slave stock”. In fact it makes a lot of sense given the deception and scientific cynicism of the Soviet regime. They were so far down the rabbit hole of human enslavement and depravity, why would they have just stopped there when finally armed with the devastating atomic Bomb?

    Did Beria become the master behind the scenes of a hell on earth? Huge underground complexes and bunkers would have been the perfect product of the gulag system. It makes no sense that he lost his power. (We have proof of such complexes, don’t we?). It makes sense that in a MAD world, that such an evil man would have been paranoid of nuclear attack (also seeing the testimonies of bunker effectiveness in WW2) and instead moved underground to maintain control of it all?

    I think given the ongoing context of Russian conspiracy and secret police deceptions, the concept that Khrushchev (in the sunshine) was a front for Beria behind the scenes (in the darkness/underground) makes real sense. The best way for Beria not to die and to wage nuclear war was for folks to not know he existed in a vast bunker(s) somewhere(s), and in such a context he could do whatever the hell he wanted. The coldness and evilness of the ongoing activities by Russia into the future could be telling to real power which existed behind the scenes. Again there is no proof, but given the wickedness of Beria and the soviets, I cannot help but suspect this scenario, especially when viewing things in light of history (from and the time of Dzerzhinsky to Stalin (to Beria?) and to Putin (/Litvinenko)?

    What kinds of technical operations could be run by a Gulag today? Could you imagine such a troll “army” that could be possible?

  • snowmaggedoned

    And Rafael Cruz was seen setting off a bomb on the Hinderburg, too.


  • Webuppp

    Your mother is the idiot for siring an asshole like you. The Hindenburg went down in may1927, that 89 years ago. Although Cruz father looks the part, he,s younger than that and wasn,t living then. the picture of cruzes father however, was not only during that time period, but who else would take a random picture of 3 known communist Marxist? Answer the FBI. Why would a picture like that still survive 53 years later? Pictures of Oswalds near the shooting would be more important unless a case against Oswald and “other,s” was being investigated. That investigation came from the warren commission, and as we all know, was recently released, which would explain why the picture has surfaced. Progressive libtard drones like you are ememies of America, and you will pay. You,ll be rolling around on the floor dousch, but you won,t be laughing, this I can tell you

  • Webuppp

    Mitch, conspiracies go all the way back to the garden of Eden my friend. Satan in the form of a snake conspired against God & man. Don,t be so gullible. Tell me why the republican hierarchy are eating their own? The canadate nominee who has million more votes than his closest rival is being attact by the leaders of the Republican Party. With everything @stake, why on earth would they try to deny trump? The answer, they themselfs are Marxist and don,t care who sits in the seat of power as long as that person is a Marxists, this keeps the ball rolling forward towards Americas distruction

  • 2011RedSox

    Sounds more like sickie sycophant from “weebutt”, another boy wonder follower of ‘jackboot donaldus’… they cannot get it through their heads many shall not support or vote for the chameleon king as THEY DEMAND – under any circumstance.

  • Webuppp

    Not sure your able to have an intelligent conversation. I Initally support Cruz until I found out he is a progressive. Being you may hale from the Boston area, you ought to know all about progressives with the idiot,s you elect in that state. Only a total idiot fool would give the election over to a Marxists like the lying imbacile known as hillary. And those who won,t vote out of spite like you are progressive asshole anyway.

  • terry1956

    LBJ said in a TV interview that he thought the Warren Commission was wrong that Oswald acted alone.
    Best I remember he said he thought the Soviets helped, giving Oswald connection with Russia that very well could be true.
    Seems I remember that I read some defectors or post soviet paper finds dismissed Soviet part in killing JFK but it is just as likely the defectors and paper authors did not know.
    Often in a large government things go on in it that is not known by most in the government even by high level officials, even top officials.
    Kurchiev likely little of what went on,Mao likely knew little,JFK and LBJ knew little.
    Obama knows little, Bush knew little, there is only 24 hours in a day and only so much even the smartest human can find out in a day.

  • terry1956

    some Ukrainian refugees ( Pentecostals)I’ve talk to thinkMoltov poisioned Stalin.

  • catholicism sikh…The%20Weapon%20of%20Prophecy.pdf The Devil’s tactics haven’t changed much since the time of the Old and New Testaments.

  • Mitch Hedges

    On careful analysis Webuppp, I have determined that you are a moron.

    Trump is being attacked because he is a Russian puppet and eroding the common sense of shared Democratic value which we have taken for granted in America.

    Ultimately the lesson from all of this is that there will have to be some measure of internet censorship in America — perhaps more of a “chaperone” than a real censorship. I would like to see an FBI warning before loads or loads, etc for example. Ideas like those which promote “Media Literacy” are a good thing. All this garbage is slowly poisoning the American psyche. The leaders have identified themselves as greedy cronies and our capitalist system has devolved into one of hereditary succession instead of meritocracy. These are the “mature democracy” problems we face, and the external threats we face from informational sources.

    And of course, everyone should be reading Ion Mihai Pacepa’s work.

  • Webuppp

    Mitch, you sound like an Academic idiot. Censorship is your progressive Marxist answer for a persons rite of discord. Their is no democratic value to be found in a totalitarian government which we are in dipshit. Socialized medicine Obama care) , socialist government assistance( social security), income tax, centralizing the people money in a single bank with unelected officials) are all tennets from the communist manifesto by Carl Marx. How about you carefully analyze those facts asshole, you might then realize how stupid and ill informed you are. Perhaps then you,ll realize it is you that is the moron dooch

  • Marcia Rose Beachler Woodham

    I would suggest you stop spreading the lie. No the person standing next to Oswald has never been identified. I would suggest you stop reading supermarket trash. “Warren Commission photo of John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, shown in the white shirt on the left side of the photo. The man standing to his right, near the center of the photo, has never been identified by the Commission.” WARREN COMMISSION REPORT

  • Webuppp

    I suggest you get you u head out of ass, I was in the Cruz camp and sat up all night watch teds filibuster. When I heard his wife was CFR, I started going my own investigation. Their is no lie found in me woman. Ted father is a preacher yes? And he calls another man the devil? Does that sound Godly to you?. Cruz is out. Once he started saying trump was taking our 2nd amendment rites. lying Ted was born. Notice his bottom lip never moves? Bye bye teddy longwinded.

  • Judy

    I will not hold my nose and vote for the snake. He’s just as bad as killary and obama so why waste my time.

  • Judy

    I won’t vote and I’m a die hard conservative. Trump is a liberal which means he’s a progressive. I am going to sit back and see how long it takes you idiots to feel buyers remorse. Because you will I promise.

  • Yvonne Celeste Lee

    The Supreme Court and our freedoms hang in the balance. Vote smart.