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The Washington Post is a die-hard Democratic Party newspaper that occasionally recognizes Obama’s drift into Marxism. The December 19th editorial on Cuba is a case in point. Not only does the Post understand the nature of Obama’s betrayal of a free Cuba, it is beginning to wake up to the failures of bipartisan policies that have built communist Chinese economic power in the name of capitalism and reform.

The paper says that Obama “should have learned and applied some of the hard lessons of normalization with China and Vietnam—most notably that engagement doesn’t automatically promote freedom. When the United States debated extending ‘most-favored-nation’ trading status to China, we shared in what was then the conventional wisdom: Economic engagement would inevitably lead, over time, to political reform inside that Communist dictatorship.”

The paper goes on to admit it was duped. But Obama should know better, shouldn’t he?

The Post notes that the Chinese regime has been strengthened, not weakened, by policies of “engagement.” The Chinese communists “were determined to reap the fruits of foreign investment and trade—for themselves and their families, first, but also for their country—without ceding power. So far, confounding expectations, they have succeeded,” the paper commented.

In the case of Cuba, the Post said, Obama could have proposed normalization only after certain freedoms were given to the Cuban people. Instead, Obama “spurned” the “brave freedom fighters” on the island in the form of ordinary citizens risking their lives to protest against the Castro regime and to demand basic rights. Obama simply ignored their struggle.

So what are we to conclude? The Post is the paper which sent a reporter by the name of Dana Milbank to our news conferences over the years to ridicule our warnings of Obama’s Marxism. It looks like the editorial board, at least, is coming around to the realization that Obama is deliberately pursuing a Marxist policy in the case of Cuba. This is a breakthrough.

In a separate editorial, the paper called Obama’s change in Cuba policy a “bailout” of the regime. It said, “Mr. Obama may claim that he has dismantled a 50-year-old failed policy; what he has really done is give a 50-year-old failed regime a new lease on life.”

The editorial fails to take note of the role of Pope Francis in the betrayal. However, a separate article in the paper indirectly took note of the development, highlighting that while Pope John Paul II was “extremely public in his fight against communism,” Francis seems dedicated to being known as a “master builder of bridges” between the communist and free worlds. This is to the advantage of the communists.

The article notes that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)—who is Catholic—was critical of the pope, saying he should “take up the cause of freedom” rather than facilitate Obama’s deal with the Castro brothers. But we have heard enough from the pope, in terms of his attacks on capitalism, to know where he stands.

Rubio told ABC News, “The pope is a spiritual leader and he always, naturally, is going to want to bring people closer together. And I respect that as a spiritual leader. But I think it’s also important to say that people deserve the right to be free…our nation was founded on that principle.”

The awareness is growing among Catholics that this pope is radically different than Pope John Paul II. Associated Press quotes Efrain Rivas, a 53-year-old maintenance man in Miami who was a political prisoner in Cuba for 16 years as saying, “I’m still Catholic till the day I die. But I am a Catholic without a pope.”

Miguel Saavedra, described as a 57-year-old Miami mechanic who leads an anti-Castro group and wears a Christian cross, told AP, “The church is contaminated.” He was probably referring to contamination by elements of Marxist-oriented liberation theology.

Catholic writer Vic Biorseth concludes, “I’m afraid it is true—Pope Francis is a Marxist. George Soros is probably celebrating. So is Bill Ayers, Frances Fox Piven, and especially, Comrade President Obama, peace be upon him. We will get through this, and we will be stronger for it.”

This may sound harsh, but the evidence is all around for everyone to see. Perhaps the Post will eventually wake up to that reality as well. But how long will it take?

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  • John Cunningham

    I agree with Rubio and hope he runs for Governor and sits out this next Presidential Election. As for the Washington Post and other Left Wing Media, they think like the Unions in Germany in the early 30’s when Hitler was gaining power. Once Hitler had power, he outlawed unions.

    Barack Obama hates the Media, even the Mainstream Media. He has his own media and the Left doesn’t like it but, they are still down on their knee’s licking his boots. People in this Country had better wake up to what is going on in this Country under Obama. If not, we will surely burn.

  • saveamericanow

    BHO has had one goal for decades. To make America into the model Marxist regime that he and the world elites that put him there want. They will reduce the poplulation as they see fit and rule over the peasants. His writings, his background, his friends and associates, his family, and his religion have taught him and nurtured him to this end since day one. Now the left is shocked to find this out? Uh, DUH! Shows what an Ivy League education does fo gullible, trainable fools. Not just Americans need to wake up. This is world wide. If our spineless robber barons in the House and Senate do not stop this little Lenin, then we may never recover to be what the founding fathers menat us to be.

  • jaimelmanzano

    The mistake is to assume that the Pope is talking secular politics. His
    business is values and souls. Individuals, and their values, including
    the use of their wealth, to the Pope, needs to be used voluntarily to help
    humanity, including growth of the economy, education, and employment,
    not just blind charity which carries with it the risk of debilitating
    individual self-worth, and personal responsibility, while fostering dependence and the surrender of freedom.
    Not that he doesn’t appreciate charity, he just may be being portrayed
    as projecting its over use to placate individual and societal senses of guilt.

  • harleyrider1978

    This Pope was Hand picked by the EU! No more no less.

  • bob570

    The Catholic Church has been dancing on all sides of the Political spectrum for over a century now. They seem to forget that the ex stream Left, are very jealous power mongers. Totalitarianism is their only Religion.

  • Ted

    Jesus was probably the first communist … so … all you extremist rightwingers are going to have to convert to belief in the communist manifesto (otherwise known as The Bible) … or be annihilated. Your time has come! It’s OVER for you!

  • Ted

    The New Feudalism as managed and manipulated by Big Business and the monied FatCats, together with their lackey rightwingers in government, is what has slowly been creating a population of “peasants” in this country out of the American working middle class.

  • AndRebecca

    You can’t face reality, can you? The Fat Cats have been for Marxism and have been anti-Capitalist for years. Western Marxists are for materialism, secular humanism, and blatant sex. This is what we see in society everywhere today….also, we can’t have a proletariat dictatorship, against the bourgeoisie without getting those peasants out there to take over. Marching in the streets… The Roman Catholics, locked in a pre-modern time warp, do not care about politics, except as it affects their power. Look at all the Marxist countries where the Romans C’s have been dominant. And, the Roman’s helped bring in pro-union Irish and others in order to help the Left in this country go against the real bourgeoisie capitalists, the small businessmen.

  • AndRebecca

    Jesus was a carpenter and he believed in working for a living and encouraged every Christian to do so. No begging. Get your vile stories straight. What are you so jealous about? Are you living off welfare, and can’t make it on your own?

  • stevor

    Since the Post is a CIA paper, I wonder if this is a message to us (or to o’bama) that the CIA is about to “throw him under the bus” unless he does their agenda better!

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    As an Argentine Jesuit priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now known as Pope Francis) carefully cultivated a fake reputation of being antagonistic to Theology of “Liberation” (TOL). TOL is very well known to be a Marxist (and even Leninist, in some aspects) spin of the Gospel. He even lived several years ostensibly ostracized by the Jesuit order; it was a pure “Manchurian Candidate” master ploy.

    Bergoglio waited quietly in the shadows until the time when he wouldn’t fear exposing his real self, that is, now as Pope Francis

    Now as Pope, he has been in close contact with Gustavo Gutierrez, the Peruvian Dominican Priest (now theology professor at Notre Dame) that introduced TOL in the 1960s, having been rapidly picked up by the Jesuits in Latin America, then in the USA and, at the end, in Europe and the rest of the world.

    The Francis-Obama binomial is the antithesis of the John Paul-Reagan one, and it will cause as much harm to the world as good John Paul-Reagan did.

    In these two coming years of The Dictator in the White House the Francis-Obama will perpetrate immense harm on America and the world…unless we non-leftists, particularly grassroots-conservatives, DEMAND it from the Republicans in the U.S. Congress (i.e., Senate AND House) to manacle Obama in any constitutional way available.

    So, starting January, to get busy with the phones, emails, snail-mail, and, very important, group-visits (the larger, the more effective) with signed demands to the local offices of ALL Republicans in the U.S. Congress.

    We all non-leftists MUST do it; either the salvation or the perdition of America and the world is in our very hands.

  • Marshall Goodman

    Pope Francis was “elected” only after Benedict XVI resigned — the first sitting pope to do so in more than
    600 years. I do believe that Francis is “Soros’ pope.” How peculiar that groups supporting abortion and homosexuality to media from the Huffington Post to the New York Times and individuals from Jane Fonda to Jon Stewart so quickly found this pope deserving of praise, and he was not well known and had been seated for long. He’s the first pope to
    take the name, Francis, from one of the most popular saints even among those outside of Catholicism and even Christianity in some cases. Sounds like just more subversive scripting by Marxist-led global forces.

  • Marshall Goodman

    Have you ever read “The Manifesto of the Communist Party”? Probably not, if you can’t even state the title correctly. The rambling, unfocused document calls for the abolition of religion along with the abolition of property rights, family and more. (And you Marxist morons applaud Obama for saying the Constitution is a negative document.) Besides, Communism has killed tens of millions of people — mostly its own citizens — with near impunity and has sent tens of millions more to death camps and still do to this day. They make Hitler look mild by comparison. Jesus was an advocate for peace and love, not the regular practice of deliberate and inhumane brutallity.

  • stringman

    Jesus was no such thing. He advocated charity to the poor. Communism is government redistribution of wealth. Charity is individuals freely choosing to give to causes, not being forced to give at the point of a gun. That is coercion and extortion. You must surely be able to discern the difference. No?

  • J P

    Calling His Holiness Pope Francis a Marxist is about as irresponsible as anyone claiming writing skill can get. Unlike yourself, he’s Catholic and has addressed this issue as such. Who are you?

  • J P

    Rightwingers? Whatever. They’re armchair pontiffs all of them. lol!

  • jb1111

    Christ did NOT say “Go get the Romans to feed the Poor”.
    Christ said “You ( Ted, yes, you ) go and feed the Poor”.

  • jb1111

    One man’s OPINION, JP.
    And you know what they say about an “OPINION”.
    We all have one.

  • J P

    True. Ty for sharing your remarkable wisdom. 😉

  • J P

    Opinion is apart from facts…let’s stick to those.

  • dettmb

    Nice article.

    Part of the article seems to only wish some day somehow the Washington Post will see the light and become something other than the biased left wing paper that it is. Who cares.