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The Washington Post headline said the convoluted answer constituted “40 painful seconds of Alison Lundergan Grimes refusing to say whether she voted for President Obama.” The Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate evaded direct questions from a newspaper’s editorial board about whether she had voted for Obama. It was truly an embarrassment. NBC’s Chuck Todd basically said she’s finished as a candidate.

But while Lundergan Grimes is avoiding the issue, and Obama is not even on the ballot this year, the Communist Party is openly organizing against the Republican Party in order to strengthen Obama’s ability to carry out his Marxist agenda in his final two years in office.

With elections just a month away, the Communists have made it plain, once again, that they favor Democrats over Republicans.

While Lundergan Grimes’s ridiculous evasions are getting some media attention, the nature of Obama’s “progressive” base will get glossed over because it’s not politically correct to talk about communists involved in the political process. That’s considered McCarthyism.

Communist support for Obama is definitely a taboo subject for the press.

Although the CPUSA is not necessarily the preeminent communist organization on the U.S. political scene these days, it still maintains links to the Russian Communist Party and is able to organize and deploy activists in some critical election contests, such as in North Carolina and Florida.

On the occasion of the CPUSA’s 30th party convention in June in Chicago, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation sent a “Dear Comrades” letter of greetings, seeking to “further strengthen these ties on the basis of the principles of proletarian internationalism.”

In 2012, the Communist Party had said that re-electing Obama was “absolutely essential.” Now it’s afraid of Republicans undermining his Marxist agenda by making gains in the November elections.

“Defeating the extreme right wing in this election comes down to voter turnout,” says Communist Party operative Joelle Fishman. “This huge fight to get out the vote can result in a stronger movement going forward.” Fishman warns of “Republican sabotage” against Obama, Republicans winning control of the Senate, and Republican governors “on a rampage.”

The party disagrees with Obama on some issues, but generally supports what he has done—and what he wants to accomplish in his final two years.

The party’s slogan used to be, “People before profits.” Now it’s “People and nature before profits,” incorporating the demands of the “green” movement to deindustrialize the U.S., promote “climate change” legislation and stop fracking.

While Republicans think the pendulum is swinging in their favor this year, Fishman begs to differ, noting, “The political landscape is beginning to change in the historically deep red Southern states. The Moral Monday movement has spread to 12 states now, including Indiana. It is a multi-issue, multi-racial movement that is taking on racism and other divisions. Sen. Bernie Sanders has toured Southern states with this message. The racist police killing in Ferguson, Missouri and the exposé of lack of representation there is also inspiring voter registration in the south and nationally.”

The so-called “racist police killing” is, of course, a reference to police officer Darren Wilson defending himself against a black robber who rushed and attacked him in his police car.

Fishman’s praise of the so-called Moral Mondays Movement is significant. It began in North Carolina as a protest against Republican Party gains in that state. It is considered one reason why Democratic Senator Kay Hagan could hold on to her North Carolina Senate seat.

In Florida, the CPUSA is promoting the “Pledge to Vote Out Rick Scott,” the state’s Republican governor. His opponent is Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-Democrat, who is counting on support from marijuana activists eager to vote for a “medical marijuana” measure, Amendment 2, on the state ballot. Crist is pro-pot and works for the trial lawyer, John Morgan, who put $4 million into the effort to get the measure on the ballot.

The Communist Party says its members constitute “a growing presence within the Sunshine State’s progressive movement.” The party newspaper said, “The party here has steadily built relationships with the various forces that make up the people’s movement, and has picked up younger members who have helped spur the growth of active party clubs in central Florida and Tampa, with more being organized in other parts of Florida.”

The “people’s movement” is a reference to progressives working within the Democratic Party.

In the past, CPUSA operatives have participated in events sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future, a George Soros-funded group. On October 14, the Campaign For America’s Future? will hold its 2014 Awards Gala to celebrate what it calls “true progressive champions” such as New York City Mayor  Bill de Blasio, and Lee Saunders, president of the 1.6 million-member American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

The master of ceremonies is Sally Kohn—described as “one of America’s leading progressive voices”—a CNN contributor and columnist for The Daily Beast. An open lesbian, she used to work for Fox News.

Other speeches are scheduled from Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), National Education Association president Lily Eskelsen García, and The Nation magazine’s editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel.

Although he is considered a progressive hero, de Blasio has been under scrutiny for his failure to obtain a security clearance in order to review sensitive documents on terrorist threats to the city.  The speculation is that de Blasio’s illegal foreign trip to Communist Cuba, supposedly on a “honeymoon,” makes him a security risk who couldn’t get a security clearance to handle the documents.

None of this seems to bother the progressives and their communist fellow-travelers.

The liberal publication Politico had cited de Blasio and others as evidence of “[a]n ascendant progressive and populist movement” close to taking over the Democratic Party. But the story made no mention of the communists openly bragging about their work inside the party.

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  • RayOne

    awwh, no shock in this.

  • RayOne

    O/Nancy/Reid will need to call out the National Guard to impose the nationalObamaCARE plan to enforce the bigGovernment mandates after EBOLA cripples the public educational network. The States should secure their own states, the federal government has a foreign war mandate to resolve.

  • Ted

    The whole concept of this article is silly!

    The “yoke of Communism” would be no more harmful to this nation than is the anti-American, insurrectionist, obstructionism of the wingnuts in the Republican Party.

    Does anyone really believe the “Party of the Plutocrats” will be any less dictatorial than would “The Party of the People”?

  • John Cunningham

    Oops! Looks like Conservatives could loose this next election. Well, not loose stolen is more like it and if it happens, it’s over. Obama will allow over ten to 20 million illegal Aliens to become citizens and the vote will be gone in America for ever. Conservatives and Independence have sat on their hands and let a minority of Liberals take over this Country. George Washington, the Father Of This Country and Barack Obama, the Destructor Of This Country. RIP

  • Rondo

    “Open Lesbian.” I think that was a movie I saw for sale down at the Truck Stop.

  • KarenSantaFe

    OMG I am horrified by this bullshit so-called “article.” Especially the Ferguson part. You bunch of fascist racist idiots. Put down your tea bags and open a book, for God’s sake!

  • KarenSantaFe

    Thank you Ted, you are RIGHT!!!

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Marxists do not believe in morality, period. The non-existence of morality is one of the pillars of their faith. So why doesn’t anyone call them out on this “Moral Monday” junk? Because you do not argue with the devil. You only go to battle with the devil, when you have God on your side. Caleb took the mountain because he believed God. You cannot fight depraved commies without God. And America, even many conservatives, have turned their back on God. They worship other gods.

    When this nation allows porous southern borders, do their representatives care one whit about their constituents welfare? Or do they hold the America people in CONTEMPT? ( What does the preamble say? promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty? ) Why don’t you wake up and smell the coffee, America? It amazes me that Americans don’t recognize CONTEMPT, when they see it.

    In his farewell address, George Washington stated that religious morality (he made a distinction between morality and religious morality) was a necessary spring of popular government. He warned that those who would attempt to shake the foundation of our moral fabric – including those cowardly observers who looked on with indifference – were enemies of “FREE GOVERNMENT.” Washington’s words, not mine.

    So let’s see, if you want to destroy free government, then all you have to do is promote immorality. Well, Duh? You’d think Americans who think their so smart, could catch something as simple as this… couldn’t they? Clearly, Americans prefer captivity, over freedom.

    Until this nation recognizes that promotion of immorality is a direct assault on free government (which they won’t until it’s too late), this nation is done.
    Only God can save us now. Without God, we will not win the battle.

    America, humble yourself, seek God’s face, pray, and turn from your wicked ways!

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    You don’t even know who God is.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Like you would be criticizing a communist government, the way you have the liberty here.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Declaration of Independence: “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” – “unalienable” refers to rights inseparable from God, that cannot be broken. The American Revolution was not like the French Revolution, where the monarchy was overthrown and replaced with the state. The founders, in declaring independence from the
    king of Great Britain, clearly held that God was their ultimate
    authority. The founders weren’t given to rebellion against a higher
    authority, but a tyrannical one, of the kind which usurped their
    relationship with God.

    Sin and rebellion in this country want to overthrow God and replace His authority with the devil. And when that happens, Enjoy!

    (see Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, North Korea and many more!)

    Why don’t you quit rebelling against God and open up His book?

  • Marshall Goodman

    We should have a bumper sticker that reads: McCarthy was right.

  • Bobo

    One of the progressive moves I’ve seen is taking a term or phrase, and claiming it as their own, with a new meaning.
    I think I’ll do this with ‘Moral Monday’.