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The conventional wisdom is that Vladimir Putin has blindsided Barack Obama in the Middle East, catching the U.S. off-guard. It’s another Obama “failure,” we’re told. “Obama administration scrambles as Russia attempts to seize initiative in Syria,” is how a Washington Post headline described it. A popular cartoon shows Putin kicking sand in the faces of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry on a beach.

The conventional wisdom is driven by the notion that Obama has the best of intentions but that he’s been outmaneuvered. What if his intention all along has been to remake the Middle East to the advantage of Moscow and its client state Iran? What if he knows exactly what he’s doing? Too many commentators refuse to consider that Obama is deliberately working against U.S. interests and in favor of the enemies of the U.S. and Israel.

In his U.N. address, Obama said, “As President of the United States, I am mindful of the dangers that we face; they cross my desk every morning. I lead the strongest military that the world has ever known, and I will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies, unilaterally and by force where necessary.”

This is laughable. We still have a strong military, but the inevitable conclusion from what’s recently transpired is that he doesn’t want to protect the interests of the U.S. or its allies in the Middle East. This is not a “failure,” but a deliberate policy.

The trouble with conventional wisdom is the assumption that Obama sees things the way most Americans do. In order to understand Obama’s Middle East policy, it is necessary to consult alternative sources of news and information and analysis. That includes communist news sources.

A fascinating analysis appears in the newspaper of the Socialist Workers Party, The Militant, one of the oldest and most influential publications among the left. You may remember the old photos which surfaced of Lee Harvey Oswald selling copies of The Militant before he killed the American president.

The headline over The Militant story by Maggie Trowe caught my eye: “‘Reset’ with US allows Moscow to send arms, troops to Syria.” It was not about Hillary Clinton’s reset with Moscow years ago, but a more recent one.

Here’s how her story began: “Moscow’s rapid military buildup in Syria is a result of the ‘reset’ in relations forged with the Russian and Iranian governments by the Barack Obama administration. The deal—reshaping alliances and conditions from Syria, Iran and the rest of the Middle East to Ukraine and surrounding region—is the cornerstone of U.S. imperialism’s efforts to establish a new order in the Mideast, but from a much weaker position than when the now-disintegrating order was imposed after World Wars I and II.”

Of course, the idea that “U.S. imperialism” is served by giving the advantage to Russia and Iran is ludicrous. Nevertheless, it does appear that a “reset” of the kind described in this article has in fact taken place. The author writes about Washington’s “strategic shift to Iran and Russia” and the “downgrading” of relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia. She notes that Moscow “seeks more influence and control of the country [Syria] and its Mediterranean ports and a stronger political hand in Mideast politics.” Iran “has sent Revolutionary Guard Quds forces to help prop up Assad, and collaborates with Moscow on operations in Syria,” she notes.

It is sometimes necessary to reject the conventional wisdom and instead analyze developments from the point of view of the Marxists, who understand Obama’s way of thinking. They pretend that Obama is a pawn of the “imperialists” but their analysis also makes sense from a traditional pro-American perspective. Those who accept the evidence that Obama has a Marxist perspective on the world have to consider that his policy is designed to help Moscow and Tehran achieve hegemony in the region.

At the same time, the paper reported, “Since Secretary of State John Kerry’s congenial visit with Putin in May, it has become clear that Washington would accept Moscow’s influence over its ‘near abroad’ in Ukraine and the Baltics, in exchange for help to nail down the nuclear deal with Tehran.” Hence, Obama has put his stamp of approval on Russian aggression in Europe and the Middle East. This analysis, though coming from a Marxist newspaper, fits the facts on the ground. It means that more Russian aggression can be expected in Europe.

The wildcard is Israel and it looks like the Israeli government is being increasingly isolated, not only by Obama but by Putin. The story notes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Putin in Moscow on September 21, saying his concern was to “prevent misunderstandings” between Israeli and Russian troops, since Israel has carried out airstrikes in Syrian territory targeting weapons being transported to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.

Some reports indicated that Israel had set up a joint mechanism with the Russian military to coordinate their operations in Syria.

However, the Russian leader reportedly told Obama during their U.N. meeting that he opposes Israeli attacks in Syria. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz ran a story that Russia intends to “Clip Israel’s Wings Over [the] Syrian Skies.” The paper added that Putin’s remarks to Obama showed that despite Netanyahu’s meeting with Putin in Moscow, “Russia intends to create new facts on the ground in Syria that will include restricting Israel’s freedom of movement in Syrian skies.”

It hardly seems to be the case that Obama has been outsmarted in the Middle East, or that Putin and Obama don’t like each other. Instead, it appears that Obama is working hand-in-glove with Putin to isolate Israel and that Obama is perfectly content to let the former KGB colonel take the lead.

Israel has always been seen by most U.N. members as the real problem in the region. Obama is the first U.S. President to see Israel in that same manner and to act accordingly. This is why Putin has not caught Obama off-guard in the least. They clearly see eye-to-eye on Israel and Iran.

Don’t forget that Obama actually telephoned Putin to thank him for his part in the nuclear deal with Iran. The White House issued a statement saying, “The President thanked President Putin for Russia’s important role in achieving this milestone, the culmination of nearly 20 months of intense negotiations.”

Building off the Iran nuclear deal, it looks like the plan is for Russia and the United States to force Israel to embrace a U.N. plan for a nuclear-free Middle East. That would mean Israel giving up control of its defensive nuclear weapons to the world body. Iran will be able to claim it has already made a deal to prohibit its own nuclear weapons development.

Such a scheme was outlined back in 2005 in an article by Mohamed Elbaradei, the director-general at the time of the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). That’s the same body that is now supposed to guarantee Iranian compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal signed by Russia and the U.S.

Elbaradei argued there would have to be “a dialogue on regional security as part of the peace process,” to be followed by an agreement “to make the Middle East a nuclear-weapons-free zone.”

The “dialogue” appears to be taking place now, mostly under the authority and auspices of the Russian government, with President Obama playing a secondary role.

The obvious danger is that Israel would be forced to comply with the plan for a “nuclear-weapons-free-zone,” while Iran would cheat and develop nuclear weapons anyway.

Netanyahu told the U.N. that “Israel deeply appreciates President Obama’s willingness to bolster our security, help Israel maintain its qualitative military edge and help Israel confront the enormous challenges we face.”

This must be his hope. But he must know that Israel’s security is slipping and that the survival of his country is in grave danger in the face of this Moscow-Washington-Tehran axis.

Before Putin further consolidates his military position in the Middle East and Iran makes more progress in nuclear weapons development, Netanyahu will have to launch a preemptive strike on the Islamic state. “Israel will not allow Iran to break in, to sneak in or to walk in to the nuclear weapons club,” the Israeli Prime Minister said.

In launching such a strike before the end of Obama’s second presidential term, Israel would bring down the wrath of the world, led by Russia and the U.S., on the Jewish state.

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  • Richard Hellstrom

    Here’s an odd instance where Russia and Iran are right to try to stabilize Syria – Quote – { who possessed 2.5 billion barrels of crude oil as of January 2013, which makes it the largest proved reserve of crude oil in the eastern Mediterranean } ! The U.S. policy in the region is bonkers and hasn’t produced anything but the public genocide and dis- location of tens of thousands of Christian & Muslim families , women , children , churches, historic documents , art , and homes in a political action where it opposes UN statues by providing provisions of military support to illegal structures. . Assad is much more religiously diverse here in this situation than the U.S. and if the UN thought our conducted needed to be denoted in 2001 where do we stand today ! Our well funded rebels just shot these women and children down in the back and bombed their homes because they didn’t like their religion !

  • RMThoughts

    Everyone who knows anything about the “Syriai” knows there are no “moderate rebels.” Moscow is showing us they will fight the whole Wahhabi/Salafi-jihadi matrix we support and enable.

    We expect neocon media and pundits to go into information war overdrive. Now the neocons in the State department and the media lead by Fox has to convince the public that combatting Russia is imporant than fighting terrorist. The neocon, neoliberal, “humanitarian” imperialist galaxy will be madly trying to sell global public onion a monster “dreaming collective”; as in Russia is “evil” because — horror of horrors — they bomb “our” terrorists.

    US and Russia are on opposite sides of the Syrian Civil War. Russian is on the side of secular ruler, internationally recognized, government of Syria, and the US, Neocons, George Soros, author of this article Cliff Kincaid, are on the ISIS Sunni Jihadist /Al Qaeda/Nursa Front side of the Civil War.

    The cynicism and evil of our using Jihadist to fight our neocon regime change wars killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian’s and displacing millions,
    while feeding the public the pabulum of fighting our “war on terror”
    is beyond words. It gives a new meaning to the words “Evil Empire”.

    Putin’s intellectual and moral clarity regarding terrorism in Syria to literally humiliate the Obama and the neocon pundits by making our arguments look silly and worthless. We are governed by psychopathic criminals

  • RMThoughts

    Russia today is doing what no nation has done before, on the record, in full view of the world to come to the aid of Syria, as requested by Syria, in order to end the nightmare that has been going on for almost five years of international lies and deception led by the USA, Gulf Monarchies and Israel, against what’s left of the sane world where responsibility is accepted over lawless anarchy and international barbarity.

  • ItsJo

    Mr. Kincaid-this article couldn’t be MORE TRUTHFUL, and SPOT ON, and I pray it goes “Viral”…..I posted on it at “NewZeal Blog, where I first read it, and you just “CONFIRMED WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS.”
    HOPE ALL that I sent it to will do the same. Each of us need to send this everywhere, as Mr. Kincaid “HAS CONNECTED ALL THE DOTS.”

  • James Taylor

    Bingo! Obama is above all, evil, traitorous, and underestimated. People underestimate how much he hates America, hates Israel, and loves the Muslim brotherhood. They also underestimate how deliberate he is in his actions to undermine the Constitution, the rule of law, the Congress, the U.S. military ,and U.S. foreign relations.

  • John Cunningham

    I smell a Rat and I think that Rat is Barack Obama. Remember Obama sitting with the other President of Russia told him that he would be able to negotiate with Putin better after the 2012 elections?
    Well, it sounds like he did and they did and we are now watching Russia mow down Europe and the Middle East. It is like Barack Obama is having a large garage sale and America is that garage.
    Obama is dismantling America so, guess that is what he meant when he said he is five days away from Transforming America. Well, he has and he did and, we still have 15 months of this Traitor so hold on t hat.

  • Nicola M. Costello

    I might be in favor of allowing the so-called Syrian rebels (who aren’t ISIS) a shot at toppling Assad IF someone could prove to me that this coalition of fighters aren’t organized by the same Muslim Brotherhood that took over Egypt in 2011 only to be deposed 2 years later by the Egyptian military. I’m pro-Israel and 100% against the Iran nuke deal. However, I’m also 100% against aiding and abetting Muslim Brotherhood “Arab Spring” type groups in Syria. If Assad goes and these groups come to power, even IF ISIS doesn’t overtake them, they will attempt the same type of governance that Morsi tried in Egypt that lead to protests in the streets for his ouster. But, in Syria, there won’t be any pro-American military to save the people.

  • stlouisix

    This article comes under the HEADING of what Obama is REALLY doing and what he’s been doing since the beginning of his sham TRAITOROUS presidency.

    You can’t fight your enemy unless you KNOW HIM, and the BIGGEST enemy of what’s left of a free America and a free world is the diabolic consummate evil sitting in the Oval Office when he’s not on the golf course laughing at the misery that he’s causing worldwide.

  • Jack Brennan

    Jack Brennan- Hey Cliff, I once failed a Polygraph Test. They WORK !!!

    Obama should show the way for all U.S. Politicians by taking live Polygraph Tests on live TV !.

    Obama/Hilliary are the EXEMPLARS of our Lie-ing Political Classes.
    Let ALL Federal Officeholders, and, those running for Office, be made to take such Testing regularly! It is used in the Private Sector, successfully.

    We can cure this terrible Moral-Disease that easily !

    Lie Detectors will solve the Age-Old problem of Un-truthful Pols !

    Obama would be GLAD to prove how TRUTHFUL He is !

    Bill O’Reilly will ask the Questions submitted by Citizens !

  • stevor

    Yes, my first thoughts were about that “open mic” conversation that o’bama had with the Russians.

  • John Cunningham

    No doubt in my mind this was prearranged giving Obama his out in the Middle East. He will have done everything he said he would and, America will be in deep s__t.

  • ItsJo

    I posted exactly what you have on “NewZealBlog” and I sent Kincaid’s article to EVERYONE on my email list, as This, needs to go “VIRAL” to let people Know that Obama And Putin, were “Always on the SAME PAGE-Communism/Marxism, and they are NOT ‘enemies, but rather, Friends.” The supposed ‘coldness between them, was Merely for Public Consumption, as Obama IS a Liar/Marxist and Putin-has Always had his Obama Puppet, in the wings.
    Look today, the Pacific Asian deal that Obama pushed through-It will have trade For them, with No Tarrifs-and America is Screwed by Obama-AGAIN.” He is dismantling America-One Freedom at a Time.

  • ItsJo

    You are correct. Obama DOES HATE our “Republic- “White Colonialist/Founding Fathers and Our Constitution, that he learned from his Communist Mentor-Frank Marshall Davis for over 10 years.”

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, if Russia had been Nazi instead of Communist before, would AIM relyon Der Stürmer or Der Volkischer Beowachtung for its sources on Syria? Who’s the AIM in bed with now for its source material? Unlike General Sherman who’d piss on whatever newspaper served up by Satan for his morning breakfast, so long as the rag serves AIM’s primary guiding motives, i.e. to trash Obama in any way, shape or form every waking moment, and then some … this old Bolshie rag seems just as good as any source. It’s already been a long bad day news-wise and this article is just the necessary comedic touch I needed to give my laughing out loud muscles a good workout. Thanks for the comedy.

  • John Cunningham

    The worst thing about it is they let him do it. I guess they were afraid of the race issue exploding. Only thing I can come up with. Any President before him would have been in prison by now even Bill Clinton. It will take a real Hero to straighten this Country out now.

  • ItsJo

    As an “Obama Bootlicker”, YOU, are In NO position to criticize ANYONE with your biased self. Voters for Obama like you, are the ones who allowed this nation’s demise-but we ALL have to suffer for your being so gullible, and being conned, by the Biggest Con of Chicago-Obama.

  • Steven Barrett

    You have a nice day, too.

  • Michael Russian

    Russia is a lie-based civilization…Historically unless you lied – you died. If you lied – you got promoted. Here – our history was – if you lied – you died. Most Russians are professional liers (does not mean that all the people lie all the time, just as much so as a professional tennis player does not play tennis all the time). Russia is the number one exporter of lie in the world. When you encounter someone, who lies professionally, for a living – it is very likely, that they were trained by the Russians. A part of the training program is that you don’t need to do anything you say you will do. Just keep talking, and comfort junkies will believe you. Because they are comfort junkies. Hedonists. Egotists. Above all they value their own comfort, even at a detriment of the society. Imagine a native indian tribe back then with one person being like that. They would burn him same day. Comfort junkies are panically afraid of the truth, as it is uncomfortable. They are panically afraid of the reason, but will endlessly analyze the consequenses. It’s comfortable that way. They are peddlers of opinions = little private easily adjustable comfortable lies. The reason of all reasons, the root of the problem is comfort. Soon after its birth, this nation achieved levels of comfort (AKA The American Dream) unseen before. Comfort is lethal for the spirit. It killed its spirit very quickly. Every one makes sure to somehow excercise their body and intellect. Very few regularly excercise their spirit in the gym of suffering. The result? Without a constant excercise spirit dies (or never develops). Americans are notoriously bad in producing the ultimate necessities – long lasting products of spirit (arts, philosophy). Every new generation is a step down in quality (a rapid descent really started with baby boomers, before them there were high quality people). Without the spirit no nation or person will survive for long.

  • terry1956

    It could be that the author at ” The Militant” supports the Kurdish Socialist so exposing a UN,US,Russia,Turkey,EU and Iran alliance is just a tactic to get support for Marxist control of the NWO instead of the Tecnocrats and other competitive groups trying to get to a one world central government and ending feet voting.
    The next US president and next US congress must run the UN out of the US, run out the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, theWTO, NAFTA, CAFTA,TPP,TAP and get out of NATO.
    Then call on Israel not to associate with the international/ multinational govering groups

  • terry1956

    You know even the leftist ( Nader’s Public Citizen) website Trade Watch reported that when Bush was negotiating the multinational Americas trade scheme at least he put the info online for the public to see but Obama has been keeping the public in the dark on the Pacific and European trade deals.

  • terry1956

    Some good points although saying comfort is lethal can be overdone.
    I learned in pest control that dose makes the poison, so yes insecticides, food, water, comfort can be lethal depending on the dose.

  • terry1956

    if a person is good at lying they don’t work.