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Yesterday’s news became big news on the Fox News Channel on Thursday when former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani brought up the name of President Barack Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. It was almost seven years to the day when we published our seminal piece about Davis, “Obama’s Communist Mentor.”

Davis was a member of the Communist Party and a suspected Soviet espionage agent. He was included in the FBI’s security index, meaning that Davis could be arrested or detained in the event of a national emergency. The FBI file on Davis documents his anti-white and pro-Soviet views, infiltration of the Hawaii Democratic Party, and other activities.

Davis also wrote an autobiographical and pornographic sex novel, Sex Rebel, disclosing that he had sex with a young girl and engaged in shocking and bizarre sexual activities.

Giuliani’s public identification of Davis and discussion of his role in grooming a young Barack Obama marks the first time, in my memory, that a top Republican has ever mentioned the Davis-Obama relationship. It was done in the context of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly of questioning how Giuliani could dare ask whether Obama loves America.

If the Republicans had brought this up during the 2008 campaign, Obama might have been defeated and the country could have been spared the last six years of “progressive” hope and change. The Davis-Obama relationship is something so damaging and corrupt that its public airing would have raised questions about the Democratic Party’s vetting of Obama and the direction of the Democratic Party itself.

However, Republican operative Karl Rove was warning Republicans not to accuse Obama of being a socialist. He said such a charge would generate a negative backlash. The result in 2012 was another Obama victory.

Now that it has become apparent to more and more people that Obama is not a traditional liberal Democrat and is, in fact, a Marxist with Muslim sympathies, a figure such as Giuliani feels compelled to speak out. So let’s take a look at what Giuliani said.

“I don’t feel it. I don’t feel this love of America,” Giuliani said, talking about Obama. “I’m talking about a man who grew up under the influence of Frank Marshall Davis who was a member of the Communist Party, who he refers to over and over in his book, who was a tremendous critic of the United States.”

Kelly countered that Obama “was raised in part by his grandparents. His grandfather served in World War II, his grandmother worked in a munitions plant to help the nation during World War II. I mean, to suggest he was raised by people who don’t love America or didn’t help him learn to love America.”

Giuliani argued that “his grandfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist.” He added, “You can fight in World War II, and then you introduce someone to a Communist and the young boy gets…”

After Kelly interjected that “it’s a political world view. It’s not a hatred for the country,” Giuliani responded, “Communism wasn’t hatred for America?”

Giuliani is correct about the Davis influence over Obama and the role that the grandfather played in picking Davis as a mentor.

But when Giuliani notes that Obama refers to Davis “over and over in his book,” Dreams from My Father, it’s important to point out that Davis was not identified as Frank Marshall Davis in that book. Instead, Obama identified him merely as “Frank.” The rest of the story was put together by anti-communist researcher Trevor Loudon, and we confirmed the identification with another source in Hawaii who was a close friend of Davis.

Even more of the story was put together by Paul Kengor in his authoritative book on Davis, The Communist. It appears that Davis was an influence over Obama for about nine full years, until Obama was 18 and went off to college. Obama went off to college and, by his own admission, would attend socialist conferences and pick Marxist professors as his friends.

This relationship alone would have disqualified Obama from getting low-level federal employment. The loophole in our system is that background checks are not required for federal elected officials. Our founders counted on a free press to review the fitness of those running for office.

When former Obama adviser David Axelrod talks about Obama being free from major scandals, he is ignoring the biggest scandal of all—how Obama concealed his Marxist upbringing and relationship with Davis. Axelrod of course was part of the cover-up. When “Frank” was identified as Davis, the Obama campaign insisted he was just a civil rights activist.

As we reported at the time, news organizations such as the Associated Press, The Washington Post, Newsweek and even Fox News ignored or downplayed Davis’s communist sympathies.

As Giuliani indicated, there are other influences on Obama that help explain his anti-Americanism. These include the “community organizing” philosophy of Saul Alinsky, his pastor Jeremiah Wright and the communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Giuliani clearly feels, at this stage in Obama’s presidency, that some things have to be said openly for the sake of the country. A former crime-busting U.S. Attorney who was mayor of New York City at the time of 9/11, Giuliani fears for the future of our country. But it’s not just the fate of America that is at stake. It is clear that Obama has no love for America’s traditional allies, such as Israel. Hence, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to America to plead his case personally. He is afraid that Obama wants to make a deal that will allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Now that Giuliani has publicly raised some inconvenient truths about Obama, the “progressives” and their media allies will naturally scream and cry “McCarthyism.”  Strangely taking this tack, Fox News’ Kelly wondered if Giuliani’s comments about Obama had damaged “the Republican brand.” The Republican brand will only be damaged by an inability to face facts and confront and expose anti-Americanism at the highest levels of the United States government. It is shocking that it has taken this long for the evidence to emerge publicly on a national basis on Fox News and other channels.

This controversy will help determine what direction the Republicans will take. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, who has made it his job to protect Obama from the fallout from major scandals, was quick to label Giuliani’s remarks about Obama as “stupid.” He also attacked Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker as “spineless” for saying Giuliani “can speak for himself,” and not directly challenging what the former mayor had said

“What Scott Walker did ought to disqualify him as a serious presidential contender,” wrote Milbank.

This is a signal from one of Obama’s best friends in the media that the information unearthed by Giuliani is of the blockbuster variety. Giuliani went for the jugular and hit a gusher.

The first thing Republicans can do is simply challenge the media to report on the Davis FBI file. They have been avoiding it for over six years.

Congress could also investigate Obama’s communist connections, which stretch from Hawaii to Chicago, and question the FBI about what they knew, if anything, about the Obama-Davis relationship. The reestablishment of House and Senate internal security committees, including a loyalty program for U.S. officials to eliminate security risks, should be considered.

Republicans could remind people that it was anti-communist Democratic President Harry Truman who started the first loyalty program. He issued executive order 9835 establishing the program in 1947.

The executive order said that “each employee of the Government of the United States is endowed with a measure of trusteeship over the democratic processes which are at the heart and sinew of the United States,” and declared that “the presence within the Government service of any disloyal or subversive person constitutes a threat to our democratic processes…”

It is time for a background check on the President of the United States. Does he pass the loyalty test?

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  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Great article, Cliff. Giuliani doesn’t have a strategy, he loves his country and is telling it plainly. The “McCarthyism” gift is the gift that keeps on giving to this day, yet no one could dispute McCarthy on the evidence. How is it, that after over 50 years, the Republican party cannot overcome this?

  • kuhnkat

    “Now that it has become apparent to more and more people that Obama is not a traditional liberal Democrat and is, in fact, a Marxist with Muslim sympathies, a figure such as Giuliani feels compelled to speak out. So let’s take a look at what Giuliani said.”

    Nope, he is a Muslim with Marxist sympathies just like many Jihadis.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Obama is a marxist with muslim sympathies, and that is sugarcoating it at that. Foundational to marxist ideology is conflict. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, marxists must be either creating, or resolving to their own ends: conflict. Obama is cultivating the conflict with muslims, for the benefit of marxist ends. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do his campaign slogan: change.

  • kuhnkat

    He is quite similar to the Mullahs. You gonna tell me they are Marxists with Muslim sympathies?? Conflict is basic to the return of the 12th Imam. Attacking the dar al-harb is basic to ALL mainstream Islam so trying to say he is cultivating conflict for Marxist reasons is NOT definitive.

    You really need to pull your head out and watch who he kisses up to the most. Show me the Marxists he has flooded the cabinet and the gubmint with. Instead he has filled it with MuBro and other Islamic types. He has also worked to fill the Pentagon and intelligence departments with Islamics not to mention the FBI. Even his fellow travelers in the Dhimmicrap or CPUSA are getting uncomfortable with this moron due to his submission to Islam.

  • John Cunningham

    I truly believe when Obama is out of Office and whether in Leavenworth or on the streets, he will admit to being Muslim.

  • John Cunningham

    If McCarthy was alive today, he would be having a ball. Their is so many Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Jihadists, Anarchists, and probably a few Nazi’s to boot. Oh and one more thing, if Nazi’s are grazing here in America, they also belong to the left.

  • beaujest

    I believe Obama’s parents were communist sympathizers ! If not why introduce Obama to Frank Davis !

  • JW

    I can’t wait to read Cliff’s article on Citizenfour winning at the Oscars last night. Pop culture loves Snowden.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Welcome to the party, Rudy! It started for many of us during the ’08 campaign and has only snowballed since, but better late than never. If public school teachers weren’t all Obamao’s fellow-travelers, Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” would now be on every student’s required reading list. A cautionary tale for our time.

  • johmill

    Read “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” by Trevor Loudon and you’ll see that he’s a Marxist first. And he and other Marxists are flooded into our government. The Progressives are Marxists and the Democrat Party is controlled by them. Loudon’s books and website will blow you away with the research he’s done.

  • Rooster

    The greatest travesty ,in our country , is a media that selectively reports and/or distorts information favorable to the progressives and unfavorable to all else. Compounding
    this ,is a niave , and frankly, stupid voting public. Obama’s credentials and associations
    should have eliminated him as a candidate and surely would have eliminated a white

  • Erudite Mavin

    Rudy spot on and a needed reminder on F. M. Davis.

  • ItsJo

    Thank you Mr. Kincaid for this article Again, that I had saved in my files, and passed around MANY TIMES in my postings. This needs to “Go Viral” and open the eyes of the American people, and the Congress-that SAT on this information to the point of collapsing this Republic we have seen Obama erode, along with our Constitution. I hope you WILL continue to bring this to the people, and that “America’s Mayor-Giuliani does NOT back down on his exposing this, although he is being smeared by the Liberal Media.”(no surprise there, as they HAVE BEEN COMPLICIT IN COVERING UP FOR OBAMA AND ALL HE’D DELIBERATELY AGAINST AMERICA)

  • ItsJo

    Correct post, as the Republican Party Should have the guts to Expose this, as they (along with Karl Rove) SAT ON THIS INFORMATION AND WE WERE CONNED BY THE BIGGEST CON OF CHICAGO-OBAMA AND HIS CROOKED REGIME.

  • ItsJo

    You are correct as I have Loudon’s books-and Obama is exposed in them, along with his Marxists/Red Diaper Babies(like Axelrod) Bill Ayres, etal. You can get Trevor Loudon’s emails daily(I do) and it is that New Zealander, who incidentally, broke the “Van Jones Czar Obama hired, who IS Communist.” Glenn Beck put the Loudon story on his show, and That is why Beck has been in the sights of Obama/Liberals(and O’s Puppetmaster, the Evil Soros) as Glenn on air-“Connected ALL THE DOTS TO THESE RADICALS-INCLUDING Cass Sunstein(his wife is Samantha Powers that Obama appointed to a high position within his Radical Regime.
    Fox should NOT have bailed on Glenn Beck, as I learned the most, by his “Bringing All these radicals into the light of day.” It was Soros, who went after All the Companies/Ads that ran on Beck’s show, and they bailed on Beck. That’s HOW Evil-Marxist-Commies/Progressives operate-Like Roaches.

  • ItsJo

    I understand that the Grandparents were, and it was the Grandfather, that introduced him(per Mother’s request) to F.M. Davis-the Commie.

  • sunshine484848

    Notice, no one attacks the message, just the messenger.

  • bob570

    I’ve often thought that if the Repubs were to stand up say job creation was Un-American, and should be abolished, our Harvard Professor would have been out there creating Jobs galore.

  • sleepergirl

    Grandparents belonged to the Little Red Church either in WA or OR, which was considered socialist/Marxists. They definitely were Leftists.

  • dleeper47

    All it would have taken would have been a proper vetting of Barack Obama by the media back in 2007. It never happened.

    Had the media properly vetted him back then, based on his past associations alone (Davis, Ayers, etc.), he wouldn’t have qualified for a low-level security clearance let alone the presidency.

    Remember when McCain threatened to fire anyone on his staff if they dared utter Obama’s middle name “Hussein”? What would he say about that today?

    The media and the GOP, paralyzed with fear of being called ‘racist’, let ALL OF US down by letting this awful person become president — and that includes all the Democrats who are slowly coming around to realize what their party has done.

    The fundamental role of a free press is to protect us from our government. They have abdicated that role in exchange for favorable treatment from the President and his cabal. The press is the single-most-culpable group in this entire debacle, the consequences of which are only now making themselves known.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    He is playing the same game that has already been done in the EU. In the UK, muslim immigration and the predictable conflict that followed, has literally obliterated the people’s voice. (A parliament member was arrested a while back for simply reading Winston Churchill’s writings on muslims.) They are working to bring about world government, and they need a Regional Union in the middle east. Once they have all the Regional Unions in place, they can merge it all into a world government. Every time Obama speaks, he uses marxist semantics.

    Being perfected since 1929:
    “Thus, the dictatorship of the world proletariat is an essential and vital condition precedent to the transformation of world capitalist economy into socialist economy. This world dictatorship can be established only when the victory of socialism has been achieved in certain countries or groups of countries, when the newly established proletarian republics enter into a federal union with the already existing proletarian republics, when the number of such federations has grown and extended also to the colonies which have emancipated themselves from the yoke of imperialism, and when these federations of republics have grown finally into a World Union of Soviet Socialist Republics uniting the whole of mankind under the hegemony of the international proletariat organised as a State.”

  • madmemere

    No one needs to challenge Mayor Giuliani, for he speaks the truth- -he’s putting “facts right up front”, where they should have been in 2008! As for Karl Rove, he needs to shut his pie-hole; someone should ban him from the political scene. By the way, the Anti-Communist Act of 1956 IS still law; someone needs to dust it off, give it to Trey Gowdy and tell him to “use it”!

  • Troubleshooter

    We all know what this scumbag from Kenya IS. What the people want to know, is who is going to remove him from office and jail his ass, and correct all of the fucking shit he has done to this country. If the Elected government doesn’t do it, then that will leave the Citizenry little choice.

  • Guest
  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd
    A few minutes of your time, John.

  • John Cunningham

    Excellent! Thank you! People don’t think that Communism expansion was limited to the US and South East Asia? All over the World, Communism spread. If not it would like poison ivy, die on the vine. In order to survive it needed to spread and feed off itself. Just because the Soviet Union is no longer Communist, the host just evolved into another authoritarian regime. Communism is alive and doing well throughout the World.

  • ppeony

    Why is this such a surprise? If small media knew all of this why not major? It has been in Chicago news for long! Even as rep./sen. Go on internet guys Amazing ! His books, pics, associations have been there a long time! Rudy just said what has been in plain sight but media and dumb GOP,EXCEPT PALIN,refused to say! Get. Some GUTS MEDIA!!

  • Osamao

    I recall those that DID call the Marxist Domestic Enemy out were destroyed and or shouted down in liberally tolerant fascistic manner.
    I didn’t think I would ever see worse but Hillary?…………. And the lefts defense of her?…………..Devoid of all human value. Nov.8th is game people. Elect her and watch Obamao put his boot on our throats even harder to soften us up even more for our next lawless dictator.