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When Bill O’Reilly left Fox News he declared, “I am very confident the truth will come out and when it does I don’t know if you are going to be surprised, but I think you are going to be shaken as I am.” Some observers think he was referring not to the sexual harassment allegations against him, but to behind-the-scenes maneuvers by one of Rupert Murdoch’s sons, James, and his very liberal wife, Kathryn. Her bio says, “Between 2007-2011, Ms. Murdoch served as Director of Strategy & Communications for the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) where she also managed CCI ‘s partnership with Microsoft in the development of a global greenhouse gas emissions tracking software.”

In short, she is a globalist insider who sees the green hysteria as a viable way to control people and their lifestyles.

We warned back in 2007 in our column, “Rupert Murdoch Picks Liberal Son as Successor,” that James Murdoch was maneuvering to take control of Fox News. We also noted that James Murdoch “buys into global warming hysteria,” and that his liberal philosophy on environmental and other matters “could become the party line” of the Fox News Channel.

It turns out that his wife is more of an environmental zealot than he is.

Accuracy in Media had attended the annual meeting of the Fox News parent company, raising concern about James Murdoch’s increasing influence in the company and his attacks on conservative groups, such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). He wrote an article for the Guardian attacking CEI for dispensing “inaccurate propaganda” about the global warming issue.

Of course, many conservatives regard the theory of man-made global warming as a hoax and a means by which government at many levels hopes to control, regulate and tax the use of natural resources.

Referring to the alleged effects of global warming, now called climate change, James Murdoch said, “We can have an enormous impact if we encourage our customers to make simple, effective changes in their lifestyles.”

That’s easy for James and Kathryn Murdoch to say; he is the heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune. “The Murdoch fortune now stands at around $14 billion,” noted the publication Inside Philanthropy in 2015. “Because Rupert seems to have zero interest in harnessing this wealth to philanthropy, that challenge will fall to his kids.”

One of the “focus areas” of the Murdochs’ Quadrivium Foundation is “natural resources.” But rather than exploit them for the good of humanity, the foundation supports “innovation” in their use. This is code, as James Murdoch suggested in his Guardian article, for restricting the economic lifestyle choices of consumers.

A link from their foundation directs people to the webpage of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and an advertisement denouncing President Trump for “failing the environment.” Page 25 of the EDF annual report lists “Kathryn Murdoch, President, Quadrivium Foundation,” as a member of the Board of Directors. “At the end of fiscal 2016,” the report states, “EDF’s net assets stood at $217 million, providing a strong financial foundation as we pursue our ambitious environmental goals.”

With the Murdoch billions behind them, those “goals,” which include what the United Nations calls a new “economic development model” to replace global capitalism, could become a reality.

That was the goal, at least, until Donald Trump became president and, as AIM’s Roger Aronoff recently noted, indicated his determination to confront the global “climate change agenda.”

The Gateway Pundit website notes that Kathryn Murdoch regularly trashes Trump on Twitter. Indeed, her Twitter feed goes after many different conservative personalities and policies of all kinds. A collection of her most significant Tweets includes attacks on Trump aide Steve Bannon, and despondency over Trump’s election victory. On the other hand, she praised Fox News personality Shepard Smith for criticizing Trump.

Her Tweets have included messages such as:

  • A vote for Trump is a vote for climate catastrophe.
  • Can we impeach a candidate? Seriously.
  • Happy to see this on Fox News. The final argument for Hillary Clinton, based on 3 indisputable facts.

The latter was a reference to a Lanny Davis pro-Hillary article on the Fox News website.

When her husband and his brother Lachlan move to the left, she is quick to retweet those comments, such as when they sent a letter declaring, “We deeply value diversity and believe immigration an essential part of America’s strength.” The letter was intended as a rebuff to President Trump’s effort to restrict the entry into the U.S. of illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists.

Despite the Murdochs’ disdain for the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and the likelihood that the group will receive less and less coverage from Fox News, its staffers are demonstrating significant clout with the new Trump administration. In regard to Trump’s promise during the campaign to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, The Washington Times reports that Trump’s top advisers have received a unique proposal from CEI, arguing that the agreement be declared a treaty and sent to the Senate to be killed.

CEI’s interesting proposal would rectify former President Obama’s unconstitutional decision to make the Paris accord into an executive agreement, without the need for Congressional input or approval. By declaring it to be a treaty and sending it to the Senate, where it is not likely to get the necessary two-thirds vote for ratification, Trump could force lawmakers to take a stand on what CEI calls its demands for “regulations that will force Americans to pay more and more for energy.”

CEI’s message to Trump is, “Don’t listen to the Swamp. Please keep your campaign promise to withdraw the United States from the U.N. Paris Climate Treaty and send it to the Senate for a vote.”

The Fox News coverage of this showdown will be another indication of the pull that James and Kathryn Murdoch are starting to exert over the once “conservative” news channel.

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  • jaimelmanzano

    Troubling. Fair and balanced broadcasting is the loser.

  • Bennie Bennett

    What a shame. Rupert, make a change – now.

  • bobs33hotrod

    I see Big Changes Now At FOX NEWS. At This Time I Only Watch HANNITY, LOU DOBBS, And JUDGE DENEAEN, If Things Change even more I see FOX NEWS As A Has Been. I Will Probable Start Watching The BBC NEWS. Too Bad For FOX. They “WERE” The Greatest.
    BOBBY ~!~. .

  • Greg Galpin

    If the leftward shift continues, it will be time to find a new channel. We already have enough mouthpieces for the liberal side.

  • RightVote

    And, sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together! ?
    Here’s Hoping!

  • RightVote

    Did you notice the big stars at FOX are Juan Williams / Boob Beckel and

  • ron44

    Lanny Davis is a 60s radical,,friend of Bill Ayres who wound up behind bars for a bank job. The fact that FOX used him as a go to guy always bothered me, The only one let is One America News Network.

  • taptoudt

    The BBC is no better.

  • bobs33hotrod

    If BBC is no better where do we go from here for Fair and Balanced News ??? Does anybody have any suggestions ???
    BOBBY ~!~

  • taptoudt

    Breitbart, Òne News, for starters

  • ccgal

    bobs33hotrod, Those shows are about all I watch now, too (Hannity, Dobbs, Judge Jeanine)–except occasionally Tucker Carlson and the Greg Gutfield show. It would be very curious to me if Fox became really liberal, what the other now known to be liberal networks do? Maybe they start leaning to the right? I know, a cold day in **** probably. : ) What I have been saying since Pres. Trumps’ election is how much I want to see a brand new network: ‘Trump News Network’ or, ‘TNN’, where Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Judge Jeanine and the like can go to. If CNN liberals (Clinton News Network) could do it, why not conservatives!???? No need to be ‘Fair and Balanced’, just OBJECTIVE TRUTH and FACTS!

  • Leona Moir Course

    I don’t like either one of them!

  • Bethesdagal

    Yes ! Try One America News Network which is also available ONLINE (for free!) at !!

  • OregonCityTom

    The Murdoch kids mistake Fox’s success as because of the model, not the content. Easy come, easy go.

  • sean payne

    Jesus christ please say it is not so the left wing nut jobs taking over the only Sane source of news out there. God help us all.they are going to turn into a second CNN ( the Communist News Network)

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Losing FOX news is really a bad thing for this nation. It is already under full Communist/Globalist assault which already has all the rest of the news media under it’s control. This really must stop. But can it be stopped?

  • mioahu

    Talk radio ! Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Larry Elder, J Seculo @ ACLJ, Michael Medved (although he’s a recovering lib) … very good sources, and very entertaining

  • mioahu

    Go TNN (Trump News Network)

  • mioahu

    They will lose all their viewers

  • Midwest Mom

    We will stop watching FOX if they continue their leftward ways. I suppose many others will do the same. We like Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine and Stuart Varney. Fox and Friends in the morning is OK, but I can easily give that up. Just saying. The Murdoch brothers better rethink what they are planning on doing to FOX. Many people will switch over to One America News, or just go online for all their news.

  • Dj Bermont

    I think Trump planned to start his network when he lost the election. But he won the election. I don’t know how easy it will be for him to start a network when he gets out of jail.

  • Alice Weber

    How true!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice Weber

    What a shame true!!!!!
    Murdock sons get lost!!!! you are well on your way!!! SAD!!

  • Alice Weber

    I am sure I will do the same thing!! Get rid of these moron brothers an their yucky wives!!!
    What a piece of work!!!

  • Alice Weber

    Lets go TNN news network!!!!!!

  • Alice Weber

    I must say they will lose all of their viewers

  • Bill W
  • Colorado Conservative

    Went online two years ago. Have not missed Faux News at all. Can watch clips of Tucker’s Carlson’s interviews online too but honestly prefer not to give click ratings to any Faux News clips.

  • ccgal

    Thanks Alice! : )

  • Marie Zakaluk

    “OBJECTIVE TRUTH AND FACT” is there any such thing? Seems like the world is manuvering to believe only lies and fiction….where will it end?

  • Kel Nelson

    Spot on, another nest of commie vipers. Ahh the children, spoiled and disdainful of their father, are taking a different path. What a shame. Time for the conservatives to get another station up and running, maybe even with Breitbart.

  • A Dent

    If Fox does turn left it will simply become one of many left wing outlets and lose market share.
    Fox news was a breath of fresh of fresh air when they first began. Now they’ll just become one more obnoxious odor among the many.
    It would be refreshing to see a network that hired actual journalists who factually reported the news without trying to influence the opinions of their listeners. Sadly, the media now thinks their job is social engineering and that their reason to exist is to tell their viewers what to think.

  • ErinGoBragh

    When will there be a conservative news channel or media empire funded by conservative/libertarians or the people at large? I have listened for 20 years to Fox pundits, Rush Limbaugh etc etc and all they do is respond to the liberal agenda and complain…but DO nothing to change the situation. At first I believed the David vs Goliath line, but the years go by and same old thing. So, now you have got to wonder if it is all a con – the frog in the pot – part of the transformation crew (aka globalists) – because the conservative news of today is like the MSNBC of a few years ago. The direction is always to the left and away from tradition and reason and anything sensible. I still watch Lou, Hannity and Tucker, but mostly get my news from alternative internet sources (right now love infowars, breitbart, drudge, steve pieczenik) which incidentally, have more views/listeners/readers than all the MSM. I even read “liberal” or really lefty sources and they are nothing like the “leftism” of the MSM or college campuses (John Pilger;, Counterpunch). What I wouldn’t pay to see a classic William F Buckely level of discourse, or Crossfire, or a good old argument with Christopher Hitchens. You look at the old bits of such classics on youtube and feel like you are breaking some PC law. That is how far we have moved. Excuse the rambling here, but I am just so fed up that reason cannot prevail on the airwaves and despair as we sink ever deeper into a real life idiocracy and some sort of authoritarian state.

  • Robert Hoover

    “TV News” Pure drivel from any source. Dull normals best form of entertainment

  • Mark Matis

    The Murdochs are Rove Republicans and have all the character traits associated therewith:
    No morals.
    No scruples.
    No principles.
    No honor.

    They are nothing more than the other end of the same steaming turd as the REST of the One World Government crowd. Why would anyone expect anything different from such damnable swill?

    They fit in perfectly with Lyin’ Ryan and Post Turtle and Songbird McShame and Grahamnesty and Little Marco and the rest.. Damn them all straight to hell where they belong.

  • mioahu

    DJ, DJ, eternal leftie in his little safe room echochamber dreaming of his imaginary world … dream on comrade

  • On the Fox News web page I’ve noticed an increasing percentage of the stories have a “AP” byline. And no comments allowed.

    Rupert, what right and centrist viewers gave you, they can take away.

  • TakeBackOurRepublic

    Watch OANN, One America News Network.

  • jksu2

    OANN here we come!

  • Txmumbles

    Ah mioahy, we shall see whose world crumbles first. How easy is it for you to close you eyes to Trumps ignorance of the Constitution, of history, of geography, of diplomacy and to the corruption that has marked his entire career. But none of that matters to you, if he can take away people’s heath care, give the rich more money, randomly drop bombs and run away, and deport people. All policies to bring suffering, illness and death. None of which will make your life any better.

  • pnoldguy

    They have $14 BILLION dollars. What do they care what viewers do? If it removes one of the biggest voices for the right they will have accomplished their global hoax goals.

  • mioahu

    TX MUMBLES, keep MUMBLING …. all you lefties all of a sudden care about the constitution, didn’t give a crap when Hussein and the democrap senate was trampling it….His ignorance does not bother me a BIT, since what matters are the policies that he enacts and the people he appoints, and sofar he’s been kicking your leftist ass more than ANY PRESIDENT in history. Obama was educated, and he destroyed this country. Hitler, Lenin, Mao , Che were pretty educated, so was the moron Carter…. Everything Trump did until now is awesome in undoing the leftist agenda and Hussein’s legacy ! You ate the democrap, drank the coolaid, and spat some leftist talking points. I don’t have time to teach your uneducated drone brain , in a comment, about politics, geopolitics, world history, your mom and your schools should have done that ! But in a nutshell : Obamacare is collapsing, there are states with no insurer left, and there will be more, so if you don’t deal with it people in those states will be UNINSURED ! When 10% of the people pay 70% of the taxes, you can’t cut taxes without cutting taxes for THE ONES WHO PAY THEM, you idiot ! And regarding bombs, i guess you like ISIS cutting heads , raping and pillaging….your hussein made that happen by not dropping some bombs … nof f off, YOUR WORLD HAS ALREADY CRUMBLED, but it’s ok, the adults will take care of you and keep you safe

  • Dj Bermont

    Hey, mioahu, I guess you’re kind of an angry guy, all pissed-off that some peole in this country want to live in a civil society. But that’s just leftist crap. Your anger has distorted a lot of your facts, or maybe that’s just Fox News. But the newest Trump/Ryan health plan will take money away from treating sick people and spend on bombs, which so far have shown no organized plan to solve any problem except make Trump feel powerful. Another tax cut for the rich, who already possess 93% of the wealth because they structured the system thah way, so they should pay more and not get more. They built the system by paying for the Republican Party to create their tax loop holes and supply side crap. But, I’m sure you have a much different view of that.
    I don’t know why the idea of building a civil, caring, united country is so aborent to you, but I can see it’s not in our future.
    Don’t have a heart attack over this, you won’t be able to afford the co-pays if the new bill passes the Senate.

  • mioahu

    I am just pissed off that some people in this country are stupid and don’t appreciate what this country is, and vote for the socialists who wanna destroy it. It is hilarious that somebody getting their news from MSNBC and Communist News Network thinks i have a distorted view.
    You are childish and prove no understanding of the real world, like all your leftist comrades. It is painful talking to you. As I said, Lenin, Mao, Fidel, Che, Chavez all wanted to build civil caring societies based on equality and the other leftist crap you want. The problem is all these societies fail, because socialism does not work, it does not produce anything ! As I said, don’t worry, the adults will take care of you, and I am VERY sure my copays would be just fine. And if you would bother to actually GET INFORMED , pay attention to the real world, not listen to your idiotic media sources who said Hillary has a 95% change of winning (but you still listen, don’t you ) , and give Trump a chance to make stuff better, you would do just fine. But just keep on marching, rioting, destroying property, predict doom and gloom, and say it’s TRUMP’s fault. Pathetic !

  • Alice Weber

    I sure have seen them!!!! Who cares about them!!!!

  • Dj Bermont

    mioahu, As I can see from your responses to me, you certainly make assumptions based on flimsy evidence, and false stereotypes. But I guess that is what comes from accepting the “alernative facts” of your news sources. Enjoy your anger and name calling.

  • mioahu

    my responses bring facts, but leftists don’t care about facts. Keep thinking that your sources are right , and that Hillary actually won with the 95%, you people are hilarious.. and we’ll see TRUMP 2020, cause you guys will be in lala land again

  • Do we need a network to replace what Fox News no longer is? I’d say yes we do.

  • JK17

    Good lord is this the

  • george searing

    If fox goes left it will die I and others will stop watching it

  • Rebel T Weeks

    the more they upset us, the more money they make. if they can keep us all worried all the time, the bucks role in. once, we lived our lives and turned the news on every nite at 6 after dinner with coffee. now, they have learned how to keep us hostage to the news all the time and their ratings and their money increasing -that’s all they care about is how to keep us upset. when we start living our life and ignoring them, they will be back to serving us news.

  • Alan Stanwyck

    I agree. I have a feeling that if things continue on the current path, the looney left will finally go too far and people will realize that it is complete nonsense and lies. I wish it would get to the point where the current so called journalists are shamed so badly, nobody will want to hire them. That would be a great opportunity for a new network. Also, there should be pundits of everyday people using skype or something, not the agenda driven talking heads that are full of it.

  • Jonathan Schearer

    This is unfortunate timing. Basic news is getting harder to find. Sara Carter at Circa news and Sharyl Atkinson have good investigative stuff. I’ll always watch Tucker but it when it comes to conservative media sources the right is slow to respond to demand. Sad this is happening to Fox.

  • Brad Sharp

    The march to silence conservative voices.

  • Brenda Witt

    OAN is conservative and it stands for one America news. You can go to it is also now on DirecTV.

  • bobs33hotrod

    Hey RightVote. Yes and i think the handwriting is on the wall for Fox News. and if they don’t stop what they are doing, this will be ending a great Right wing News Newscasting. TOO BAD .

  • Jim Stone

    Will not watch foxs news any more …refuse to watch liberals try to spin their agenda…anyone paying attention could see this coming from fox over the last few years…

  • Jim Stone

    There’s no such thing as investigative journalism anymore…I rember a time back in the late 1980s when it was on point,it didn’t matter who you were doctor,senator,judge those days are long gone

  • Dean Agnor

    I am seeing a split happening with the general news stories published and the opinions coming from many of the shows. Little by little, the news stories are following the leads of the fake news apparatus, while Hannity, Tucker, and many of the hosts continue to do their thing.

  • Juan

    I don’t know what’s going on with Republicans. You have all the political ammunition you need against Democrats, yet you take a back seat and let them bully you. I’ve seen it on Fox News countless times, where one liberal commentator will dominate the segment. The Republicans are in control of Congress. It’s time to take the reigns and make clear that “liberals” will have to deal with it.

    Sincerely, an independent who is sick and tired of the Democrat’s lies and obstructionism.

  • H.G. C.

    Fox going left will not fool anyone their ratings will mirror CNN and MSNBC before the liberal controlled ratings agencies started inflating their numbers.

  • H.G. C.

    INFOWARS is the way to go , remember historically Rush Limbaugh balanced out the dinosaur media in 1992 . Then the Drudge Report KOed the left wing media in 1998 . In 2016 INFOWARS rose to prominence against the leftist media takeover.

  • H.G. C.

    The BBC it does not get more left than that . They are funded by the Government.

  • Yiayia

    It’s over. FOX news is dead. They now censor and remove conservatives comments (Including those without abuse or TOU violations) and also remove thumbs up. It is exactly like the old Huffpost. FOX news is dead to me!

  • Kyle

    James Murdoch rejects denial industry lies and accepts overwhelming scientific evidence. Only RWNJ’s with their insane conspiracy theory conception of science see this as a negative.

  • Judi Ward

    I used to have afternoon coffee at 3 PM but Shep has gone so far left and has perfected the Liberal smirk to a tee, so I wait until 4 and the financial news. What I really wish FOX would do is get off of the “news of the day” train and mix the news up more. Show us what is going on around the world at least as much as following every shiny object, over and over again.
    BBC is certainly no better..Remember Great Britain is a socialist country that has to pay 4 times what we do for energy, and all prices are way higher than ours…and…they have a 21% Vat Tax. That is a tax over and above any city, state or local taxes. That helps pay for all the social engineering, welfare, etc. My dear friend in England of course has the “free” medical but to get good treatment she has to have private insurance too. An immediate division between the poor and the smart and successful. In America they call it “Income inequality” and it is looked upon as unfair! Please!
    I have dear friends in Germany too and they pay 38 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity, about 3 to 4 times what we pay in America. To have air conditioning there is such a luxury that almost no one has it and when we lived there the big Mall near us air conditioned the mall and the crowds came like a horde, and though there were a lot more people, there really wasn’t much more in the way of business. The folks were just there for the cool.

  • Tony Antinoro

    Fox News turning more Left by the day. No doubt about it. They continue to insult their
    audience and take viewers for granted.

  • Tony Antinoro

    Fox News has gone negative on Trump. Very biased. What ever happened to “we report
    you decide.”

  • mioahu

    On second thought, scratch Medved.. he was and is a never Trumper, and I hate listening to him now … he is conservative, but the weak type

  • The Truth

    I’m a conservative, but Alex Jones is nuts and a fake.

    If Fox News goes down that will be it for a big a name conservative outlets that tells the truth. It will all be liberal outlets. Then they will start brainwashing 24/7. The US could be headed for some bad times.

  • H.G. C.

    Jones is not a fake he has been right 80% of the time on what the far left kooks are up to and has rightly pointed out George Soros a Nazi sympathizer and war criminal and a convicted felon is financing 90% of these staged protests and far left groups , the protesters are all college punks and the feigned outrage is all staged for the far left media . No Jones is not as fake as traditional media. Yes and the heirs who own Fox now are Climate Change believers so that is the big tip off , and they are working hand in hand on purging Fox of its loudest conservative/traditional voices.

  • Delphinus13

    OAN. One America News. They stand to become the conservative replacement.

  • Stan Stowe

    Kathryn Murdoch is a liberal just like the woman of a once football quarterback that lays in ruin because of his nitty twitty girlfriend that influenced him. Now he sues the NFL because no one wants him. Why do these women control the minds of men, that they can ruin the family name and become vicious towards the country that gave them so much. I am sure that another station will rise out of the ashes of Fox, it is just a way of business. Many great corporations come and go, but Fox has been a star in news. Unfortunately many Americans are so fooled by the big lie given them thru history and the eventual lost freedoms by lefts, that our children will never recall the freedoms lost, and eventually our constitution will be replaced by some dictator declaration that it is a piece of paper to grow and change with the times. Our nation is headed towards what became evident in rise of Hitler, and the thugs have made the Republican party a waste land of cowards to stand behind beliefs intimidated by the liberal press. The part of liberal news has been attacking and trying to destroy fox news, and although it enjoys top ratings, too many people out number the conservatives of America. BRAIN WASHED FROM SECONDARY EDUCATION ON CAMPUS TO NOW EVEN EDUCATION AT ALL LEVELS. Kids are not smart enough to see the change they seek, just like Venz. people bought into the lie, and look at the ruins of Cuba, Venz, and even Russia. TRUMP was even a bigger blow to George Soros, imagine giving millions to Democrats and losing any ways. Had to hurt just a little. SORRY GEORGE ! You’re not bigger than God. God will change the country, not sure when or how, but George will lay in ruins when it happens.

  • NJ Conservative

    FOX will become ESPN if they continue to turn Left. Some other smart Conservative will fill the gap. I find myself watching one America News more than FOX these days.