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We don’t remember any outrage from the media over the alleged roles played by Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the 1970 bombing murder of San Francisco police officer Brian V. McDonnell. In fact, the media peddled the nonsense that Ayers and Dohrn, who helped launch Barack Obama’s political career, were “anti-war activists” who bombed a few buildings and never hurt anyone.

Since “domestic terrorism” is now a topic of concern for the media, in the wake of the attack on the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, can we expect the media to pressure Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch to gather new evidence in the McDonnell case? It’s not likely.

Lynch has already seized upon the killings at the Planned Parenthood clinic, saying federal officials “stand ready to offer any and all assistance to the district attorney and state and local law enforcement in Colorado as they move forward with their investigation.” Yet, neither Lynch nor her predecessor, Eric Holder, committed any resources toward solving the McDonnell murder, which is still an open case.

There is no statute of limitations on murder. But because Ayers and Dohrn were associates of Obama and helped launch his campaign for political office in Chicago, the media have shied away from the McDonnell murder story and have distorted the facts of the case.

The double standard proves the media have no interest in exposing alleged “domestic terrorism.”

For more than seven years Accuracy in Media has been calling on the media to join the campaign to get justice for McDonnell’s family. Many news media organizations have falsely claimed the Weather Underground terrorist organization of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn destroyed property but did not kill people. In fact, the McDonnell murder was blamed by the FBI and other law enforcement organizations on the Weather Underground. What’s more, former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl named Ayers and Dohrn as being involved in, or having knowledge of, the plot to kill McDonnell and other police officers. Grathwohl has passed away, but former FBI agents like Max Noel say evidence can still be gathered in the case and that old evidence can be analyzed with new forensic techniques.

When a Planned Parenthood clinic is apparently targeted by a crazy nut living in a shack, the media are determined to link him to conservative Christians and pro-lifers who work through the democratic system to shut down federal funding of these killing centers. Planned Parenthood propaganda about the alleged culprit being inspired by politicians who want to defund the abortion industry is published as if it were established fact.

The media want you to believe that the killing outside Planned Parenthood is more significant than the killing which goes on inside. Yet we have seen in the videos from the Center for Medical Progress that unborn babies are being killed and their baby parts harvested for profit. These, too, are human lives.

In contrast to the Colorado case, the Weather Underground was part of a global network with foreign connections that reached into the Oval Office itself. Yet, for seven years the Obama administration has refused to commit sufficient resources to investigating this network and bringing terrorists who were part of it to justice. Our pro-Obama media simply don’t care.

This is why the left-wing rhetoric from the media about protecting women’s health and women’s lives in the wake of the Colorado killings cannot be taken seriously. They see this violence as a political opportunity to smear conservatives. They don’t care a whit about “domestic terrorism,” except when it serves their political purposes.

In association with the Black Liberation Army (BLA), the Weather Underground carried out the October 20, 1981 armed terrorist assault on a Brinks armored car that left Nyack, New York Police Sgt. Edward O’Grady, Patrolman Waverly Brown and Brinks guard Peter Paige dead. Cheri Laverne Dalton is wanted for her alleged involvement in that robbery. She is on the FBI’s “domestic terrorism” list and is believed to be living in Cuba.

Obama normalized relations with Cuba without demanding the return of Dalton and other fugitives from American justice, such as Joanne Chesimard of the BLA and William Morales of the Puerto Rican FALN. Chesimard killed a New Jersey State Trooper.

Two members of the May 19 Communist Organization, a support group for the Weather Underground, are still on the FBI “domestic terrorism” wanted list. They are Donna Joan Borup and Elizabeth Anna Duke. Our media show no interest in helping to apprehend them. Neither does the Obama administration.

Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, was deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, where he played a key role in pardons for members of the FALN and the Weather Underground. As attorney general, he approved the early release from prison of communist terrorist Marilyn Buck, a member of the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army.

In the case of Chesimard, who is a member of the “Most Wanted Terrorists List,” Lynch could authorize FBI director James Comey to wiretap Obama’s friends, Ayers and Dohrn, and other members of the Weather Underground, in order to find out where in Cuba she might be living. The Weather Underground had helped Chesimard—a convicted cop-killer—escape from a New Jersey prison in 1979 and flee to Cuba.

Somehow we doubt that Lynch has any interest in bring Chesimard to justice.

But Lynch will use federal resources to go after a nut, who apparently opened fire on a Planned Parenthood clinic and is now in custody.

The Obama administration and its media allies don’t care at all about bringing terrorists to justice. They use terrorism as a partisan political issue.

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  • marlene

    We’re following the wrong leader – again. TRUMP 2016.

  • gwsmith

    You nailed it, Cliff! Terrorism is a useful tool, just like unending war for Big Brother. It’s the perfect rationale for despotism.

  • Steven Barrett

    Really? The Mouth of Midtown Manhattan? Tis, such wisdom arising from the Tea party or the Caveman Caucus.

  • Ted

    Blah, blah, blah!

    Let’s go after some ‘justice’ and some reparations from Japan, too, on behalf of the descendants of all those killed on December 7, 1941.

  • Ted

    If you don’t like ‘Big Brother’ … or government in general … you could always move to Somalia!

  • RMThoughts

    New World Order created its War on Terror which demands terrorists.

  • Within a few minutes after I posted
    (on YAHOO) my comments concerning the shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility, I started to receive responses. Most of them have not been very kind. Here’s a sampling::

    and a true idiot no doubt————low iq repressed

    You are a terrorist, that is what you truly are, a
    terrorist just like that active shooter.

    And how many children have you adopted?

    You are a nut!!!!!!!

    You need to remove the “Christian” from your conservative you
    are nothing but.

    Funny, dollars to donuts the shooter will end up being a
    “christian conservative” as well lol

    jah big
    You Christians vote down every bill to help poor kids, yet,
    you claim concern for their lives. watch a bunch of lying two faced
    a-holes! people make mistakes, christians get abortions too.

    Ham Man
    And a goblin worshiping dullard.

    …and how many have you put up for adoption ? Or should I
    say…how many of them lived ?

    Big Lee
    Princeton dropout? No “butchered babies”. Maybe just another
    loony unhappy with someone promoting women’s health services in one of most
    right wing locations in the country.

    Christian conservative? But Jesus was a Liberal.

    pro-life people just hate. They don’t care about the children
    after they are out of the womb. They don’t care if the pregnancy would kill the
    mother. They also don’t care if the fetus has a debilitating illness that will
    end up resulting in a painful death. They are focused on trying to make sure
    that everyone is forced to follow their religious beliefs.

    When will you pro-birthers admit that the sin you wish to punish
    by demanding childbirth is sex?

    Mary Ann
    you’re just another nut using religion in your argument. Worry
    about the kids already born who are starving and need help all over this

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  • Wiley Coyote Jr.

    Dingy Harry wants Congress to drop the investigation of Planned Parenthood now. “Baby Killer” Reid seems to think it’s OK when ISIL kills thousands of people in the Middle East and makes even more homeless with the assistance of Congressional funding and weapons provided by Democrats.

    Arlo “Commie-like-my-dad” Guthrie should update his pathetic ’60s pro-Communist war song and call it: “You Can Get Anything You Want at Allah’s Restaurant.”

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Kincaid has completely lost whatever shred of intelligence and credibility he may have had. Is he SERIOUSLY trying to bring up something from FORTY-FIVE years ago to comment on something that happened 4.5 days ago? Completely irregardless of the fact that Larry Grathwohl is a lying POS and his claims that Ayers and/or Dohrn had anything to do with the referenced case have been thoroughly debunked, it was 45 years ago. There is no need to re-open the McDonnell murder case because no new CREDIBLE evidence has turned up.

    Of course, there’s also the obvious fact that all Kincaid is doing is trying deflect from the fact the radical right, of which he’s a charter member, are directly responsible for any violence against abortion providers (and innocents coming to their aid).

    In short, Kincaid is human filth and he’s become unable to even discuss current events clearly because, deep down, he knows it.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Your derangement has reached insane proportions. LOL

  • IronChefSandwiches

    So what were your comments? It’s hard to gauge if the responses were inappropriate if we don’t know what you said.

  • Sorry. Computer glitch, or more likely my oversight. My comment was as follows:

    “Whatever the rationale, this will help no one.

    Including the babies being butchered inside.

    I am a ‘Christian conservative’.

    All I am saying, is ‘give life a chance’.

    But it does not matter what I think.
    What matters is what God thinks.”

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Ah. As a liberal, I apologize for those comments. While we disagree, there was nothing in your post that was worthy of name-calling or insults.

  • Thank you for agreeing to disagree, in an agreeable manner.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    No worries. I do my share of overreacting and being obnoxious. But when someone expresses their religious faith, I have no problem with it. Have a good weekend!

  • Fritz

    There is no reopening involved, when it comes to unsolved murders the cases are never closed until they are either solved or a conviction is made, and someone killed by an improvised explosive device or bomb is a murder victim by definition. The case may go cold due to a lack of new leads but it does not mean that they stop investigating it or looking for a culprit whether it was 4 days or 45 years ago.
    I would say that there is a great deal more evidence suggesting that the Weather Underground had something to do with it then what you stated here: “Of course, there’s also the obvious fact that all Kincaid is doing is trying deflect from the fact the radical right, of which he’s a charter member, are directly
    responsible for any violence against abortion providers (and innocents
    coming to their aid).”
    So the radical right is responsible for any violence against abortion providers? It couldn’t be a Muslim extremist or a pissed off husband/boyfriend, or a deranged lunatic? Without citing any evidence you can automatically conclude who the guilty parties are, with whom they are affiliated, and what their motivations were. In fact if you were not hiding behind a keyboard, and made such a statement publicly, Mr. Kincaid could very well hit you with a libel suit since you insinuated that he is a criminal co-conspirator.
    What I don’t understand is your insistence on defending Ayers and Dohrn, whether they had anything to do with the McDonnell case or not both have advocated the use of violence to achieve political ends. Do you consider this acceptable?
    Also do you concider it acceptable for Planned Parenthood to engage in the sale of Fetal body parts for profit? What’s more do you consider it acceptable for Planned Parenthood to engage in the sale of fetal body parts for profit whilst still being subsidized by the U.S taxpayer? I don’t consider it acceptable, but I also don’t consider bombings and mass murder acceptable either, regardless of the objectives.

  • Wiley Coyote Jr.

    Mass-murderer Vladimir Lenin once said, and I paraphrase: “Never engage your opponent in intellectual debate … .” Tell me, IronicSchemp, how does it feel to know that you are doomed to living many more lifetimes — ones of increasing severity, pain and despair until you finally evolve from a crass chimpanzee to a feeling, caring human being?

  • IronChefSandwiches

    I rest my case.

  • terry1956

    Orwell was not an Anarchist.

  • Harvey Harveyson

    Don’t buy that crap. He loves insulting people. Why else would he go to this website?