Accuracy in Media

Members of the media continue to talk among themselves, as if they had not been repudiated by the people on November 8. Mass firings and new faces are needed if the media are going to have any hope of regaining any credibility with the public.

Some on the far-left are waking up. Anis Shivani of the AlterNet news service asked, “Is the liberal media dead?” She answered: “One of the positives of this campaign is that despite relentless 24/7 propaganda about Trump, exaggerating his personal foibles while painting anyone not supportive of Hillary as a closet misogynist, racist or even sexual predator, the message failed to get through. In the end, no one paid any attention. Those inside the elite bubble were persuaded that they were headed for victory, hearing nothing contrary in their own ecosphere, when they were in fact doomed. The people have shown that they can tune out this noise. The media has fragmented so much that only those who are already persuaded come within the ambit of any new message, so in essence they have pounded their way into their own irrelevance (emphasis added).”

Hillary Clinton had the endorsements of most major newspapers in the United States. Her own website declared, “By all accounts, this election is historic—and so is the list of newspapers from across the country endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. That list includes a number of papers that, for decades, have exclusively endorsed Republican presidential candidates—until now.”

Reid Wilson of The Hill newspaper calculated that Clinton got 57 newspaper endorsements and Trump got only 2.

In addition to The Washington Post and The New York Times, which both endorsed Hillary, some of the other notable losers included:

  • The Columbus Dispatch endorsed a Democrat (for the first time since Woodrow Wilson), and urged voters to elect Hillary. Ohio went for Trump anyway.
  • The Akron Beacon said that Hillary was the change this country needed.
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer broke a century-old tradition to endorse Hillary.
  • The Sun Sentinel editorial board urged Floridians to vote for Hillary. Florida went for Trump.
  • The Arizona Republic broke a 120-year tradition to endorse Hillary. Arizona went for Trump.
  • The Dallas Morning News broke a 75-year tradition of supporting Republicans to endorse Hillary. Texas went for Trump anyway.
  • The Houston Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Texas, usually backs Republicans but endorsed Hillary.

Among major voting blocs, one of the most amazing turnarounds can be found in the Catholic population.

On November 2, the Catholic Jesuit publication America was reporting that Clinton was leading Trump in the polls thanks to the Catholic vote. Citing a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at The Catholic University of America, Clinton was getting support from 51 percent of Catholics, compared to 40 percent for Donald Trump. This is what liberal Catholics wanted to believe and encourage. Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta was a liberal Catholic who got a job as professor at Catholic Jesuit Georgetown University. He had communicated with other campaign officials about a scheme to force the church even further to the left. Elizabeth Yore’s article at The Remnant explained the relationship between George Soros, the Clinton campaign and the Jesuit-led Vatican.

However, exit polls show that Trump won the Catholic vote by a margin of 52 to 45 percent. What happened?

One answer is that Catholics are bypassing the liberal media and turning to alternative sources of news and information, such as The Remnant. Another such source is Boston Catholic Insider, which argued in an article, “Why Catholics Should Vote for Trump,” that Hillary had a “monstrous” position on abortion that justified the gruesome procedure up to and including the time of birth.

Another growing source of news and information for Catholics and non-Catholics is LifeSite. Its post-election stories include “Liberal media in meltdown over Trump election” and “America rejects Planned Parenthood and its party.”

Another important development was the airing of the film “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” by the EWTN Catholic cable channel. As we noted in a previous column, the film examined how Marxists have subverted the church from within by recruiting clergy into revolutionary socialist activities that divide people and cause conflict. The film was described as “a lens into America’s cultural Marxism euphemistically called ‘progressivism.’”

As long as the members of the liberal media continue in their old and discredited ways, without major changes in the journalism business, the alternative sources of news and information will continue to grow in power and influence. The new conservative network CRTV has just announced that Steven Crowder, from the popular show “Louder with Crowder,” is joining the new media venture.

Even with major changes in the liberal media, such as the firing of liberal hacks and the hiring of solid conservatives, it is doubtful that viewership can be maintained. On outlets like CNN, they will continue to talk and act like they still have some credibility left. The public is laughing at them and declaring, “You’re fired.”

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  • John Frings

    You can ad CNN to that list…

  • Still Out of Service

    good article.
    I believe one word was not spelled correctly?
    ”inside the elite bubble were persuaded that they were headed for
    victory, hearing nothing contrary in their own ecosphere, when they were
    in fact doomed”
    should the word ecosphere not have an h after the c?

  • Wascally Wabbit

    Everybody…and I do mean Everybody knows the main stream media have extreme liberal bias.
    Ratings will continue to fall even for Fox as they’re pseudo conservative with a healthy twist of progressive tendencies. Americans are Patriotic and don’t want to hear that we’re all a bunch of racists because we want to protect our Borders, language and Culture.

  • RMThoughts

    Trump has unmasked the media and the neocons.

    The neocons have dominated the media as well as the intellectual and foreign policy establishment of the Republican Party since the 1980s. From the beginning of Trump’s candidacy, neocons have been leading the #NeverTrump movement, despite the catastrophic effects of a Hillary Clinton presidency on the GOP. . The treason of the neocons will be long remembered in GOP circles and will compromise their influence in the future.

  • acidulous

    The neocons are undocumented democrats who subverted “conservatism” from within. Good Bolsheviks.

  • Mesa Mike

    Very nice job Cliff. You cover it well.

  • Omen55

    Like the Dinos they don’t understand what that bright object in the sky is.
    Let me help them.
    The People!

  • dmreiter

    The MSM deserves ridicule and derision. Most importantly, they deserve to be turned off and tuned out. Hit them where it hurts. Don’t buy their products, if you want to call it that.

  • Steve Campbell

    The main stream media has been getting it wrong since the 60’s and we just went along thinking that they were telling us the truth as opposed to their version of the truth. The Reagan Administration was misrepresented and misreported as was every other Republican attempt to veer the country away from the Progressive Agenda that the media holds so dear. After watching the reporting on the Bush Administration vs. the Obama Administration the public finally woke up to the facts that the media are not ever unbiased, in fact they are shills for the Progressives, Internationalists and Statists. Not only that, as this election shows once again, they just aren’t very smart.

  • Clintonispathetic
  • KittenChow

    My hometown paper, which serves around 16,000 people, had never endorsed a presidential candidate in the 20 years I subscribed to the paper. This year they received orders from their parent, Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc., (CNHI) to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton. CNHI is the parent to over 130 of small community publications throughout the country. I checked several of their editorials online in what I believed were conservative communities throughout the country, and all endorsed Clinton. I recognize that the editors are well within their to endorse whomever they so choose, however, I could not believe that the would endorse an unindicted criminal, so I cancelled my subscription.

  • RMThoughts

    They are the jailers of American conservatives.

  • BillKristollnacht

    The media is under very powerful Jewish influence. Trump’s victory is a blow to the entire Jewish power structure. I have written 6 articles on Jewish hostility toward Trump, much of this hostility bordering on the clinically paranoid. Jews understand that they do indeed have a great deal of power in the U.S. and throughout the West and that they have used that power to destroy the traditional homogeneity of these societies and to do all they can to make Whites minorities in societies they have dominated for hundreds and, in the case of Europe, many thousands of years. We are a long way from really putting a dent in that power structure, but Trump’s victory is a great first step.

  • The Main Street Media has been a joke for years, there only cure is to talk to each other, they are clueless and they have gone along with the destruction of the country with the democrats since Cronkite who was one of the first to go along with the democrat party. Today they only have about 20% of the far left kooks that are in step with them. Gave up on ABC, NBC, CBS, AND THEIR AFFILATES YEARS AGO.

  • John Cunningham

    Not just the elite media but, academia as well. It is like an old Dracula movie where someone holds up a cross and all the Vampires go nuts. It is time to pick the wheat from the chaff and turn our back on those who would destroy our great Nation. In case you are not sure whom that be, Liberals everywhere.

  • JES

    Cliff, you hit the nail on the head! I love what radio personality Laura Ingraham said at the RNC Convention:

    “To all my friends up there in the press, you all know why in your
    heart Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. You know it,” Ingraham
    said. “You know why he won it? Because he dared to call out the
    phonies, the frauds and the corruption that has gone unexposed and
    uncovered for too long.”

    “Do your job,” Ingraham challenged the media. “Doing your job is a novel concept.”

    Trump tweeted his appreciation: “Thank you @IngrahamAngle! #AmericaFirst”

    I guess Laura was right. They refuse to do their jobs…This election is total proof of their blind bias for anything “progressive” and against anything that exposes the corruption and the truth.

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  • healer

    Trump wins, and the Media Party has no clue what just happened video

  • jg collins


  • jg collins

    But if I don’t buy the NY Times, what will I line the bottom of Mr. Cheepy’s cage with?

  • maryloujb

    Where are Stevie & Sanwichboy when you need a good laugh? Maybe Soros sent them to the unemployment line.

  • dmreiter


  • Ted

    The media … liberal and otherwise … and the Democratic party … all have their heads up into the same place … up where the sun don’t shine! They all blew it … because instead of focusing on the majority working class these last 25 years or so … the media and the Democrats have embraced the women’s liberation movement, ACLU causes, minority and mini-minority special interests, and all other things ostensibly “politically correct”. Little League Mommyism … all around!

  • efred1

    We all need to stop watching/reading/listening to MSM. Contact the “news” agencies that your are no longer going to watch their programs until they fire their news staff and replace them with unbiased reporters and start reporting the news without bias or commentary. Not only that, but inform their sponsors that not only are you boycotting the “news shows” they sponsor, but your are boycotting them until such a time that they start sponsoring truly unbiased reporting.

    We all need to do this as soon as possible, and hit while the iron is hot.

  • John_In_Michigan

    With more Republican governors and state legislatures it is time to cut state subsidies to universities that crank out “social justice” grads by the bushel. Let them support themselves.

  • John_In_Michigan

    Good point about the local affiliates. The local reporters want national exposure, and they know what the parent networks want from them.

  • Steven Barrett

    Cancelling’s well within your right, but how ’bout raising funds to either buy the local paper out from under the umbrella? And don’t worry if after using all the fundraising tacts available from using a “gofundme” account, all the way to community tag sales and hell, even bake sales (everybody loves dessert and the the opportunity to schmooze with neighbors on the same topic) and just be able to have the same amount of funds to start your own. That means being able to lure advertising away. Publishers do consider editorial content as “filler” and ads as “revenue,” and that’s true, esp. if the paper has arisen from a former “shopper” status . . . but at least you’ll get the current media establishment’s attention in the most effect and direct manner possible. You’ll also be telling that journalism must never become monopolized, even by people who agree with you more often than not. And it’s okay if we and our papers don’t see eye to eye. What’s not okay is an institutionalized expectation that the ‘tudes of the local fishwraps have the be the truths of the communities they purport to serve.
    Hope this gives you some encouragement. It won’t be easy, and it’ll take time, lots of effort, unpaid effort at first and lots of hours just to put out a local ten page paper, but if it gives you the satisfaction that you’re restoring the real spirit of the First Amendment to your community … Go for it!

  • Steven Barrett

    I was a supporter of Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. I am not Jewish. But I can tell you without any doubt that what you just typed out is an embarrassment to your president elect, and the nation of 300,000,000+plus Americans he will be leading next January. Proud of yourself now?

  • Carol Cameomeooo

    THE MEDIA has become biased and in LOVE with the LIBERAL way of life…..this is why they love the Democrats and the Establishment Progressive Party……BUT its SOON to end with a TRUMP VICTORY WIN!!!

  • Steven Barrett

    C’mon Marylou, you didn’t I’d be so cruel to leave you all by your lonesome and leave it to Ironchefsandwiches all the burden (and fun) of taking your epistles apart, line by line. Yeah, in this forum I’ll admit to being unusual, but cruel and unjust. Nah. That’d be a yuuuuuuuge injustice which I couldn’t pull off.

  • Patriot159

    The liberal media is the Demonrats Joseph Goebbels. They are doing as their Fuhrer has ordered.

  • sox83cubs84

    Isn’t it fun watching the liberal media drown in it’s own vomit?

  • Edie_VA

    Some time ago, I began to suspect that our media was similar to the USSR’s media during the Communist era when one point of view was broadcast and no dissent was allowed.

    Soooo – I began to rely on sites like Drudge, Breitbart, AIM, the Federalist, a few PJ Media writers and others to find out what is going on. Sometimes the blog comments referred to other sites for a more informative topic explanation. I went to those sites. Some great writers/commenters I discovered were Mike Cernovich, Bill Mitchell, Paul Joseph Watson, Clint Eastwood, John Nolte, ZeroHedge, Gateway Pundit, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Powerline, and many more, and contrasted them with what was on the tv channels, My new sources reacted fast and accurately to important news – they were wired into the Podesta e-mails, the Project Veritas, and they moved information quickly into the internet exchange of information.

    I will never look at MSM with anything like trust ever ever ever. They have confirmation bias, they even shouted down a few of their own reporters in the last few days of the campaign for the amazing Trump rallies by then they were just plain magic – people cheering, I think Trump realized on a spiritual & emotional level something very few leaders ever experience – We CHOOSE you for our leader!

  • John Cunningham

    A good start. I thought of lynch mobs.

  • John_In_Michigan

    No need. They won’t survive anyway without someone else paying the bills.

  • John Cunningham

    …we can only hope.

  • MadJackOkie

    In the film “All the President’s Men,” Bob Woodward is meeting late one evening in a basement parking garage with source “Deep Throat,” who proceeds to enlighten Woodward on the Nixon administration’s “dirty tricks” strategy. Deep Throat explains that they wanted Nixon to run against the worst possible Democratic opponent, and through their efforts and the Democratic Party’s own foibles, they succeeded with George McGovern. While I’m not a conspiracy type, I’ve read and can’t argue with opinions that the MSM worked overtime during the primaries to ensure Trump would triumph over his numerous Republican adversaries, giving him an overwhelming degree of exposure at the expense of the others, while concurrently limiting scrutiny of their desired Democratic candidate, Clinton. Subsequently, the MSM again focused on Trump while ignoring scrutiny of Clinton and the level of investigative reporting into her very flawed credentials my generation would have expected of a credible fourth estate. Clinton’s demise and Trump’s triumph reflect the MSM’s loss of credibility as much as any strategic missteps by Clinton’s campaign team.

  • Frank de Varona

    The shameful and biased mainstream media has lost all credibility. It is also important to point out that many of the so-called Republican newspapers are owned the members of the globalist elite who want a world government at the United Nations but controlled by them. Hillary was the candidate of Wall Street and the New World Order and its powerful organizations: the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. Just as in Britain left the European Union, Americans rejected the candidate of the New World Order. Thanks be to God.
    May God bless America! Frank de Varona

  • M.

    Say hello to President Trump ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tokyo rose sandwiches is a tenth rate punk coward who thankfully doesn’t show his worthless face around AIM much anymore. He knows what a fool he made of himself taunting us with the murderous beast’s supposed impending victory. He is a subhuman dirty communist rat. I hope President Trump will realize that he must finish all the filthy communists and “progressives” for good and all. They wanted to take this country over and enjoy imposing red terror on its decent people. They need to get what’s coming to them now; in public and under humiliating circumstances.

  • M.

    What they really need, is to be arrested and dealt with. They have shown themselves to be dangerous traitors and subversives, there are no extenuating circumstances, they deserve no mercy.

  • Jamie

    I wrote this letter to Time Warner Execs. Please write them also and join in a boycott of all thingsTime Warner:,,

    Dear Sirs,

    i am shocked at your broadcaster Don lemon. Before the election he put forward the mime that President-elect Trump and his followers would not accept the results of the election. Now he is glorifying the violence and tantrums on the left.

    Don Lemon also assumes that President Elect Trump is a racist. He is constantly attacking Trump and putting forth arguments — as if he was a democratic operative. For instance, when it was pointed out that Republicans did not riot after Obama’s election. Don suddenly got furious and blurted out that Obama didn’t run a divisive campaign, as if his opinion was fact.

    You will need to fire Don Lemon very soon. He has broken every journalistic principle. He is so full of anger and ill-will as he pushes the false mime that Donald Trump hates black people and is a racist.

    If Time Warner does not fire this horrible journalist, I will cut my cable and boycott all Time/Warner or Comcast products.

    – J Mofs.

  • Peter

    Mr Cheepy deserves better than that.

  • Peter

    More anti-Semitic bullshit.

  • Peter

    And their Fuehrer is Cardinal Tim Dolan in the chain of command of a much bigger string-pulling puppet master network.
    America used to be the united states of America ‘OF the people’.
    The word OF denoted, in the possession of the people, who were sovereign.
    Then along came the 13th Amendment transforming what was, into a Fascist Corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which from that time changed to ‘FOR the people’.
    Under some form of Power of Attorney, sovereignty was stripped from the people, and placed in the hands of a mysterious influence, trustworthy or not, who would take care of their governance FOR and on behalf of the people who no longer held sovereignty, but believed they still did. Their trust was betrayed.
    From then on, the now USA corporation became a sham shadow government king, in the shadow of a superior King of kings actual absolute sovereign ruler. The USA President proudly crusades at American expense for this Caesar, in his shadow, to usher in the NWO, reuniting the soul of Rome to its corporate globalist body.
    From the time the 13th Amendment did its damage, right under the nose of the unsuspecting citizenry, by capitalizing the name to USA in full capitals, and changing one word from ‘OF’ to ‘FOR’, America has been in the ‘shade’ of its real sovereign King.
    This is supported biblically by: This is the great city that reigns over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:18.
    And even more so by Isaiah 14:9 : – ‘ . . . . it (Sheol) rouses the SHADES to greet you, ALL WHO WERE LEADERS OF THE EARTH; it raises from their thrones ALL WHO WERE KINGS OF THE NATIONS’.
    Fasces are a Roman symbol. When entwined in a Laurel wreath, it represents Caesarian military power. The Vatican which Cardinal Tim Dolan is beholden to represents that power in America. He is your Commander-in-Chief unbeknownst to the citizenry who see that all is not what it seems, and can’t figure out Why?
    Now look at the two Laurel wreath entwined fasces behind the Speaker’s rostrum in the Chamber of the House of Representatives. This symbol is not there for no reason. It has very real significance.
    The 13th Amendment was well on its way, following the Jesuit complicit civil war, through 1864 – 1865. It was not ratified by Abraham Lincoln. It was ratified in December 1865 by the now shadow President that followed Lincoln after he was dispensed with, Andrew Johnson.
    The 13th Amendment was an act of sedition against the American people of that day. It has now been in existence for 150 years. It is not likely to be taken lightly, were it to be trashed, by Cardinal Tim Dolan.
    Will President elect Trump, if he gets to the post of President, step out of the shadow of the Vatican, by trashing the 13th Amendment, to restore sovereignty to the American people, as I believe he will have to do, and will, or will he be saluting Heil Caesar to Dolan?
    If he does not salute Heil Caesar, then I fear for his welfare, as with Kennedy and Lincoln. The ‘dispensary’ will then be open for business as usual.

  • Steven Barrett

    Who the hell are you actually comparing Tokyo Rose to on this forum? BTW, I think it takes a certain amount of guts to contribute to this forum if, like myself, your’re even just a millimeter to the left of Steve Bannon so who are you to call somebody out as a “worthless punk rate coward” and “subhuman dirty communist rat.” What role did you play in the Cold War?

  • Terri Webster

    This is very true. I hope the world of journalism wakes up and takes note. Accept responsibility for the violent riots going on right now. Swallow their pride before they’re all out of a job. The only Americans paying any attention to mainstream media are the few baphoons who supported Hillary, which by the way includes all of mainstream media.

  • Realist

    People around me have been making old Soviet style water cooler jokes about Big Media for years now. The old ubiquitous Big Media tactics of misdirection, manicuring and manipulation have themselves become unintended jokes. After exposing themselves so throughly in their vicious anti Trump campaign over the last sixteen months or so, there are very few people I know who are not keenly aware of the hateful, haughty bias of Big Media. The little peeps have also quickly become aware of the bias of spewing from neocon RINOLista pretend journalists, too. The RINOLista are the ones tasked with pretending to oppose the lies and obfuscations of their journOlista counterparts, but in Reality they only offer milquetoast opposition while doing the all-important dirty work of pushing libcult A&I (Accusation and Invective) in the faces of any unfortunate conservative who choose to watch them. The RINOLista NEVER attempt to explain, promote or advance actual conservatism, they exclusively focus on the latest libcult constructed assault on We the People (Trayvon, the Gentle Giant, Trump is the devil, etc) and pretend to refute those things but do little more than play-fight with their libcult counterparts.

    The now nauseatingly familiar tactics of Big Media no longer elicit anything other than howls of laughter and heaps of scorn from the people around me. Once such deceivers have been exposed for being what they are, especially by a very large segment of the population, and the tactics they are so used to using and getting away with only serve to further diminish and degrade the last minuscule remnants of respectability they have left. And that ain’t much.

  • jg collins

    People who spout that sort of thing make me wonder, Is their prejudice exceeded only by their ignorance? Or by their stupidity, as well? There is nothing positive or helpful in your statements, and they certainly don’t make people think you’re well-informed. Quite the opposite.

  • jg collins

    Not just a loss of credibility, but serious damage to Clinton’s image. “If the MSM say she’s the best candidate, she most likely isn’t.” The MSM fooled a lot of fools, but made fools of themselves by actually believing their own lies and distorted analyses. Election night was precious. One lady commentator interrupted the “O, golly, those pollsters sure blew it” theme to ask if maybe the media should take a look at themselves. A male model talking head quickly changed the subject, moving away from her point and proving it at the same time!

  • jg collins

    The heartbreak of proctocraniosis. . .

  • IraMad

    Media credibility is gone! Keep the same faces that lied to us daily for over a year, and your ratings and bottom line will nosedive.
    These lefty spies must go! Change the lineup now!
    Then, the challenge is to PROVE you are capable of honest journalism.

  • MikeDS

    The media refers to Republican states as “red” and Democrats as “blue.”
    To reverse these colors would reveal a truth they’d rather conceal for
    as long as possible: that Democrats and our media are as Red as the Chinese Communists.

  • Alex Moon

    How is it possible that a glass, brick, and steel edifice (a newspaper) has a voice in public to issue an endorsement of one candidate over another? Is every reporter, press operator, inker, janitor, copy writer working there of the same mind? Then, how … ?

  • M.

    Calm down old boy, it is your friend ironchefsandwiches who is punk coward communist rat, not you. Thankfully he doesn’t show himself much anymore. He always used foul language and insolently swore that the beast Hillary would win. Sorry for the misunderstanding, you conduct yourself much better than he does.

  • Steven Barrett

    Don’t worry …. Having just completed a daily Zombie Walk and hugged a few gnarly maples, but not so firm as to damage their sap producing strength, I’m back I hope on a level plain. And don’t worry, since they’re NOT covered by Medicare much less even Obamacare (wow, I’ll bet HE’s a lot more in need of some Zombie walks after all Pres. and Mrs. Obama did for Hillary.)

  • Queeditch

    While I agree with you, I have to tell you there are bad Jews and good Jews… Not all of them are alike. There are four groups of Jews. Do your homework first.

  • Lee Ryan

    What a joy these past few weeks have been. May they never end!

  • AugustineThomas

    From the Catholic conservative perspective, I can tell you that it was just the same as the rest of the country’s experience. We now know who our “liberal”/Leftist members are, including priests and bishops, so we know who to tune out when they start pretending their lunatic political beliefs are Church doctrine.

  • biilyjoe

    It’s long been past time for Catholics to stop being the self-deprecating fools that the Left Loon Liberal /Socialist Democrat Party has forced them to be. They’ve allowed the Left to basically destroy the Catholic School Systems across America . The latter have been saving taxpayers money by the hundreds of millions since their inception in the late 19th century. They’ve been denied the use of their own school taxes with left loon separation of church and state lies/public school union complicity — which is not even applicable (and never should be) to parental choice in the education of their children. These left loons have also been behind the every attempt to blow up the ‘priest scandal’ to further weaken our Church for 25 years. The type of self-deprecators like Podesta, Kaine, Deblasio have allowed themselves to be used in all of these self-deprecating lies–sold their souls to the Demon-craps like Obama and Hillary–who go out of their way to find these so-called Catholics with their puppet strings already attached for the first Left Loon marxist to come by and start manipulating them. Also, I found it totally suspicious that these same people wanted the current jesuit pope to speak before Congress–(something that has NEVER occurred in the history of The United States). My take on that, as a Catholic, is that the left thought they could manipulate his words and then use them in the upcoming election. Whether this Pope was aware of this is an entirely different question. Nothing would surprise me in either case.

  • biilyjoe

    Use Obama’s prayer mats.

  • georgepark

    IMHO – I would vote for the OTHER candidate based on Celebrity, Newspaper; TV; Radio, etc. endorsements for a Democrat. That race of people is evil. They should ALL be taken out to an empty field, shot and buried. No markers should be placed on the graves. Good Riddance. They will NOT be missed.

  • James Guthrie

    I would love to see cnn, the wackington post, and the new york times bombed off of the face of the planet.

  • James Guthrie

    These criminal NWO cabal owned liberal journalist should be shot on site. They can be killed on the street in plane site. Never hire a liberal, and if you have them find a reason to fire them.

  • James Guthrie

    Dead ones can’t anymore though.

  • thomas moloian

    this is what i think of liberal media:

    when i take dump they come out.

  • thomas moloian

    you mean demofucks