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No matter how many times it is disproved, members of the Obama administration and the liberal media continue to claim that President Barack Obama has overseen a scandal-free executive branch during his two terms in office. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fast & Furious, the IRS targeting scandal, Benghazi, and the Veterans Administration scandal are but a taste of President Obama’s scandal-ridden leadership.

The latest in the voices declaring Obama scandal-free is senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, who said recently on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” that “The President prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal and that he hasn’t done something to embarrass himself. But that’s not because he’s being someone other than who he is. That’s because that’s who he is, that’s who they are, and I think that’s what really resonates with the American people.” A fawning Zakaria also asked Jarrett about Obama’s “cool,” “discipline,” and “dignity” on his January 1 show, which was entitled “Voices From the Obama Years.” “Over the last few months, we have had extraordinary access to the White House, to officials current and former. It was all for a documentary about President Obama’s legacy,” said Zakaria.

With President Obama set to step down this month and give way to soon-to-be President Donald Trump, the media are even more eager to contrast the current President with his already demonized successor.

As we have reported, both token New York Times conservative David Brooks and former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod have also claimed that Obama’s tenure has been scandal-free. While this assertion is pure fiction, it continues nonetheless. It is a convenient way of dismissing, if not covering up, Obama’s dishonesty, incompetence and corruption. The perpetuation of this lie demonstrates that the media and the Obama administration are living in a reality constructed entirely by themselves, one that ignores any information that might damage Obama’s legacy.

A key counterpart to the elevation of Obama is the necessary criticism of his successor. Thus, the Times’ Paul Krugman writes in his recent column that Trump is bringing America down to “stan” status, a third-world country label which indicates a runaway personality cult and despotism by rich elites. “But cults of personality are actually the norm in the ‘stans,’ the Central Asian countries that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union, all of which are ruled by strongmen who surround themselves with tiny cliques of wealthy crony capitalists,” Krugman writes.

While Krugman is busy attacking what he perceives as Trump’s cult of personality, he may have forgotten that in 2008 he himself accused candidate Barack Obama of the same thing: “I’m not the first to point out that the Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality. We’ve already had that from the Bush administration—remember Operation Flight Suit? We really don’t want to go there again.” At the time Krugman was clearly supporting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, so his venom was aimed at Obama.

He wrote in that column that it was “particularly saddening” how “many Obama supporters seem happy with the application of ‘Clinton rules’—the term a number of observers use for the way pundits and some news organizations treat any action or statement by the Clintons, no matter how innocuous, as proof of evil intent.” By that definition, it is clear that Krugman and the Times, as well as most of the liberal media, seem happy with the application of “Trump rules.” Of course they would argue that in Trump’s case, those rules are justified.

So Krugman has portrayed President George W. Bush, President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump as each fostering cults of personality. America, under that rubric, isn’t descending to Third World status—it is simply getting more of the same. After all, Obama is the one with a celebrated iconic portrait, who is worshiped by Hollywood and the inane arbiters of pop culture, nearly all of whom have refused to be associated in any way with anything related to Trump.

Speaking of cult of personality, incredibly, the Obama administration has inserted favorable mentions of their Dear Leader in 12 of the last 14 biographies of former presidents on the White House website, going back to Calvin Coolidge. That is something no other president has had the audacity to do. For example, President Jimmy Carter’s biography includes a paragraph at the bottom which states, “In 1977, President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Energy; today the DOE works with the Obama Administration to drive towards innovation in energy and reducing reliance on foreign oil with an ‘all of the above’ approach.”

If you attend the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., you will see, in the area focusing on First Ladies, a larger than life photo of President Obama with First Lady Michelle. No other president rates a photo of any size in that room.

But the real difference between the media treatment of these recent presidencies is that President Obama is the only President receiving fawning, constant press coverage that ignores his faults and celebrates his enduring legacy items, such as Obamacare and the Iran deal. As we have written, both of those initiatives are debacles—and the Iran Deal isn’t even signed—yet the press continues to publish articles praising those policies as signature achievements.

The difference is, Obama is a Democrat, and the corrupt Democrat-Media complex works hard to only celebrate the left’s victories.

“How could this happen in a nation that has long prided itself as a role model for democracies everywhere?” asks Krugman in his column, continuing, “In a direct sense, Mr. Trump’s elevation was made possible by the F.B.I.’s blatant intervention in the election, Russian subversion, and the supine news media that obligingly played up fake scandals while burying real ones on the back pages.”

Actually, as we have reported, the media have consistently downplayed the national security scandal that was Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The press focused on the problems with Trump University, yet they ignored the scandal of the Clinton-linked Laureate Education. While the Clintons’ pay-for-play using the Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s time as secretary of state received some early press coverage, it was not pursued with the same passion as uncovering Trump’s faults.

Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid has outlined why allegations of Russian interference in the election may be baseless. Yet story after story express outrage and disbelief that Trump won’t acknowledge that the Russians, as they see it, handed him the election, so sure are these journalists of the supposed consensus among the intelligence agencies. We’ve seen time after time that the Obama administration has politicized intelligence to fit their narrative. Why not this time?

“Remember, the Clinton administration was besieged by constant accusations of corruption, dutifully hyped as major stories by the news media,” writes Krugman, asserting that “not one of these alleged scandals turned out to involve any actual wrongdoing.” (emphasis added). As Accuracy in Media has outlined in the special report, “The Hillary Clinton File,” and its documentary, “The Clinton Legacy,” investigations into the corruption of the Clintons reach back to President Bill Clinton’s term as president in the 1990s, and reveal serious, even criminal wrongdoing.

The Clintons have been demonstrably corrupt for decades, and President Obama has experienced one scandal after another. But don’t expect the mainstream media to report the truth—they are too invested in supporting politicians who further the left’s agenda.

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  • The big lie, DOJ, EPA, IRS, Dept. of Energy, Benghazi, ACA built on lies, stuck his big mouth in three racial incidences and was wrong on all three, did not apologize to the citizens who had there cities burned and wrecked, the police departments in fact had DOJ go after there departments. Criminal activity in the above agencies along with criminal activity by federal employees, his wasting 800 million dollars that was suppose to be for jobs but most of it was used to bring teachers retirement funds whole in many big blue cities. The total mishandling of his foreign agenda, making the middle east a cesspool, his open border policies allowing ISIS to walk into our country and the 1/2 trillion dollars given to illegals where that money should be for citizens only. Obama is going to be voted the worst President in history and now that Hillary did not win who was suppose to be a buffer for Obama between a republican administration and his the dirt, the lies, the criminal activity and incompetence will be exposed.

  • Julie Smalley

    Amen he claims he had no scandals oh please this man needs a padded room, you got it the IRS, DOJ, EPA, THE VA, PLAN PARENTHOOD, and plus Bengazi, and the other disasters, the resident in the white house thinks he was scandal free, he really needs a padded jail cell.

  • Larry Sparks

    Everything Obama has done or claimed to do is a lie. Obama is the most dishonest President in the history of the United States. Even the latest scandal of DOJ, Loretta Lynch, protected Hillary Clinton from prosecution and potential prison for E-mail and Clinton Foundation corruption.

  • TPS12

    This is how msm proves they have no ethics, credibility, accountability or true journalist. We expect bo to continue telling the same lies, but if msm were not his lapdogs they would be calling him and his ilk on it. They don’t and show their continued bias for the dem/libs agenda of lies.

  • Hugo

    CASE No; 10-60158-CR-DIMITROULEAS.

    A MARITIME STORY. Another case of hate crime lie inside the US judicial system.

  • Ted

    Maybe you should consider moving to Somalia. Definitely no govrnment scandals there. In fact … no government! A veritable rightwingnut paradise!

  • Ted

    Seems like Nixon probably holds that “Most Dishonest President ” title. (?)

  • Mesa Mike

    He hates Jews, kills Christians and has allowed brutal wars and new dictatorships to flourish across Europe and North Africa? Who is this man? He can only be the Black Hitler.

    But when you have political friends and supporters who will write tomorrow’s “history” books, as is the case with Obama, you need only provide these “historians” with enough material to obfuscate the past in a most pleasing way.

  • J. Glenn

    Sure, but only if you believe the Big Lie that was Watergate. At that time, Demon-crats were in a similar state of self-destruction and were desperate; they could not make themselves look better, so they seized on anything that made Republicans look bad. Still, only voter fraud got Carter 100.000 votes more than Ford. Since, the National Public Broadcasting Corp. has failed its mission miserably, that is, to expose and report on rogue activities at the highest levels. Remember, we couldn’t trust mainstream media to it. Now Obama’s Fourth Reich is a prime example of public broadcasting’s failure to report honestly and accurately.

  • John Cunningham

    Just name me one agency of Obama’s regime that wasn’t involved in a scandal or lost tax payers funds? That is another little tidbit not yet addressed. Where has all the money each agency was responsible for and, how many new millionaires and billionaires were made during Obama’s regime? Only Hitler will be studied more than the Obama Administration and when all said and done, not by much.

  • horrible deplorable raynbene

    But he did finally come out and admitted his letting down the country, whereas obomba could never bring himself to that point, since he is totally insulated from the ravages of real life, being a hardcore left-wing extremist marxist socialist ! And he has, in less than 8 years, proven himself to be more than willing to remake America, instead of living up to his oath of office.
    It seems impossible, but he has not done one single thing right in 8 long hopeless years of unConstitutional, exrta-judicial, and illegal moves to try to shape America into something it is not ! ! He and his policies were just totally rejected, and he will have no legacy except being the first black pResident !

  • MacBart

    Legacy? A documentary? Seriously? Again yet another con delivered to you hot and ready by the media.

  • Larry Sparks

    William, excellent review of Obama scandals, thanks for posting. It is just astonishing that liberal can not discern truth from falsehood.

  • Larry Sparks

    Ted, obviously you can not discern truth from falsehood and will not admit what a failure Obama has been as President.

  • Larry Sparks

    Watergate was about tapes and lying about the content of the tapes, by this standard; Obama should been impeached in six years ago.

  • Tbear

    “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid” – and you must be working overtime at it!!!!

  • The Major

    I could go on & on about “The One”,,,but History will prove that WE are Right & They (lefties) are SO Wrong.
    I believe that someday soon,,,a highly placed Aide to OBOZO will write a Tell All book,,,going back years,,,maybe Decades ,,telling the TRUTH about the One,,,,some one who is so trusted & beyond reproach,,that he or she Cannot be described as a “Disgruntled Employee”
    We all know the stories,,,,,,where he was born,,,the marxists who trained him,,,the muslims who raised him,,,and ALL of the LIES that were said to Cover it All Up,,,,Remember?,,How come not ONE woman came foward to say that she dated him in any school ,,or have they been paid off??
    The List of SCANDALS will fill each & every chapter of that book that I hope comes out Soon. I’d pay good money for a copy of that.
    Here is my Prediction. OBOZO & kin will be near D.C. until his kids finish this semester,,,then take Another Vacation to Hawaii,,,while his house in Chicago is quietly Packed up & his stuff will be moved to Hawaii.
    Remember the “Robin Masters Estate” ,,in the TV show “Magnum P.I.”..?
    Well.. it’s been bought by an OBOZO buddy for 8.2 Mil & fixed up for probably another 1.8 Mil,,= 10 Mil$$$. I’ll bet $$$ to Navy beans that this Estate will be ‘donated’ to the OBOZO’s & they will STAY in Hawaii
    Clinton’s house in NY was donated,,,so,,,it stands to reason that BHO
    will get it for free & his bud will get a Tax break.
    Watch & Wait,,,,

  • Lion De Sài Gòn

    Krugman gives Jews a bad name.

  • Wayne Johns

    When it comes to REAL scandals, there has to be evidence, an indictment, a trial, and a conviction. Benghazi……a witch hunt that’s been going on since her husband was president. Fast and Furious…… a mistake that was made trying to catch cartel leaders. Holder resigned. The ACA was a bill built on a Republican’t idea from the Heritage Foundation. Mitt Romney used the same program in his home state and the Repos raved about it till the black man in the White House used the same idea. The only reason none of the Repos voted for it was because it was funded with a 3% tax on capital gains over $200,000 and another 3% tax on the prosthesis industry which makes over 6,000% profit on the parts they sell. Heaven forbid they vote for anything that taxes their rich slave masters. They’re only good at taxing the middle class and spending more money than they take in. However, if ya wanna site REAL scandals you may wanna take another look at Nixon’s, Raygun’s, and Bushwhacker the Younger’s administrations. Raygun was the worse. More than 130 people investigated, put on trail, convicted and sentenced. You right wingers really need to get grip on reality. And I’ll tell ya’ll something else….when all you have to do is accuse, accuse, accuse, over and over again to make people believe that someone is guilty, you live in a fascist nation. And since ya’ll were stupid enough to believe Chump’s lies that’s exactly what we’re turning into. Hold onto your guns right wing haters, you’re gonna need them.

  • Wayne Johns

    Failure????? Are you on crack? We haven’t had it this good since Clinton was president. The big failure was Bushwhacker the Younger. 9/11 that Bush was warned about 5 times, the ‘War for Profit” where Haliburton, Cheney’s former company made about 200 million. Oh and let’s not to forget the sub prime bank failure that Bush was warned about many times before it happened. Check it out at I think the entire right wing needs a checkup from the neck up. Put down the pipe and smell the reality.

  • Wayne Johns
  • Wayne Johns


  • Wayne Johns


  • Wayne Johns
  • Wayne Johns
  • Wayne Johns
  • Wayne Johns
  • Wayne Johns
  • Wayne Johns
  • Larry Sparks

    The left is in a constant state on denial of truth. All they can do is make false accusations of racism, sexism and smear tactics which includes some of the comments on this article.

  • Jamie Benzy

    Elect Donald J Trump as the First New President of the US Constitutional Restoration 2017

  • Elect Donald J Trump as the First New President of the US Constitutional Restoration 2017

  • Elect Donald J Trump as the First New President of the US Constitutional Restoration 2017

  • Hilda S. Colon

    Can you please show the readers all your evidence? Or was this bullshit coming from the likes of Paul “gaybird” Ryan or evil McConnell?

  • Larry Sparks

    The comment by Ms. Colon is too stupid for an intelligent comment and would have no impact.

  • Richard Chambers

    are you seriously crediting Clinton with the PC boom are you really this stupid

  • Richard Chambers

    so Obama didnt lie about a youtube video causing a terrorist attack and by the there was no criminal inquiry into Obama about that or anybody for that matter